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Dental Office Voicemail Greeting Examples that Helps to Bring Back Customers



Dental Office Voicemail Greeting Examples samples scripts

Most dental offices are relying on business phone systems to deal with customers. However, there is no guarantee that dentists or dental secretaries will be able to pick up all the phone calls. 

That’s why they need to set up professional dental office voicemail greetings on their business phone system.

Whenever someone makes a phone call to the dental office and the phone is busy or unanswered, he/she may not call you back. Most probably people will call other dental offices. 

Here, dental business voicemail greetings play a major role to avoid losing customers in such a fashion. 

Customized Voicemail greetings not only inform customers why you didn’t answer the call but also request customer information before calling them back. It adds a layer of professionalism by saving customers time.

In this article, you will learn about some of the top dental office voicemail greeting examples to bring back customers including:

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What is a Professional Business Voicemail Greeting?

A professional business voicemail greeting is a pre-recorded voice message that is specifically created for situations when the recipient is not available to answer the call.

It is an effective strategy for business communications to put a good impression on customers/clients.

The best thing about a professional voicemail greeting is that it keeps existing customers and new prospects interested in your business. 

professional voicemail greeting

Voicemail greetings politely explain the current reason for not being able to attend the calls and request customers and prospects to leave their name, phone number, and message in the voicemail.

This encourages them to trust your words and professionalism in sticking with your business. If you want your voicemail be entertaining and get to be noticed, you can also use  funny voicemail greetings

How do voicemail greetings work? 

When a caller makes a phone call and the call is ringing but nobody on the recipient side picks up the call, the phone system plays voicemail greetings.

After a voicemail greeting is played, the caller can record a voicemail for the recipient.

There are different types of voicemail greetings that are triggered in different situations. For example, the No answer voicemail greeting triggers when no one answers the phone calls.

Likewise, busy voicemail greetings, Extended Away voicemail greetings, etc are some other examples.  

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Why are Voicemail Greetings important for the Dental office?

Generally, business voicemail greetings play the same role for all types of businesses. The differences are seen in how the business operates.

Dental offices are part of the medical business. They mostly deal with dental patients on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s for taking appointments or asking dental queries, dental patients are always making calls to dental clinics.

However, dental clinics may not be able to answer the calls at all times despite having the best healthcare call center software. That’s why it’s really crucial for dental clinics to set up business voicemail greetings in their business phone system. 

Dental Office Voicemail Greeting Examples

No customers like unanswered or busy calls. It will leave a pretty bad impression. This could result in bad customer service and customers start looking for alternatives. 

If a dental office wants to save their business then they need voicemail messages to bring the customer back later. Overall, there are many major benefits of why dental clinics need voicemail scripts.

Let’s have a look at them.

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The Benefits of Setting up Voicemail  Greetings in a Dental Office

  • It informs the callers why the dental clinic isn’t able to pick up their call so that the caller doesn’t get a bad impression.
  • It can request the caller’s information for returning their call later.
  • It assures the callers that the dental clinic cares about their patients.
  • It creates a positive impact on the caller’s impression of the dental clinic that makes the caller call again next time.
  • It helps dental clinics to contact the caller quickly to bring back customers.
  • It builds a sense of trust and satisfaction in the caller’s mind.
  • It assists dental clinics to provide top-notch customer service.
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Top 15 professional Dental Office Voicemail Greeting Examples

A voicemail greeting can be the breaking point for winning a customer or losing a customer. This means dental clinics need to be extra careful while setting up professional greetings for voicemails.

Here we have compiled a list of sample professional voicemail message examples for different situations:

No answer voicemail greeting for dental office

There is no guarantee you will always be near the phone to pick up the phone. When this happens, the call goes unanswered and customers are clueless.

When such a situation arises, dental clinics should be ready with their custom voicemails.

For the No Answer scenario, here are some of the notable dental office voicemail greeting examples:

Example 1:

“Thank you for calling [name of Dental Clinic] – [Clinic moto] since [Year]. We’re sorry we can’t take your call. We are open, but currently busy helping other patients. Your call will be returned as soon as possible, so please leave your name and number, and we’ll contact you soon.”

Example 2:

“Hi! Thank you for contacting [Name of Dental Clinic]. Please leave us a brief message and we will reply as soon as possible. Wishing you a great day!”

Example 3:

“Welcome to [Name of Dental Clinic]. I’m sorry, we’re not able to take your call right now. Please give us a callback! Let us know your name, phone number, the reason you called, and the best time to reach you back – we don’t want to miss you again. Talk to you soon.”

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Busy voicemail greeting for Dental Office

There are times when you are already busy with other calls and another call arrives. In such a situation, you cannot receive the new call so you need to tell the caller that you are busy on another call.

If the line is busy, you can use any of the following dental office voicemail greeting examples:

Example 4:

“Hello, you have reached [Dental Clinic name]. We are currently busy on the phone right now and unable to take your call. Please leave me a message with your name and number and we will return your call as soon as possible.”

Example 5:

“Thank you for calling [Dental Clinic name]. We are currently on the phone with another caller. Please leave a message after the beep. We will call you back soon If you need immediate assistance, please contact [phone number] at extension [extension number]. Thank you for calling.”

Example 6:

“Thank you very much for calling [your name] at the [dental clinic]. We didn’t mean to send you to voicemail but we are either on the line with another client or on the go. Leave your name, number, the reason for your call today, and the best time to call you back. We’ll speak with you shortly! ”

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Extended Away voicemail greeting

You are not always in the office. Sometimes you are away from the office for vacations or holidays. You need to clearly mention to your customers using vacation voicemail script or holiday voicemail greetings that you are not available in the office.

The following are some of the notable dental office voicemail scripts, which you can use in the Extended Away scenario.

Example 7:

“Hello, you’ve reached [Dental Clinic name]. We’re currently closed to celebrate [Holiday name], but we’ll be back on [Mention date]. Please leave your name, number, and a brief message so our team can get back to you when we return.”

Example 8:

“Hi, thanks for calling [your name] at [Dental Clinic name]. We’re closed until [Mention date] for [Mention holiday or vacation]. Please leave your name and phone number and we will return your call as soon as we return. Have a great time ahead. Please take care.”

Example 9:

“Hi! Thanks for calling [Dental Clinic name]. We are away from [Mention start date] to [Mention end date]. If you have any emergency situation before then, please contact [Mention name] at [Mention phone number]. If not, please leave your name and number and We’ll return your call when we return. Thanks and have a great day.”

Dental Office Closed voicemail greeting

Dental clinics are open only during business hours. What if some customers call you after business hours? You cannot leave him hanging. In this situation, inform the customer that you are closed at the moment.

You may consider any of the following dental office voicemail message samples and use them when your dental office is closed. 

Example 10:

“Hi, you’ve reached [Dental clinic name]. Our regular business hours are [Mention opening hours]. If you have an emergency situation, please call [contact’s name] at [cell phone number]. If not, leave your name and contact information and we will get back to you when we re-open.”

Example 11:

“Thank you for calling [Dental clinic name][Clinic moto] since [Year]. We’re sorry we can’t take your call now as we’re closed. We’re open from [Mention opening hours] [Mention days] and closed on the weekend. If you are in need of an emergency appointment, we can help. please call [contact’s name] at [cell phone number]. If not, please leave us a message after the tone and we’ll aim to call you back when we open.”

Example 12:

“Thanks for calling [your name] at [Dental Clinic name]. Our clinic is currently closed, but we’ll be back at [Mention opening hours] tomorrow. Feel free to leave a message or send us an email at [email address], and We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.”

Temporary Out of Office Voicemail greeting

Sometimes you may encounter some unavoidable circumstances and you need to be somewhere else. During such a situation, you will inform that you are temporarily unavailable to answer the phone calls.

You can use any of the following dental office voicemail script samples in the Temporary Out of Office scenario. 

Example 13:

“Hi, you’ve reached [Dental clinic name]. Unfortunately, we’re currently unavailable at the dental clinic. Sorry for the inconvenience. But we want to talk to you — so please leave your name and number, as well as your reason for calling, and we will call back as soon as possible.”

Example 14:

“Hi! Thanks for calling [Dental Clinic name]. We are currently out of the clinic and will return on [Mention date]. We will keep track of our voicemail messages, so please leave a message and We will return your call ASAP. If you need immediate assistance, please contact [Mention name] at [Mention phone number] extension [Mention extension number].”

Example 15:

“Hello, you’ve reached [Dental Clinic name]. We can’t take your call right now, but please leave your name, contact information, and reason for reaching out, and we will reach you as soon as we return. Have a great day.”

Dental Office Voicemail Greetings Etiquette

It’s very important for dental practices to have a good business voicemail feature in their phone system. 

Not just that, they need to follow a set of voicemail greetings etiquette to show a good impression to customers. Some of them are:

  • The voicemail feature in your business phone system should be able to record voicemail greetings for different situations.
  • Don’t record recklessly. Make sure to write a good dental voicemail script before recording.
  • Select a person with a soothing voice to record the voicemail message.
  • Avoid background noises. Start recording at a quiet time for better clarity.
  • Give a call-back to the calls that left a voicemail during closed hours.
  • Mention the exact reason for being unavailable on the phone.

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Things to Consider While Writing a Strong Voicemail Greeting for Dental Patients

Dental Clinics need to make sure Voicemail scripts should be as best as possible. A professional voicemail greeting plays an important role in keeping customers connected with your business.

The following are some of the important things to consider:

  • The perfect voicemail script should sound as friendly as possible.
  • While recording a voicemail greeting, make sure to speak clearly and slowly so that callers can understand.
  • Every voicemail greeting should start with a pleasant beginning like Thank you for calling, etc.
  • The length of voicemail should be long enough to provide necessary information but not too long.
  • Give the callers a clear direction of leaving their details like name and number in the voicemail so that you can contact them later.
  • Listen to your own voicemail greetings to make sure everything is all right. 

Set up Professional Voicemail Greetings using KrispCall

It’s necessary that dental offices set up voicemail greetings in their business phone system. There are different greetings for different situations like no answer, busy, vacation, holiday, etc. This will create a good impression on the customer’s mind.

Missing a phone call is ok but missing a potential customer because of that is not ok. So, having a customized voicemail greeting is useful to get back to those customers with ease.

Setting up a voicemail greeting is a very easy process. Top business phone systems like KrispCall enable you to upload voicemail greetings which will play automatically each time a voicemail is triggered.

KrispCall offers voicemail and voicemail drop features that allow customers to record a voice message for you to listen to. These features along with voicemail greetings are bundled in all subscription packages. KrispCall’s pricing plans start as low as USD 15 per month.

If you are new to KrispCall, Schedule Free KrispCall demo now and set up voicemail greetings today for free. For more information, subscribe to KrispCall Newsletter.

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