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Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business VoIP Providers



Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 VoIP Providers

Are you a regular Microsoft Dynamics user and not able to handle calls efficiently? A Microsoft Dynamics Voip integration lets you manage your business calls, SMS, and voicemail without switching from MS Dynamics. 

In this blog, you’ll learn about the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 VoIP provider integrations so that you can manage your business communications directly from your business phone. 

But wait, there are hundreds of VoIP providers! 😵

Well, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! We have handpicked the Top VoIP Providers for Dynamics 365. 

So, whether you are a business owner or a call center manager, you can finally stop struggling with clunky communication tools and offer the best customer service. 

🔑 Key Highlights

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an enterprise software for Accounting, Customer Service, Communication, and sales solutions.
  • This integration is suitable for businesses of all sizes and nature.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is essential to increase productivity, enhance the workforce, improve teamwork, enhance the customer experience and data accessibility.
  • KrispCall is the ideal solution for the integration of VoIP and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Let’s start. ✨

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of enterprise software products from Microsoft that offers accounting and sales software. It is a suite of intelligent business applications that help businesses of all sizes streamline operations, improve customer relationships, and boost overall operational productivity.

What is a Microsoft Dynamics 365

This software solution manages all core business processes, including sales, customer service, finance, operations, and human resources. In addition, it connects and combines the data across your business. This helps in automation and scaling the business.

What are the Advantages of Integrating a Business VoIP System with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

  • Increase Productivity: One of the bases of integrating the VoIP busine­ss system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is to increase productivity. This gives workers a single­ communication hub known as unified communication, combining both the communication platform and CRM. It cuts back on swapping applications and saves time, boosting productivity ove­rall.
  • Efficient Workflow: With this integration, users can enjoy quite a variety of automated proce­sses in conversation handling. They can have features like logging calls, re­freshing client specifics, and scheduling out upcoming calls. Moreover, it aids in dispensing up-to-the­-minute information, further streamlining task flow.
  • Improve Team Collaboration: Thanks to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 fe­ature, team membe­rs can enjoy unified interaction. This come­s in handy for teamwork, spreading info, and giving out CRM-sourced data. Plus, it supports passing on knowle­dge, which is superb for enhancing te­amwork.
  • Data Accessibility and Reporting: Using VoIP provides a cle­arer view of customer e­xchanges. It combines chat details with CRM information, he­lping us understand our customers bette­r. We can use these­ details and reports to boost our service­s and make the customer e­xperience be­tter overall.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Finally, this combination aids in improving the custome­r journey by reviewing the­ir past interactions and likes during chats, making discussions more tailore­d and meaningful. Plus, it supports a rich customer journey by e­nabling customer support workers to tackle que­stions and problems swiftly.

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11 Best Business VoIP Providers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2024

There are lots of Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations in the market currently, and it’s difficult to choose the best from them. 

The experts in KrispCall have researched all the possible VoIP providers that offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration and checked what the users have to say about them to finalize our list of 10 best business VoIP providers. 

We have selected the Best Business VoIP Providers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 2024 based on the following criteria:

  • Advanced Features
  • Pricing Plan
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Global Coverage
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Here is what we found in the Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 VoIP Providers for Comparison overview:

VoIP ProviderStarting Price FeaturesBest for (BusinessSize)
Krispcall$12 per month (in annually subscriptionUnified Callbox, Global Calling, Text Messages (SMS), Voicemail, Voicemail to EmailSmall-Large businesses
VoIP Studio$4.99 per monthCall recording, Voicemail, Analytics features, Contact activities access, Auto attendants, Click-to-call, VoIP ACDMedium Businesses
CloudTalk$25 per monthPower dialer, Call Queuing, Call recording software, International numbers, Interactive voice response, SLA, Integrations, SMS and MMS text messagingSmall Businesses
PBXWareContact SalesRecordings, Branding, IVR statistics, ACD queues, Call routing, Conferences, Secure voice, Superior support, Activity logMedium Businesses
3CX$14.58 per monthPhone Directory, Headset Integration, Call Parking / Pickup, Call Logging, Ring Groups, Choose SIP Trunk, Auto Attendant, Multi-level IVR, Voicemail TranscriptionSmall Businesses
KixieContact SalesCall recording, Power dialer, Voicemail drop, Automation, Comprehensive dashboard, CRM integrations, CustomizationMedium Businesses
Vonage Business$13.99 per monthCall-routing, toll-free and local telephone numbers, business SMS and team messaging, and voice and video conferencingLarge Businesses
AvoxiFree (Paid $19.99 per month)Click to Dial Feature, Integrations, Queue Call Back Feature, TrueLocal 2-Way Calling, Call GroupsLarge Businesses
Dynamic Phone System $38.14 per monthProgrammable buttons, Conferencing, Caller ID, Voicemail-to-email, auto attendant menus, and Call waiting.Large Businesses
Intulse$37 per monthCall recording, Alerts, Click-to-call, Contact activities access, Automatic contacts sync, Call log sync, Conference calling, Presence monitoring Medium Businesses
GoTo Connect$27 per monthAudio conferencing, Call recording, Auto-attendant, Call queues, Virtual voicemail, Customizable dial plans, Extensions, MeetingsSmall to medium Businesses

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is one of the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 VoIP integration in the market. There are many reasons why KrispCall is in the top spot for this integration. First, this VoIP provider is known for its extensive and business-centric features, which cater to businesses of all sizes and natures. 

This VoIP provider is trusted by over 4,500 customers in 100+ countries. In addition, with a starting fee of just $12 a month, you can experience some of the best business communication experiences.

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with KrispCall comes with several advantages. First, you can have more control over your business’s communications. You can use features like click-to-call, call recording, and advanced analytics to improve your productivity significantly. 

Likewise, with this integration, you can enhance the customer experience with professionalism in calls thanks to better and consistent audio quality and personalized interactions. Finally, you can simplify the operation and management of your business, which goes beyond communication. 

KrispCall’s Features

  • Unified Callbox
  • Global Calling
  • Text Messages (SMS)
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Shared Phone Number
  • Call On Hold
  • Call Notes
  • Call & Contact Tagging
  • Call forwarding
  • Call Analytics
  • Mobile phones app

KrispCall’s Pricing: Starting at $12 per year.

What our Customers are Saying

I have been using KrispCall for a few months and it’s so easy to manage contacts. I mostly use their mobile app to talk to clients. It’s like using any other chatting apps, very easy to navigate, call up contacts, and look into contact history. KrispCall has been just great for handling client calls and passing calls down to my team.”  – Betty Preston, Business Development Manager

Calls are easily connected, no glitches yet. Good support team. Happy with the service.Andrew Payne, Senior Project Manager

👀 Checkout KrispCall’s customer reviews

If you are considering the integration, it might be a very good time for you to try the service of KrispCall,

2. VoIP Studio

VoIPstudio is an award-winning VoIP phone service that focuses on advanced PBX functionality. This provider is available in many countries across the world and has a 99.999% uptime. Impressive right? Just wait, until you know that it has 15 MILLION Minutes of Daily Talk Time. 

VOIP Studio Microsoft Dynamic 365 Integration

This provider makes our list for its affordability. VoIP studio offers the service starting at just $4.99 per month. This can be great for start-ups and small businesses.

Although it has a cheaper price, this provider does not compromise on any features or integrations. Likewise, you can book a free demo from the website to ensure its usability. 

VoIP Studio’s Features 

  • Call recording
  • Voicemail
  • Analytics features
  • Contact activities access
  • Auto attendants

VoIP Studio’s Pricing: Starting at $4.99 per month

3. CloudTalk

On number four, we have Cloudtalk as one of the most reliable VoIP providers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. This provider ranks higher on our list because of its global coverage. 

cloudtalk Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business VoIP Providers

It offers services all around the world in E-commerce, Tech companies, Financial services, and healthcare sectors. Finally, it boasts more than 70 features and a wide range of integrations with CRMs and helpdesk tools. Cloud Talk and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration offer data and analytics, automation, scalability, and CRM, which are essential for every business.

CloudTalk’s Features

  • Power dialer
  • Call queuing
  • Call recording software
  • International numbers
  • Interactive voice response

CloudTalk’s Pricing: Starting at $25 per month 

4. PBXWare

If your business has specific needs and requirements that cannot be fulfilled by the normal VoIP solution, then PBXWare is for you. It integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 and offers some of the best customization options to fulfill the needs of your business. Businesses of all sizes can use it, but its best customers are medium-sized businesses. 

PBXWare Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business VoIP Providers

This provider is made for customer ease as it is easy to set up and offers unified communication for business communication. 

PBXWare Features 

  • Recordings
  • Branding 
  • IVR statistics
  • ACD queues 
  • Call routing 

PBXWare Pricing: Contact Sales Team

5. 3CX

3CX is one of the best options for businesses who are seeking on-premises VoIP solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. Moreover, it can also be the first choice of businesses who are looking for a secure provider, as 3CX is known in the VoIP industry for its advanced security measures. 

3cx Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business VoIP Providers

Although this provider is known for on-premises VoIP, it has been offering cloud and hybrid services. So, your Web Client is accessible from anywhere. Moreover, it also offers the same office extension on Android and iOS apps, which means flexibility and options for users.

3CX’s Features

  • Phone Directory
  • Headset Integration
  • Call Parking / Pickup
  • Call Logging
  • Ring Groups

3CX’s Pricing: Starting at $14.58 per month

6. Kixie

Next on the list is Kixie, one of the very first VoIP providers to integrate AI into their service. So, you are getting Dynamics integration and AI powers in one platform. What can be better than that?

kixie Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business VoIP Providers

Kixie’s AI insights and CRM integrations empower businesses to make smarter communication decisions and boost customer satisfaction. You can register for a free demo for this provider and decide if you want to stick with it or not. 

Kixie’s Features 

  • Call recording 
  • Power dialer 
  • Voicemail drop
  • Automation
  • Comprehensive dashboard

Kixie’s Pricing: Contact Sales Team

7. Vonage Business

Vonage has made it to the top 10 on our list for its extensive coverage. In short, Vonage’s global reach and reliable international calling let you connect with clients worldwide. It has over 50 features and apps that empower users to work from home, in the office, or on the go. 

vonage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business VoIP Providers

The standard and premium add-ons are designed for the communications needs of modern businesses.

Vonage Business for Microsoft Dynamics businesses and users to work from anywhere and save time and effort with a single, embedded user interface. Moreover, it easily manages customer information with a lower risk of error. You can book a free demo from the website to try VBC integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Vonage Business’ Features

  • Call-routing
  • Toll-free and local telephone numbers
  • Business SMS and team messaging
  • Voice and video conferencing

Vonage Business’s Pricing: Starting at $13.99 per month

8. Avoxi

Avoxi isn’t just a phone with Dynamic integration; it can be your tool for connecting with the world. With this provider, you can connect with confidence, build trust with clients everywhere, and make your business bigger with a small sum of $19.99 per month. 

avoxi Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business VoIP Providers

This provider makes it on our list for its coverage. You can call over most international countries with Avoxi while using some of the most advanced features. Moreover, it has one of the best customer support and services in the industry. 

Avoxi’s Features

  • Click to Dial feature
  • Integrations
  • Queue Call Back Feature
  • TrueLocal 2-Way Calling
  • Call Groups

Avoxi’s Pricing: Starting at $19.99 per month

9. Dynamic Phone System

Last but not least, we have a Dynamic phone system, one of the best business phone systems. This provider has made it on our list for its scalability capabilities. You know what’s better? You can also customize the features, integrations, and other service to meet your needs and develop your business communication. 

Dynamics Phone System

Dynamics Phone System has made our list for its ease of setup and use. Overall, Dynamics Phone System has one of the most user-friendly interfaces. It does not stop here, as this provider offers customer support during the integration process and continues it during the operation. 

Dynamic Phone System Features

  • Programmable buttons
  • Conferencing capability
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • Auto attendant menus
  • Caller ID

Dynamic Phone System’s Pricing: Starting at $38.14 per month

10. Intulse

Intulse is a feature-packed VoIP provider that goes beyond the basics with its long list of integrations, powerful analytics, and AI-powered tools. This can take your communication game to the next level.

Intulse Microsoft Dynamic 365 Integration

This provider is second on our list because of its business-centric features and integrations. In short, it is a one-stop solution for your business communication needs. Intulse and Dynamics 365 integration allows users to host virtual meetings and share their screens, and it is all integrated with your VoIP phone system! 

This provider is ideal for medium-sized businesses but has a little higher charge than other VoIP providers in the market. 

Intulse’s Features

  • Call recording
  • Alerts
  • Click to call
  • Contact activities access
  • Automatic contacts sync

Intulse’s Pricing: Starting at $37 per month

11. GoTo Connect

GoTo Connect is a very good VoIP provider and communication solution option for small to medium-sized businesses. This provider has one of the easiest user-friendly interfaces and set-up processes

Goto Connect Microsoft Dynamic 365 Integration

This means you can just purchase a plan and start with it right away. It is packed with more advanced features, making it best for any kind of business.

GoTo Connect Features 

  • Audio conferencing
  • Call recording 
  • Auto attendant
  • Call queues
  • Virtual voicemail

GoTo Connect Pricing: Starting at $27 per month

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How to Integrate a VOIP System with Microsoft Dynamic 365?

The idea of integrating a VoIP system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can seem daunting and sophisticated at first. But trust us, it is very simple to do. 

Here are the simple step-by-step steps for integrating a VoIP system with Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Step 1: Choose the VoIP system, which can be Microsoft Teams or a Third-party VoIP provider like KrispCall.

Step 2: Verify the compatibility and integrate the VoIP. [ You can ask for custom development if necessary].

Step 3: Access Dynamics 365 Administration and install integration tools or plugins.

Step 4: Configure settings.

Step 5: Enter VoIP System credentials and start using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. 

Look at these steps for integrating your VOIP System with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Tips to  Choose the Best Business VoIP Providers for Microsoft 365

Here are some of the tips for choosing the best business VoIP Providers for Microsoft 365:

Tips to Choose the Best Business VoIP Providers for Microsoft 365

Look for Compatibility in Integration

When you’re­ looking for a VoIP phone system that can work with Microsoft 365, choose the one­s that integrates easily. Pick the­ ones with good connections or strong APIs. This makes the­ link between your VoIP syste­m and Microsoft’s work tools smooth and effective.

Choose the Provider with Required Features

Up next, e­xamine the various feature­s provided by different VoIP se­rvices. Ensure they align with your busine­ss requirements. Ke­ep an eye out for spe­cific features like

Select the provider that offers data security and Compliance

Select a VoIP supplier who sticks to truste­d security methods and matches complaints in the field you operate. This will protect your busine­ss info and align with Microsoft 365’s rules. For example, your supplie­r must meet one of these­ criteria.

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • HIPPA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).
  • CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).
  • TCPA (Telecommunications Consumer Protection Act).
  • PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act).

Look for Customer Support 

Pick service­ providers known for dependability and good custome­r help. Make sure the­y have a solid record of being online­ without breaks for smooth business talks. Choosing a provider known for gre­at customer service guarante­es fast problem-solving. This gives use­rs a good experience­.

Look for scalability

Picking a Voice ove­r Internet Protocol (VoIP) company fit for your business growth is the ke­y to long-term success. You must go for a firm that provides options related to the number of users and extra features and can change­ based on your changing communication needs.

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What Features Should I Look for in a VoIP System While Using Microsoft 365?

Hundreds of features are available in VoIP Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration. However, all the features might not be useful to every business and industry. So, here are some of the features that you should look for in a VoIP system while integrating Microsoft 365.

  • Unified Communication: Consider searching for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution that provides unified communication capabilities that include voice, video, call center software, messaging, and collaboration functionalities.
  • Call Logging and Recording: Make sure that the VoIP system has the feature to log and record calls and that it can automatically associate the calls with Microsoft 365 contacts or accounts. This feature helps keep a record of communication history.
  • Voicemail-to-Email Integration: Find a solution that combines voicemail and email. With this feature, users can get their voicemail messages delivered straight to their Microsoft 365 inbox, creating a hub for all their communication needs.
  • Real-time Collaboration Features: This feature helps to share screens, exchange files, and collaborate in time using the VoIP system. This greatly improves communication and collaboration. 
  • CRM Integration: Last but not least, integrating with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms is an essential feature of a VOIP. This feature enables better customer interactions by offering their information.

What are the challenges that may occur while integrating a VoIP system with Dynamics 365?

Integrating VoIP with Dynamics 365 can be very beneficial for business communication. However, this integration can have some challenges which can hamper the establishment and operation of the overall communication platform. So, let us discuss these challenges so you can mitigate the uncertainties in the future. 

Compatibility Issues

First and foremost, there is a high chance that compatibility issues exist when integrating software in business communication. VoIP and Microsoft Dynamics are no expectation. Making sure that the VoIP system and Dynamics 365 work together seamlessly can be quite a daunting task. There may be difficulties in integrating them due to disparities in software versions, configurations, or updates. 

Scalability Issues

When the­ business gets bigger, the­ joined system nee­ds to increase and change too. Ye­t, there can be proble­ms if the VoIP system or Dynamics 365 can’t handle more­ users or add more data.

Security Challenges

Combining VoIP with Dynamics 365 means we­ have to secure our data care­fully. Many existing and new security challenges come every day in this sector. Guarding against unwanted access or theft of voice­ data is crucial. Be aware that once VoIP and Dynamics 365 are integrated, we might see more­ security risk openings.

Data Synchronization

Getting VoIP syste­ms and Dynamics 365 to talk can be tough when their data is collected and stored differently. Things like CRM bugs and te­amwork woes can crop up if we don’t fix it. This issue should be kept in mind before the integration to ensure minimum operational issues. 

Configuration Issues

Setting up syste­ms can be tough, right? The integration se­ttings part can sure give you a headache­! Especially when we talk about phone­ features and Dynamics 365 modules. Ge­t it wrong? Well, you might just end up with messe­d-up data sync.


Mircosoft Dynamics 365 is one of the best integrations for VoIP to take your business communication to the next level. This can help you increase productivity, enhance the workforce, improve teamwork, enhance the customer experience and data accessibility.

So, it might be a wise idea to implement this integration into your business as soon as possible. This can ensure that you can enjoy the optimum benefit in your business operation and communication. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions )

How much does it cost to integrate a VoIP system with Dynamics 365?

Different VoIP systems have different pricing models and feature sets. These systems typically range in an average price of $25 per user per month.

Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 do VOIP?

No, Microsoft Dynamics 365 doesn’t have built-in support for VoIP features. However, it is possible to integrate Dynamics 365 with VoIP systems to enable users to make and receive calls directly within the platform and use other features.

Does the VoIP Provider Provide click-to-call features from within Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Yes, many VoIP providers offer click-to-call features from within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What phone systems integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates with Microsoft Teams and Third-party VoIP providers.

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