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How to Call Ireland from the US?



How to call Ireland from the US

Are you looking for ways to call Ireland from the US but don’t know how international dialing procedures?

We are here to help you make a call from the US to Ireland, whether it is a business call or a personal call for loved ones. 🙂

Making an international call for the first time seems a daunting task; however, believe us when we say that this calling process is very simple.

In this blog, we will cover how to call Ireland from the US step-by-step with other alternate methods.


  • The average call rate from the US to Ireland ranges from $0.012 to $0.70 per minute. (depends upon carrier)
  • Time differences, complicated dialing process, and language barrier are the challenges while calling Ireland from the US.
  • Virtual phone numbers, VoIP apps, and calling cards are cost-effective methods to call Ireland from the USA.

Let’s get started! 👇

What is an International Call to Ireland?

An international call to Ireland is the process of making a call from outside of Ireland to a destination within the country. It involves dialing codes and numbers to connect with someone in a country.

What is an International Call to Ireland

To make a call to Ireland from the United States, you typically start by dialing the exit code (usually “011” in the U.S.) followed by Ireland’s country code (“353”) and then the local phone number in Ireland.

💡 Example for an international to Ireland: +011 353 1 1234567

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How to call Ireland from the US? 

How to call Ireland from the US

To call Ireland from the US, Dial:

  • 011-353-Area code -landline number (For Ireland landline numbers)
  • 353-Area code -subscriber number (For Ireland mobile phone)
  • +353-Toll-free prefix- subscriber number (For Ireland toll-free number) 


  • 011 is the exit code
  • 353 is the country code of Ireland
  • 1800 is the toll-free prefix
  • Area code has 2 or 3 digits (depending on location)
  • Subscriber numbers have 5 to 10 digits (depending on location)

1. How to dial Ireland landline from the USA?

To dial Ireland landline from the USA, start by entering the plus sign (+) on your phone keypad. Dial the US exit area code, which is 011, followed by the country code for Ireland, “353.” Dial the local phone number of the person you are calling. 

  1. Dial the US exit area code i.e 011.
  2. Dial Ireland’s country code, ie 353.
  3. Dial the area code for the specific region or city in Ireland (1-2 digits).
  4. Finally, dial the landline number.

☎️ For example, if calling a landline in the Cork Area with the local number 9876543, the complete number before dialing would look like this: +353 2 9876543.

2. How do I call an Irish mobile number?

To call an Irish mobile number from the USA, enter the plus sign (+), dial Ireland’s country code (353), including the specific mobile code (usually starting with 08), and complete the sequence with the local mobile number and make the call. Here is a detailed step-by-step process.

Step 1: Enter the plus sign (+) on your phone keypad.

Step 2: Dial Ireland’s country code, which is 353.

Step 3: Include the mobile code for the specific Irish mobile network, typically starting with 08.

Step 4: Finally dial the receiver’s mobile number.

📱For example, if the Irish mobile code is “087” and the local mobile number is 123456789, the complete number before dialing would look like this: +353 87 123456789.

Remember: Ireland mobile numbers are composed of 11 digits, including the mobile code and excluding the country code. However,  the leading ‘0’ in the mobile code is generally ignored while dialing. 

3. How to call Ireland’s toll-free number from the US?

To call the Ireland toll-free number from the US, dial Exit Code (011) – Country Code (353) – Toll-free Code – Phone Number. Here are the detailed steps to call Ireland’s toll-free number from the US:

Step 1: Enter the plus sign (+) on your phone keypad.

Step 2: Dial Ireland’s country code, which is 353.

Step 3: Omit the leading ‘0’ in the toll-free number, and then dial the toll-free number.

📞 For example, if the toll-free number in Ireland is 1-800-123-456, the complete number before dialing would look like this: +353-1-800-123-456.

What are the things to consider before dialing Ireland from the US?

You cannot just take out your phone and dial the number to make a call to Ireland from the US. There are a few things to consider before dialing Ireland from the US, and they are. 

Types of numbers in Ireland

  • Landline Numbers: These numbers are commonly used for fixed-line telephones in homes and businesses. They have area codes that correspond to regions or cities.
  • Mobile Numbers: Mobile numbers in Ireland start with codes that indicate the network. The common mobile code starts with “08 “.
  • Toll-Free Numbers: These numbers begin with a prefix, like 1800 and allow callers to contact businesses or services without any charges. Callers do not have to pay for calls made to toll numbers.
  • Emergency Numbers (999 or 112): In Ireland, these are the designated emergency numbers for situations requiring assistance from the police, fire department, ambulance services, or other emergency services.
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Dialing Code

Dialing codes are country-specific standards that make it easier for telephone companies to regulate international calls. 

In case you want to call Ireland from the US, you have to first key in the Ireland dialing code, i.e., 353. This tells your telecom network which country the call is going to so that it can route the call correctly

Exit Code

Dialing the exit code will inform your phone number provider that you are trying to make an international call.

The exit for the United States of America is 011, which means any user who is using an American phone number will have to dial 011 before making a call to another country. 

Remember: Today, cell phones and other modern communication services don’t require you to enter the exact exit code for a country; the universal plus sign “+” is used instead. 

Ireland area codes

LocationArea codes
Dublin (including parts of county Wicklow, county Kildare, and county Meath)1
Cork Area2
Cork, Kinsale, Midleton21
Drogheda, Ardee, Duleek41
Dundalk, Carrickmacross, Castleblayney42
Longford, Granard43
Waterford, Carrick-on-Suir, New Ross, Kilmacthomas51
Kilkenny, Castlecomer, Freshford, Urlingford, Gortnahoe56
Portlaoise, Abbeyleix, Tullamore, Birr57
Limerick, Shannon, Scariff61
Ennis, Ennistymon, Kilrush65
Letterkenny, Donegal, Dungloe, Buncrana74
Athlone, Ballinasloe, Portumna, Roscommon90
Galway, Gort, Loughrea91

Time Zone differences

If you’re planning to call someone in Ireland from the East Coast, it’s ideal to aim for the afternoon in Ireland, which would correspond to mid-morning your time. If you’re calling from the Central Time Zone, it’s best to choose the afternoon in Ireland, which would be morning for you. ⌚

For those in the Mountain or Pacific Time Zone, even though it might be morning or early afternoon for you, it will be the evening in Ireland. This provides an opportunity to catch them after work or school. If you’re unsure about their schedule, it’s always a good idea to ask them what time works best for their convenience. 

Your Time ZoneBest Time to Call
Eastern Time (8 AM – 12 PM)Early afternoon (1:00 PM – 4:00 PM)
Central Time (4 AM – 8 AM)Mid-morning (10:00 AM – 1:00 PM)
Mountain Time (3 AM – 6 AM)Late morning (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM)
Pacific Time (1 AM – 4 AM)Early morning (8:00 AM – 11:00 AM)

International Calling Rates 

International calling rates may vary according to your phone carrier and network service provider. So, make sure to check for their specific international calling rates to Ireland. 🪙

Consider cheaper alternatives of making a call to Ireland. If you still want to go for the mobile plan, check if you are calling a landline number or mobile number, as these numbers have different call rates. In short, find the most affordable option for the available carriers. 

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How much does it cost to call Ireland from the US?

Although the cost may vary depending on the provider and whether you’re calling a landline or mobile phone. The cost can go as little as $0.12 to high as $0.16 per minute for landlines, and from $0.20 to $0.70 per minute for mobile numbers. 💰

Moreover, to get accurate information about the cost of calling Ireland from the US, it’s best to check with your specific phone service provider. You can find this information on their website or by contacting their customer service.

How do you reduce the call cost to Ireland? 

Honestly speaking, reducing the call cost for international calls, whether it be from the USA to Ireland or any other country, can be done so effectively with only a few techniques and strategies.

  • Use VoIP Tools: The best method of reducing the call cost to Ireland is using VoIP tools. For instance, you can use VoIP tools like KrispCall. KrispCall offers an affordable call rate for International calls, i.e., $12 per month. As a icing on the cake, KrispCall also offers a number of call features. 
  • Choose a Mobile Plan with International Calling: There are many carriers that offer plans that include minutes for international calls. Find a plan that includes a specific allowance for calls to Ireland.
  • Use Calling Apps: Using calling apps is free and can help you save significantly on international calls. If you don’t need any call features for making calls to Ireland from the US, then these apps can be ideal for you. 
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3 Alternative Ways to Make International Calls to Ireland 

Alternative ways to make international calls to Ireland

1. Using Virtual Ireland Numbers 

Virtual Ireland numbers is the best alternative to making an international call from the US. You can acquire a virtual Ireland number from a reliable service provider like KrispCall. This method is beneficial for businesses and individuals as it often provides low-cost rates for calls and offers several call features with integration options. 

Get a Irealand Virtual Phone Number Online.

Own Ireland virtual phone number to make cheap international calls

Select numbers :

Wait, it only gets better from here; having a virtual phone number can also help boost your presence in Ireland.

2 Using VoIP Apps Like WhatsApp/Messenger:

The second alternative for making international calls to Ireland is using VoIP apps. You must be well aware of these calling apps. Although it has a limited call feature, you can make international calls for free. 

Follow these simple steps to make the call: 

  • Connect to the internet
  • Install the app
  • Create an account and Sign in 
  • Use the calling feature within the app to dial the number. 

Remember: both parties need to have the apps for making the calls. 

3. Using Calling Cards

The third alternative for making calls to Ireland is by using calling cards or simply phone cards or telephone charge cards. It is one of the simplest methods of making international calls. You can follow these simple steps for using this card

  • Dial the access number mentioned on the card.
  • Enter the PIN.
  • Dial the desired destination number. 
  • Make the Call
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Challenges while calling Ireland from the US

When you’re placing calls from the United States to Ireland, there are factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to take note of the time zone difference. So, think about the timing in Ireland before dialing the number. Make sure to choose calling hours that work well for both you and the person you’re calling in Ireland. 

Likewise, it is very important to use the dialing code of Ireland, which is +353 for Ireland. Remember, you will not be able to connect the call without dialing the country code of Ireland. If you are using a mobile plan to make calls, you should consider the pricing. Finally, there is a huge issue when it comes to accents. So, take your time in understanding the other party. 

💪 In short, here are the challenges of calling Ireland from the US. 

  • The difference in Timezone
  • Difficulty in the dialing process
  • Costly Calling charges 
  • Difference in language and accents

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Ireland: Dos and Don’ts 


  • Always Greet the other party: Begin the call and conversation with a gentle and respectful greeting. 
  • Listen Carefully: Don’t listen to the other party just for the sake of listening; listen to understand them. 
  • Maintain Professional Tone: Maintain a professional and courteous tone throughout the call, using formal titles until invited to use first names.

❎ Don’ts

  • Don’t Interrupt: Don’t interrupt the speaker to place your concerns. Let them finish speaking before saying something. 
  • Avoid over-humour: Humor is considered to be friendly in Ireland; however, using it excessively can be regarded as a lack of professionalism. 
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How to Make Business Calls to Ireland from the US using KrispCall?

How to make business calls to Ireland using KrispCall

KrispCall Cloud Telephony enables businesses to make calls from the US to Ireland without incurring high international rates, using any internet-connected device such as a PC, computer, mobile, or tablet. 

Additionally, KrispCall provides a budget-friendly solution with outstanding features like call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, call tracking, and more. 👍

If you have decided to use the VoIP service from KrispCall to make international phone calls to Ireland.  You can follow these simple steps to start making calls. 

Step 1: Sign up for your account on KrispCall.

Step 2: Login using the created credentials.

Step 3: Configure Your KrispCall Account

Step 4: Purchase an Ireland virtual phone number.

Step 5: Start Dialing Ireland phone numbers.

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Final Words

To sum things up, it is quite simple to dial and call Ireland from the US. There is a thing or two to consider before making a call from the US to Ireland.

If you are tired of facing issues while making international calls or the hefty calling charges, you might want to consider switching to VoIP tools like KrispCall. This tool offers a number of call features and reliability at an affordable price. To use KrispCall, businesses can sign up, configure their account, and purchase an Ireland virtual phone number, ensuring efficient and organized communication.

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What is the country code for Ireland?

The country code for Ireland is +353. 

How do you dial +353?

When calling a +353 number, you will dial +353 from your phone, then dial the local Irish number you want to reach. The Ireland phone number will have 13 numbers, beginning with an area code followed by a 7 to 9-digit phone number. Whenever you are calling from a landline, you will need to dial 00 instead of +1.

How many digits is an Ireland phone number?

The total number of digits in an Ireland phone number can range from 8 to 10 as the area code can range from 1 to 3 digits (excluding 0 in the beginning), and the subscription number can be from 5 to 7. 

How do I text Ireland from the US?

To text Ireland from the US, follow the below steps

  • Correctly enter the Irish number
  • Check your carrier’s fees
  • Compose and send your text

How to make a call in Ireland from a US cell phone?

To make a call in Ireland from a US cell phone, follow the below steps

  • Dial the US exit code, which is 011.
  • Dial the Ireland country code, which is 353.
  • Enter the Irish area code, omitting the leading “0”. For example, Dublin’s area code is 1, so you’d dial 1 after 353.
  • Dial the complete local number, typically 5-7 digits.

[ Your number must look like this: 353 1 123456]

What is the cheapest way to call Ireland from the USA?

The cheapest way to call Ireland from the USA is to use various internet-based calling apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype, which are free of charge but might not have many call features. If you need call features, you can use VoIP apps, which are available for an affordable price. You can also purchase an international calling card that provides discounted rates for international calls.

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