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Best SIP Service Providers in India



sip service provider in India

Are you looking👀 for an SIP service provider that best fits your requirements? But You may not know which provider is best for you.

In India, you must choose from many SIP service providers who are ready to serve you. Likewise, before choosing any SIP provider, you must evaluate different SIP service factors and their types to find the best option. 🔎

💡 In this blog, you will learn about SIP service providers, their types, and the best SIP service provider in India to give you various options.

Let’s get started.👇


  • A SIP service provider is a kind of service provider that enables you to connect your conventional phone system to the Internet through SIP trunking.
  • Types of SIP service providers: Hosted, On-premise, and Hybrid.
  • Before choosing a SIP provider, consider voice quality, coverage, cost, and scalability.
  • SIP services have benefits like scalability, flexibility, redundancy, improved call quality, and more.
  • RingCentral, Vonage, Nextiva, and FreJun are the best sip service providers based on features, cost, business needs, and deployment options.

What is a Sip Service Provider?

What is Sip Service Provider

A SIP service provider is a kind of service provider that enables you to connect your conventional phone system to the internet by utilizing SIP trunking. With its help, you can now place calls online instead of depending exclusively on regular phone lines.

This is an excellent solution for companies that want to upgrade their communications systems and take advantage of the benefits that internet-based calling has to offer. It lets you connect their in-house IP PBX systems to the outside world. 

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Types of SIP Service Providers

There are different types of SIP service providers you can choose based on easy use and management or control over your system, such as:

1. Hosted SIP (PBX) Providers

This type of SIP service is popular with businesses of all sizes. In these service providers, the hosting company provides all the services rather than the organization that uses them. Therefore, the host does the work of servicing, upgrading when necessary, and preparing for data loss.

Nextiva, RingCentral, and 8×8 are some of the hosted SIP service providers known for providing exemplary service in terms of call quality and other services that make the installation process easier.

2. On-premises SIP providers

Using the PBX system doesn’t require a substantial hardware investment or specialized personnel. However, On-premises SIP providers provide SIP trunk features by connecting to a firm’s existing PBX system.

This method enables companies to process call routing and other features more effectively than hosted solutions. In this category, businesses may also take advantage of what traditional PBX vendors such as Mitel and Avaya offer, such as SIP trunking services based on their existing PBX infrastructure.

3. Hybrid SIP Providers

Hybrid SIP service is a useful option for companies looking to take advantage of cloud-based features while maintaining control over their current PBX system.

By converting to this service, you can enjoy core functionalities, such as call routing and management, similar to a hosted solution. You can also control and customize your call features by integrating them with your existing PBX hardware.

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10 Best SIP Service Providers in India

When choosing SIP service providers, evaluate your requirements, such as their features, pricing, and types. This will help you choose the best SIP service for you. 

The following table helps you to compare different aspects of SIP service providers:

SIP Service ProviderFeaturesPricingSIP Provider Type
NextivaDetailed call records, fraud mitigation, automatic failover, online management, and call logs.Starting from $18.95/user/monthHosted
RingCentralLocal numbers, toll-free numbers, extensions, call delegation, call park, call flip, and call forwarding.Starting from $20/user/monthHosted
Tata TeleservicesSingle link scalability, auto-failover, flexible DID range, single link replacement, and interface ethernet.CustomOn-premises
FrejunVirtual number, click-to-call, auto-dial, voice broadcast, call routing, reports, analytics, and call recording.Starting from $14.49/user/monthHybrid
VonageAutomatic location-based routing, PBX compatibility, voice inspector, and programmable SIP.Starting from $14.49/user/monthEither On-premise or Hosted
AvoxiCall routing, call recording, auto-attendant, call recording, local caller ID, and number porting.Starting from $19.99/userEither On-premise or Hosted
SonetelGlobal call forwarding, free conference call, voice response, custom caller ID.Starting from $10.40/monthEither On-premise or Hosted
TelyxReporting and statistics, IVR/voice recognition, caller ID, call tracking, alerts/notifications.For pay-as-you-go: Starting from $0.005 per minute
For volume-based pricing: custom
Either On-premise or Hosted
CloudBharatDID number, IDD calls, concurrent calls, and international numbers.Starting from INR 3300/month Either On-premise or Hosted
AstraQomAuto-attendant, automated telephone surveys, toll-free numbers, live answering, and virtual receptionist.Starting from $35/monthEither On-premise or Hosted

1. Nextiva

Nextiva Sip Service

In India, out of all the SIP providers, Nextiva stands out as the top SIP option for you. Nextiva’s SIP trunks allow your business to manage a high volume of incoming and outgoing calls using a PBX server. As your business grows, you can easily add more trunks, channels, and direct inward dialing (DID) numbers.

Nextiva has multiple data centers to ensure your calls are consistently reliable and have excellent audio quality. Additionally, they offer a pricing system that is flexible and designed to be affordable, regardless of your budget.

Features Of Nextiva

  • Detailed call records
  • Fraud mitigation
  • Automatic failover
  • Online management
  • Call logs

Pricing Of Nextiva


2. RingCentral

RingCentral Sip Service

RingCentral is a SIP server service provider in India that provides communication solutions to businesses worldwide. Their solution can grow with companies as their communication demands grow. It is designed to adapt to the businesses’ communication demands.

RingCentral guarantees uninterrupted connectivity, with a preference for security when sending sensitive data safely and confidently.

Features Of RingCentral

  • Local numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Call delegation
  • Call park
  • Call flip

Pricing Of RingCentral


3. Tata Teleservices

Tata Teleservices Sip Service

Tata Telecommunications is reliable for delivering SIP trunking solutions in India, making voice and data communication cheaper. They provide an entire voice connectivity package that can replace the usual fixed PSTN lines within your company’s premises.

All you need is one physical connection between them, and using just that alone would allow you to make up to 1500 calls concurrently. Also, the implementation process is quite simple, and you don’t need additional hardware to run it.

Features Of Tata Teleservices

  • Single link scalability
  • Auto-failover
  • Flexible DID range
  • Single link replacement
  • Interface ethernet

Pricing Of Tata Teleservices

Only enterprise-levelCustom

4. FreJun

FreJun Sip Service

FreJun is a popular cloud telephony software platform in India that has transformed business communication. It provides enterprise solutions with quality service and emphasizes customer satisfaction, which has proved useful for small and large businesses. 

With FreJun, managing your company’s communication system becomes easy and fast, increasing staff productivity. The platform also boasts exceptional voice quality and an advanced analytics engine, which enable businesses to make clearer calls and gain useful information.

Features Of FreJun

  • Call recording
  • Click-to-call
  • Auto-dial
  • Voice broadcast
  • Call routing

Pricing Of FreJun


5. Vonage

Vonage Sip Service

One of the top providers of communications solutions in India is Vonage. It serves over 100,000 clients worldwide and simultaneously provides voice, video, and messaging services, making it a comprehensive package for any company seeking ways to improve its communication.

Vonage enables you to expand your capacity without limitations by seamlessly connecting your PBX system to the internet. Additionally, their billing system charges you per second, which can help reduce your overall communication expenses.

Features Of Vonage

  • Automatic location-based routing
  • PBX compatibility
  • Voice inspector
  • Programmable SIP

Pricing Of Vonage

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6. Avoxi

Avoxi Sip Service

It is worth considering if you are looking for India-based phone numbers and need to make many calls simultaneously. Avoxi is a reliable IP trunking provider with good-quality outbound voice service via unlimited IP channels, perfect for enterprises with a large volume of calls.

Furthermore, they provide instant phone numbers from over 170 countries. In India, Avoxi offers toll-free phone numbers, local Indian DID numbers, and mobile numbers. Additionally, they have an excellent phone number management interface that anyone can navigate without any problems. 

Features Of Avoxi

  • Call recording
  • Auto-attendance
  • Call routing
  • Local caller ID
  • Number porting

Pricing Of Avoxi


7. Sonetel

Sonetel Sip Service

Sonetel is an excellent option for Indian businesses interested in SIP trunking services, regardless of the number of calls they have to make. It is affordable and known for its good sound quality, short transmission delay, and display of information about the caller.

With Sonetel, adding new phone numbers or transferring existing ones is quick and simple. Also, with Sonetel’s virtual number feature, you can make calls from numbers closer to your customers, increasing the likelihood of them answering your calls.

Features Of Sonetel

Pricing Of Sonetel


8. Telnyx

Telnyx Sip Service

Telnyx gives you full control and flexibility in managing your telephony services. It stands out for providing excellent voice quality over the traditional phone network. One of the most appealing aspects of Telnyx is its transparent pricing system.

Instead of charging based on the number of users, Telnyx bills customers solely based on their usage. This approach can result in significant cost savings for businesses. Additionally, Telnyx allows you to easily add or remove SIP trunks through their user-friendly portal or via an API whenever needed.

Features Of Telnyx

  • Reporting and statistics
  • IVR/voice recognition
  • Caller ID
  • Call tracking
  • Alerts/notifications

Pricing of Telnyx

Pay-as-you-goStarting from $0.005 per minute
Volume-based pricingCustom

9. CloudBharat

CloudBharat Sip Service

CloudBharat is an Indian company that offers to start using SIP trunks at a very reasonable price while ensuring their trustworthiness. Their services can easily be added to your current system without the need for any configuration or maintenance.

With their SIP services, conversations are secured with TTLS and SRTP when you make calls, so they cannot be intercepted by any third party. Also, it’s a customizable platform that permits users to modify specifics when needed, including changing phone numbers or adding extensions.

Features Of CloudBharat

  • DID number
  • IDD calls
  • Concurrent calls
  • International numbers

Pricing Of CloudBharat

5 ChannelsINR 3300/month
10 ChannelsINR 6300/month
30 ChannelsINR 18000/month

10. AstraQom

Astraqom Sip Service

AstraQom offers a comprehensive telephony platform for all your communication requirements created locally. Additionally, they provide capabilities such as cloud PBX, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), text messaging, API integration, and virtual numbers.

With data centers scattered across the planet, AstroQom guarantees trustworthy and safe calls, thus making it a preferred option for multinational corporations. They serve clients in almost all countries, making them a good choice for international entrepreneurs.

Features Of AstraQom

Pricing Of AstraQom

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What factors should be considered when choosing the right SIP service provider?

You can use SIP services to improve your communication capabilities and save money. However, before turning to an SIP service user, there are some factors you need to take into consideration, which are:

  • Voice quality: Ensure your calls are clear and work well with SIP trunking. To emphasize quality in their services, choose reliable SIP trunk providers. Kindly avoid service providers using the least-cost routing technique (LCR).
  • Coverage: Choose a provider that grows with your VoIP system without the hassle of dealing with multiple local carriers. Acquiring a company that offers numbers to call outside the country can be essential to your search for a provider.
  • Reliability: Effective SIP trunking requires reliable call connections. If calls frequently fail or don’t go through, the benefits of SIP trunking diminish. When choosing a provider, look for those with backup systems and multiple connections to different carriers in various locations.
  • Cost: The prices and billing structures differ among the SIP trunk providers. When looking for a provider, it is essential to consider the price that will yield maximum savings for your business based on the precise level of service that you need.
  • Security: You must prioritize security when choosing an SIP service. Therefore, when you contract an SIP trunk provider, you need to protect your network from unauthorized access or call interception.


You must select the right SIP service provider to get dependable, reliable, and cost-effective communication solutions for your business. In India, there are different SIP service providers that offer different features, scaling capabilities, and consistently good calling quality that you might need for your precise business needs. 

Regardless of your business size, you can find an SIP service that best fits your business requirements. To choose the best options, such as RingCentral, FreJun, Nextiva, Vonage, etc., you must consider factors such as voice quality, coverage, reliability, cost, security, etc. Therefore, evaluate every factor according to your needs and then select the best option.

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