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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for WeChat?



how to get virtual phone number for wechat

Wondering how to create WeChat account without phone number or looking for a virtual phone number for WeChat? If yes, your search ends here. 

WeChat is a social networking platform for users to communicate and share content. This messaging application is popular around the globe, especially in China. Anyone can easily set up a WeChat account and enjoy its features.

Having said that, the process of creating a WeChat account becomes more difficult for those who do not own a real phone number. So, you might have a question, “Is there any way to accomplish this?”

The answer is YES. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to get a virtual phone number for WeChat for personal and business uses.  

What is a virtual number for WeChat, and why do you need one? 

A virtual phone number for WeChat is a phone number that isn’t connected to a physical location. It uses an internet connection instead of a phone line or a mobile signal tower. 

WeChat virtual phone number uses cloud services to connect with others. There are many WeChat active members due to the ban on social media apps like Facebook and Twitter in China. So, a Virtual phone number is best for those who want to join the WeChat community by creating multiple accounts. 

Moreover, they offer multiple ways to manage the calls and are also very convenient to set up. These numbers are suitable to eliminate privacy issues or to register a WeChat account as a separate business and individual.

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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Wechat Online?

Want to have a separate WeChat account for Business and Personal use? Or wish to remain anonymous in WeChat?

WeChat virtual phone number is a telephone number different from other normal numbers. It is a number without a physical SIM card.

Follow the steps to get a virtual phone number for WeChat:

  1. Select a reliable virtual phone number provider.
  2. Create an account filling up the required information.
  3. Choose your preferred phone number (country and type)
  4. Make necessary payments and submit documents, if any.
  5. After activation of the number, you are good to go for WeChat registration.

Get Virtual Phone Number for WeChat Online

Save your Privacy by Owning WeChat virtual phone number for professional and personal use.

Select numbers :


*Disclaimer: Please note that OTP delivery relies exclusively on WeChat. Our WeChat tests were successful, though certain providers may not support VoIP numbers. The KrispCall system guarantees unhindered communication by not blocking messages.

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How to Register on WeChat without a Real Phone Number?

Most people use their actual phone numbers to register for the WeChat application. However, you do not need a real or SIM-based phone number for WeChat. Actually, virtual numbers can assist users who do not want to use their real numbers.

With the help of a virtual cell phone number, you can easily complete the WeChat registration process from anywhere.

Look at the guideline below on how to register on WeChat with a virtual phone number.

1. First, download and install the WeChat application from the App Store or Google PlayStore.

2. Click on the “Sign Up with Mobile” button.

3. Enter the phone number provided by your virtual phone number provider and your full name, region, and password. Then put a checkmark next to the terms and tap on the “Accept and Continue” option.

4. Put a checkmark next to the terms of use and press the “Next” button.

Note: A QR code will appear in the next window. Find another WeChat user who can scan it. But the user must be registered for at least one month. You must complete this verification process if you find yourself directed to this window.

 The system will direct you directly to the SMS activation page if QR code verification isn’t required.

5. Verify your account as soon as you receive the verification code on your virtual phone number app.

Finally! You can log in to your WeChat account. 

You can use this method on iPhone and Android to sign up for WeChat without a real phone number.

As you’ve read so far, you know you need a virtual numbers app to register WeChat without a real number. 

Nevertheless, you might be confused about which apps are best for virtual cell numbers. However, if you continue reading this blog, you will understand better.

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Benefits WeChat virtual phone number

A virtual phone number for WeChat can help you in many cases. It comes with multiple benefits. Some of the benefits of WeChat virtual cell numbers are:

1. Affordable

Since you don’t need any additional hardware, unlike traditional landlines, to use a Virtual phone number compatible with WeChat, it helps you to manage some costs. Moreover, there is no need to pay money to buy a new SIM card whenever you visit a new nation. Here the only requirement is a strong internet connection. 

So, for users who want to expand their business globally, the virtual numbers app provides several benefits. Virtual number providers such as Krispcall offer their services at a meager price. So, better grab the offer.

2. Eliminate the limited sim card slots problem

Not every device comes with the feature of a double sim card slot. Even if there is such a service, buying SIM cards every time is something that anyone wouldn’t prefer.  

However, the virtual number helps to get numbers by eliminating the problem of limited SIM card slots on smartphones.

3. Solve Privacy Issues

WeChat messaging application requires a mobile number for identity verification. Revealing your actual cell number might risk your privacy.

So, to avoid scammers and safeguard your privacy, it is better not to use your actual phone number. That’s why the use of virtual numbers is advantageous.


WeChat doesn’t allow the same phone number to open another new account. It requires a different new phone number for every account. But due to privacy issues or other reasons, many people want to register WeChat accounts without a real number. 

Last but not least, with cloud telephony applications like Krispcall, it is easy to buy a new specific phone number for WeChat. You can take advantage of numerous features provided by Krispcall with just a small investment. 

Get a Virtual Phone Number for WeChat Now!


💳 Can I use Wechat without SIM?

Currently, you don’t need your real SIM card number to use the WeChat applications. Instead of that, you can use virtual phone numbers. They allow you to enjoy using WeChat app without revealing your real contact number.

🤔Do I need a  phone number for WeChat?

Yes, to create a WeChat account, you require a phone number. But that doesn’t mean you need a real cell number. You can use a virtual number too.

😞 What are the drawbacks of using a free phone number for WeChat?

The free phone numbers for WeChat are unreliable. Moreover, using a virtual phone number is against the rule of the Application. So, you might fall into a severe problem if they find out. 

📞 Can I get a US number from a foreign country for  WeChat?

Yes. Several reliable virtual phone number providers, such as Krispcall, provide you with US phone numbers for Wechat.

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