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Obtain various 612 area codes toll-free and vanity numbers for your business and personal use, regardless of your location. Personalize and manage your business communications with 612 area code numbers and gain the following advantages.

Establish a local presence for your brand among Minneapolis locals.
Simple setup, Instant activation, and Effortless termination.
Share 612 area codes among multiple devices to synchronize communications.
Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability with 612 area code numbers.
Modern communication features to improve employee productivity and customer service.
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Area Code 612 Location: Where is 612 Area Code Coming From?

Area code 612 is located in Minneapolis, in the southern part of Minnesota, USA. It includes the cities of Fort Snelling, St. Anthony, and Richfield. It serves 33 counties of southern Minnesota and some of them are Olmsted, Dakota, Blue Earth, Rice, Winona, Mower, Steele, Nicollet, Freeborn, and Brown.

Below is the tabular illustration of the top 3 locations (based on the population) served or covered by area code 612 in Minnesota.

City/Town Country TimeZone
Minneapolis, MN Hennepin Central
Richfield, MN Hennepi Central
St. Anthony, MN Hennepin, and Ramsey Central
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How to quickly buy an area code 612 phone number?

To purchase a 612 area code number, Sign up with KrispCall; go to settings> My Number > Add New Number > Select USA > Advanced Filter > Enter 612 and check the first part of the number > Click Search. Choose 612 as your number, complete the payment procedure, and activate your number. After activation, you can send and receive calls and text messages.

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612 Area Code History – Where Does a 612 Area Code Originate

Area code 612 was created along with 87 other area codes in 1947 and they were the first original area codes assigned to their respective areas, southeastern Minnesota was the serving area for area code 612. Later in 1954 area code 612 was relocated to cover the central part of Minnesota, which lead area code 612 to absorb the southern part of area code 218. As things were finally starting to settle the northern and western parts of area code 612 became area code 320 and today area code 612 serves the city of Minneapolis and nearby municipalities.

Why Choose 612 Area Code Number for Business?

Benefit from advanced communication features with 612 area codes, from establishing a local presence to unleashing the powerful PBX features. Gain from the local market by providing top-notch service to the locals.

Establish a local presence in Minneapolis and its nearby areas.
Set a local presence in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas by representing your business as a local brand. Gain trust and convert locals to customers by providing excellent customer service to your rivals. Prove to them you care about their community and are passionate about serving them.
Elevate your acceptance rate and boost sales:
612 area code phone numbers will help you to increase the call acceptance rate in the local market. Increase your revenue and gain from the local market by providing excellent services.
No special equipment is required:
612 area code does not require additional expensive hardware and equipment to get started. You can carry on your business and personal communications with existing devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and pcs. All you have to do is download the KrispCall app.
Powerful standard PBX features
Make use of 612 area code phone numbers from the KrispCall app to access all the powerful PBX features. Get hold of enhanced calling features in business for effective call management, such as Number Sharing, Call Blocking, Call Monitoring, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Phone Trees (IVR), etc.
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Access Powerful VoIP Features in your 612 Area Code Local Number

Integrate the latest and most enhanced calling features into your communications. Automate calls, integrate third-party software, analyze communications, and prepare reports effortlessly using VoIP features bound to 612 area code numbers.

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Global Calling

Expand your customer base worldwide with Krispcall global calling features for making instant calls across borders.

Call on Hold
Calls On Hold

Keep the calls on hold to get further support/assistance for the clients whenever necessary, without losing their calls.

Call Transfer

Instantly route customer calls to another line or agent who can better deal with their queries. Don’t keep your clients waiting

Shared Number

Number-sharing option allows you to receive calls across multiple devices. Improve your customer response by eliminating missed calls.

Call Forwarding

Instantly route business calls to your cellphones and landlines whenever necessary. Make sure you are not missing out on clients when not in the office.

Call Recording icon
Call Recording

Record calls to monitor client requests and team performance. Use recorded calls as a guide for improving customer service and employee training.

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Call Filters

Narrow down the call logs with Krispcall call filters. Efficiently screen through your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

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