The Number You Have Dialed Has Calling Restrictions: Common Causes & Fixes

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Are you tired of being prompted with the calling restrictions message, “The number you have dialed has calling restrictions”? Wondering for solutions to fix these issues?

Calling restrictions are caused by several issues related to carriers and devices. It can delay your work and create a hassle due to these kinds of disruptions.

Here in this article, we will discuss common reasons behind call restrictions, and practical solutions to prevent and overcome them.

Discover why this happens and equip yourself with the knowledge to fix it, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

Let’s say goodbye to restrictions on calling and hello to seamless conversations.

What Does Calling Restriction Mean?

Calling Restriction refers to a situation when you cannot reach a number, preventing a call from going through to the recipient. When your call is not successful, you’ll receive a call restriction message such as “Apologies, but due to [reasons], we can’t take your call at the moment”.

There can be several reasons behind calling restrictions such as unpaid bills, exceeded usage limits, account issues, technical glitches, and more.

Calling restriction issues are carrier-specific and device-related, and both problems can cause prevention and unable to make calls.

Common Reasons Behind Phone Calling Restrictions

There are two main reasons behind calling restrictions. Carrier-specific restrictions are caused by billing and payment, usage limits, roaming, and service suspension-related issues, whereas device-related restrictions are caused by Do Not Disturb mode, airplane mode, Network signal issues, call barring, and more.

Reasons Behind Calling Restrictions 1

Let’s have a more detailed overview of these restrictions.

1. Carrier-Imposed Restrictions

Here are some reasons carriers can restrict your calls: 

  • Billing and Payment: If you have unpaid bills with your service provider your calls will be restricted until you pay and clear the bills. 
  • Usage Limits: Different cellular service providers have limited usage for a specific user as per their packages and plans. If you exceed the usage limits your service providers can restrict outgoing calls from your number. 
  • Roaming: When you’re in a different country, your carrier can restrict international calls, or restrict calls to restrict roaming charges. These restrictions are done to prevent you from unexpected and unnecessary phone charges. 
  • Security Concerns: Cellular carriers prioritize the security of the users. If they find any suspicious activities like fraud or unusual call patterns, your phone calls will be restricted for security reasons.  
  • Regulatory Compliance: For legal and regulatory reasons, carriers may restrict calls to certain types of numbers, such as premium-rate and international numbers.
  • Service Suspension: If you ask your carrier to suspend your account temporarily, or your account gets suspended due to some reason, your incoming and outgoing calls will be restricted. 

To check if your phone number has been restricted by the carrier you can follow the given instructions: 

  • Make Outgoing Calls
  • Receive calls by asking your friends and family 
  • Send text messages
  • Check payment status
  • Check data and networks
  • Restart your phone
  • Check Airplane mode and DND mode
  • Insert sim on another device and try making and receiving calls

2. Device Setting & Applications

Device settings and application restrictions are related to the device you’re using to make calls. It is often related to the settings you configure on your device and on the functionalities.

Here are some reasons you need to know why devices and applications restrict your calls. 

  • Do Not Disturb Mode: All calls and notifications will be restricted for a certain amount of time if you set your device on a Do Not Disturb Mode. If you deactivate this mode, you will be able to accept calls and notifications. 
  • Airplane Mode: Airplane mode works similarly to DND mode, but it disconnects all the wireless communication including all the cellular services, like calls and SMS. It is usually designed for flights.
  • Network Signal Issues: Poor network coverage and no network causes call restrictions. It causes issues with making a call and sending messages. 
  • Blocked number: If the call recipient blocks your number, you won’t be able to connect with them and your calls will be restricted. Also if the recipient’s number is suspended you won’t be able to make calls. 
  • App Restrictions: Some apps on smartphones may have permission to access the microphone and make calls. You could be restricted from calling within those apps if you have denied these permissions.

Restricted Phone Call: Know Everything Before Pick up the Call

How to Fix Calling Restrictions in Android & iOS?

If you’re having issues with calling restrictions on your Android and iOS devices, here are some ideas for carrier and device restrictions. 

Ways to Fix Calling Restrictions in Android and iOS 1

Troubleshooting Carrier Restrictions

Carrier restrictions can be caused by different issues as we have discussed above. Here are some ideas to overcome them: 

  • Contact Customer Support: Call the carrier provider’s contact center. Report the issues to the agents and provide your account information. Follow the instructions given by them or wait till the issue is resolved.  
  • Check Account Status:  Perform some research on your account details, unnecessary billings, pending identity, KYC verifications, and more.  Resolve the issues immediately. 
  • Resolve Billing Issues: If you have ending bills on your account, you can’t make calls. Pay all the due bills and restore the normal calling functionality. 
  • Verify Identification: If you have any issues with your documents for verifications, or entered an incorrect email address check them properly and submit them with the correct details. It is compulsory for users to verify their identity o the carrier provider. 
  • Check Plan Details: Confirm the phone bill plan that you’re currently using. Make sure that has usage limits and all the communication features. You may have the plan when exceeded the limit of call restrictions. 
  • Comply with Regulations: Some carrier providers restrict calls to certain numbers(especially international numbers) to comply with regulations. Respect the provider’s policies and adjust your communication behaviors. 
  • Beyond the Cellular network:  Cellular network provider gives service via physical networks and wired connections. In case of physical damages and natural disasters, calls are restricted. Whereas, cloud-based phone systems are less likely to have these problems and if any issue occurs, it can be solved immediately.

Device and Application Troubleshooting

Your device and settings may be prohibiting you from making calls. Also, there can be third-party apps and glitches causing the issues. 

Here are the tips for troubleshooting the call restriction issues: 

  • Restart Your Device: Switch off your phone and turn it on again, it will solve the minor connectivity issues. 
  • Check Airplane Mode: All the wireless connections are cut off by the airplane mode, check the airplane mode in your device and turn it off.  
  • Review Network Signal: Make sure your network signal and connectivity are strong. A poor network connection can restrict calls. 
  • Update Software: Download and install regular updates on your phones. It helps to fix bugs and patches that help to eliminate connectivity issues. 
  • Check App Permissions: Make sure the app has permission to make calls. Make sure the app permissions are set correctly in your device’s settings.
  • Check Do Not Disturb Mode: DND mode restricts calls and notifications, make sure it is turned off. 
  • Clear Cache: Clear the cache of the phone call app, so that it clears bugs and resolves network connectivity issues. 
  • SIM Card Issues: Check if your sim card works properly. Make sure it is inserted properly, and check if it is damaged. Else, you can try sim on other devices and check by making calls. 
  • Factory Reset (Last Resort): If the above procedures fail, reset factory settings. Don’t forget to back up your data before the factory reset.  
  • Internet-based calling apps: Internet-based calling apps have low chances of having device-related apps. They have fewer call restrictions and internet / fewer restrictions fixed immediately.

Tips to Prevent for Number You Have Dailed Has Calling Restrictions

Call restriction can happen any time and it may have several issues. Follow the given ideas to prevent calling restrictions: 

  • Ensure You Have Dialed The Correct Number: Double-check your number to make sure that you’ve entered the right number. Check the country code, area code/cellular provider code, and the number properly before dialing. Entering the incorrect number can also cause call restrictions.
  • Pay Your Bills on Time: If you pay your bills on time, you will avoid these types of restrictions. You can set up reminders or automate bill-paying systems. 
  • Monitor Your Usage: Research your carrier’s website and applications to check the patterns of your usage and stay informed. Keep track of your calls, call durations, call forwarding rules, and usage of the cellular service. 
  • Check Your Network: Make sure the network is stable and in good condition so there will be good connectivity.  If you have a poor connection move to someplace with good network connectivity. 
  • Understand Roaming Charges: Check your carrier’s roaming packages before traveling to avoid surprises. 
  • Update Account Information: Keep your profile up to date, verify your legal documents, and keep your account and personal information updated. 
  • Report Suspicious Activity: If you notice any illegal or suspicious activities, kindly report them to your carrier provider. 
  • Verify Security Prompts: Respond to the security prompts and verify with the verification codes. Prevent restrictions and follow the verification instructions sent by the carrier. 
  • Check for Software Updates: Set automatic updates for software to get the latest improvements and prevent bugs and connectivity issues.  
  • Keep Your Device Functioning: Maintain your device’s hardware is in good form and network adapter is in good condition. Check regularly and repair the device to keep the device functioning. 
  • Be Cautious with Third-Party Apps: Grant permissions to trustable apps only. Prevent unintentional call-related issues by removing unnecessary apps.


We have provided information about why calls are restricted and the ways to prevent and overcome them. It is important to understand the reasons behind this issue and find practical solutions to resolve it. 

We hope this article will help you a lot with the calling restriction issues and will help you prevent future restrictions and maintain uninterrupted connectivity. Don’t let calling restrictions hinder your communication. Stay connected without any restrictions by taking action today.

If you want to get rid of these problems permanently, you can switch your traditional cellular phone to a VoIP phone system. As they use internet connectivity instead of traditional phone lines, they are more flexible in routing calls. 

You can give it a go with KrispCall VoIP phone systems to experience seamless non-restricted phone calls. KrispCall’s customer service is available anytime to assist you if you have call restriction problems or any call-related issues.

Can I remove calling restrictions myself, or do I need to contact customer support?

You can remove the call restrictions by yourself if it is related to device settings and payment-related issues. If the call restrictions are done for compliance or serious issues, you need to contact customer support.

Will resetting my device remove calling restrictions?

Resetting your cell phone might help a little to fix your device-related settings for call restrictions. But if the calling restriction is related to network providers, it will not help to remove restrictions.

What does it mean when I call a number and it says it has calling restrictions?

When you make a call to a number and it says it has calling restrictions, it means the number has limitations or rules that prevent or restrict incoming calls from certain sources.
There can be some other reasons such as:
– Blocked Caller ID
– Do Not Disturb
– Carrier Restrictions
– Blacklisting
– Incorrect phone numbers
– Network or Technical Issues

How can I remove call restrictions?

Here are some of the ways you can remove call restrictions:
Check the Phone Settings: Contact your service provider about the error message, Fix SIM Card Issues, and Update phone software regularly.

Is there a possibility of fraud or scam if I receive a calling restriction message?

In some cases, you can receive these kinds of messages while making a call, if you feel suspicious bout it, you can contact the carrier and report the number.

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