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How to Call Canada from the USA?



how to call canada from usa

Do you live in the USA but have friends, family, or business meetings in Canada that you need to keep in touch with regularly?

Are you looking for ways to perform a phone call to Canada from the USA without any additional charges? Or are you tired of heavy international calling rates?

Traditional phone services are challenging and expensive to use in the USA due to high international roaming fees and complicated international dialing procedures.

So worry not; Here in this blog, we’ll guide you on how to call Canada from the USA step-by-step with an easy and cost-effective method.

Furthermore, this blog will provide you with the necessary information about dialing codes, phone number format, things to consider, and alternative options to perform international calling without using a landline.

So let’s get started!

How to Call Canada from the USA?

To call Canada from the USA, Dial:

  • Country Code – Area Code – Remaining Number

Here are some steps to call Canada from the USA:

  • Dial the country code for Canada (1)
  • Enter the area code(XXX) for the city or region you want to reach
  • Dial the seven-digit phone number
How to Call Canada from the USA

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1. How Do I Call Canadian Landlines from the USA?

Calling Canadian landlines from the USA involves three steps, You need to start by dialing 1, which is the exit code used when calling outside of the USA after that you should dial the area code of the province/county you want to call and the rest is the landline number. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step #1: Dial 1

To make international calls from the USA, you must enter the exit code. The US exit code is not mandatory in Canada because it is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). As a result, you can reach any landline in Canada by dialing the number with the prefix “1”.

Step #2: Dial Area Code

The second step is dialing the area code of the region you wish to reach in Canada from the USA. For instance, If you want to perform a phone call in Quebec, dial 1- 450, 819, where 450, 819 is the area code for Quebec. If you want to perform a call on Ottawa from the USA, 613 is the area code.

Step #3: Dial the Landline Number

After dialing the prefix and area code, dial the remaining seven-digit number. It’s easy to connect with any Canadian landline phone. With just a few steps, you can connect to any Canadian landline phone.

To call the Canadian landline number from the US, Dial  the Country code of Canada – Area Code – Landline Number

Format for calling Candian landline number from USA

Dial: 1 – Area Code(XXX) – Landline Phone Number (XXXX-XXX)

💡 Here is what your number should look like:

👉1- [Area Code] – [7 Digit landline number]

For example, 1-250-1234567

Note: Canada is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), so there is no exit code required when calling the USA from Canada.

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2. How to Call Canada Cell Phone Number From the USA?

Calls to mobile phones are just as easy as calls to landlines in Canada. You can reach your mobile service provider regardless of the carrier by following these simple steps:


  1. Put 1 before the area code and number.
  2. Input the area code for the region of Canada you wish to call. Find the right region by using the list below.
  3. Press the call button after you have entered the seven-digit number. 
  4. You should be connected almost instantly as long as your phone provider allows you to call Canada.

To call a Canadian Mobile number from the USA, Dial the Country code of Canada (1) – Area Code – Mobile Number

Format for calling a Canadian mobile number from the USA

Dial: 1 – Area Code(XXX) – Mobile  Number (XXXXXXX)

💡 Your number should look like this

👉For example, 1-367-1234567

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3 Alternative Ways to Call USA to Canada

alternative ways to call landlines and mobile phones from the USA to Canada

The cost of calling Canada from the USA can be high when using landlines or phone carriers. Business calling or personal calling to international numbers are charged extra. Here are some alternatives to landlines and phone carriers for making a call to Canada from the USA:

1. Sign up for a VoIP phone system

Signing up for a VoIP phone system to call Canada from us is the best alternative to save high international calling costs. Since VoIP runs over the internet, you can perform calls in Canada at a very cheap price.  So, Instead of using a landline, get a VoIP business phone system, establish a contact center, and connect seamlessly to any country.

Choosing a cost-effective VoIP provider like KrispCall enables you to call Canada without paying any international rates because different VoIP providers charge different rates for calling Canada. 

2. Purchase a Canadian number

Purchasing a local Canadian number is a great alternative to cut down on extra call charges if you are looking forward to expanding your business to Canada.

Get a Canada Virtual Phone Number Online.

Get Canadian phone number to make cheap international calls

Select numbers :

Get a Canadian number from a reliable VoIP provider like KrispCall and communicate easily with Canadians without any additional calling charges.

3. Use Google Voice

Google Voice is a popular VoIP system that you can use to communicate freely in Canada and the USA. Google Voice provides VoIP numbers, which allows calling in the US and Canada over the Internet without any additional international charges. Along with a cost-effective solution to call Canada from us, it offers features like

  • Video calling,
  • Call forwarding
  • Google Calendar and Google Meet integrations.
  • SMS capabilities (available in the US only)
  • Call routing
  • Voicemail transcription.
  • Voicemail greeting personalization

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What are the Things to Consider When Calling Canada from the USA?

what are the things to consider when calling canada from usa

While performing a call from Canada from the USA, consider these factors for a smooth and cost-effective call:

  • Phone Number Format: Canada and the USA are both part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), so there is no need to dial an exit code when calling from the USA. Dial the country code (1), then the area code (three digits), and the seven-digit phone number.
  • Canada Area Codes: Considering the area code number is necessary to make an international call to another country. The following is a list of some of the states and their area codes that you need to dial when making calls to the following regions:
ProvinceArea CodeProvince Area Code
Alberta368, 403, 587, 780, 825Northwest Territories 867
British Columbia236, 250, 604, 672, 778Newfoundland and Labrador 708, 879
New Brunswick506, 428Ontario 226, 249, 289, 343, 365, 416, 437, 519, 548, 613, 647, 705, 807, 905
Manitoba204, 431, 584Prince Edward Island782, 902
Nova Scotia782, 902Quebec367,418, 438, 438, 450, 514, 613, 581, 819
  • International Calling Rates: Contact your phone provider if you want to make an international call to Canada. There may be a difference in rates depending on your provider and plan type. You should check with your provider for up-to-date rates. You should also compare plans to ensure you get the best deal.
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Calling Canada from the USA can be expensive and lengthy if you use a phone system or Phone carrier service. But by using KrispCall Cloud telephony, you can seamlessly make international calls from USA to Canada without going through any lengthy processes and without paying any heavy international calling rates.

With KrispCall, you can call Canada from the USA in one click with an easy-to-use interface without having to dial several numbers from any internet-connected device. Furthermore, it provides better call quality and exceptional features at a very affordable price to seamlessly communicate from the USA to Canada. So Why pay heavy charges for calling? sign up for a virtual number from Krispcall and call for free.


Does texting Canada from the USA cost extra?

There is no extra charge to text Canada from the USA since many cell phone carriers in the USA and Canada offer unlimited texting plans that include Canada, but you may be charged a roaming fee if you text a Canadian number that is not part of your carrier’s network.

What is the cost of calling Canada from the US with KrispCall?

Calling from the US to Canada will cost you around $0.01-0.11 outbound calls per minute 

Can I make a free call to Canada from the US?

Yes, you can make a free call from the US to Canada with KrispCall. All you have to do is purchase a virtual phone number for Canada and make free calls over the Internet without any heavy telephone charges. You can also use Google Voice to call Canada for free.

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