How to Use BeReal Without a Phone Number?

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how to use bereal without a phone number

Want to explore a real social media platform BeReal but don’t want to use your phone number to authenticate your account?

BeReal is the new giant in the social media arena and the biggest competitor of Instagram. While Instagram has an option to sign up using a Facebook account. However, BeReal has no such method and requires a proper phone number for verification which makes it the toughest part.

If you are here, that means you are looking for a method that helps to bypass BeReal account verification. Don’t worry, you are not the only one looking for an answer and we are here to help you with that.

In this blog, you will explore all the different alternative methods that you can use to create a BeReal account without a phone number, including their pros and cons.

Without further ado, let’s jump to the real part!

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a social media application that promotes authenticity and individuality. It stands out from other platforms due, to its features. For instance, users are limited to sharing one photo per day with the app determining the optimal time for posting. This approach discourages editing or obsessing over picture images encouraging users to share genuine moments from their lives.

bereal social media platform

BeReal presents an invigorating perspective on media prioritizing self-expression and fostering connections, among friends in a more meaningful manner.

Can you use BeReal social media without a phone number?

Yes, you can use your BeReal social media account without your private phone number by using a virtual phone number a temporary phone number, or a friend or family member’s phone number.

Why BeReal ask for phone number verification?

 BeReal has made it mandatory to use a phone number for sign-up due to several reasons including:

  • To verify real users: BeReal requires phone number verification to prevent spam and fake accounts. It is a very important step towards creating a more genuine community.
  • Reducing Spam and Fake Accounts: Fake and spam accounts have become a major problem across all social media platforms. BeReal combats this with phone number verification.
  • Recovery and Account Access: BeReal came up with this mandatory task keeping the future in mind. BeReal can send an authentication code to the signup number to help users reset their password if they forget it.
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Why do people hesitate to register BeReal with their personal number?

Protecting personal information has grown increasingly crucial, particularly in the context of social media. Similar to other platforms, users are increasingly hesitant to register BeReal with their private phone numbers. The top reasons include:

  • To protect privacy: Many users are hesitant to use their private phone numbers on BeReal because of data breaches and spam.
  • Security Concerns: People are hesitant to use phone numbers for account creation as they know the risks. If BeReal were hacked, user data could be exposed to malicious activities.
  • Unwanted Contacts: BeReal allows its users to find others by searching phone numbers, giving anyone with your number access to you. This is a privacy concern for many.

How to register BeReal without a phone number?

Method 1: Use a Virtual Phone Number to Sign up for BeReal

The best alternative method to use BeReal without a phone number is to sign up using a virtual phone number. But before we get into the signup process, you need to get yourself a virtual phone number.

Get Virtual Phone Number for BeReal Social Media Online.

Verify your BeReal account with virtual phone number and start making new friends.

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With KrispCall, you can effortlessly get a virtual phone number to sign up on BeReal by following simple steps:

  1. Create an account on KrispCall’s official website.
  2. Log in to access the user’s dashboard.
  3. Select the country and preferred virtual phone number.
  4. Select the affordable pricing option and make a payment.
  5. Submit the required documents if necessary.

Now back to signing up on BeReal. And it is just as easy as getting a virtual phone number and using a regular phone number. 

Once you have a virtual phone number, follow the steps below to create a BeReal account with a virtual phone number:

  1. Download the BeReal app from the Play Store or the App Store
  2. Tap skip on the top right to begin the signup process.
  3. Enter your name and click on the continue button.
  4. The next step is to input your date of birth, do so, and confirm your age, then tap continue.
  5. Enter the virtual phone number that you just acquired and tap continue. 
  6. Confirm your phone number and then you will receive a verification code on your virtual number, Enter the 6-digit code.
  7. Next BeReal will ask you to create your username.

You can skip the ‘Find your friends’ step or choose to continue with it. And now your BeReal account is created and you can start posting BeReals daily whenever the app sends you a reminder.  


  • Your mobile number is kept hidden
  • Available worldwide
  • Cost-effective and has other communication features


  • Requires a stable internet connection

Method 2: Use a Temporary Number to Create a BeReal Account

If you don’t want to use a virtual phone number, another alternative is to use a temporary number to create a BeReal account.

bereal verification code in temporary number

Firstly, you need a temporary phone for account authentication. There are several trustworthy websites that provide temporary phone numbers from many countries. Choose the one you like, get a temporary phone number, and follow these steps:

  1. Acquire a temporary phone number
  2. Open the BeReal app, start the signup process, and enter the number for verification.
  3. Refresh the provider’s page and check for the verification code
  4. Enter the code and input your information, and your BeReal account is ready.

The account creation procedure is just the same as using a regular phone number or a virtual phone number. The only difference you will find is that the verification code is received on the temporary number that you opted to choose.


  • Provides security as you don’t have to use your number.
  • Protects you from spam calls and messages
  • Easy to use if you’re traveling internationally as it provides services in many countries


  • There may be multiple people sharing the same phone number, so you may not be able to use it
  • Lifelong services are not guaranteed by temporary number providers.
  • Your BeReal data may get exposed to multiple people who share temporary numbers

Method 3: Use Friends/Family Numbers

Another handy method is using a phone number from one of your friends or family members. It’s an easy and effortless method. You can create a BeReal account by obtaining a phone number from a reliable person who is willing to lend it to you.

  • The most straightforward way, as compared to others
  • No foreign support needed
  • Easily available


  • If the number is lost, recovery is not possible.
  • You will have to find some reliable to give their number to you.
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There are legitimate and trusted alternatives to using BeReal without a phone number in 2024 that you can utilize for your privacy, security, and unwanted contact concerns.

In spite of the fact that you can create a BeReal account without a phone number and maintain your privacy, you must be aware of the risks and consequences that accompany them. So, choose an option that eliminates all the potential risks and fears.

From the above method mentioned, a virtual phone number is one of the best methods to set up a Bereal account. With KrispCall, you can create a BeReal account anywhere and anytime.  KrispCall keeps your privacy safe with its high encryption system, and you can access services from anywhere.


Can you use the same phone number for multiple BeReal accounts?

No, you cannot use the same phone number for multiple BeReal accounts, as it has a unique property where it bounds one phone number to a specific BeReal account. You can only use a phone number for different accounts, only if the previous account is permanently deleted making the phone number available for signup.

How Can I Get My Old BeReal Account Back?

If you have lost access to your account on BeReal, you can easily recover it by going to the BeReal app’s profile page. At the top of your screen, you will see three dots, click on it. Scroll down to find the Help option. Now follow these steps to get in touch with BeReal’s support team. Click on Help > Click Contact Us > Click on Report a Problem > Troubleshooting > Profile > Contact us. Select My profile as a topic, and describe your problem. Bereal’s support team should get in touch with you soon and help you recover your old account quickly.

How do I take a BeReal without notification?

It is not possible to take a BeReal without notification. The app lets you take BeReals once a day, that too at a specific time and you cannot edit the photos taken. Also, it is a must post it within the time limit of 2 minutes. So, be wise, be resourceful, and be true while using BeReal.

How can I change phone number on BeReal?

You can change your phone number or transfer your account to a new phone number by going to the help center of the app and getting in touch with BeReal’s support team. To do this you must have access to your old phone number, the new phone number, account username, and date of birth. If you provide all the information correctly, you should be able to change your phone number. However, BeReal can request for some additional information for verification if needed.

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