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How to Call the Brazil Mobile Number from India in 2024?



how to call brazil mobile number from India

According to reports in Brazil, there are approximately 250,000 Indians, representing less than 0.2% of the country’s total population (140 million people).

Many Indian live in brazil whether for studying, for a job, or are permanently settled there. Many businesses have been conducted in Brazil, So, to be connected with your family, friends, and business colleague, you call them every day but calling them by the traditional method can be expensive. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to call in the modern world, many of which are less expensive and provide you with many features.

So, whether you’re calling a loved one in or making a business call in Brazil while you are in India, you’ll need to know a few basics about calling, dialing codes, area codes, and so on.

This article will explain how to call Brazil mobile number from India via standard methods, dialing formats, and other alternatives.

Brazil International Call: What is it & Why does it matter?

An audio, video, or voice call to Brazil from any country is an international call to Brazil.

Many Brazilians who have left the country and live in other nations ought to communicate with their loved ones regularly, necessitating international calls to Brazil. International calls to Brazil from India can also be used for business purposes.

These various variables are geared toward considering and connecting with an international call to Brazil.

Types of Phone Numbers in Brazil 

When calling Brazil from India, you’ll need to know all of the country’s phone numbers.

There are four main types of Brazilian phone numbers, each format.

  • Landline Number: For example,+55 – 021- 4567– 6789
  • Mobile Number: For example, 55 –1234-567-678
  • Toll-Free Number: For example, 55- 0080 -123-5678
  • Emergency Number: For example, 100 for human rights

Different types of Brazil Telephone Codes

Each country has its exit code, telephone number, mobile phone number, and toll-free number.

If you’re calling India from Brazil, though, you’ll need to know all of the Brazilian phone numbers.

India Exit Code

This is the code at the start of the number that identifies the connection you want to call someone from outside the country you’re currently in, i.e., the code we need to dial to contact someone from outside of India.

The International Access Code (IAC) or International Direct Dialing (IDD) code is also another exit code.

The exit code of India is 00. 

Country  Exit code
India  00

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Brazil Country Code

Country codes, also known as dialing codes or access codes, are internationally recognized codes that designate every country. They are used to determine the country of a phone number. For example, +55 is the country code for brazil.

Country  Country  code
Brazil 55

Brazil Area Codes

An area code is a part of a phone number that indicates the general area where the phone receiving the call is located.

The area code for a city or region is a series of numbers that must be dialed before a person’s number when calling from another area.

Below are the few Brazil area codes: 

Area  Code 
Santos 0 (13)
Uberlandia 0 (34)
Maringa 0(44)
Foz do Iguacu 0(45)
Joinville 0(47)
Rio Verde 0(64)
Acre 0(68)
Picos 0(89)
Belem 0(91)

Brazil Emergency Number

A few Brazilian emergency phone numbers will assist you in government assistance.

Emergency number  Emergency field 
100 Human rights
190 Police
192 Ambulance
193 Fire
198 Highway Police

How to Call Brazil Phone Number from India: The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

You can use any technique to call Brazil from India. VoIP providers, like KrispCall, come with better quality, security, and affordability using low-cost, easy-to-use methods.

Know why KrispCall is one of the most well-known international calling or VoIP service providers?

And calling Brazil from India can be costly, but we’ll show you how to make inexpensive and easy calls to Brazil in various ways in this article. 

A. Using Conventional Methods

A conventional method is often practiced or has been around for a long time.

In today’s world, conventional means are both pricey and complicated compared to cloud telephony.

The conventional approach has been used for a long time and connects individuals straight when dialing a number from India to Brazil.

Here are some conventional ways to phone from India to Brazil. 

1. Dial the Brazil Landline Number from India

You must use the international calling format below to call Brazil from India directly, and reaching a Brazil mobile or landline from India follows the same dialing format. Let’s look at the dialing format for a Brazilian landline number dialed from India.

Format for making an international call from India landline number to Brazil, and that is

Dial: 00- 55 – Area code – Landline Number

For instance: Dial 00 – 55 – 021- 4567– 6789


  • 00 (India Exit Code): For making an international call from India, we need Canada Exit Code, i.e., 00. 
  • 55 (Brazil Country Code): To make an international call, we must also know the Brazil country code, which is 55.
  • 0(21) (Brazil Area Code): 0(21) is the area code of Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. 
  • 4567-6789 (Landline Number): This is an example of a landline number in Brazil, which is 8 digits long. 

2. Dial the Brazil Mobile Number from India

Dialing an international number from a Canadian mobile number to Singapore is the same as dialing a landline number. 

Dial: India exit code- Brazil country code- 10 digits mobile numbers. 

For example, 00 – 55 –1234-567-678


1234-567-678 is an example of a Brazilian mobile number that is ten digits long. 

3. Dial the Brazil Toll-Free Number from India

Toll-free numbers are phone numbers with different three or four-digit codes that can be phoned from landlines without charging the caller.

Callers can dial these numbers to reach businesses and individuals outside the area without incurring a long-distance charge.

The toll-free number for Brazil starts with 0080 and, before dialing from India, adds the exit code of India, followed by the country code of Brazil.

The following is the format for calling the Brazil toll-free number:

For instance, dial: India exit code – Brazil country code – 0080- XXX-XXX

  Dial: 00 – 55- 0080 -123-5678


123-5678 (Here’s an example of a toll-free number) It’s a 10-digit Brazil Toll-Free number.

B. Non-traditional approach to call Brazil from India

You don’t need a landline or a mobile phone number to make international calls rapidly; instead, you can use virtual cloud phone technology.

It improves the calling experience by making it easier to get a virtual phone number from a provider in a matter of minutes and start making calls immediately.

Take a look at the alternate way for calling Brazil from India listed below.

1. Using Cloud Telephony Like KrispCall

KrispCall is a popular cloud phone system that makes business communication more accessible and efficient.

It’s compatible with all major platforms and lets you chat whenever and wherever you want. It’s a wonderful software program that meets all your phone system’s needs.


It manages your business communications while also assisting in the expansion of your company. 

It makes it simple and cost-effective to hire remote workers in-house teams, and it includes capabilities like recording, monitoring, and forwarding, among others.

Benefits of KrispCall

There are many benefits of KrispCall: 

  • Adaptability

Since cloud computing can often be easily integrated and maintained, you only pay for and use what you need. Adding another user to a conventional phone system might be a problem, and this is not the case with a cloud phone system. You add a user and proceed.

The cloud can scale with your business, which is why it is such a popular tool for many new companies. It’s straightforward to mount your phone system to meet your company’s current needs.

  • Information security has improved

Another most important advantage of the cloud is that you don’t have to worry about compromising data security by allowing company data to exist outside the local firewall.

When a customer uses a cloud phone service for business, security is enhanced due to the strict ISO security criteria that cloud providers should constantly follow.

  • Easily add new service features

Some businesses will introduce premium calling services during busy seasons to improve call-taking efficiency and staffing. Incoming calls, for example, can ring on many extensions using Call Groups.

Businesses can personalize the on-hold experience and better manage call volume with Call Queues, which act as a “dynamic waiting room” for callers. Both contribute to reducing voicemails, missed calls, and busy signals, allowing service to the most significant number of callers possible.

  • Cost-effectiveness

There are no long-term contracts or pricey hardware with hosted VoIP options like KrispCall. To keep your cost structure realistic, you can sign up for Schedule Free KrispCall demo now.

Cloud telephony products are often less expensive than a traditional phone system in the long run. 

  • Helps you to focus

Cloud telephony products’ simple, flexible design considerably simplifies phone system management. And the less time you spend monitoring your phones, the more time you have to accomplish work that adds value to your business.

Thanks to cloud phone service, you can concentrate on what counts most: delighting clients and generating revenue. 

Cloud phone systems can improve the efficiency of your organization by allowing you to change your phone system fast and efficiently without being bound by outdated systems or methods.

The other few benefits are as follows: 

2. Viber 

Viber is a commonly used worldwide application as simple as an interactive design. 


It works worldwide, so you may call and send SMS to other phones no matter where they are.

How to start a call?

  1. Open Viber on your mobile device.
  2. Select Calls.
  3. Next, select the number/name, and tap the Call button.


Tap the Keypad and type in the phone number you want to dial in full international format: (+)(Country Code)(Area Code)(Phone Number) and then press the Call button.

3. Imo 

Imo is the highest-quality instant messaging service available anywhere globally, and it works nicely even on a low-quality network.


You may use IMO to make both voice and video calls. You can also enjoy a large screen when making a video call.

Imo allows users to make group video calls or group chats the same way as Skype does. However, it is far less expensive than Skype. In IMO, you can share any images, videos, or links.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is popular because of its quick communication and user-friendly interface, and nearly everyone uses it. As a result, we can’t resist having it on our phones since we want a quick and easy way to communicate with our family, friends, and colleagues.


Its 2 billion active daily users send 65 billion messages a day, making it the most popular messaging platform in the world.

WhatsApp’s app UI is straightforward and user-friendly, making it very simple to use. It saves you money by lowering the cost of standard text and multimedia messages.

What is the Right time to call Brazil Phone Number from India?

There are time differences when calling from India to Brazil, and you may not want to call someone while they are resting or enjoying themselves rather than during office hours. So, before calling, it’s a good idea to check the time difference.

Brazil is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of India. You can reach them between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. This time in Brazil will be between 10:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., making it simple for you to speak with them during their office hours for business calls.

How can you get an instant Brazil virtual phone number?

There are a few procedures to get a Brazilian virtual phone number immediately: 

Step 1:  First of all, Select a cloud-based telephony service provider, like KrispCall.

Step 2: Select a phone number from the phone numbers section or page.

Step 3: Select Brazil or the country you need from the drop-down menu.

Step 4:  Select a number of your choice.

Step 5: Learn more about the subscription options and packages that are right for you or your company according to your needs

Step 6: Get a Brazilian phone number as soon as possible.

Step by step, follow those procedures to get a Brazilian in just a few minutes.

Challenges while calling Brazil from India

You may have encountered numerous challenges while calling from India to Brazil. While calling your loved ones, family, friends, or for business, you may experience various challenges. The following are some of the difficulties:

Expensive call rates

Traditional international calling is expensive and provides services at vastly high prices that many people cannot pay, or it can be pricey even for business calls, whether small or large.

Poor call quality

Call quality is often bad for international calls, such as Brazil from India. This can be avoided by using traditional techniques or selecting the best virtual phone system providers like KrispCall.  

Limited features

When calling internationally using traditional means, your options are limited. However, Cloud telephony like KrispCall has more extensive features and provides you with better call quality.

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Brazil: Dos and Dont’s

Business etiquette is essential in Brazil, and this is especially true in professional interactions. Before working successfully, Brazilians believe it is critical to get to know someone with whom they are doing business.

Brazilian culture is vibrant and expressive, and it has a significant impact on the workplace. 

During a business call, Brazilians will often make soft murmurs to signal they can still hear you, a habit dating back to when phone lines were unreliable.

Following are the few Busines etiquette: 

Titles should be respected:

Please make sure you’re familiar with local etiquette when it comes to addressing the person you’re conversing with.

For example, the surname is preceded by the terms “Senhor” [“Mister”] or “Senhora” [“Mrs.”]. Informally, “Seu” [Mister] and “Dona” [Mrs.] are used to substitute these two titles. Surprisingly, ladies from the middle and upper classes may be offended if addressed as “Dona.”

Make sure you’re not talking down to your customers:

It’s crucial to communicate plainly in your voice and direction, but you should avoid coming across as unpleasant or arrogant in doing so. You will come out as personable and polite if you are patient and focused in your discussion.

Avoid using slang: 

Local slang can quickly generate confusion when speaking with individuals from another country or region. 

To interact effectively with new consumers or clients, avoid utilizing slang. Even if they understand the slang, it may be interpreted as a sign of informality, or you may insult someone.

Pay attention and inquire about anything you don’t understand:

Naturally, it can be challenging to interpret everyone’s accent while speaking with people from different places worldwide.

This could result in miscommunication or the absence of cultural references. To get around this, pay attention and don’t be hesitant to ask for clarification if you think you’ve missed something.

To Sum up, the best way to call from India to Brazil is…

Traditional techniques are relatively expensive when calling Brazil when compared to alternative ways.

When contacting Brazil from India, you could run across problems like high call costs, poor call quality, and a loss of privacy, among other things.

But don’t worry; we’ve found a fantastic solution for you. KrispCall is the best cloud phone and VoIP service for Brazil calling, whether you want to call a loved one or do business, and it provides several choices for users to make low-cost business calls.

As a result, on KrispCall, you can rely on it for a wide range of services at a reasonable price. It’s the best cloud telephony solution for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, small enterprises, and corporations looking for trustworthy performance.


📞 Is it feasible to make a free international call to Brazil?

Yes, you can call Brazil for free using an internet-based program like WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, VoIP, or cloud-based telephony like KrispCall.

💰 Is it expensive to call Brazil from India?

It is expensive to call Brazil from India using the traditional method. When you use other ways, such as KrispCall, a cloud-based telephone service, you can call for free from anywhere at any time.

📱 What numbers should You add to a mobile number to contact Brazil from India?

Dial the exit code, country code, area code, and phone number to contact a Brazil mobile phone. Dial 00 – 55 –1234-567-678 to call Brazil from India.

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