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How to Call Argentina from Mexico Cheaply and Quickly?



how to call Argentina from Mexico Online

Do you happen to be in Mexico right now? Are you’re seeking the best way to make a phone call from Mexico to Argentina? 🔍

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

There are some ways of making an international phone call, and the approach that will let you make an outbound phone call to an international phone number of any country.

You must follow the pre-defined sequence to call the Argentina phone number from Mexico for making a personal or commercial call. 📞

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to call Argentina from Mexico easily and cheaply using various ways.


  • The country code for Argentina is +54.
  • Generally, calls from the Mexico to Argentina start from around $0.0295 per minute. (Depends upon carrier)
  • High international calling charges, time differences, complicated dialing process, multiple security and privacy issues, and language barrier are the challenges while calling Argentina from Mexico.
  • Cloud telephony like KrispCall, internet phone like Zoom Phone, and messaging app like WhatsApp are cost-effective methods to call Argentina from Mexico

So, let’s get started! 👊

What is international Call to Argentina: What is it & Why does it matter?

What is international Call to Argentina

International Call to Argentina is the procedure of dialing Argentina phone numbers from another country.

Making a phone call to Argentina can be for personal or business reasons. Whichever the case, the caller must dial a specified pattern in order to make a proper call.

You must also be aware of international calling rates while making an international phone call. Normally, different nations have varying international calling rates. It also differs depending on the phone service provider you use.

How to Call Argentina from Mexico: The Quick, Easy & Cheap Ways

There are a few options for making quick, straightforward, and affordable phone calls to Argentina from Mexico. In general, there are two ways to make an international phone call from Mexico to Argentina: conventional and non-conventional.

A. Using Conventional Methods

The conventional method of making a phone call involves dialing a phone number using a landline or mobile phone. Although this approach is most typically used for domestic calls, it is also utilized for making international calls.

However, remember that international calling charges are significantly higher than local calling rates. Furthermore, considering international call signals must travel a great distance before arriving at their destination, call quality might not be the finest.

Here, let’s look at how to dial various types of phone numbers in Argentina from Mexico.

1. How to Dial the Argentina Landline Number from Mexico?

The format for dialing an Argentina Landline phone number from Mexico number is:

00 – 54 – Area Code – Subscriber Number

💡 Argentina landline phone number example is 00-54-11-1234-5678 where:

  • 00 is the Mexico exit code.
  • 54 is the Argentina country code.
  • 11 is the area code.
  • 1234-5678 is the subscriber’s landline number in Argentina.

2. How to Dial the Argentina Mobile Number from Mexico?

The format for dialing an Argentina mobile phone number from Mexico is:

00 – 54 – Area code – Mobile Prefix – Subscriber Number

💡 Argentina mobile number example is 00-54-11-15-1234-5678 where:

  • 00 is the Mexico exit code.
  • 54 is the Argentina country code.
  • 11 is the area code.
  • 15 is the mobile prefix.
  • 1234-5678 is the subscriber’s mobile number in Argentina. 

3. How to Dial the Argentina Toll-Free Number from Mexico?

The format for dialing an Argentina toll-free phone number from Mexico is

00 – 54 – TollFree Prefix – Subscriber Number

💡 Argentina toll-free phone number example is 00-54-0800-123-4567 where:

  • 00 is the Mexico exit code.
  • 54 is the international calling code for Argentina.
  • 0800 is the toll-free prefix.
  • 123-4567 is the subscriber’s toll-free number in Argentina.

B. Using Non-Conventional Methods

Because of non-conventional methods of communication, international calling is becoming cheaper and more efficient. These methods require an internet connection to make connections rather than using the telephone company’s network to place phone calls. Some of them are listed below.

1. Using cloud telephony like KrispCall

With the rise of cloud telephony, business communication has a giant leap forward. The usage of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to conduct phone calls over the internet is one of the best characteristics of cloud telephony.

The influence of cloud telephony on business communication is enormous. Since this enables all users to access the very same platform from various locations, interacting with branch offices or remote staff is simple, productive, and cost-effective.

When it comes to platforms, there are a number of cloud-based phone systems available that provide cloud telephony capabilities and services. To name one, KrispCall is quickly becoming one of the top solutions on the market.


KrispCall is a comprehensive cloud phone solution. It enables users to place cost-effective phone calls cheaply and easily from Mexico to Argentina.

It offers a large number of virtual phone numbers for more than 100 countries, including Argentina. This means you can handle inbound and outbound calls from Mexico using Argentina virtual phone numbers to establish a local presence in Argentina.

KrispCall provides fantastic value to businesses because of its advanced features and services. It provides strong call center software which is ideal for call centers in Mexico.

KrispCall Features

  • Unified Callbox
  • Call monitoring
  • Intelligent Call Forwarding
  • Interactive Voice Response(IVR)
  • Call recording
  • Sales automation
  • CRM integration
  • Call Center software
  • Salesdialer

💰 KrispCall pricing plan

Starts from USD 15 per month

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Get Argentina phone numbers from all over the world for personal & professional use.

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2. Using an Internet Phone like Zoom Phone

A phone number is not always required for international calling. Zoom phone allows you to place internet phone calls without using a traditional or virtual phone number.

Zoom phone is a versatile internet-based communication tool. It is a personal and corporate internet phone service that allows customers to manage voice, video, messaging, and conferencing from a single platform.

Zoom phone

Zoom Phone easily integrates the most popular services, such as meetings and video conferencing. It has price levels that are suitable for small and medium businesses.

Zoom Phone Features

  • Call Transfer
  • Call Delegation
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Recording

💰 Zoom Phone pricing plan

Starts at USD 120 per year per user

3. Using messaging applications like WhatsApp

If you really want to place international calls using your regular or cloud phone number but don’t want to pay heavy phone call bills to your phone service provider, Whatsapp is the best solution for you.

Whatsapp is a powerful messaging application that allows users to handle incoming and outgoing phone calls via the internet. To activate a Whatsapp account, you need to use your Mexico phone number.


This is a fantastic method to preserve your phone number while avoiding the high costs of overseas calls. People of all ages use Whatsapp, making it one of the finest platforms for connecting with more people for personal and corporate reasons.

Whatsapp Features

  • Texts
  • Voice Calls
  • Group Chat
  • Video Calls

💰 Whatsapp Pricing Plans


What are the types of Phone Numbers in Argentina?

In Argentina, there are four main kinds of phone numbers. Each has its own role in terms of making people’s and enterprises’ life easier. They are:

Landline number+54-11-1234-5678
Mobile number+54-11-15-1234-5678
Toll-free number+54-0800-123-4567
Emergency number101

What are the different types of the Argentina Telephone Codes

Before dialing an Argentina phone number, you should be aware of the following Argentina dialing codes. These are also the things to consider before dialing Argentina from Mexico.

Mexico Exit Code

You must dial the Mexico Exit Code when placing an international phone call from Mexico. This code signals that you want to make a call outside of Mexico.

Country Exit code 

Argentina Country Code

The function of a country code is to identify the country from which you are calling a phone number. The Argentina country code indicates that you will be dialing an Argentina phone number.

Country code 

Argentina Area Codes

Argentina’s area codes differ according to the country’s geographical regions. The area code is required to identify the phone number of the location you wish to contact. The following is a list of Argentina area codes.

Area NameArea Code

Argentina Emergency Number

When an unanticipated disaster occurs, a government department provides assistance who can be contacted using an emergency number. Here are some vital emergency numbers in Argentina you can dial from Mexico in case of any emergency help.

Emergency Services in ArgentinaEmergency Number in Argentina
Police 101

How much does it cost to call Argentina from Mexico?

The cost may vary depending on the provider and whether you’re calling a landline or mobile phone. The average cost of calling Argentina from Mexico can go as little as $0.0295 to high as $0.069 per minute.

Moreover, to get accurate information about the cost of calling Argentina from Mexico, it’s best to check with your specific phone service provider. You can find this information on their website or by contacting their customer service.

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What is the Right time to call Argentina from Mexico?

The time zones of Argentina and Mexico are not the same. If you need to call Argentina from Mexico, you must first acknowledge the time difference between the two nations.

The time zone of Mexico is 3 hours behind the Argentina time zone. It’s really essential to time your phone call for getting in touch with Argentines at the right time.

The best time to call Argentina from Mexico is around 7:30 A.M in the morning to 3 P.M in the afternoon (Mexico time) for business calls. If you want to reach out to family and friends then calling before 7:30 A.M in the morning and after 3 P.M (Mexico time) will be appropriate.

How can you get an instant Argentina virtual phone number?

If you want to get an Argentina virtual phone number instantly, you must follow the following six steps:

Step 1: Choose a cloud phone service provider like KrispCall and go to its website.

Step 2: From the given type of phone number, choose one.

Step 3: From the given list of countries, select Argentina.

Step 4: Pick any one virtual phone number from the list of numbers.

Step 5: Select the right pricing plan for you.

Step 6: Purchase the Argentina virtual phone number.

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Challenges while calling Argentina from Mexico

International calling isn’t as straightforward as it appears. During a phone conversation from Mexico to Argentina, you will face a number of challenges. These difficulties have the potential to spoil your calling experience at the next level. The following are some of the major barriers you might face:

  • High international calling charges
  • Time zone differences
  • Complicated Dialing process
  • Loss of Call Quality
  • Language Barrier
  • Insufficient features and services
  • Multiple security and privacy issues
  • Bad internet service provider

KrispCall cloud telephony system handle all of above problems easily and helps you to make an efficient call from Mexico to Argentina different locations.

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Argentina: Dos and Don’ts

The term “telephone etiquette” refers to the proper technique of communicating over the phone. Most of the time, we often ignore the right technique for conversing with someone when talking on the phone.

The purpose of business phone call etiquette is to ensure that the person you’re calling understands what you’re saying. Different people have different approaches to communication depending on the country. The following are some of the phone call etiquettes in Argentina:

✔️ Dos :

1. Answer phone calls quickly

You must pick up a business call as soon as possible. Ensure that you don’t leave your caller waiting longer because it will leave a poor impression on them. If picking up the phone fast is impossible, you might want to add features such as IVR in your cloud phone system.

2. Start the conversation with greetings

It’s essential to welcome the caller with the friendliest tone and terms possible. When you make the business phone greeting first, Argentina people become more interested in making the conversation. Also, when you’ve had a pleasant discussion, make sure to say thank you before hanging up.

3. Formal conversation is vital

Business calls aren’t the same as personal calls. When speaking with the people of Argentina about business, it’s necessary to speak using formal language to convey your respect. You must be as courteous as possible.

4. Take permission to attend other calls

Ensure you wouldn’t answer any other calls suddenly if you are already on a phone conversation meeting with an Argentine. To make a good impression, you should honestly request permission from the person you are currently speaking with.

5. Keep a short distance from the microphone

Understanding is crucial for any conversation. An unclear voice is one of the most common causes of miscommunication. Never speak on the phone with your mouth and microphone too near together. To avoid a distorted speech, keep at least 5 centimeters between you and the mic.

6. Try to use the Spanish language

When non-native Argentines attempt to interact in Spanish, they find this effort respectable. It’s not as if you need to be able to hold a whole conversation in Spanish. Make sure to use some pleasant and common phrases and words during your conversation.

❌ Don’ts :

1. Don’t talk too loudly

Attempt to communicate with a gentle voice when conversing with Argentines on the phone. Don’t be overly obnoxious. Maintain a moderate tone just so the person on the other end of the line can understand what you’re speaking and isn’t annoyed by your tone.

2. Don’t end the conversation first

If you hang up the phone first, Argentines consider it impolite. After you’ve had a good conversation with the person you’re contacting, make sure you let them hang the call. It’s a simple but powerful technique for gaining respect.

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Conclusion: The best method to call Argentina from Mexico is…

Since traditional phone calls to international destinations are costly for business communication, cloud telephony is the appropriate method for making calls.

KrispCall makes it possible for you to make cheap phone calls by providing the best available features and solutions in the market. If you want to grow your business in Argentina, you can use KrispCall’s unified communication to connect with customers.

Sign up for a Schedule Free KrispCall demo of KrispCall right now. Subscribe to KrispCall’s newsletter for more information.


Which country code is 54?

The country code 54 is for Argentina.

What is the cheapest way to call Argentina from Mexico?

The cheapest way to call Argentina from Mexico would be using cloud telephony like KrispCall, internet phone like Zoom phone and messaging apps like WhatsApp. 

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