CRM Phone System

Gain complete access and mobility to a rich communication ecosystem with KrispCall CRM integrations

Choose KrispCall advanced CRM phone system for smooth CRM-phone integrations. Connect KrispCall with different CRM tools to exchange and utilize sales and marketing data to streamline your business process.

What is KrispCall CRM Phone System?

KrispCall CRM Phone System is a robust CRM-phone integration solution for businesses to keep track of customer interactions. Implement a CRM solution for your company by integrating KrispCall cloud phone with third-party CRM tools.

KrispCall Phone system integrates with your organization’s CRM tools to organize and automate every part of your customer interactions.

CRM Phone System of KrispCall


How Does KrispCall CRM Phone System Work?

KrispCall cloud phone system can easily integrate with your organization's current CRM system. With third-party integration, your organization can manage multiple communication channels from a single platform.

A communication system built with KrispCall cloud phone and CRM will allow you to seamlessly receive customer calls anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of KrispCall CRM Phone System

KrispCall CRM phone system offers multiple advantages to manage and improve your customer relationship with CRM-phone integrations.

1) Increased Efficiency and Productivity
Integrate your CRM system with KrispCall to bypass repetitive tasks such as searching for existing customer contacts, prior client interactions, etc. Get all relevant client data from the CRM when you dial out a customer's number using KrispCall.
2) High Customer Engagement
Increase customer engagement by delivering context-based services to existing and potential clients using data from your CRM systems while making calls.
3) Customer Analytics
Gain a unified view of your customer segments and their needs and interactions from an integrated platform. Implement reforms using sales call data and CRM data to improve overall customer satisfaction.
4) Improved Management
Gain visibility on key performance metrics of your sales team in real-time by tracking the number of calls made, average call time, and average wait time using CRM-phone integration.
Benefits of KrispCall CRM Phone System