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Creative and Funny Voicemail Greetings Examples



20 creative and funny voicemail greetings krispcall feature

Want to grab customer attention while you are busy with other customers over the phone? If yes, adding a voicemail to your phone system can be a perfect idea💡.

Voicemail works great when agents are unavailable, ensuring the callers stay informed and receive a callback as soon as they are back. 

Using a creative and humorous voicemail greeting keeps the caller engaged, and reduces customer frustration immediately, creating a lasting and professional image of your business.

In this blog, we will look at some interesting, humorous, and funniest voicemail ideas you can use in your business. 


  • A funny voicemail greeting often hooks the customer’s attention, due to which the customer does not lose interest
  • The greeting should be short and catchy, so aim to wrap your voicemail greeting in about 15-20 seconds. 
  • Avoid making jokes on callers, using inside jokes, inappropriate language, and technical glitches to reduce callers’ frustration. 

Let’s get started! 👇

What are the benefits of using Creative and Funny Voicemail Greetings?

Voicemail is an integral part of modern business today. A professional greeting is also important for your business if you have a separate cell phone number. Having a funny and engaging voicemail greeting is one of the best ways for businesses to impress and retain customers.

benefits of using creative and funny voicemail greetings

Here are some of the benefits of using creative and funny voicemail greeting :

  • Creates a positive impression: Creative greetings or the funniest messages over answering machines can enhance communication in businesses using a cell phone number to create a positive and lasting impression on callers. Voicemail messages that are humorous, cute, and causal engage callers and make them more likely to leave a message and enjoy the interaction.
  • Reduce caller frustration: Unanswered calls can be frustrating for callers, and using a long voicemail message on top of that can worsen the situation. So, when unable to receive the calls using witty voicemail messages that are short and humorous greetings can reduce frustration and lighten the mood.
  • Enhanced engagement: An engaging or creative voicemail message keeps callers engaged and encourages them to leave a message. This can enhance business communication and strengthen relationships in both personal and professional settings, and it contributes to portraying a good company’s image as well.
  • Memorability: A creative comical greeting that is unique and engaging is more likely to be remembered by customers. A positive experience will create a long-lasting impression in the minds of customers and will also foster a sense of relationship between the company and its customers. 
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20 Creative and Funny Voicemail Greetings Ideas with Examples

When you feel like you don’t want to answers phone calls anymore, you can use the funniest and most creative voicemail messages to impress customers. 

Get rid of dull long answering machine messages. Instead, use short, interesting greetings and engage your callers.

Creative and funny voicemail greetings ideas

Creating good voicemails also demonstrates your customer service skills. Additionally, it can make the customer experience more memorable and lasting. Some people love jokes and they may find it interesting.

Here are some funny and creative voicemail greeting ideas for your business that you can use in a few different methods.

Short and funny Voicemail Greetings

1. Oh Hey there, thanks for stopping by! This is the only place you don’t have to feel judged for talking to yourself. If you would like to leave a message, please do so, and we will pretend we haven’t heard from you.”

2. “Hi there! You’ve reached the [Company Name] voicemail hotline. Don’t worry, we’re not robots… yet. Leave a message, and we’ll respond with human-approved efficiency (mostly).”

3. Oh hey? We’re glad you called [company name]. Sorry, I will not be able to answer you right now…Do you want to know why? Because I’m not here right now. So leave a message at the beep.

4. “Hello? … Yea … Uh huh … Yea … No, you stop yelling at me … Oh, you’re yelling alright … “Please leave a message after the beep! ” 

5. “You’ve reached [Your Name]’s orbit. I’m currently out exploring the galaxy of productivity. Leave a message, and I’ll call you back soon! a long pause.”

Cute Voicemail Greetings

6. “This is [Your Name] from [Company Name]. We may not be able to answer right now, but we’re always listening. Leave a message, and we’ll get back to you with open ears and open hearts as soon as possible.”

7. “Hi, this is [Your Name]. I’m away spreading kindness, so please leave a sprinkle of joy in your message. Your call is like a warm hug waiting for me.”

8. “Hello, it’s [Your Name]. I am not here at the moment. But I would love to hear from you. So, if you leave a message after the beep would be great. Thanks!”

9. “Oh hey, it’s [Your Name]! Sorry, I can’t pick up – I’m probably busy hugging pandas or high-fiving unicorns. If you leave a message will make my day even more magical. Leave it at the beep!”

10. “This is [Your Name]. The phone may be silent, but my heart is always open to your messages. Beep away!

Cool Voicemail Greetings

11. “Bonjour! You’ve reached [Your Name], the voicemail maestro. I’m currently perfecting my symphony of missed calls and unheard messages. Be a part of the masterpiece and leave your contribution after the beep

12. “Thank you for calling the emergency line, but I haven’t heard what you have to say yet. Just kidding! I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Leave a message after the beep!”

13. “Who’s up for a joke? Leave your name contact information, and which came first, the chicken or the egg? If you answer correctly, we’ll call you back.”

14. “Greetings. I’m not here presently, so leave a message! Make it short, make it sweet, or I’ll delete it.”

15. My apologies, but I haven’t heard what you have to say. Just kidding! I’ll return your call as soon as possible.

Casual Voicemail Greetings

16. “Hey there, it’s [Your Name] from [Company Name]. The coffee’s brewing, but the phones are quiet. Thank you for calling, Leave a message and say something, and let’s chat soon!”

17. “Hey there, it’s [Company Name]. We’re busy hustling (and maybe taking lunch breaks), but leave a message, and we’ll get back to you As soon as possible.”

18. “Yo, it’s [Your Name] from [Your Business]. Sorry, we’re not picking up. Hit us up with your info, and we’ll hit you back when we’re back in action!”

19. What’s up? You’ve reached [Your Business]. We’re not answering calls right now, but your voice matters Please leave a message. Drop us a line, and we’ll catch up with you as soon as we can.

20. …Sorry, I’m exceptionally busy today, but I’ll call you back as soon as I can. Please provide me your name, leave a message and number.

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Best Practices to create funny and creative comical greetings

Creating the funniest voicemail messages is a wise choice for business today. At present people prefer texting and voicemail and they don’t answers phone calls anymore. A comical comic greeting often hooks the customer’s attention, due to which the customer does not lose interest. 

Moreover, it helps businesses portray memorable and professional impressions.

The following are some best practices on how to create a creative and funny comical greeting while you say something:

  • Know Your Audience: First of all you need to understand your audience, context, your relationship with callers, and the reason why do not answers phone calls anymore. Every customer might not like comical voicemail greetings also there are some who love jokes. You can also personalize your voicemails as per the expectations and preferences of the audience or customer. Also, make sure to choose a tone and humor that your audience enjoys. 
  • Make an impact early: You can use a catchy tone, sound effects, dramatic announcement, or a catchy tone to create a lasting impression, as long as you start with something surprising in your first five seconds. This can alleviate the problem of long answering machine messages which can also be in cell phone numbers.
  • Use Humor Wisely: Use humor that is appropriate and inoffensive, or it will create a bad impact on callers. Also, make sure to avoid jokes that might offend someone or be misunderstood. Use your natural voice, add a funny accent, or tell a self-deprecating joke also leave a message.
  • keep your greeting short and sweet: People nowadays are very busy and might not have time for long voicemail messages. The greeting should be short and catchy. So aim to wrap your voicemail greeting in about 15-20 seconds. Long voicemail messages will just be skipped so you can leave a message.

Note: Make it fun and engaging by adding a few jokes or puns.

  • Include a Call-to-Action: Make sure the caller leaves information such as their name, number, and reason for calling so that important details can be retrieved. This helps businesses filter out important calls and aid in customer retention and get rid of long answering machine message.
  • Update your greeting: Hearing the same joke regularly can be very annoying, so consider using new attention-grabbing voicemails and surprise your callers and keep them hooked when the line is busy.
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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Funny and Creative Voicemail Greeting

While creating a humorous and creative voicemail greeting, there may be some mistakes that can harm callers directly or indirectly, so here are some common mistakes to avoid while creating funny and creative comical greeting:

Common mistakes to avoid while creating funny and creative voicemail greeting
  • Don’t use offensive humor: Before using humor in a comical greeting, make sure to know more about your customer or audience and personalize your voicemail accordingly. Avoid using offensive and inappropriate humor, which might be misunderstood and have double meaning. Rather, use self-deprecating jokes and try to entertain the callers.
  • An overlong greeting: Try to wrap up your greeting within 15-20 seconds; otherwise, the caller will get bored. Also, make sure to use your punch line or frontline joke within 5 seconds of the voicemail, and also don’t use long messages as callers today have very little attention span.
  • Avoid using inappropriate content: Using inappropriate content or language can hamper the professional image of the company. So, avoid using double-meaning humor or complex humor. Make jokes about your work and workplace rather than callers it might be disrespectful to some callers.
  • Inside jokes: Using inside jokes while creating a creative and comical voicemail greeting can lead many callers to feel lost and awkward. So, try to make jokes with widely relatable humor and make sure receiver does not feel stupid talking like pop culture or everyday situations.
  • Technical glitches: Muffled audio background noise or unclear audio can result in frustration for callers. So make sure to record your voicemail without any technical glitches, check sound levels, use less jargon, and try to provide clear and direct induction.

Tips for Creating a Funny and Creative Voicemail Greeting 

Creating creative and funniest comical greetings can be very helpful for businesses to grab callers’ attention. So these are some useful tips for creating a funny and creative voicemail message:

  • Initiate your voicemail with catchy lines to grab the caller’s attention.
  • Be creative and make self-deprecating humorous jokes.
  • Use a polite and professional tone.
  • Make sure they leave a message to keep track of potential leads.
  • Keep your voicemail greeting short, sweet, concise, and engaging; this helps to create a lasting impression.
  • Use various sound effects or background sounds to increase engagement 
  • You can try a few different methods to make it more engaging and interesting
  • Whenever you cannot receive the call you can politely reply by saying sorry I can’t answer and the time when you are available.

🎁Bonus tips

  • Know your audience and customize your humor accordingly.
  • Avoid using inappropriate and offensive language.
  • Don’t make humorous jokes on callers.
  • Also, ensure that the receiver does not feel stupid talking
  • Confirm that you are using the correct telephone number.
  • Avoid using inside jokes and technical glitches, and change the voicemail greeting often
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Automate Your Creative and Funny Voicemail Greeting With KrispCall Cloud Telephony

Use reliable cloud telephony like Krispcall to automate your voicemail greeting, save time, and create a professional image for your business. KrispCall makes it easy to record, tweak, and upload voicemail greetings.

KrispCall voicemail dashboard

Through KrispCall’s text-to-speech feature, you can easily convert your customized creative and funny messages into speech with a variety of voices (male and female) and accent options (Australian, American, and British) according to your customer base. This helps to hook the callers and engage them with funny and creative voicemails and reduce customer frustration.

Moreover, with KrispCall, you can upload custom recordings  This allows you to create a personalized greeting that matches your business. You can also add music and sound effects to make your greeting even more engaging and create a lasting impression while your phone line is busy. 


Using a creative and comical voicemail greeting for your phone system is a great idea for any business today. Not only does this help businesses keep their callers engaged, but it also reduces caller frustration and gives the business a professional image. 

However,  there are several things you need to consider while composing comical greetings. Additionally, using a witty voicemail message can inject humor into your phone system, delighting callers and leaving a memorable impression of your business. Also whenever the customer replies you sorry i can’t answer, you can ask their free time.

You can choose from any of the above comical greetings to keep the caller entertained while waiting for the line, reduce frustration, and provide top-notch customer service right away.


What are Funny Voicemail Greetings?

Funny voicemail messages or greetings are humorous, and creative messages that businesses or individuals use to entertain callers when the telephone number is busy or the receiver is unavailable. Generally, these greetings consist of jokes, puns, or playful language to hook the callers and reduce frustration.

Can I use a funny voicemail greeting in a professional setting?

Yes, you can use a comical greeting in a professional setting. Since there is a high volume of calls every day in many businesses, business phone lines could be busy most of the time. So, using a funny voicemail greeting in a professional setting helps to engage the callers, reduce frustration, and create a lasting impression of the business when the agents are not available and the phone lines are busy.

Why should I use a creative voicemail greeting?

You should use a creative voicemail greeting in your businesses to impress callers, engage them, and reduce frustration while waiting. It demonstrates professionalism and creates a lasting impression.

Can I change my voicemail greeting frequently?

Yes, you can change your voicemail greeting frequently as per your requirement.

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