Best HubSpot Integrations in the Market

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Best Hubspot Integration

Do you dream 😇 of a flawlessly integrated HubSpot integrated ecosystem, but feel overwhelmed by the enormous number of options?  

You are not alone! Choosing the perfect HubSpot integration can be challenging 😔, as it can be hard to decide where to start and how to navigate the technical complexities.

In this blog, you’ll learn 🤗 what is HubSpot integration, its benefits, the 8 best HubSpot integrations available in 2024, and tips to choose the perfect integration to meet your unique business needs according to the types of integration.

🔑 Key Points

  • HubSpot integration is the process of connecting HubSpot platforms with other software applications.
  • If you require VoIP integration, KrispCall is the perfect choice for your business as it allows users to make and receive VoIP calls directly within HubSpot’s interface.  
  •  Salesforce can be the right choice if you want CRM integrations. 
  • Define objectives and goals, choose the right tools, ensure data quality and consistency, and monitor and optimize, considering these factors helps you to choose the right HubSpot integration.

What is a HubSpot Integration?

A HubSpot integration is the process of connecting the platform of HubSpot with other software applications you use in your business. This connection enables you to share data and automate workflows with other systems allowing businesses to optimize their operations and maximize efficiency. 

What is HubSpot Integration

Integrating platforms eliminates the need to exit HubSpot to use integrated apps. Within HubSpot integrations, you can discover HubSpot marketing automation, a wide range of integrations designed to improve analytics, customer experience, inbound marketing, online collaboration, and many more. 

HubSpot Integration benefits businesses in many ways to enhance business operations. 

  • Streamlined Workflows: This integration saves valuable time and minimizes the need for manual intervention by automating repetitive tasks such as data entry, and email marketing. This approach not only improves efficiency but also frees up resources for other strategic projects. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: This integration helps service agents provide faster and more tailored customer service as they have immediate access to relevant information stored in HubSpot. As a result, issues can be solved quickly and efficiently helping to improve the overall customer experience of the organizations. 
  • Better Insights and Reporting: By integrating the data from various platforms, businesses obtain a better understanding of the customers’ behaviors and preferences. This data enables businesses to refine their marketing campaigns, sales methods, and opportunities for growth of the company. 
  • Scalability and flexibility: HubSpot’s integration with various platforms reflects the company’s commitment to delivering organizations with scalability and flexibility. These integrations allow businesses to adjust and expand their operations with changing requirements. 

8 Best HubSpot Integrations Available in 2024

Below is the list of the 8 best HubSpot Integration available in 2024 designed to empower your sales teams enabling them to effectively navigate every stage of the customer’s journey and enhance your teams’ marketing efforts. 

We have listed them according to the types of HubSpot Integration such as:

  • VoIP Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Marketing Integration
  • Sales & Service Integration 

Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP) Integrations

It is the process of connecting VoIP systems with other software applications or tools to enhance business communication. Integrating VoIP systems with other platforms like CRM systems or helpdesk software allows businesses to accelerate communication operations, improve customer experience, and increase overall productivity. 

1. KrispCall 

KrispCall is one of the best VoIP providers providing a seamless VoIP integration for HubSpot and improving communication capabilities within the platform. Eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms, KrispCall allows users to make and receive VoIP calls directly within HubSpot’s interface. 

KrispCall as HubSpot VoIP Integration

This integration allows users to view important call-related information like call recordings, and call history directly within HubSpot’s CRM. KrispCall’s noise-canceling technology provides crystal-clear calls enhancing the overall customer experience. Integrating KrispCall with HubSpot streamlines communication operations, increases productivity, and brings excellent customer service to your business. 

KrispCall’s Features
  • Contact Syncing: The two-way contact syncing feature ensures that any changes made to contact information in one platform(like KrispCall or HubSpot) are automatically updated to other platforms ( either KrispCall or HubSpot). 
  • In-app dialer: The in-app dialer allows businesses to easily initiate phone calls with prospective clients and existing contacts from HubSpot. This functionality enables users to receive incoming calls with a single click easily. 
  • Auto call logging: Utilise auto call logging to access comprehensive details such as call duration, destination of outgoing calls, and time and date of each call. This data helps to create analytical reports on agent performance, and overall customer satisfaction levels. 
What our customers are saying?

I had an incredible experience using KrispCall for my communication needs. The call quality was exceptional, with crystal-clear audio that made every conversation a pleasure. The platform’s user-friendly interface made navigation easy, and the range of features provided enhanced collaboration and productivity. The customer support was top-notch, with a responsive team that quickly addressed any questions or concerns I had. Overall, KrispCall has exceeded my expectations and become my go-to communication solution. I highly recommend it for its outstanding performance, feature-rich experience, and excellent support.

Mansoor Nasir, Finance Manager, RDA Contracts LTD
How to Integrate KrispCall with HubSpot?

Integrating KrispCall with HubSpot is a simple and easy process. This allows users to manage calls seamlessly within the HubSpot interface without switching to other platforms. 

Here’s a detailed step-by-step procedure to integrate KrispCall with HubSpot:

  1. Navigate to the HubSpot marketplace, accessible from within your HubSpot account. 
  2. Use the search bar to look for KrispCall among the available integrations or directly access KrispCall’s listing in the marketplace. 
  3. Then, click on “Instal” to initiate the installation process once you have found the KrispCall and follow the prompts to authorize KrispCall to access your HubSpot account. 
  4. After installation, configure certain settings within KrispCall to customize the integration according to your preferences. Then start using KrispCall directly within HubSpot once the integration is complete.
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Here is a YouTube video on how to integrate KrispCall with HubSpot.


$ 15 per user per month$ 40 per user per monthContact Sales

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2. Cloud Talk

CloudTalk is another VoIP provider that provides VoIP integration for HubSpot. This integration allows users to originate and accept calls directly from the HubSpot interface without switching the applications. 

Cloud Talk as HubSpot VoIP Integration

This integration helps to gain valuable insights into your call performance with detailed analytics reports and identify areas for improvement. CloudTalk’s VoIP features and HubSpot’s powerful CRM functionalities help to improve communication strategy, increase team efficiency, and best customer services. 

Key Features 
  • Precision in routing: Based on the caller’s information and agent availability, CloudTalk efficiently routes calls to suitable agents. This optimizes the customer interaction process. 
  • Seamless data synchronization: Call logs, call recordings, notes, tags, and other important data are automatically synchronized providing a unified view of customer history. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction: By providing essential tools and information to your agent, CloudTalk and HubSpot enable them to provide personalized customer service. 

CRM integrations

CRM integration is the process of connecting Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software with other software or tools to enhance functionality and streamline data flow. They allow businesses to synchronize customer data, automate processes, and achieve an overall view of customer interactions. 

3. SalesForce

SalesForce is a cloud-based customer relationship management system tool that provides numerous benefits to the business, improving sales and marketing efforts. By combining customer data into a unified view, teams gain crucial insights for tailored communication and effective lead management. 

Salesforce as HubSpot CRM Integration

Also, the integrations enable reporting and analytics allowing stakeholders to make data-driven decisions and improve plans for long-term growth. 

  • Unified customer view: Synchronize data from both platforms to gain overall information about the customers. This includes contact information, activity history, interactions, and other relevant data. 
  • Sales process optimization: By offering real-time insights into lead interactions and allowing the sales team to prioritize leads based on the amount of engagement, SalesForce integration optimizes the sales process. 
  • Automated workflows: Integrating SalesForce with HubSpot helps to establish automated workflows that take action based on predefined criteria such as automated follow-up emails, task assignments, or notifications minimizing the manual actions.    

4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the easy and effective CRM tools that is used to optimize sales operations and improve customer relationships. This integration allows for seamless synchronization of lead and customer data, increasing collaboration among sales and marketing teams. 

Pipedrive as HubSpot CRM Integration

Combining Pipedrive CRM with HubSpot allows companies to increase sales performance, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve future growth in the business. 

Key Features
  • Deeper sales insights: Businesses can gain valuable insights into their sales performance by merging data from both platforms. This enables them to track the effectiveness of the marketing efforts and identify top-performing strategies. 
  • Enhanced Sales Productivity: Acquire all the required information that your sales teams need in a single platform. Access full client profiles, track email engagement and view website activity in one spot. 
  • Effortless data synchronization: Simplify your workflow by synchronizing data between platforms, ensuring consistency and accuracy. All the activities are automatically updated across the two systems, minimizing the need for human resources and lowering the chances of errors. 
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Marketing integration

It is the process of connecting different marketing tools or software systems to work together effortlessly and share data. This integration allows marketers to streamline workflow, automate processes, and gain insights into their marketing efforts. 

5. Google Search Console

Integrating Google Search Console with HubSpot provides marketers with a valuable opportunity to improve a digital presence. It allows marketers to achieve greater insights into website performance, evaluate search queries, and improve search visibility.

Google Search Console as HubSpot Marketing Integration

Marketers can enhance their content strategy, increase SEO optimizations, and generate more organic traffic to their websites by using Goole Search Console’s data-driven insights. Overall this integration improves the process of monitoring and optimizing website performance, leading to online success. 

Key Features
  • Keyword and Phrase visibility: Gain insights into the keywords and phrases that drive organic traffic to your website when they appear in search results. This integration improves content planning, search engine rankings, and the effectiveness of marketing activities.
  • Improve user experience: Address the technical issues identified by GSC like broken links, mobile-friendliness issues, and indexing errors, and ensure your website delivers an effortless user-friendly experience. 
  •  Make data-driven decisions: Integrate GSC with HubSpot’s marketing analytics to gain a complete view of your online presence, appeal to your target demographic, and modify your marketing efforts accordingly. 

6. Unbounce

Integrate Unbounce with HubSpot to provide a powerful solution to enhance digital marketing efforts. Unbounce’s easy landing page builder allows marketers to develop high-converting landing pages that complement HubSpot’s complete marketing automation. 

Unbounce as HubSpot Marketing Integration

This integration empowers marketers to streamline page creation, real-time syncing, and comprehensive analytics, enabling them to create impactful campaigns. 

Key Features
  • Seamless landing page integration: Integrate Unbounce landing pages into HubSpot marketing campaigns and implement your high-converting pages effortlessly to ensure a consistent user experience. 
  •  Gain valuable insights: Track your landing page performance within HubSpot and analyze data like conversion rates, form submissions, and source of traffic to optimize your landing pages for better results. 
  • Unified analytics for informed decision-making: Evaluate landing page performances, track conversion rates, and gain valuable data to improve your marketing strategies. 

Sales & Services Integrations

It is the process of connecting sales and customer service tools, or platforms to simplify workflow and enhance customer service. With the help of this integration, businesses can improve communication and collaboration between teams, leading to faster resolution of customer inquiries, increased customer satisfaction, and overall performance of the businesses.    

7. SurveyMonkey

Integrating SurveyMonkey with HubSpot offers a seamless solution for improving sales and service operations. This helps businesses improve their data collection process and obtain useful insights into customer preferences, satisfaction levels, and comments.

Survey Monkey as Hubspot Sales and Service Integration

Also, support teams may use SurveyMonkey to collect feedback from customers, allowing them to fix issues quickly and improve the overall experience of the customers. 

Key Features
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Analyze feedback and identify areas for improvement in your sales and service process that generally lead to higher customer satisfaction levels. 
  • Streamline Workflows: Enhancing efficiency and responsiveness within sales and service operations, this integration helps to streamline workflows.  
  • Closing feedback loop: By effortlessly integrating survey responses with individual contact data in HubSpot, tailor your approach and successfully address users’ problems. This connection enables you to obtain a greater understanding of customers’ experiences and preferences, permitting you to customize your interactions and services accordingly.   

8. LiveChat

The integration between LiveChat, a leading customer service platform, and HubSpot, an all-in-one CRM solution, effortlessly connects you with your website visitors, address their needs promptly, and convert them to loyal customers. 

Live Chat as HubSpot Sales and Service Integration

This integration allows salespeople and service agents to access crucial client information and history straight from the chat interface, which leads to more tailored interactions and informed responses. 

Key Features 
  • Engage website visitors in real-time: By offering rapid support and answering inquiries via chat, engage visitors in real-time. This practice not only improves customer experience but also enhances trust in your business. 
  • Personalize the customer experience: Personalize the customer experience by effortlessly integrating HubSpot data into the LiveChat interface. With access to valuable insights such as past interactions, purchase history, and preferences, you can provide each visitor with targeted interactions and greetings. 
  • Gain valuable insights: By analyzing chat transcripts, you can uncover useful information regarding clients’ demands, pain points, and preferences. With access to metrics such as response time, conversation duration, and customer satisfaction score, you can identify the areas for improvement and optimize your sales and service strategies strategically.  

Tips for choosing the right Hubspot Integration

Before choosing the HubSpot integration you have to consider some of the factors:

  • Define objectives and goals: Clearly outline your goals and objectives before integrating HubSpot with other platforms or tools. Ensures what specific results you have to achieve such as increased lead generation, improved customer interaction, or streamlined workflows. 
  • Choose the right tools: Select the tools that support your goals and objectives. Consider factors like compatibility with HubSpot, ease of use, scalability, and functionality. Research the available integrations and select the right one that fits your unique business needs. 
  • Ensure Data Quality and Consistency: Always prioritize data quality and consistency when choosing the HubSpot integration. Ensure that data is accurately synchronized between HubSpot and other platforms to avoid conflicts or errors. Select the integration tools that provide powerful data management capabilities and support data integrity.  
  •  Monitor and optimize: Regularly analyze the performance of HubSpot integration and optimize as needed. Track critical metrics that are relevant to your objectives and goals like lead conversion rates, customer happiness, or ROI. Identify improvement opportunities and modify your integration plans to maximize the results over time. 

Wrapping Up: Which Integrations are ideal for your business?

HubSpot integration offers 😊 a smooth, and automated method for acquiring new leads with an increased likelihood of conversion. 

Before picking the HubSpot integration always consider the specific needs, goals, and objectives of your businesses. When choosing the right integration analyze which type of integration your business needs. 

If your business needs VoIP integration, KrispCall can be the best fit for your business, likewise, SalesForce is the right choice if your business needs CRM integrations. For Marketing integration, you can choose GSC, and if you need Sales and Services integrations, SurveyMonkey can be the ideal choice for your business.  

Arun Chaudhary

Arun is SEO Analyst at KrispCall. He has written in extensively in the field of cloud telephony and call center solutions.

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