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How to Call Brazil From the USA?



How to Call Brazil from US

Making an international call to Brazil from the US might seem like a puzzle.

Due to geographical and cultural differences, even professional callers can find it difficult to navigate a proper call to the Brazilian Sub-continent. But that shall not be the case for your endeavors.

This article will help you with step-by-step instructions on how to call Brazil from the US plus some alternative calling methods so that you can save on roaming charges.

So, let’s get started.

🔑 Key Points

  • The average call rate from the US to Brazil ranges from $0.15 to $5 per minute. (depends on carrier)
  • Brazil follows the Brasilia Time (BRT) zone, which is UTC/GMT- 3 hours.
  • +55 is the Dialling code of Brazil.
  • Virtual phone numbers like VoIP apps, and calling cards are cost-effective methods to call Brazil from the US.

What is an International Call to Brazil? 

An international call to Brazil is a phone call from a foreign country to someone in Brazil.  These international calls could be made for various reasons, spanning personal, business, and cultural connections. 

What is an International Call to Brazil

Making an international call to Brazil from any region of the world requires an appropriate international dialing code, the country code for Brazil, and the local,  mobile, and landline phone number you want to stay in touch with—should include the correct international phone number format.

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How to Call Brazil From the US? 

To call Brazil from the US, Dial:

  • 011-55-Area code – landline number (For Brazil landline numbers)
  • 011-55 – mobile phone prefix- 8 or 9-digit mobile number (For Brazil mobile phone)
  • 011-55-0800-toll-free-number (for Brazil toll-free number) 
How to Call Brazil From the US
Phone TypeDial StringExample
Mobile Phone011 +55 (Area Code) XXXXXXX011 +55 (21) 98765-4321
Landline011 +55 (Area Code) XXXXXXX011 +55 (11) 2345-6789
Toll-Free011 800-100 XXXXXXX011 800-100 0800-777-8888

When calling  Brazil from the US, you have to enter the US exit code, i.e., 011, or just use the “+” sign if you are on mobile, then the country code for Brazil, which is 55, followed by the area code for the specific region when you are trying to place the call, and finally, the remaining phone number.

🗣 Additional tips:

  • Double-check the number before dialing.
  • Consult your phone carrier for specific instructions.

1. How to Call Brazil Landline Number From US?

To call Brazil landline number from the USA, Dial Exit Code (011) – Brazil country code (55) – Area Code – Landline number. 

Here’s a stepwise calling guide. 

  1. Dial the US exit code 011
  2. Enter Brazil country code 55
  3. Add the area code of the Brazilian city that you are trying to call. (Check the cities and their respective area codes that are listed above to remove any further confusion.)
  4. Finally, dial the landline number


To call a landline in São Paulo with the number 2345-6789, the complete dial string would be: 011 +55 (11) 2345-6789


  • 011 is the US exit code
  • 55 is the Brazilian country code
  • 11 is the area code of Sao Paulo
  • The rest of it (2345-6789) is the Brazilian sample landline number
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2. How to Call Brazil Mobile Number From US? 

To call a Brazil mobile number from US, you have to dial the “+” sign or US exit code 011, followed by the Brazil country code 55, the mobile prefix of the number provider, and then the mobile number. 

A stepwise guide to calling mobile numbers in Brazil from US:

  1. Enter the US exit code 011 or “+” sign
  2. Add the Brazil country code 55
  3. Enter the mobile code prefix 9 (It may vary according to the Brazilian network provider.) 
  4. Finally, Dial the mobile number. 

Example: To call a mobile phone in Rio de Janeiro from the USA with the number 98765-4321, the complete dial string would be: 011 55 (21) 98765-4321


  • 011 is the exit code
  • 55 is the Brazilian country code
  • 9 is the mobile code prefix 
  • The remaining is the actual Brazilian mobile number. 

3. How to Call Brazil Toll-Free Number From US?

To call a toll-free number in Brazil from US, dial the US exit code (011) – Brazil country code (55). Following the country code, key in the toll-free number prefix 0800 and, finally, the toll-free number. 

A simple stepwise guide to call a toll-free number from US is:

  1. Dial the US code 011 
  2. Add the Brazil country code +55
  3. Dial the toll-free number prefix code 0800
  4. Followed by the toll-free prefix, dial the Brazilian toll-free number

You can call a Brazilian toll-free number from US using the following format: 011 55 800 123 4567


  • 011 is the exit code
  • 55 is the Brazilian country code
  • 800 is the toll-free code prefix 
  • The remaining is the Brazil toll-free number. 

👓REMEMBER: These are just general guidelines. Specific instructions may vary depending on your phone carrier or the type of number you’re calling. Always consult your phone carrier’s website or customer service for the most up-to-date information.

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What are the things need to Know before dialing Brazil from the USA?

👉 Dialing Codes: To regulate international calls, telephone companies use dialing codes that are specific to each country. Therefore, whenever you make an international call, you must enter a dialing code before entering the actual number of the destination caller. 

For Brazil, use the country code 55 before dialing any other numbers. 

👉 Exit Code: Keep in mind the exit code of the US before calling Brazil or any other foreign country. Telecom networks use these exit codes to inform them that an international call is in progress and that the dialing code should be used.

👉 The US exit code is 011, so you have to dial up 011 before entering the country code or the actual phone number. Additionally, if you’re on a mobile phone, you can also use the plus sign (+) instead of the exact code, as “+” has been approved as the universal exit code. 

👉 Types of Numbers: Do consider the types of Brazilian numbers, whether it is a toll-free number, emergency number, mobile phone number, or landline number. Landline numbers consist of 8 digits numbers and Mobile numbers consist of 9 digits numbers.

For example, the Brazilian Emergency numbers are listed below.

  • Police: 190
  • Fire Department: 193
  • Ambulance: 192

👉 Brazil Area Codes: Different cities in Brazil have different area codes, so make sure to hit the correct one for the location you are calling. 

Here’s a list of some of the area codes of some of the popular cities in Brazil. 

City Name Area Code
São Paulo11
Rio de Janeiro21
Belo Horizonte31
Porto Alegre51
São Bernardo do Campo11
São Luís98

👉 Time Zone Difference: Time zone is also one of the key things to take into consideration while making international phone calls. As Brazil uses 4 time zones and the USA uses 6 time zones, the confusion rises even more. 

List of Time Zones in Brazil:

  • Fernando de Noronha Standard Time (GMT – 2)
  • Brasilia Standard Time (GMT – 3)
  • Acre Standard Time (GMT – 5)
  • Amazon Standard Time (GMT – 4)

The typical working hours in Brazil range from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, so make sure to match this time according to the region’s time. 

👉 International Calling Cost: International calling costs from the USA to Brazil can vary based on your phone service provider, the type of phone plan you have, and the specific rates associated with international calls. Typically, calling Brazil from the USA can incur both per-minute charges and connection fees.

The cost of calling Brazil from the USA can go as little as $0.02 per minute to as high as $5 per minute, depending on factors like landline, mobile, or VoIP number, and with associated international call rates.

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3 Alternative Ways to Make International Calls to Brazil 

Here are some of the alternative ways to make an international call to Brazil. 

1.  Using Virtual Brazil Numbers 

Unlike traditional phone numbers, virtual numbers are phone numbers that are not associated with any geographical location and are located in the Internet cloud. You can buy a Brazil virtual number without leaving the USA. 

Get a Brazil Virtual Phone Number Online.

Get Brazilian phone number to make cheap international calls

Select numbers :

Additionally, virtual numbers are cheap and cost much less for international calling. As you buy a virtual number in Brazil, the cost per call would be low if you place your call within Brazil, although you are making the call from the USA. 

2. Using VoIP Apps 

Utilizing the internet for voice communication can be another alternative way to make an international call to Brazil.  Some of the popular VoIP apps are KrispCall, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, and Google Voice. All you need to have is a reliable Wi-Fi connection and the app installed on your device. 

Additionally, you also need to have the contact information of the person you are calling, such as their phone number or username. For example, to call Brazil using WhatsApp, you would open the app, tap the call icon, and select the contact you want to call.

3. Using Calling Cards

A calling card is a prepaid card enabling users to make long-distance or international phone calls by dialing an access number and entering a unique PIN. It offers a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional phone plans, allowing users to stay connected without the need for a permanent phone service.

Using a calling card to make calls to Brazil from the USA provides cost-effective rates, allowing users to save on international calling expenses. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, calling cards often come with features like PIN-less dialing and automatic recharge options, enhancing convenience and accessibility for users.

How to Make Business Calls to Brazil From the US Using KrispCall?

Calling an international country like Brazil from the US isn’t cost-effective and can include additional charges to call a lot for your business. However, fear not! KrispCall is here to make your business phone game a breeze.

As a business owner, KrispCall turns the challenge of making calls to Brazil into a seamless experience for you and your team. 

KrispCall is a great option for businesses of any size, as it offers affordable prices and many advanced features. Some of these features are call data analytics, CRM integrations, call monitoring, voicemail, and flexible call forwarding to both mobile and landline numbers.

To help you save your bucks, here’s a simple guide for you to make business calls to Brazil from US using KrispCall. 

Step 1: Create a KrispCall Account.

Step 2: Proceed to buy a Brazil virtual number by selecting Brazill from the countries list.

Step 3: Choose a convenient payment method. 

Step 4: Submit some documents if required. 

Step 5: Enjoy dialing your Brazilian clients. 

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Brazil: Dos and Don’ts 


  1. Check Time Zone: Ensure you check out the correct time zone to sort things out and talk accordingly. Check out their details as well; otherwise, it will be easy for them to spot mistakes and call you out as a fraud/scam.
  1. Cultural Difference: Know the cultural differences and try to greet and communicate with them in their language. This creates a subconscious sense of connection and belongingness, effectively diffusing tension between the parties.
  1. Sound Professional: Make sure you sound professional while on the call. Professionalism helps in building trust among people, making them comfortable with any adjacent processes.


  1. Avoid Informal Language: Make sure you don’t use jargon industry-specific acronyms, or regional slang.
  1. Too much Emphasize: Don’t emphasize too much about asking for information that might reveal their details.
  1. Interrupt Over Others: Don’t interrupt their take or perspective on the conversation. You might have limited time or a definitive motive, and so do they. Even if they don’t, such an act can make you a rude speaker
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Useful tips to save money while calling from the US to Brazil

Calling internationally is often costly, but this cost can be reduced by using some strategies and tactics. Therefore, here are some tips to save money while calling from the US to Brazil, which are listed below. 

  • Use cloud-based VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephony. 
  • Get a Brazil virtual number with a flat rate that includes unlimited or discounted calling.
  • If possible, utilize WiFi calling like Facetime to avoid network charges. 
  • You’ll save more by opting for subscription-based plans rather than per-minute plans
  • Take advantage of the time zone difference and schedule your calls during off-peak hours, when call rates are often lower.

Challenges While Calling the Brazil From US 

Along with the technical difficulties like establishing a proper network for communication, we talked about overcoming the challenges with the Do’s and Don’ts section. Again, We are here to brief some challenges, that you should be aware of while calling Brazil from US:

  • Time Variance: The Time zone difference can create scheduling problems, as the United States has 6 time zones and Brazil has only one which might be a bit challenging to communicate during working hours.
  • Language Barriers: Know that you won’t be speaking to a native English speaker. Communication issues may arise while calling Brazil from US.
  • Difference in Cultural and Business Etiquettes: Apart from some universal etiquettes, each country has its way of dealing with people. 
  • Payment Issues: If you deal with some sort of payment, bear in mind that not all people use the US standard mode of payment.
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Final Words 

In conclusion, the overall techniques discussed in this article will help you in the process of calling Brazil from the US. Among all, it is necessary to particularly focus on some parts like adapting the local etiquettes, cultural nuances, handling time zone differences, etc.

But apart from that, make sure you tick all the technical checkboxes for international calls like using the correct area code, correct numbers, or an inexpensive and viable network provider.

Or you can check out VOIP services like KrispCall, for cheap rates and seamless international calls as well as for acquiring virtual numbers.


1. How to make a call to Brazil 0800 from the USA?

To call a Brazil 0800 number from the USA, dial the international access code (011), then Brazil’s country code (55), followed by the 0800 number. Neglect the leading “0” from the 0800 number. For example, dial 011-55-800-XXX-XXXX. Note that toll-free numbers may still incur charges depending on your phone plan.

2. What are the ways to call Brazil from the USA for free?

Some of the ways to call Brazil from USA for free are as follows:

  • Use VoIP services like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, etc. 
  • Use Messaging apps that support audio chat, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. 
  • Explore websites that support free international calls. 
  • Use Wifi-calling like Facetime.

3. How do I make an international call to Brazil?

When making an international call to Brazil, you would typically start by dialing the exit code for your country, followed by the country code (+55), the area code for the specific region in Brazil, and finally, the local phone number.

4. How to dial directly to Brazil from the US?

To dial directly to Brazil from the US:

  1. Dial the exit code for international calls: 011.
  2. Enter Brazil’s country code: 55.
  3. Dial the area code (excluding any leading zero) and the local phone number.

For example, if you’re calling a number in São Paulo (area code 11) with the local number XXXX-XXXX, you would dial: 011-55-11-2445-2900 (Guarulhos International Airport)

5. What are the common problems that you may face while calling Brazil from the US?

Some of the common problems that you may face while calling Brazil from the US are as follows, 

  • Incorrect Dialling Format
  • Language Barrier
  • Time Zone Difference
  • Toll-free charges
  • Poor Quality Connection
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