How to Sign Up for Okcupid Without a Phone Number?

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Sign Up Okcupid Without a Phone Number

Do you know you can sign up for OkCupid without a phone number? 🤔 If not, I’d love to share the ways with you.

OkCupid is one of the popular dating sites where individuals can find their partner based on their interests and compatibility. People with a variety of hobbies can connect with their counterparts and form long-lasting friendships through it.

When registering on Okcupid online, you must provide your new phone number.

But what if you don’t want to share your new phone number? How will you bypass the Okcupid phone number verification process? How will you open an Okcupid account? 😟

Fear not. There are some ways to sign up for OKCupid without a phone number. In this blog, we have described those ways. So, keep reading this blog until the very end. 

Method 1: Sign Up OkCupid Dating Site With A Virtual Number

To make an OkCupid dating account with a virtual number you must have to get a virtual phone number.

To get a cloud-based virtual number for OKcupid from a reputed service provider like KrispCall, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the best virtual number provider.
  2. Sign up for the account and log in.
  3. Select a country and a virtual phone number.
  4. Choose payment options and make payments.

Get Virtual Phone Number for OkCupid Dating Site.

Verify your OkCupid account with virtual phone number and start dating.

Select numbers :

*Disclaimer: Please note that OTP delivery relies exclusively on OkCupid. Our OkCupid tests were successful, though certain providers may not support VoIP numbers. The KrispCall system guarantees unhindered communication by not blocking messages.

OkCupid allows you to open a new account using a virtual number if you aren’t comfortable sharing your personal number during registration.

Here is how to create a new OkCupid account with a virtual number:

  1. Visit the Okcupid website or download the app from the Play Store or IOS Store.
okcupid play store
  1. Click on the “Join Okcupid” option.
dating for every person okcupid
  1. Provide your email address and create a password.
what is your phone number okcupid
  1. Fill out all the necessary details about you and answer seven questions genuinely.
  2. Enter a virtual number and country code it belongs.
virtual number okcupid
  1. Enter a 6-digit Okcupid phone number verification code.
Okcupid OTP Verification
OkCupid 6 Digit Verification Code

7. Verify your Okcupid & Start finding your best match.

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Method 2: Okcupid Sign Up With Your Friends/Family Numbers

Here is how to sign up on OKCupid with your friend’s or family member’s number:

OkCupid Login With Your Friends/Family Numbers 

  1. Goto Okcupid website or download the app from the Play Store or IOS Store.
  2. Click on the “Join Okcupid” option.
  3. Provide your email address and create a password.
  4. Enter your full name and other details.
  5. Enter the correct country code and your friend’s or family member’s phone number.
  6. Enter the sms verification code.

Pros And Cons Of Using Friends/Family Numbers For Okcupid


  • You don’t have to share your number.
  • You can contact your close friends or family to get an Okcupid verification code.
  • It gives a sense of security.


  • It invades your friends or family members’ privacy.
  • Your close ones may receive sms and unnecessary calls repeatedly when you use their numbers to register on Okcupid.
  • Your connection on Okcupid won’t have access to your new number.
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You can choose the above two simple methods: cloud-based virtual phone numbers or your friend’s or family member’s numbers to create a new Okcupid online profile without providing your new phone number for code verification. Whatever method you prefer, you can successfully register on OkCupid and find your best matches with these alternative ways.


Can I join Okcupid without a phone number?

No, you can’t join Okcupid without a phone number. OkCupid has made adding a phone number mandatory while creating a new OkCupid account. You can’t bypass the Okcupid phone number verification step.  So, you need to verify your Okcupid number to sign up.

But, if you aren’t sure about sharing your personal number on any online platforms, you can sign up using other alternatives, like a virtual number and your friend’s or family member’s numbers. 

Is Okcupid 100% free?

Yes. Okcupid is 100% free. The free version allows you to open a new Okcupid free account. With a free account, you can send and receive messages, likes, and intros, communicate with the matches, and view matches.
In addition, it also offers premium service (Paid version). To see who likes your profile and sends unlimited likes requires the premium version, a paid service.

Why you might not be getting any Okcupid SMS verification code?

You might not be getting any Okcupid SMS verification code due to the following reasons:
1. You may have entered the wrong number.
2. Your mobile carrier may have enabled “Message Blocking”, which could block Okcupid sms as spam.

How to Sign up for OkCupid?

Make an Okcupid account in just a few minutes. First of all, Install the OkCupid app, or go to the OKCupid website on mobile/desktop. Then, Sign up with your email address, and verify your account with your phone number to ensure a real user.

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