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How to Call South Korea from the US?



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International calls from the USA to South Korea can be quite stressful. Whether you are calling your clients or friends in South Korea, you might encounter several problems. 😖

But worry not! This blog here is your solution to all your problems related to placing a call from the US to South Korea. 

From a step-by-step guide on how to call South Korea from the US to the things you need to consider before dialing, calling rates, and tips for saving money, we’ve got everything you need to know. 


  • To call South Korea from the US, dial US exit code 011 (or “+” on mobile) followed by the South Korea country code 82, area code or mobile prefix (for mobile), and subscriber’s number.
  • The international country dialing code for South Korea is +82.
  • Placing an international call to South Korea from the USA can range from $0.039 per minute to $1.50 per minute.
  • You can reduce your international calling costs by using VoIP services, virtual numbers, and calling cards.

How to call South Korea from the US? 

How to call South Korea from the US

To call South Korea from the US, Dial:

  • 011-82-Area code – landline number (For South Korean landline numbers)
  • 011-82 – mobile phone prefix – 6 to 12 digits mobile number (For South Korea mobile phone)
  • 011-82-030- 7 to 8-digit subscriber’s number (For South Korea toll-free number) 

🔍 Where

  • 011 is the exit code of the USA
  • 82 is the South Korean country code for international call
  • Area codes can be either 1-digit or 2-digits long
  • 7 to 8 digits subscriber’s number
Phone Number TypeDial StringExample Number
Landline Number011-82-Area Code-XXXXXXX011 82 2 1234567
Mobile Number011-82-1-XXXXXXX011 82 1 1234567
Toll-free Number011-82-030-XXXXXXX011 82 030 1234567

To call South Korea from the US, you need to enter the US exit code, which is 011, or use the “+” sign if you’re on a mobile device, followed by the South Korean country code, 82, followed by the area code or mobile phone prefix (for mobile), and finally the subscriber’s number.

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How to call a South Korean landline number from the USA?

To call a South Korean landline number from the USA, dial Exit Code (011) – Country Code (82) – Area CodeLandline Number

  • Dial the USA exit code for international calling i.e., 011
  • South Korea Country code 82
  • Key in the area code of the desired city of South Korea
  • Finally, dial the landline phone number

👉 A typical South Korean landline number format to call from the US looks like this: 011 82 2 1234 5678 

How to dial South Korean mobile numbers from the US? 

To dial a South Korean mobile number from the US, dial the Exit Code (011) or “+” sign – South Korean country code (82) – Mobile prefix (1) – Korean mobile number

  • Key in the US exit code or the cross sign “+” 
  • Dial the South Korean country code 82
  • The mobile prefix for South Korea, i.e., 1
  • Finally, the 8-digit Korean mobile number

🔔 Example:
For placing a call in Seoul, South Korea, from the US, the complete dial string should look like this: +82 1 2345 6789

Note: The cross sign (“+”) is used instead of the US exit code 011. 

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How do I call the South Korea toll free number from the US?

South Korea has various toll-free prefixes, such as 308, 080, and 082. 

To call a South Korea toll-free number from the US, dial US exit code 011 – South Korea country code (82) – Toll-free prefix – Subscriber’s Number. 

  • Dial 011, the US exit code. 
  • Dial South Korea’s country code i.e 82
  • Enter Toll-free prefix (308, 080, or 082)
  • Finally, dial in the toll-free subscriber’s number

👉 A typical South Korean Toll-Free Number Format should look like this: 011 82 080 1234 5678

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What are the things to consider before dialing South Korea from the US?

If you are in the US and dialing into South Korea, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Some of them are as follows. 

Things to consider before calling South Korea from US

Types of South Korean phone numbers 

It’s crucial to be familiar with the types of South Korean phone numbers you are dialing, as each type has its own unique dialing format.

In South Korea, there are generally three types of user-based phone numbers. These include:

  • Landline Number (Local Number): Starts with an Area code followed by 8 8-digit number. 
  • Mobile Number: Generally starts with mobile prefix 1, followed by 8-digit number. 
  • Toll-free Number: Typically starts with a toll-free prefix 030, 080, or 082, followed by a 7 to 8-digit subscriber’s number. 

Additionally, emergency numbers are also available in South Korea. 

  • 112 – South Korean Police
  • 119 – Fire and ambulance emergencies
  • 182 – Person or property missing
  • 1339 – Emergency Medical Services

South Korea Dialing Code

Since they are standardized codes for specific countries, dialing codes are also known as country dial codes. The country dial code for South Korea is 82, as is the case for every country. 

The telecom companies use these codes to identify the country of the destination for international calls. It is, therefore, essential to know the country’s dial code prior to making an international call.

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Exit Code

Exit codes are the numbers that you dial before the country code while placing an international call. You have to dial the exit code of your country; for example, if you are in the US trying to place a call in South Korea, make sure to dial the US exit code 011

The universal cross symbol “+” is used in modern calling services such as cell phones and mobile phones instead of the exact exit code for each country.

South Korea area codes

Similar to the US, South Korean cities also have their own unique area codes, which are essential while calling the landline. 

Area codes of some of the popular cities of South Korea. 

Area CodeCity/Region
044Sejong City

Time Zone differences

Korea uses a single time zone, Korean Standard Time (KST): UTC+9, while the USA uses six. You can find a more accurate picture of the US-Korea time-zone difference by viewing the table below.

US Time ZoneUTC offsetTime Difference from Korea
Hawaii-Aleutian Standard TimeUTC-1019 hours
Alaska Standard TimeUTC-918 hours
Pacific Standard TimeUTC-817 hours
Mountain Standard TimeUTC-716 hours
Central Standard TimeUTC-615 hours
Eastern Standard TimeUTC-514 hours 

What is the Best Time to Call Korea from the US?

With all these differences, we can clearly see that South Korea is 14 to 19 hours ahead of the US, depending on the time zone. 

Therefore, if it is currently 12:00 PM (noon) in Eastern Standard Time, it would be 2:00 AM the following day in South Korea (EST + 14 hours). So, for a more convenient time to call, you may want to consider calling during the evening or early morning hours in the USA when it’s daytime in South Korea.

💡Tip: The usual working hour in South Korea runs from 9 am to 6 pm. You can use a time converter tool to check the exact time difference between your location and South Korea and call accordingly. 

International Calling Rates 

Your service provider, your phone carrier, the type of number you’re calling, and your calling plan determine how much it costs to call South Korea from the US.

To find out the exact international calling rates to South Korea from the US, contact your individual phone service provider. Contact their customer service department or visit their website if you would like more information.

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How much does it cost to call South Korea from the USA? 

The cost to call South Korea from the USA varies and depends on several factors such as network service provider, type of phone number, specific plan you have, and also calling time. 

Some of the cheapest calls start at $0.039 per minute and can cost up to $1.50 per minute depending on the phone plan and other factors. On average, most of the calls to South Korea from the USA costs around $0.1 per minute to $0.5 per minute

How do you reduce the call cost to South Korea? 

The calling cost to South Korea from the US is quite costly. However, don’t worry; you can still use several strategies and techniques to reduce your call cost. 

Some of those techniques are as follows. 

  • Utilize the internet and take services from cloud-based VoIP phone systems like KrispCall, which offer international calls at low prices.
  • Use a South Korean virtual number to avoid international charges. 
  • Go for subscription-based pricing rather than per-minute charges. 
  • If you make a large volume of calls to South Korea, opt for wholesale VoIP minutes
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3 Alternative Ways to Make International Call to South Korea

Alternative Ways to Make International Call to South Korea

1.  Using Virtual Korean Numbers

Using a Korean virtual number is a great alternative for making international calls to South Korea. Since virtual numbers are not geographic in nature, you can buy a South Korea phone number even if you live outside of South Korea. 

Additionally, using a virtual Korean number can help you maintain professionalism and is cost-friendly, which can save you extra bucks from international charges. To the icing one the cake, virtual numbers are easily available, as you can buy them from several cloud-based providers like KrispCall. 

2. Using VoIP Apps Like WhatsApp/Messenger

VoIP apps are also an excellent alternative to making international calls from the US to South Korea. Using these apps, you can communicate over the Internet. Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Google Voice are a few of the popular VoIP apps used in South Korea and the US.

With a VoIP app, you can usually make a call for free or at least the cheapest way possible. In order to initiate international calls using VoIP apps, both parties must provide their contact details, such as a phone number or username.

3. Using South Korea Calling Cards 

A calling card allows you to communicate without a landline or mobile plan. With competitive rates, easy purchase options, and preloaded dollars or minutes, they’re ideal for international calls.

From the US, you can call South Korea with a calling card by dialing the access number, entering a unique PIN, entering the destination number (including the country code), and inputting the Korean phone number. The card deducts the minutes or value corresponding to that number. That’s it. 

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Challenges while calling South Korea from the US 

You may face the following challenges when calling South Korea from the US.

  • Time Zone Difference: South Korea is ahead of the United States in terms of time zones. Depending on the time of day, you should be mindful of the time difference to avoid calling at inconvenient hours.
  •  Language Barrier: English is not universally spoken in South Korea, especially in more rural areas. While major cities and businesses may have English speakers, there could be a language barrier. 
  • Cultural Etiquette: South Korean culture differs from Western culture. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with those cultural etiquettes when making business or personal calls might be challenging. 
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Business Phone Call Etiquette in South Korea: Dos and Don’ts 

Dos and Don’ts of Business Phone Call Etiquette in South Korea


  • Learn some Korean greetings: Starting your business call with some Korean greetings like “안녕하세요” (Annyeonghaseyo), meaning “Hello,” gives the client a sense of trustworthiness.
  • Be Patient: Koreans may take their time to make decisions, and business discussions may involve more indirect communication. So, be patient and avoid pressuring for quick answers.
  • Speak Modestly: Koreans value humility and may find direct or confrontational communication uncomfortable.


  • Don’t Neglect Hierarchy: Koreans value each other’s hierarchical structures within organizations. Therefore be mindful of the seniority and titles of the people you are speaking with. 
  • Don’t Assume English Proficiency: Despite your comfort with English, don’t assume the same for Koreans. Make sure you speak clearly and adjust your pace if necessary.
  • Don’t disregard Social Context: Be aware of social contexts and Korean holidays. Avoid scheduling important calls during traditional holidays or events when business may be slow.

Final Word

Placing international calls from the US, especially to South Korea, is a bit tricky if you are not aware of the dialing formats, country dialing codes, area codes, and other things. Therefore, make sure all these things are considered, and proper formatting is used while calling. 

Additionally, if you want to make your business calls cheap, affordable, and more efficient, don’t forget to check out KrispCall. It gives you virtual numbers from more than 100 countries and several call management services to level up your business calls. 

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What is an International Call to South Korea? 

An international call to South Korea is a phone call that is made from a country outside of South Korea. Typically, “international” refers to calls crossing national boundaries. Various reasons could motivate these international calls, including personal, business, and cultural reasons.

What is the country code for South Korea?

The country code for South Korea is +82.

How do I dial a +82 number?

To dial a +82 number, you would typically dial the plus sign (+), followed by the country code (82), and then the local phone number.

How many digits is a South Korean phone number?

South Korean phone numbers are typically 9 to 11 digits long, including the country code.

Can I make free calls to South Korea from the US?

Yes, you can make free calls to South Korea from the US using some internet-based services or apps like Skype or Viber. 

How to call South Korea from US cell phones?

To call South Korea from a US cell phone, dial the exit code for international calls (usually ‘+’), then the country code (82), followed by the South Korean local phone number. Make sure to include the area code if required. Some mobile carriers also offer international calling plans, so check with your provider for rates and options.

What is the cheapest way to call South Korea from the US?

The cheapest way to call South Korea from the US is by using a VoIP app, which allows you to make voice or video calls over the internet. All you need is a smartphone, or a computer, an internet connection, and an app installed on both devices. You can call anyone who has the same app for free or at a very low cost, depending on the app and the internet plan you use.

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