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How to call Israel from the US?



how to call israel from the us

Do you have a tough time struggling to make a call to Israel from the US and find yourself drowning in dialing codes, high rates, and time zone confusion?

It’s annoying, right? It can be a real hassle to deal with the complex process and the potential for expensive phone calls.

But don’t worry! In this blog, we will uncover all the mysteries and offer you a straightforward guide to make calls to Israel from the US effortlessly and affordably.

Scroll down and stay with us till the end to know the detailed information about international calls to Israel. 


  • +972 is the Dialling code of Israel
  • The average call rate from the US to Israel ranges from $0.08 to $0.10 per minute.
  • Israel follows the Israel Standard Time zone that is (UTC+02:00).
  • VoIP and Instant messaging apps are cost-effective methods to call Israel. 

Let’s get Started 👇

What is an International Call to Israel? 

International calls to Israel is a calls made from other countries to Israel’s landlines, mobile phones, and toll-free numbers. You have to make sure that your phone system allows international calls before making an international call.

what is an international call to israel

You must follow a special format when calling Israel from overseas, such as country code, area code, mobile number prefix, etc.

If you are calling Israel from your mobile number, make sure you have international calling enabled. Contact your service provider if this feature is not enabled.

How to call Israel from the US? 🇺🇸 📞 🇮🇱

To call Israel from the US, Dial:

  • 011-972-Area code -landline number (Israel Landline Number)
  • 011-972-mobile phone prefix-8 digit mobile number (Israel Mobile Number)
  • 011-972-toll-free-number(Israel Toll-Free Number)
how to call israel from the usa

To call Israel from the US, Follow the given steps:

  1. Dial 011, the exit code of the USA.
  2. Dial 972, Israel country code.
  3. Dial the area code of a specific location, which is 1-2 digits.
  4. Dial the correct phone number, which is 7-8 digits.
  5. Click on the call button to initiate a call.

1. How to call an Israel landline number from the US? ☎️

To call the Israel landline number from the US, dial Exit Code (011) – Country Code (972) – Area Code – Landline Number. Here are the detailed steps to call Israel’s landline number from the US:

  1. Dial the exit code of the USA, i.e., 011.
  2. Dial Israel country code, i.e., 972.
  3. Dial the area code of the specific region of Israel.
  4. Dial the Israeli landline phone number.

👉Calling Israel landlines from the USA requires this format: 011 972 02 345-6789.  


  • 011 is the US exit code,
  • 972 is the dialing code of Israel,
  • 02 is the area code of Jerusalem,
  • And 345-6789 is the dummy subscriber number. 

2. How to call Israel mobile number from US? 📱

To call the Israel mobile number from the US, dial Exit Code (011) – Country Code (972) – Mobile Phone Number. Here are the detailed steps to call Israel’s mobile number from the US:

  1. Dial the exit code of the US, i.e., 011.
  2. Dial Israel country code 972.
  3. Enter the mobile phone number.

👉Calling an Israel Mobile Number from the USA requires this format: 011 972 1236547890,


  • 11 is the US exit code,
  • 972 is Israel’s country code
  • 1236547890  is the Israel mobile number

3. How to call Israel toll-free number from the US?

To call the Israel toll-free number from the US, dial Exit Code (011) – Country Code (972) – Toll-free Code – Phone Number. Here are the detailed steps to call the Israel toll-free number from the US:

  1. Dial the USA exit code, i.e., 011.
  2. Dial Israel’s country code, i.e., 972.
  3. Dial the toll code of Israel, which is four digits.
  4. Dial the remaining phone number.

👉Calling an Israel Toll Free Number from the USA requires this format: 011 972 1809 123456


  • 011 is the US exit code
  • 972 is the Israel country code
  • 1809 is the toll-free code
  • 123456 is the remaining phone number
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What are the things that you need to know before dialing Israel from the US?

1. Dialing Codes

When making an international call, you must enter the appropriate Dialing Code for the country before entering the number. The dialing codes are country-specific standards that allow telephone companies to regulate international calls more easily. 

If you want to call Israel from the US, you must first key in the Israel dialing code, i.e., +972. Your telecom network needs this information to route your call to the correct country

2. Exit Code

Exit codes tell your telecom network that you are making an international call and that it should use the dialing code to route to the country specified. 

In the United States, “011” precedes the country code of the destination you’re calling (in this case, Israel). Your call will be routed correctly through the international telephone network if you follow this sequence.

3. Israel Area Codes 

Following the dialing code and exit code, the next factor to consider is the Israel area code. The area code identifies the city or region where the phone number is located.

You must dial the area code when calling a specific location in Israel. Here are some of the major area codes of Israel. 

City/RegionArea Code
Tel Aviv3
Haifa, Nazareth, 4
Beersheba, Ashdod, Eilat8

4. Types of Israel Phone Number

An Israel local number is a telephone number tied to a specific location in Israel, with the country code +972, which is the international dialing code for Israel. 

When calling from within Israel, the format for landline numbers (0A) is XXX-XXXX, where A represents the area code, and XXX-XXXX represents the subscriber number.

Mobile Number: 05N-XXX-XXXX, where 05N is the mobile operator indicator, and XXX-XXXX represents the subscriber number

5. Time zone Difference 

International communications or event coordination can require navigating time zone differences. In a globalized society, for example, when it’s midday in Israel, it’s early morning or late evening in various parts of the United States.

United States has lot of time zones and among them Estern Standard Time is 7 hours behind Israel, likewise Central Time Zone is 8 hours, Mountain Standard Time is 9 hours and Pacific Standard Time is 12 hours behind Isreal. The table below is the representation of time gap, which will be useful when calling Isreal from USA.

Your Time ZoneBest Time to Call
Eastern Standard Time (1 AM – 5 AM)Morning in Israel (8 AM – 12 PM)
Central Standard Time (5 AM – 8 AM)Afternoon in Israel (2 PM – 5 PM)
Mountain Standard Time (11 AM – 1 PM)Evening in Israel (7 PM – 9 PM)
Pacific Standard Time (5 PM – 7 PM)Night time in Israel (8 PM – 10 PM)

6. International Calling Cost

Your phone carrier and network service provider may charge different rates for international calls. Be sure to check their specific rates for international calls to Israel.

Additionally, the calling rates may vary depending on whether you’re calling a landline or a mobile phone. To find the most affordable option, compare rates between different carriers and methods of calling.

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How much does it cost to call Israel from US?

The average cost to call Israel from the US ranges from $0.08 to $0.10 per minute. However, rates can differ depending on the service provider and type of phone (landline or mobile). You should check with your specific carrier for the most accurate pricing information.

Although the FCC does not regulate maximum fees, sources indicate they range from a few pennies to a few dollars. Some providers also charge $3.33 per minute to make international calls to Israel. 

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What is the best time to call Israel from the US? 

You should call Israel during Israel’s business hours, which are Sunday through Thursday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Israel Standard Time). 

During Eastern and Central time zones, this refers to late evening or early afternoon. For more efficient communication, avoid calling during Israel’s weekends (Friday and Saturday).

If you have friends and family in Israel, it is ideal to call them after 8 PM after all their working hours are over. This means the time would be 1 PM in the Eastern Time Zone of the USA.

3 Alternative Ways to Make Cheap International Calls to Israel

There are some alternative ways to make international calls to Israel. Additionally, these methods are more cost-effective than traditional ones.

are there any alternative ways to make international calls to israel

1.  Using Virtual Israel Numbers 

A virtual number is a phone number that works over the Internet without requiring a SIM card. You can make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls from anywhere and on any device. 

You can use an Israeli virtual number if you frequently call Israel and don’t want to buy an Israeli SIM card every time.

Get a Israel Virtual Phone Number Online.

Own Israel virtual phone number to make cheap international calls

Select numbers :

2. Using non-VoIP Apps Like WhatsApp/Messenger/Signal

You can make international calls to Israel using VoIP apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, and Messenger. These applications enable you to initiate voice and video calls from any device, anywhere, completely free of charge. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Using apps like WhatsApp, Signal, and Messenger for calls incurs no fees.

To use this service, it is necessary for both the caller and the receiver to have these apps installed on their preferred devices and to have created an account.

3. Using Calling Cards

Also known as phone cards, telephone cards, or international calling cards, calling cards can be used to make international calls. A prepaid calling card lets you make long-distance, domestic, and international calls from your cell phone or landline.

You can use calling cards in the following ways:

  1. Buy a calling card in a store or online.
  2. Dial the provided access number.
  3. Input your unique PIN.
  4. Dial the international number.
  5. Check your remaining balance.

How to make business calls to Israel from the US using KrispCall?

You can easily make business calls to Israel using the US phone number from KrispCall. Below are the detailed steps to make efficient business calls to Israel from the US using KrispCall.

  1. Sign up with KrispCall and Log in. 
  2. From a pool of numbers, select and buy one
  3. Go to the Dashboard > Select number > Settings > Enable international calls
  4. Go to Dialer and enter Israel number
  5. Tap the call button to place a call. 

With KrispCall, you can easily Call Israel from a US number with an affordable $0.01-0.11 per minute. Along with that, here are some additional benefits of calling Israel from the US using KrispCall.

  • No roaming charges with KrispCall’s internet-based calling technology. 
  • Make calls directly from your smart devices without worrying about hidden fees
  • KrispCall ensures end-to-end encryption, ensuring your privacy and security.
  • There are virtual numbers available from over 100 countries, including Israel, facilitating global expansion and simplifying international communication.
  • You can always contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer support team for assistance.
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What are the tips to save money while calling from the US to Israel?

Here are some of the smart ideas to save your communication expenses while calling from the US to Israel.

  • Use a cloud-based VoIP system like KrispCall to eliminate international roaming charges. 
  • Get an Israel virtual number with an unlimited or discounted flat-rate plan.
  • Choose subscription-based plans instead of per-minute plans.
  • Consider scheduling your calls during off-peak hours to take advantage of lower rates.
  • Use instant messaging apps like Viber, Messenger, etc., if the recipient also has a similar app for personal calls. 

Challenges while calling Israel from the US

It is generally simple to make a call from the US to Israel. While calling Israel from the US, you might encounter the following challenges: 

  • Time Zone Differences: Due to the time zone differences between Israel and the United States, it can be difficult to coordinate appropriate calling times.
  • Language Barrier: Even though English is widely spoken, there may still be instances where language nuances influence effective communication.
  • Connection issues: When calling an Israel phone number from the United States, you may encounter connection difficulties. When you’re in an area with low cellular network coverage, you’ll face this problem.

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Israel: Dos and Don’ts 


  • Warm Greeting: Begin the call with a friendly greeting, using phrases like “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.” Add a personal touch by incorporating Hebrew greetings such as “Boker Tov” or “Erev Tov” for a positive impression. Address individuals by their titles and last names unless instructed otherwise.
  • Learn Basic Hebrew Phrases: Although English is common, making an effort to learn basic Hebrew phrases shows respect for the culture and your profession.
  • Speak Clearly and Be Concise: Israelis value time, so communicate clearly and concisely. To improve understanding, avoid speaking too quickly.


  • Immediate Business Talk: Do not jump straight into business matters after formal greetings. Ask the receiver about their day, how they are, and so on so you can get a sense of how they are.
  • Don’t Assume English Fluency: While English is common, refrain from assuming and be adaptable in tone and speed. Consider using translation services if necessary.
  • Avoid Overdirectness: Be efficient and culturally sensitive, incorporating appropriate greetings without being overly direct.            

Final Words

Calling Israel to different locations from the US is a simple task if you properly follow the dialing procedures. In addition to that, make sure you check all the right details for international calls, like using the right area code, using the correct number, or using a viable and affordable network provider.

Making calls using traditional methods can be both time-consuming and expensive. We suggest you try making calls using alternative methods, such as using VoIP or KrispCall. You and your pocket will both benefit from this method.


Can I use my regular phone plan to call Israel?

Yes, you can use your regular plan to call Israel. However, if you’re outside Israel, it can cost you additional roaming charges with higher calling rates. Using VoIP services like KrispCall helps you to reduce your global calling fees.

What is the county code of Israel?

+972 is the country code/Dialling code of Israel

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