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How to Get a Business Phone Number? 



How to get a business phone number

Using personal phone numbers for your business is inefficient nowadays. It might disrupt your personal and business communication. For instance, while talking to your family members, your business partner might call you at the same time. 😞

This eventually creates a dilemma of whether you stick to talking with your family or end the call to talk with your business partner. 🤔

That’s why using a business phone number is becoming crucial as it consists of advanced features that help you to manage your calls more efficiently. Besides that, it helps you to separate your work and personal life. 

In this blog post, you will learn what a business phone number is, its types, benefits, and features, how you can get a business phone number, and how to choose one.


  • A business phone number is a professional phone number used by businesses to interact with customers.
  • Business phone numbers can be classified into local numbers, national numbers, toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, and international numbers.
  • A business phone number is important to maintain professionalism, separate personal and business calls, ensure privacy, define business hours, and improve brand consistency.
  • The top features of a business phone number are call analytics, global calling, live call monitoring, call recording, and voicemail greeting.
  • KrispCall offers business phone numbers that come with advanced features such as call forwarding, call transfer, and many more. 

What is a Business Phone Number?

A business phone number is a dedicated contact number that is registered and used by businesses to interact with their customer rather than personal communication. It is a customizable phone number allocated for specific businesses. Business phone numbers allow their customer to use phone numbers across multiple devices and locations.

With a business phone number, you can handle all kinds of business calls, such as sales discussions, internal communications, customer inquiries, etc. Today, business phone numbers are an essential means of telephony conversation for small businesses as well as large enterprises.

Furthermore, with a business number, there is no need to share your personal number for your business communication. Several businesses are using multiple types of business phone numbers simultaneously to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Types of Business Phone Numbers 

Here are some types of business numbers:

1. Local Phone Number

Local phone numbers are specially designed for a particular geographic location. They are more affordable than other options, and you can establish a local presence with the local number. Also, you don’t need to have a physical office in the state to obtain a business phone number with a specific area code.

Utilizing a local number helps you build trust and a friendly environment with your potential customers. Local numbers are popular with corner stores, restaurants/bars, salons/boutiques, and local service providers such as plumbers and real estate agents.

2. Toll-Free Phone Number

A toll-free number is a business phone number designed to allow customers to contact the company without any charge. This removes a barrier for potential customers, potentially increasing inbound calls and inquiries. These numbers are especially useful for organizations with a high volume of calls.

These phone numbers are easily recognizable due to their specific code such as 800, 888, or 855 in North America. While there are costs associated with owning a toll-free number, the benefits of easier customer connection, improved lead generation, and potentially stronger brand perception can be significant for businesses of all sizes.

3. Vanity Phone Number

A vanity telephone number is a distinct, memorable phone number with a sequence of numbers or letters that companies utilize for marketing and establishing their brand. The main benefits of a vanity number are increased brand awareness, increased customer loyalty, and that it is easier to remember than a regular phone number. 

In addition, businesses can obtain vanity phone numbers from telecommunications providers or professional service providers, but availability and cost may vary. When choosing a vanity number, consider its memorability, relevance to your business, and potential for misspellings when dialed.

4. Virtual Phone Numbers

A virtual telephone number refers to a phone number that is not directly linked to a physical device. It enables customers to make and receive calls using any internet-enabled device, such as a computer or smartphone.

Setting up a virtual phone number allows you to easily and anonymously send incoming calls to a variety of pre-configured phone numbers, including mobile phones, landlines, and VoIP devices. Virtual phone numbers are popular with businesses because they allow them to set up a site in many locations without having a physical office.

5. International Phone Number

International phone numbers connect you to people and businesses across the globe.  You must need the country code, which is a unique prefix assigned to each nation. For instance, the US code is +1 and the UK code is +44. 

It ordinarily comprises a nation code, a range code, and an individual phone number. These numbers can be a valuable asset for businesses with international operations or those seeking to expand their customer base globally.

How to Get a Business Phone Number?

Getting a business phone number is easy and effortless. Here are some easy steps to get a business phone number for you:

1. Select a Provider

Choose a reliable business phone number provider that meets your specific needs. These providers offer a variety of features and services to help you manage your business communications effectively. 

For example, KrispCall offers advanced features such as auto attendant, voicemail, and call forwarding to improve your telephony conversations. In addition, KrispCall offers a virtual phone number that can be used as a business phone number. 

2. Sign Up for an Account

Once you’ve chosen a service provider, you can open an account with that service provider. This means entering your payment information and setting up your financial information. Many providers offer a free trial or introductory offer, so try the service before choosing a plan. Some providers, such as KrispCall, offer a free local phone number as part of their basic package, while others require the purchase of additional numbers or features.

3. Set Up Your Phone Number

Following the setup of your account, you will have the option to choose your preferred phone number. Depending on your business needs and target users, you can use local, toll-free, or international numbers. 

If you have a work phone number, you can also port your current phone number to a new service provider. Finally, assign phone numbers to specific users and set up call forwarding, voicemail, and other features to facilitate offline communication throughout your organization.

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Why Do You Need a Business Phone Number? Key Benefits

Why Do You Need a Business Phone Number

A business phone number is important for establishing a professional image, separating personal and business communications, and improving customer service. This number gives you access to advanced features such as call recording, voicemail, and call transfer, making it easy to manage calls.

Furthermore, a business phone number provides several benefits including scalability, cost reduction, location presence, and many more. 

Here are the key benefits of a business phone number:

1. Professional Image

A unique business phone number is essential to your company’s professional image. It gives customers the impression that your company is established, reliable, and dedicated to excellent customer service.

This way your customers can be sure that they are dealing with a reputable company that can effectively meet their needs. In addition, the business number protects your privacy and allows you to set specific opening hours.

2. Separate Work and Personal Life

One of the major benefits of using a business phone number is that it separates your personal and work life. Having a personal number for your business can be a huge disadvantage as you might constantly receive huge call volumes. 

This directly affects your personal life communication with family and friends. Once you have a business phone number, you can schedule a call and create a healthy separation between personal and work life. 

3. Improved Call Management

A business phone number offers several important benefits to improve call management. One of the most important advantages is that the opening and end hours can be set. This allows callers to find out if you are available at the moment or not. 

In addition, business phone lines offer professional auto-answering services. Besides that, you will have access to a wide range of advanced features such as call forwarding and call transferring.

4. Consistent Branding

A business phone number allows you to brand your business uniformly. It promotes a professional image by providing direct contact with customers, partners, and contractors.

This unique number can be used consistently across all your marketing materials, including business cards, social media, and review sites, making it easy for customers and prospects to find and contact your business.

5. Integrations and Productivity

Business phone systems integrate with many tools like CRMs and email platforms. This streamlines workflows allows for call forwarding to mobile phones, and improves overall communication efficiency. This not only increases productivity but also improves the professional image of your company.

6. Security

Business phone systems often have built-in security features to protect sensitive information. These features provide the highest level of security, so you can confidently manage sensitive customer data and maintain the professional image of your company. In addition, business phone systems offer spam filtering to protect you from unwanted calls. 

7. Affordability

Business phone plans can be surprisingly affordable, especially compared to the potential cost of missed leads or dissatisfied customers who can’t reach you. Many providers offer plans with features tailored to the needs of your business size and budget.

Many providers offer competitive pricing plans from basic to advanced features, allowing businesses to tailor their services to their needs and budgets.

Top Features of Business Phone Number

The best part of using a business phone service is that it is packed with advanced features. Here are the top phone features KrispCall customers use for their businesses.

1. Call recording

When you use a business phone number, you can easily capture each important conversation for training purposes, dispute resolution, or recording key details. This also allows you to review calls with team members to improve communication techniques or ensure accurate information is conveyed.

2. Business text messaging

Using a business phone number allows you to send and receive text messages. The business text messaging feature lets you connect with customers and partners instantly. From appointment reminders to order updates, handle communication in seconds. This provides a convenient way for customers to reach you with quick questions or receive appointment reminders.

3. Live call monitoring

Managers or supervisors have access to listen to ongoing calls between customers and agents. This allows managers to provide real-time coaching or assistance to their team members. Moreover, it can be helpful for training new employees or ensuring quality customer service interactions.

4. Call analytics

Using a business phone number allows you to gain valuable insights into your call traffic. You can also track key metrics like peak calling times, call volume, and average call duration. Ultimately, you can use these valuable data to identify areas for improvement & trends, optimize staffing levels, and improve overall communication efficiency. 

5. Call on hold

This feature allows you to put the call on hold for some time. In the meantime, you can play professional hold music or information messages while callers are waiting on hold. This prevents frustration and keeps callers engaged while their call is being transferred or routed.

How to Choose the Right Type of Phone Number for Your Business?

Choosing the right type of phone number for your business involves some key considerations. Here are the steps and factors to help you make the best choice:

1. Consider Your Business Size and Location

Firstly, you have to consider whether your business is focusing on local, national, or international level.

  • Local business: If you primarily serve customers in your local area, a local phone number with the area code where you operate can build trust and familiarity.
  • Nationwide business: If you have customers across the country, a toll-free number (typically starts with 8) removes call charges for them, encouraging contact and potentially increasing leads.
  • International business: If you have a global presence, consider international phone numbers with the appropriate country code. Explore options like virtual phone numbers that allow you to have a local presence in multiple countries without physical offices.

2. Budget and Features

Once you consider your business size and location, then look out for features that perfectly align with your budget. Local numbers are usually free to set up but lack advanced features offered by some business phone systems.

Toll-free numbers involve a monthly cost but often come with features included in the plan.  In addition, vanity numbers are easier to remember due to spelling out words but can be more expensive than standard toll-free numbers.

National and international numbers can come with advanced features but it might cost more than other numbers.

3. Pick your phone number

Once you have figured out your business size, budget, and essential features then select a provider such as KrispCall. You can easily sign up for KrispCall and purchase a business phone number available from 100+ countries. 

Here is how you can purchase phone numbers from KrispCall:

Get a Business Phone Number With KrispCall: Affordable & Feature-Rich 

Going through the hassle of traditional phone setup is one of the hardest tasks in the business but with KrispCall, you can have conversations with your client over the internet via mobile as well as desktop app. 

Compared to other traditional setups, it is inexpensive and easy. Despite being easy to use and affordable, you will also get end-to-end encryption helping you to keep your message and data secure. Moreover, KrispCall offers advanced telephony features including Call forwarding, Voicemail to email, IVR, Unified Callbox, Call notes, and so on to make your interactions more smooth.

Businesses are always thriving for more, looking for ways to go beyond their limits, and for you to accomplish such caliber, KrispCall is the perfect platform you require. With the help of KrispCall, you can reach customers beyond your territory and build a presence in your desired locations. Also, KrispCall offers virtual phone numbers from 100+ countries, including local, national, mobile, toll-free, and international numbers.


Having a business phone number is essential for any business. This helps them to create a professional image, improve call management, consistent branding, and many more. 

In addition, business phone service comes with a wide range of advanced features such as IVR, call recording, auto attendants, and call transferring. These features are just a few instances of business phone numbers. 

But getting the right business phone number is crucial as there are multiple types of numbers such as local phone numbers, toll-free numbers, vanity phone numbers, and international phone numbers. So you need to consider what areas your business covers such as local, national, or international coverage.  


Should I get a business phone number?

Yes, you should get a business phone number. It is important to get a business phone number to keep your personal and work life private. This will increase the credibility of your business and make it easier for customers to contact you.

Can I choose my business phone number?

Yes, you can often choose your business phone number. Many business number providers allow you to choose between local, toll-free, and vanity numbers. 

Where can I get a business phone number?

You can easily get a business phone number from KrispCall. Just follow the simple steps:

  • Sign up for a KrispCall account and log in to your dashboard
  • Select the country from the available options in the country pool list
  • Choose the type of phone number you need for your business—whether it’s a local, mobile, toll-free, or vanity number.
  • If necessary, submit any required documents for verification
  • Complete the payment process
  • Enjoy your telephony conversations

How much does a business phone number cost?

A business phone number can cost between $5 to $50 per month per user. However, it also depends on the service providers and type of number you are purchasing. 

Here are the average cost of different type of number: 

  • Toll-Free Number: Typically costs around $10 per month 
  • Vanity Number: Costs vary depending on the provider and availability, but can range from $10 to $50 per month
  • Local Phone Number: Costs can range from $5 to $20 per month.

What does a business phone number look like?

Business telephone numbers consist of an area code and a distinctive numerical sequence. This may either be a local telephone number designated for a particular region or a toll-free number that encompasses the entire nation. For example, the international business phone number looks like +1 202 555 1234.

Can I have a business number on my cell phone?

Yes, you can have a business phone number on your cell phone. This way you’ll partition individual and work calls without a partitioned gadget.

Can I have multiple business phone numbers?

Yes, you can have different business phone numbers. This will be valuable in case you oversee distinctive divisions or territorial workplaces beneath the same corporate roof. Numerous phone frameworks permit you to oversee numerous numbers from a single account, giving you more adaptability in overseeing your communications.

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