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How to Create a Wise Account Without a Phone Number?



how to create wise account without a phone number

Are you looking to create a Wise account and do not want to use your private number due to security reasons?

In order to send or receive money via Wise first your account needs to be verified with a number and OTP code to safeguard transactions and avoid scams. However, there are some alternative ways to register without a personal number and keep your identity and privacy hidden.

In this article, you’ll learn several options to register for Wise without using your private phone number.

What is Wise?

Wise, formerly also known as TransferWise is a payment system where you can move money across countries with a fixed exchange rate and at a fair price. Sending and receiving money through Wise is a wise choice as it provides internet money transfer services at affordable prices and low commission rates.

Because of its transparency and customer-friendly approach, Wise has successfully been able to expand its services above 80+ countries. Wise offers other services like Multi-currency accounts, business accounts, and debit cards.

Wise commission rates are much cheaper and faster than traditional banks. Wise stores and exchanges 54 currencies so you can send money between 80+ countries at an affordable rate.

Some of the benefits of using Wise over traditional banks are:

  • Wise uses a peer-to-peer system for matching transfers between users exchanging different currencies, which results in lower costs.
  • A transaction done through Wise is transparent as it provides upfront and clear information about charges and exchange rates.
  • Unlike traditional banks, Wise provides fast and easy fund transfers.
  • A multi-currency account makes it easy to handle money in various Currencies. Wise helps you send and get money in different countries without any trouble.


Why do Some People Hesitate to Register a Wise Bank Account with their Personal Number?

There are many reasons why people hesitate to register wise accounts with their private phone numbers including:

  • Privacy concerns: Most users are hesitant to share their private number because their phone number is linked to various online accounts and holds personal information. Due to the fear of misuse and leakage of personal information user tends to keep their online presence separate from their personal information.
  • Legal or regulatory constraints (country restrictions): Some countries like Russia have different legal regulatory constraints or country restrictions while using an international payment system due to reasons like sanctions, data privacy and protection laws, and anti-money laundering. Because of this legal constraint, most users are hesitant to register a Wise account with a personal number.
  • Verification Challenges from Overseas: Many users are hesitant to share private numbers because of verification challenges like identity verifications, address verification, system compatibility, communication barriers, and exchange rate issues 
  • SMS delivery issues: Due to several issues in SMS delivery such as carrier filtering, number formatting, international regulations, and network restrictions, users are hesitant to share a private number to register a Wise account.
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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Wise Verification?

To get a virtual phone number for wise verification follow the steps:

  1. Choose a  reliable virtual number provider like KrispCall.
  2. Sign up and login into the dashboard.
  3. Select your preferred country’s virtual mobile number.
  4. Submit the necessary documents and proceed to the payment details.
  5. After number activation, your virtual phone number will be ready to Register for Wise account verification in just a few minutes.

Get Virtual Phone Number Wise Account/span> Online.

Verify your Wise bank account with virtual phone number and start transaction from overseas.

Select numbers :


Benefits of using virtual numbers for Wise

There are various reasons why people use virtual numbers to use Wise:

  • Using Virtual numbers protects your privacy by keeping your real phone number hidden.
  • With a virtual number, you can keep your details safe with powerful features like Caller ID and Call Filters.
  • It provides a free trial demo for new users and it is cost-effective. 
  • You can get a virtual phone number from another country and use it to sign up on Wise.

How to Create a New Wise Account With a Virtual Number?

To create a new Wise account with a virtual phone number:

  1. Download the Wise app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  2. Click on the register button on the screen then enter your email address. 
  3. Then choose what kind of account would you like to open (personal or business account)
  4. Enter your location (country and state).
  5. Enter your virtual phone number and the country code associated with it.
  6. Enter a 6-digit verification code sent via text on your virtual phone number. Note: You can get the verification code in your virtual phone number provider platform (web app, app)
  7. After being verified, start setting up your Wise profile.
  8. Press Continue to agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. Finally, your Wise account is created, and you can begin sending or receiving money in more than 80+ countries.
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Alternative Ways to Register Wise Account Without a Phone Number?

1. Use a Temporary Number

If you do not want to use your personal phone number to register a Wise account then use a temporary number.

You can obtain temporary phone numbers from different countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, France, Scotland, etc. from different websites and get a wise verification code. You just need to enter a temporary number instead of your personal number while signing up for Wise.

Follow the steps to use temporary phone numbers for your Wise account.

  1. Find a trustworthy temporary number provider.
  2. Choose a number and enter the number on the Wise.
  3. Refresh the provider’s page and check for the verification code
  4. Enter the code, and your Wise account is ready.  


  • Provides data security and prevents fraud as you don’t have to use your number.
  • Easy international transfer of money.
  • Senders or receivers can’t get access to your actual phone number
  • Protects you from spam calls and messages
  • Easy to use if you’re traveling internationally as it provides services for more than 80 countries 


  • Wise may reject verification from some providers. 
  • You won’t be able to get a notification after your transaction.
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2. Use Friends/Family Numbers 

Use your friend’s or family’s number as an alternative to register Wise. Enter their number on Wise and ask for a verification code. 

This method can be the best way to protect your personal information. But, it can compromise your family/friends’ privacy. So you should be responsible and careful while using their personal number. 


  • You don’t have to bother using a temporary and virtual phone number
  • It can be a temporary solution if you’re planning to use Wise rarely.


  • Friends and family can get unnecessary messages and notifications from Wise on their phones that can hamper their privacy. 
  • A Wise account linked with someone’s number may violate Wise terms and services.


To sum up, the virtual number is one of the best alternative methods to open a Wise Account Without a using personal number.

Pick a virtual number with a high encryption system from KrispCall and maintain your privacy and also get access to their services anywhere in the world.


Can I trust the alternative contact methods for wise account verification?

Yes, you can trust the alternative contact methods for wise account verification. If you do not want to use your personal phone number for verification you don’t have to worry. Wise keep concerned about the security of your account and use trusted contacts, bank statements, and utility bills to verify your account and keep it safe.

How long does it take to create a Wise account using alternative methods?

Creating a Wise account using an alternate method doesn’t take long. Depending upon factors like internet connection, user familiarity, and additional verification steps it may take around 5-10 minutes to create a Wise account.

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