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12 Most Client Engaging Merchant Services Telemarketing Script



merchant services telemarketing script

Are you selling products or services to merchant clients? Do your prospects not convert into sales? If not, then this article is for you. 

You know it too! Selling credit cards over the phone is not funny!  When you pitch, you’ll encounter different types of customers, and most of them hang up the phone or become angry. 

The answer is FOCUS TARGETING. That means first understanding your customers’ pain points and requirements, then educating and demonstrating why your products and services are better than your competitors. 

In this article, you’ll get different simple and easy-to-use merchant services telemarketing scripts that help to engage clients in every stage. 

These sales scripts help to pitch more professionally so that you can sell more products or services to meet your selling target. 

So, let’s get started:

Best Client Engaging Merchant Services Telemarketing Script that Works

To assist you in getting started, here are some highly successful merchant cold calling scripts for various scenarios that will help you engage with your prospects.

1. Script for introducing yourself as a merchant services

Here’s a script to help you interact with someone you’ve never met before. By getting your foot in the door, you’ll be able to gauge the level of interest. 

If a prospect does not answer, you can go on to the next one or continue to communicate with them to learn more about their interests.

For example: 

You: Hello, my name is [Name], and I work for [Organization]. It’s wonderful to have finally reached you. Is now an appropriate time to speak?

(You’ll have to wait for a response at this point. They could be driving or have a few hectic days ahead of them. Empathize with the circumstance, regardless of their response. 

To respond to their points, you can use one of the scripts below.)

You: I understand that you have a lot on your plate. Isn’t it [Prospect’s Name]?


You: I understand your anger, [Prospect’s Name]. Is it okay if we talk later?


You: [Prospect’s Name], I realize you’re pressed for time, so I’ll get right to the point.

2. Pitch your Value Adding Short and Sweet Merchant Service 

It would help if you learned why someone might sell or buy their merch.

For example, most people sell their services for business reasons, and as a result, they strive to gain the greatest value from their services.

They frequently avoid merchants because they may have had terrible experiences with them in the past or believe that calling a merchant agent will cost them money.

Your job as a merchant agent is to convince them that you can save them money or get them a better bargain.

Here’s a script to help you empathize with prospects and engage with them.

For example:

You: Hello, I saw your listing on [Website], and I have a few questions about the merch you’re selling. Are you the owner of the business?

Prospect: Yes, (there is a chance)

You: My name is [Name], and I work for [Organization]. I called you because I have a few clients interested in your services similar to the one you’re selling. Could you tell me what your asking price is?

Prospect: [Shares their price] 

You: That’s fantastic. Are you currently working with a merchant agent?

Prospect: [Answers yes or no] 

If they say yes, you can request that they call you back if necessary. Otherwise, if the answer is no, which means they haven’t contacted any realtors, you can continue with the script below.

You: That’s okay. May I inquire as to why?

Prospect: I don’t think they’ll be able to assist me. In the past, I’ve had a couple of bad experiences. As a result, I have not contacted any merchant agents to sell this merch.

You: That’s okay. I don’t want you to go through the same things you did previously. I’m not requesting that you hire me, but I’d like to provide you with some information that will assist you in obtaining a better deal. Isn’t it something you desire?

Prospect: Yes!

You: That’s okay. Let’s get together over a cup of coffee. Is [Proposed Date] a good fit for you?

The objective is to determine why the prospect is unwilling to cooperate with a merchant agent. As a result, you’ll need to persuade them that working with you will be advantageous to them, and they will not suffer any financial losses in the business.

You might move on to additional topics in follow-up sessions after persuading them to chat with you.

3. Sample Circle Prospecting Call 

Prospecting in circles works because it is based on your sphere of influence. You make a transaction and then reach out to others in the neighborhood. You now have a formal excuse to call folks because you have location-specific information. 

Referrals and lead creation can both benefit from circle prospecting. It’s difficult to tell what your prospect is doing — whether they’re purchasing, selling, or moving out. Because of this, circle prospecting scripts are unpredictable.

For example:

So, here’s a script to aid you in your circle recruiting efforts.

You: Hello, my name is [Name], and I work for [Organization]. I recently sold a merchant, and there are still a few potential purchasers.

We’re currently looking for new listings in your area. Do you know anyone who would be interested in buying?

What would be the best price for your merchant services if you wanted to sell or buy?

4. Taking advantage of a recent deal

If you had a successful transaction, you might contact others in other friends or families to see if they are interested in selling or buying their merch.

It’s a lot like circle prospecting, and instead of asking for recommendations, you’re advertising the transaction you just made. Anyone looking to get the merch will know that you are the person to contact.

The script for such a cold call is quite simple.

For example:

You: Hello, my name is [Name], and I work for [Organization]. Is this Mr. […] I’m speaking with?

Prospect: Yes!

You: I’m just reaching out to inform you that I recently sold a merch of our business at [Address] for [Amount]. There is a lot of interest in services like yours right now. Are you thinking about selling your home?

The preceding sentence should elicit a response from them. You already knew from your study that this individual was considering getting merchant service, and they now know that properties similar to theirs sold for a good price.

As a result, reaching out to you would be the best course of action. If the prospect expresses interest, you can give them further information about the sale that will help them positively see you.

This script has two purposes: It causes the prospect to consider your offer and positions you as a viable option.

5. Using the FOMO (fear of missing out) Method

Fear-of-Missing-Out, or FOMO, seeds a sense of urgency in people as we consider credit card selling scripts. Customers frequently shun merchant brokers as the result of salespeople’s use of guilt manipulation, pressuring, and making hollow promises. 

As a result, stay away from their strategies. However, you can use FOMO if you’re making an aggressive sales pitch. To get started, here’s the script.

For example: 

You: Hello, my name is [Name], and I work for [Organization]. I wanted to update the [Location] merchant market quickly. In the previous [Number] days, almost [Number] services have been sold, and I recently sold merch owned by [Customer’s Name] for [Amount] near your location. Do you recognize them?

Prospect: Yes!

You: So, before you moved here, where were you?

Prospect: [Response] 

You: And if you had to relocate again, where would you like to go?

Prospect: [Response] 

You: That’s fantastic! And when do you intend to relocate?

Based on their response, you can now suggest a follow-up meeting if they are interested. You might tell them that you’ve helped a lot of others nearby who have to sell merch and that you can assist them if they’re willing to sell in a month or two. 

The goal is to instill a sense of urgency in your audience. Your prospect will believe that they risk losing a good offer if they don’t work with you.

6. Cold calling Merchant Services script for expired subscriptions

The fact that the credit card has expired indicates a problem with the sales process. However, as a merchant agent, you should avoid pointing fingers at the owner or the former agent. The clients are often upset at this point because the sale did not go through. 

Furthermore, some merchant agents have already contacted them and learned how to sell merchant services over the phone, so you can provide them with free information and establish trust. You can have brief conversations and gather information.

For example:

You: Hello, [Prospect’s Name] is who I’m looking for. I’m [Name], and I work for [Organization]. You’re aware that your credit card or debit card was listed as “expired.” I was hoping you’d be interested in interviewing the best agent for renewing or buying the best merchant services.

No, I don’t have any plans. //Prospect: Yes, I’ll probably start after a while.

You: Where would you go if you sold this merch?

Prospect: [Location]

You: That’s fantastic. When do you need to be there?

[Response] Prospect:

You: So, what’s keeping you from selling the dealership?

Prospect: [Response] 

You: What method did you use to contact the previous agent?

Prospect: [Response]

You: What did you enjoy most about your previous agent?

Prospect: [Response] 

You: How do you think they could have sold the product more quickly?

Prospect: [Response] 

You: What do you hope to get out of the next agent you work with?

Prospect: [Response] 

You: Have you already decided who will sell your deals?

Prospect: No

You: I’d like to apply for the position of seller. To sell merch, I employ [method]. When would the ideal time be to give you a demonstration?

Prospect: [Possible Meeting Time] 

This strategy entails asking excellent questions and allowing the prospect to speak for themselves.

The more the prospect converses with you, the more they like you and are more likely to conduct business.

The more a prospect dislikes you and the less likely they are to do business with you, the more the agent does the talking.

7. Script for interacting with online leads

You usually have more information about the prospect with online leads. You know which listings piqued their interest and how much time they spent on each site. You can call them and have a conversation using the script below.

For example: 

You: Hello, my name is [Name], and I work for [Organization]. I read through my notes, and I don’t see that you bought the product you wanted.

Have you recently made a purchase? I needed to make some changes to my notes.

You can now go silent and allow the prospect to speak for himself. Interested clients will discuss what they were searching for and why they could not obtain the property. You can also use the three open-ended questions below to convert a lead into a customer.

  • When are you available to view the product?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to see?
  • What is it about this product that appeals to you?

You can also utilize merchant CRM software to keep track of lead activity and contact them while still on your Website.

Merchant CRM software like KrispCall that automates agent notifications – services cold calling

8. Lead generation scripts for open house events

Although open house events do not directly lead to sales, they are useful for various other objectives. They can assist in the discovery of possible listings in the area.

They can assist you in locating potential purchasers, obtaining fresh references, and much more. They can also be an excellent method to learn more about the people and people who reside there.

Contacts can be obtained in a variety of ways. You can hold contests or go around to people’s working spaces in the area.

Here are some scripts to help you capture leads at the event.

For example: 

You: Hello, I want to keep you informed of any service you might be interested in becoming available. It isn’t easy to keep up with the market since it’s so heated.

However, if you provide me with your contact information, I’ll contact you if I encounter anything relevant.


You: For a contest, I will pick a lucky winner. I’ll also contact them via email. Don’t forget to join up, so you don’t miss out!


You: Thank you for attending this event. Today, I met a couple of business persons I’ll be visiting to get a better sense of the community.

Those interested in putting their houses on the market should contact me. As soon as I receive any market updates, I’ll make sure you’re the first to know.

9. Merchant sales voicemail script

Your calls will frequently go to voicemail. It may appear to be a blown chance for selling merchant services over the phone. Changing the pattern of the voicemail sometimes can be productive for that you can also send funny voicemails.

You can, however, send an entertaining message because this is your initial encounter with the owner, and the communication should appear to come from someone you know. You can even personalize your pitch based on the prospect or location.

For example: 

You: Hello, my name is [Name], and I work for [Organization]. We recently posted a product in your vicinity, and if you know anyone looking to reconsider, please let me know. Thanks!

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10. The elevator pitch 

Every agent needs a script to introduce themselves without sounding robotic, and they must have a natural and persuasive tone to them. 

For example: 

You: Hello, my name is [Name]. Last week, I sold a product for much more than the asking amount. I understand you’re on a tight timeline to sell your merch, and I have some ideas for getting your services on the market. Please let me know when we can meet.

In an elevator pitch, objections are prevalent. You should constantly express empathy while also requesting information.

 11. Script for making a phone call to someone you already know

You can gain a leg up on other agents if you already know them. Behaving like you already know the prospect, you may start a conversation before making your pitch.

For example: 

You: This is [Name], and I’m [Prospect’s Name]! Remember when we met at [Event]? What’s new with you?

You don’t have to disclose that you’re a merchant services salesperson to keep the conversation continuing. However, be forthright and tell them why you contacted them.

You: As [Reference] may have mentioned, I work for [Organization] as a merchant agent. I’m contacting friends and family to find out where they are with this product and if they plan to reconsider. Have you thought about anything about the service?

It will be much easier to create trust and keep the conversation honest if you have this chat with someone you know. Even if they say no, you can still have a fruitful yet informal conversation to obtain information.

12. Script for cold calling that is straight to the point

Merchant Services Cold calling can take up all of your time. As a result, you should preserve a short pitch for some prospects.

For example:

You: Hi, I am [Name], working with [Organization]. My agency has some buyers who are interested in products in your space. Are you looking forward to selling your merch now or shortly?

Here, you will get a yes or no answer. If it’s a no, you can update the record in your CRM as “not interested” and move on. Otherwise, you can use your next pitching technique.

How to sell merchant services over the phone?

When it comes to selling merchant services over the phone, one does not need to be an expert, but there are five significant sub-points that can help to close the merchant clients:

  1. Make relevant excuses for making the call
  2. Express their value immediately
  3. Keep the conversation engaging to keep them on the phone.
  4. Know their considerations and Sell your service
  5. Comprehend the terms and policy 

Now, after analyzing these points you are ready to sell merchant services over the phone. But before you call your prospects, you need to consider a few things. 

Things to consider before calling your Merchant Prospects 

You must remember the following ground rules for effective phone calls. 

  • Get the details, their conditions, and their intentions. Your prospects should know to assume that you understand their needs and emotions.
  • Practice cold-calling merchant services scripts many times before calling your prospect. It will give you the confidence to speak with candidates effectively.
  • Demonstrate a desire to sell to the merchant. For many people, purchasing a merchant is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Furthermore, for some people, selling a merchant is a one-time transaction. 
  • They must believe that you are as eager as they are to realize their dream.


If you follow the above-mentioned merchant services telemarketing script then it becomes easy to grasp your client for selling. Prioritize leads, keep track of their activity, and communicate and follow up with them regularly

In order to make an effective merchant service cold calling, you’ll need a system that can assist you in every stage of prospecting So, use a CRM Phone system like KrispCall to remember the context and cloud telephony for effecting calling without any boundaries. 

Try KrispCall’s advanced call center software today!

It’s easy to overlook follow-ups. Keeping track of the buyers’/sellers’ responses, taking notes, and returning to them regularly can be challenging. Therefore, you should consider a sales automation solution that streamlines these processes.

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