How to improve work-life balance with a VoIP phone system?

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improve work life balance voip phone system

Is working long hours taking a toll on you? Do you worry about having job burnout?

Well, you are not alone. A survey of 1500 US workers revealed that more than half of the respondents experienced burnout in 2021. About 80% of the respondents believed that remote working during the COVID-19 pandemic worsened their work-related stresses.

A healthy work-life balance is very important to prevent burning out and manage workplace stress. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to handle both job and personal life in the current age. Especially, remote working has blurred the lines between work and personal life, with employees finding their job interfering with their individual and family times.

Work-life balance with a VoIP phone system

As they say, modern problems require modern solutions. Getting a VoIP phone system might be the answer to a healthier work-life balance. Let’s find out how:

1. VoIP enables telecommuting

One of the early morning pressures about a job is getting to the office. If you live very far away from your office, the long commute route can add to your stress. You need to compromise personal time while commuting to work, such as skipping breakfast, not getting enough sleep, etc. But if you get a VoIP phone system, then you have the option for telecommuting.

By purchasing a virtual phone number, you can make and receive business calls from your phone and laptop. This means you don’t need to stress getting to work to attend early client calls and meetings. You can simply telecommute and get your work done from home itself.

Also, you can easily choose remote working with VoIP if your company provides that option. With telecommuting, you can save a couple of hours of commute time and utilize that time for stress-relieving activities such as yoga, exercise, meditation, etc.

For people who need to travel for work, telecommuting makes their jobs easier. Using a VoIP phone gives you access to all call data in real time. You do not need to be in the office to receive important client calls and information.

Also, VoIP phone systems usually have desktop software or mobile app or both for communicating with teams and clients. By easily interacting with your team on mobile phones and laptops, a VoIP system reduces miscommunication.

Eliminating communication backlogs can be a great stress reliever for traveling employees as there won’t be any unresolved issues piling up at the office when they get back.

Hence telecommuting enables employees to multi-task with both indoor and outdoor work responsibilities. Employees who travel for work can gain better control of their work schedules with VoIP’s remote-working features. This leads to a better balance of work and personal life.

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2. VoIP drives work efficiency

An unproductive day can add to your stress and anxiety. Some workdays are so busy that it becomes impossible to complete important tasks, meaning working overtime.

If your job is demanding and you are overworked, it will disrupt your work-life balance. Using a VoIP phone can help you automate certain parts of your work, especially if you are in sales or marketing.

Most VoIP services have call automation features such as predictive and power dialers. For example, if you need to reach a large number of customers, you can use a power dialer to automatically dial clients in the sequence, speeding up calls.

You can also integrate your VoIP phone into your workspace, such as Slack, Zoho, etc. The integration will help you easily receive calls from within the workspace to retrieve and share information during live calls. Automation and integration features save your call handling, routing, and processing times. This drives up your work efficiency. If you are getting your work done during office hours, it means you can enjoy your off-hours better.

You can also consider getting an Egypt virtual phone number to enhance your VoIP experience even further.

3. VoIP improves communication for better job satisfaction

Work communication is time-consuming. If there is miscommunication within the team, it can result in longer workflows and stressful interactions. But VoIP is precisely built for enhancing business communications.

With a VoIP application, you can create a workspace for improving interactions within teams. There are in-calling and text messaging options in VoIP applications.

You can use the VoIP dashboard to share client information and use features such as call and contact tags. Tagging helps your teams to access relevant notes and information about clients easily from the dashboard.

You can also monitor voicemails, live calls, and skim through messages of your team easily. By simplifying work communication, VoIP helps you manage workplace relationships better. This can enrich your overall work experience leading to higher job satisfaction. When you are professionally sound, your work-life balance improves.

4. VoIP helps you declutter at work

A disorganized workspace is bad for your work-life balance. If you can’t segment priorities and establish an “office flow,” your work stress will spill over your personal life. Getting a VoIP cloud phone helps you manage your workspace better.

With a VoIP application, you can document all the important calls in one dashboard. You can prioritize client calls using advanced call features. For example, you can use call queueing, and group ring features to route less important calls to other team members.

During a busy schedule, you can let calls go to voicemail, so you don’t miss out on clients but still get your work done. Also, VoIP helps you declutter work information and documents. Your call information can be automatically logged in the dashboard or CRM workspace. Getting an overview of your activity, such as calls per day, lead conversion, etc., helps you identify your backlogs so you can resolve them beforehand.

You can access client requests readily in the VoIP dashboard without stressing about forgetting important information. By automatic and managed documentation of your work activity, VoIP helps you balance work priorities. This eventually makes you more productive, reduces work-related stress, and helps you allocate time for your personal life.

The ultimate tool

VoIP is a technology that streamlines your work and hence gives you enough leeway to enjoy your personal life. If you are looking to manage your personal and professional life, start using a VoIP system at work.

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