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Tips to Increase Productivity with KrispCall and HubSpot Workflows



Tips to Increase Productivity with KrispCall and HubSpot Workflows

Are you Struggling to manage your sales calls, follow-ups, and doing repetitive tasks while managing all your business contacts and CRM workflows? 🤔 If so, you’re not alone; many sales professionals face the same challenges in their day-to-day work. 

The only solution you need to automate your VoIP + CRM tasks to optimize your business workflow, better sales, and increase productivity is KrispCall and HubSpot integration 🔥. Using this integration, you can automate a lot of tasks and streamline your sales process.

The purpose of this blog is to cover everything from scratch, what is KrispCall + HubSpot integration to some great tips to make it more productive. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 💪


  • With KrispCall HubSpot workflow integration, your cloud telephony capabilities are integrated with the HubSpot CRM platform, unlocking VoIP features to be used within HubSpot.
  • To integrate KrispCall with HubSpot, log into KrispCall, go to the ‘integrations‘ page, choose HubSpot, and integrate it.
  • Using Krispcall HubSpot integration workflows, you can increase productivity with features like automated call/chat logging, bidirectional contact syncing, click-to-call, and caller identification.

What is KrispCall HubSpot Workflow Integration?

KrispCall HubSpot workflow integration is a system that connects KrispCall cloud telephony with one of the most popular CRM platforms, HubSpot. With this integration, businesses can combine their VoIP communication features with HubSpot’s CRM capabilities automatically without the need for any manual effort and tab switching. 

What is KrispCall HubSpot Workflow Integration

KrispCall HubSpot workflow integration helps businesses to automate their daily business workflows with business-critical features such as bidirectional-contact syncing, click-to-call, business chat/call logging, and instant caller identification, all within a single application interface of HubSpot.

You can quickly set up the integration by linking your KrispCall account with HubSpot. This process only takes a few clicks: Log in to your KrispCall account, go to ‘integrations,’ choose HubSpot,’ authorize it, connect it, turn it on, and you’re ready to use it.

5 Tips to Increase Productivity with Krispcall and HubSpot Workflows

5 Tips to Increase Productivity with KrispCall and HubSpot Workflows

1. Increase Efficiency with Automatic Call Logging

KrispCall integrates with HubSpot to log chats and calls automatically. With KrispCall + HubSpot, the timeline of each HubSpot contact, including phone calls, voicemails, SMS messages, and recorded conversations, is automatically updated when any incoming or outgoing calls are handled on KrispCall. 

In this way, all KrispCall’s communication activities are accurately documented and easily accessible in the CRM system, so information can be retrieved easily and quickly. 

In addition, automating chat and call logging reduces the need for employees to manually enter call information, streamlining the data collection process and saving valuable time. Furthermore, this allows data entry errors to be eliminated and response times to be shortened, which in turn improves the overall efficiency of the workflow and the quality of service that clients receive.

2. Eliminate Manual Dialing with Click-to-Call functionality 

KrispCall can be integrated with HubSpot CRM to provide businesses with an in-app dialer and click-to-call functionality. The integrated calling feature of KrispCall allows you to initiate and accept calls directly within HubSpot with a single click, eliminating the necessity to toggle between applications.

The notes, tags, and call details sync back to HubSpot, so you can manage customer interactions seamlessly without leaving HubSpot.

Furthermore, by using the click-to-call feature integrated into HubSpot workflows, businesses can improve user experience along with increased productivity, if only they have the best HubSpot phone system integration. This allows employees to concentrate on interacting with customers and prospects instead of dealing with dialing tasks, thus streamlining workflow.

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3. Implement Two-Way Contact Sync for Seamless Connectivity

KrispCall’s Two-Way Contact Syncing feature with HubSpot supports businesses to streamline their operations with an intuitive integration. This synchronization essentially harmonizes both platforms so that contact details are prepped for prime time, leaving you with nothing but data entry and plenty more consistent and accurate details and productivity.

Moreover, the bi-directional syncing means that any updates to a contact that are made in either HubSpot or KrispCall are instantaneous in both systems. The result is a real-time data exchange that can help inform any and every decision and allow your team to share the most up-to-date information.

With clean and updated records, your business can keep up with customer interest and low-down errors. That’s a recipe for growth that’s going to continue to deliver productivity and better business outcomes.

4. Speed up Call handling with Instant Caller Identification

When you use KrispCall with HubSpot, you can easily know who’s calling right away. This helps businesses handle calls better. Once you integrate KrispCall with HubSpot, the caller ID feature works automatically. You get all the caller’s details, such as the caller’s name, as soon as the call comes in. It helps you organize calls and send them to the right people quickly.

Using this feature of HubSpot + KrispCall, calls get routed to the right department or person faster and more easily. Based on HubSpot records, your business system knows who’s calling and where to direct them. This means less waiting time for customers and less manual work for employees.

Customers get help much faster, and employees can focus on other tasks. This makes things smoother, speeds up call handling, and makes overall call management way more efficient. 

5. Take Call notes for important information without missing anything.

Integrating KrispCall with HubSpot lets business folks take notes during calls easily, preventing important details from being missed. Traditional phone systems can make note-taking difficult, leading to errors. But with KrispCall + HubSpot, users can record important information without switching between apps, boosting productivity.

With KrispCall and HubSpot combined, call notes sync automatically with your HubSpot CRM customer profiles. This keeps a complete record of interactions, making follow-up actions more efficient. This real-time note-taking guarantees accuracy, allowing teams to offer personalized services to clients’ needs.

The integration of KrispCall and HubSpot encourages collaboration within organizations. Call notes become valuable insights shared among teams like sales, marketing, and customer support. Centralized storage in HubSpot simplifies data access and analysis, enabling informed decisions for better customer engagement and business growth.

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Conclusion: Ready to Boost HubSpot Productivity? Integrate KrispCall HubSpot Today 

Both KrispCall and HubSpot are some of the best business-friendly products in their own field, i.e., one in VoIP and the other in CRM. Likewise, integrating these products increases your productivity and optimizes the overall workflow even more, as it helps to automate and sync several tasks related to your business communication and CRM. 

With features like Auto chat/call logging, click-to-call, caller identification, and two-way contact syncing, businesses no longer need to worry about repetitive, regular tasks and tab-switching, saving time and money. Along with HubSpot integration, KrispCall also offers other CRM integrations such as MS Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, Zapier, and Pabbly Connect, giving businesses more flexibility and functionalities at no extra/hidden cost, starting at just $15/month. 

So, don’t delay any longer. Experience the advantages yourself and maximize productivity within your business. Try out Krispcall HubSpot Integration and witness the results firsthand.

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