How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Instagram?

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how to get virtual number for Instagram

Are you looking for a reliable phone number to use Instagram without worrying to lose your privacy?

And most businesses want to use a separate business phone number to create an Instagram business account.

Sounds familiar? Are you one of them? If yes, then you’re in luck.

You can easily use a virtual phone number to create an Instagram account for both professional and personal use.

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to get a virtual phone number for Instagram including

Let’s start!

How to get a Virtual Phone Number for Instagram?

You can easily purchase a virtual phone number for Instagram from any virtual phone number provider of your choice. 

The process of purchasing a phone number is simple. On some platforms like KrispCall, you can get a virtual phone number for Instagram in five simple steps.

  1. Select a reliable virtual phone number provider.
  2. Create an account filling up the required information.
  3. Choose your preferred phone number (country, area, and type)
  4. Make necessary payments and submit documents, if any.
  5. After activation of the number, you are good to go.

Get Virtual Phone Number for Instagram Online.

Obtain Instagram virtual phone number for professional and personal use.

Select numbers :


Disclaimer: It solely depends on Instagram to deliver SMS containing the OTP code. KrispCall does not block any SMS sent to your number.


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How to Create an Instagram Account With a Virtual Phone Number?

Follow the steps below to create an Instagram account on Android or iPhone.

Step 1: Download and install the Instagram app on your device from the Google Play Store (Android) or iOS App Store (iPhone).

Step 2: Open the Instagram app and click on “Create New Account”.


Step 3: Tap on “Phone number” then enter the virtual phone number that you purchased and click “Next”.


Step 4: Wait to receive the confirmation code on your virtual phone number app. Enter the code and click “Next”.

confirmation 1

Step 5: Fill in your details. Enter your full name, password, and date of birth.

Step 6: Create a unique username. You will get username suggestions to make choices easier for you. Click “Next” to confirm.


Step 7: Click on “Sign Up” to complete the process.



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Benefits of Using Virtual Phone Number for Instagram

A virtual phone number is not just a gimmick to show off. It is useful to people for both personal and business purposes. On top of its affordable cost and remote accessibility, virtual numbers provide a handful of benefits on a daily basis.

  • Make room for privacy

With virtual phone numbers, you can eliminate the whole chance of running your privacy. Often people are hesitant to use their personal phone numbers on social media platforms like Instagram. They are concerned about their privacy. They want to keep their personal number away from unwanted messages, calls, and data leakage.

As there are instances where the phone numbers get leaked because of hackers. People don’t want their personal numbers to fall into wrong hands since they are used in banks, government offices, etc., and can be a medium to access private information. 

  • A solid second phone number

Using a phone number for both personal and business use can ruin both your personal and business life. You can avoid this by using a virtual number as your second phone number for business purposes. 

You can use this second number on your Instagram profile so that people can connect your business through it rather than your personal number. It helps to increase the leads as well as help you to personally connect with customers.

  • Better customer experience

A virtual phone number not only is useful for signing up on Instagram but also for keeping track of the leads coming from Instagram. 

Most virtual phone number providers offer omnichannel capability meaning you can use Instagram as a communication channel to connect with customers. 

This way you can store the details of the customers in your virtual phone number app along with the conversation history. This way you can deal with each customer effectively and provide a better experience.

Get your Virtual Phone Number for Instagram from KrispCall

If you are searching for a virtual number for Instagram that is both genuine and affordable then look no further.

KrispCall is your one-stop platform for getting virtual phone numbers from more than 100+ countries. 

Not only do you get a phone number but also get a highly interactive dashboard called Unified Callbox and a mobile application where you can easily receive your confirmation code for verifying Instagram. On top of that, enjoy its HD calling along with advanced features and services at a low cost.

🔥 Get a Virtual Phone Number for Instagram Today!


How can I get a free USA number for Instagram?

You can get a free USA number for Instagram with KrispCall without any documentation requirements. Just Register, select the mobile number and you are good to use Instagram for personal and professional use.

Can I use a virtual phone number for Instagram?

Absolutely yes. You can use a virtual phone number to create or verify an account on Instagram. But make sure to stay away from free apps that provide unreliable virtual numbers. Instagram can easily detect a fake phone number so choose a trustworthy cloud-based phone system like KrispCall to buy a virtual phone number.

Which is the best virtual number app for an Instagram phone number?

KrispCall is one of the best virtual phone number apps on the market. It provides hundreds of genuine phone numbers for more than 100+ countries. It offers local numbers, mobile numbers, toll-free numbers, and vanity phone numbers.

How do I get an SMS verification code for Instagram?

You can get an SMS verification code for Instagram by creating an Instagram account using a phone number. If you already have an account without a phone number then:
1) Log in to your Instagram account on your Android or iPhone.
2) Tap your Instagram profile picture on the button in the right corner of the app.
3) Tap O5a3ngrywGNs4S8NqlWXIpdkwqrDFOAjKjYZHfpqY8eR1a6t4Rt6ltlifs3JDZdvM1XZBIHrNpRwHzgPcfcXam u8Kl 1eTBG4KGmn72RAPRmEFlFE5lJJtFqTMig5cvmcuTPg0sBzoz5 DmWDW1N9g icon on the top right corner of the app then open Settings.
4) Tap on Security then two-factor authorization.
5) Tap on Get Started.
6) Toggle on Text Message.
7) Enter your phone number and tap on Next.
8) Tap Done.

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