Someone Using My Phone Number to Sign Up Things, Make Calls: How To Stop?

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Someone Using My Phone Number to Sign Up Things Make Calls How To Stop

Have you ever received unexpected calls or messages, OTPs from different platforms?

Your phone rings, and you answer it, only to hear a voice you don’t recognize on the other end. Confused, you hang up, only for your phone to ring again a few minutes later.

You may wonder what you can do to regain control over this misuse of your personal information, which can be infuriating and invasive.

Imagine constantly receiving notifications for accounts you never signed up for or receiving calls from unknown people, it can be frustrating 😠, right?

Buckle up, let’s find out why someone uses your phone number to sign up for things and make calls. We’ll also embark on a journey to safeguard your digital identity.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Why is someone using my phone number?

There are a few possible reasons why someone might be using your phone number. They could be trying to scam you or steal your identity by pretending to be you.

They may want access to information associated with the number, such as bank accounts and credit cards, or they may simply have mistaken it for their own.

It is important that if you suspect someone of misusing your phone number, you contact the authorities immediately to protect yourself from any potential harm.

How will I Know if Someone Is Using My Phone Number?

If someone is using your phone number, you’ll get the following activities and symptoms.

How will I Know if Someone Is Using My Phone Number

1. Abnormal Text and Call Activity

If you notice unusual text or call activity on your mobile device that you don’t recognize, this might be a sign that an unauthorized user has accessed your account. You should pay attention to any numbers that appear frequently; these may belong to an unauthorized user.

2. Unusual Call Charges

If there have been charges for calls made from or received by an unknown source on certain dates and times when no one else had access to the device, this could be another indication of unapproved use of the line.

Be sure to check all incoming/outgoing call logs regularly so as not to catch any suspicious activity early on before more expensive bills start piling up!  

3. Reports From Mobile Contacts

Have friends and family members reported receiving strange messages from what appears you are sending them? This, too, could point towards somebody else having taken control of lines connected with their contacts list. It would explain why such messages were sent out even though nobody knew about them beforehand!  

4. Spontaneous Verification Codes

When you receive SMS verification codes for Facebook or Google accounts, no one possessing these devices has requested them. It should also ring alarm bells loud enough for everyone, especially since these services now require two-factor authentication for logins.

What are the risks of someone using my phone number? 

You may be vulnerable to fraud and identity theft if someone uses your phone number to access your personal information.

1. Identity theft

If someone gets your phone number, they can pretend to be you and hijack your online accounts by sending password reset links to your phone. Automated systems can also fool customers by calling customer service and stealing credit card information

2. Scammers and fraudsters

People are usually targeted over the phone by scammers and fraudsters, who may be able to get your cell phone number from public resources. Once they have your number, you can be scammed out of money or personal information.

3. Robocalls and telemarketers

Businesses or services may use your phone number to make unwanted sales calls or even scam calls. As a result, this can be very irritating and disruptive to your personal or professional life. 

4. Stalking or harassment

If you give a stranger your cell phone number, you could also be stalked or harassed. You may be constantly contacted or even show up at your home or workplace if someone fixates on you.

5. Exposure to online threats

Information about your phone number can be accessed and used for identity theft. Your personal phone number should only be shared with the people you trust.

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What are the ways to stop someone from using my number?

The ways to stop someone from using your phone number are: 

1. Report to FCC

If you suspect your number is being used for fraudulent activities or harassment, you can report the issue to the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can investigate and take appropriate action if you suspect your phone number is being used for fraudulent activities or harassment. 

You should contact them immediately and provide any relevant information, such as call records or text messages related to the incident.

2. Change Your Mobile Number

If you believe that someone has compromised access to your old phone number, it’s best for security reasons if you change it immediately with the help of a mobile service provider like AT&T or Verizon Wireless or a virtual number from KrispCall.

This will ensure no one else has access and ensure they don’t get any more calls or texts on this line going forward.  

3. Leave a Voice Mail Message of Being Spoofed

Someone might use caller ID spoofing to fake their true identity when making calls from an unfamiliar or concealed number, leaving the receiver uncertain about the caller’s actual identity.

Leave a voice mail message with your own warning to help combat this. If anyone tries to use up yours, they won’t have success because they were told beforehand about how it works.   

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4. Block Numbers 

You may also consider blocking specific numbers associated with suspicious activity by adding them to the list on most phones’ settings menu. 

Using this method, even if a person does manage to get through, somehow still won’t be able to hear anything but silence instead.  

5. Setup An Anti-Spoofing App In Your Device 

There are apps specifically designed to detect something fishy behind the scenes regarding incoming calls/texts. 

They often come equipped with features like caller identification alert notifications so users are aware whenever attempts are made to disguise themselves while contacting another device user directly!

What if someone uses my phone number on Telegram/Facebook/Snapchat/WhatsApp? How do I stop it?

If someone is using your number on different social media, follow the given steps:

What if someone uses my phone number on Telegram Facebook Snapchat WhatsApp How do I stop it

1. Report Your Account to Telegram (Social Media Platform)

If you’ve noticed someone using your Telegram number without permission, report them immediately by visiting their website and filling out the ‘Report Abuse’ form with details. This will help prevent further misuse of your account information or personal data. 

2. Logout From All Devices

Ensure to log out from all devices associated with the messaging service so no one else can access it through these accounts. Also, change all passwords related to those accounts as soon as possible! 

3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Most popular social media platforms offer two-factor authentication (2FA), which adds an extra layer of security when logging into an account online. Make sure you enable this feature if available on any platform where your phone number has been unauthorized to be used recently!  

4. Change Your Phone Number

Consider changing both mobile numbers used for communication purposes if your number was compromised before being misused by another person. This will ensure more excellent protection against similar incidents occurring again.

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5. Contact Your Phone Carrier & Other Platforms For Assistance 

For more assistance, you can contact telecom carriers or other corresponding support teams within respective platforms.  Whether it’s updating personal settings appropriately, obtaining new SIM cards, etc.

What are the best tools to prevent someone from using my phone number?

The best tools to prevent someone from using your phone number are as follows:

1. Call Blocker Apps

Call Blocker Apps allow you to block incoming calls from specific numbers or even entire area codes. You can prevent unauthorized people from accessing your contact information this way.

You can also set up automatic responses for blocked callers so they know why their call was blocked in the first place. 

2. Credit Monitoring Services

A Credit Monitoring Service monitors any changes in credit activity related to your name or phone number and alerts you when suspicious activity is detected.

You can immediately take action if something suspicious occurs on an account associated with yourself or a family member. 

3. VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) 

Using VPNs, devices can be connected encrypted, preventing hackers from accessing sensitive data, such as passwords and banking details. It helps to prevent them from tracking user activity online with IP address tracing techniques used by cybercriminals today.

They also offer protection against phishing attacks, which try to steal users’ private data through fake websites & emails posing as legitimate organizations such as banks, etc., ensuring all communication is secure. 

4. Two-factor authentication 

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security by requiring two different factors before allowing access to an account. It sends verification messages in emails and SMS to check the authenticity of the user. 

With this extra step, it becomes much more difficult for hackers to enter accounts using stolen login credentials.

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1. How to tell if your phone number is being used by someone else?

To determine if your phone number is being used by someone else, you will see the following symptoms:

  • Unusual or Anonymous Calls
  • Robocalls or Automated Messages
  • Call Back Requests
  • Unexpected Call Volume
  • Inconsistent or Suspicious Call Behavior

2. What should I do if someone is using my phone number?

You can consider the given steps if someone is using your number: 

  • Check Your Phone Usage
  • Monitor Your Account
  • Receive Unexpected Messages or Calls
  • Check for Unauthorized Apps or Services
  • Change Passwords
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Contact Your Mobile Carrier
  • Report Suspicious Activity
  • Change Your Phone Number

3. Can I trace a spoofed phone number?

Yes, you can trace a spoofed number, but it must involve law enforcement. Alternatively, your telephone company may be able to trace a spoofed number. Spoof calls can sometimes be traced back to their source by telephone companies.

4. Is it possible to trace a spoofed phone number by using a “who called me” app, calling the number that’s calling you, or Googling the phone number?

Yes, it is possible to trace a spoofed phone number by using a “who called me” app, however, it can be unreliable sometimes and cannot give you accurate information.

5. How do phone spoofing scammers get my number?

Phone spoofing scammers can obtain your phone number through various means, and you must be aware of these tactics to protect yourself. Some of the tactics include

  • Public Information
  • Data Breaches
  • Online Forms and Contests 
  • Malware and Phishing
  • Caller ID Spoofing Tools
  • Social Engineering
  • Data Mining
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