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How to Create Tango Dating Account Without a Phone Number?




Are you looking to create a Tango dating account but don’t want to use your real phone number? Maybe you’re worried about privacy or spam calls.

Creating a Tango account with your real phone number means giving the app access to your personal information including your name, address, and even your call history. Plus, you’ll be more likely to receive spam calls and texts.

Worry not, there are alternative methods that you can use to bypass Tango verification and create an account without using your phone number.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to create a Tango Dating app account without a phone number plus other alternative methods to create Tango account.

Let’s jump right in!

What is Tango Dating App?

Tango Dating App is a versatile dating app that acts as a universal platform to live stream, video chat, play games, join communities, and most importantly online dating.

Tango has some unique features that include virtual AR gifts and filters, live games, events, battles, and groups with people around the world. It is a supreme and reputable app that lets anyone discover the ultimate social experience.

Tango is a complete dating app that can let you video call, chat, and join or create events that are worth checking out. With its user-friendly interface, you can enjoy a welcoming environment, whether you are seeking a serious relationship or looking for someone just like you.

Why People Hesitate to Register a Tango Dating Account With Their Private Number?

There are a few reasons why people hesitate to use their private numbers to register on the Tango dating app. Here are some of them:

  • Privacy concerns: To protect their personal information like their legal identity and identity.
  • Spam: To get rid of a barrage of promotional calls, and messages from unknown callers. This barrage not only disrupts their personal space but also weakens the genuine connections they seek through the dating platform.
  • Anonymity Preference: To maintain a level of anonymity when dating online.

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Can I Create Tango Dating Account Without a Phone Number?

Yes, you can create Tango Dating Account Without a Phone Number. There are several approaches that you can use if you do not want to use a mobile number for signup on Tango.

You can use the following methods to create an account:

  • With a virtual phone number
  • Use a temporary number
  • Signup using a friend/family number
  • Use a Google account

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Tango Dating  Verification?

Getting a cloud-based virtual phone number is easy and can be done in a few minutes. Follow these steps to acquire a virtual number:

  1. Choose the best virtual number provider like KrispCall.
  2. Sign up for the account and log in to the Dashboard.
  3. Select your preferred country virtual number.
  4. Choose payment options and make payments.
  5. Submit documents if required.

Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps and acquired a virtual phone number, you can start using your phone number to create an account on the Tango Dating App.

Get Virtual Phone Number for Tango Dating Site

Verify your Tango account with virtual phone number and start dating.

Select numbers :


*DisclaimerPlease note that OTP delivery relies exclusively on Tango. Our Tango tests were successful, though certain providers may not support VoIP numbers. The KrispCall system guarantees unhindered communication by not blocking messages.

Benefits of using a virtual number for the Tango Dating App

Tango Dating App users should consider a virtual number because there are several benefits to it.

  • Your privacy is protected as you don’t have to share your real phone number on Tango.
  • People on Tango won’t have access to your private number.
  • It helps protect from spam calls and messages.
  • It offers users access to the platform from any location without geographical limitations.
  • You can purchase a virtual phone number from another country or region and keep your personal details private on Tango.


How to Create a New Tango Dating Account With a Virtual Number?

Creating a new Tango Dating App account with a virtual number is simple. Firstly, you need to obtain a virtual phone number from KrispCall and follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Tango app on your iPhone or Android.
  2. Open the App, select dating as your interest, and claim the free gift.
  3. You will be redirected to the app’s home page on the top left, click on the account icon.
  4. In the Account dashboard, tap on the sign-in option and select SMS.
  5. Enter the virtual number you just acquired, click next, and confirm your number.
  6. Enter the OTP, now your account is created.
Select Interest and claim free gifts from Tango App
Choose Your Interest & Claim Gifts
click on Tango account icon
Select the Tango Account Icon
Then, click on the Sign in option
Click the SMS options
Enter the Virtual phone number
Confirm & Click Ok
Enter the OTP code you received

Tango will automatically give you a username that you can configure with personal details after you have created your account.

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Alternative Ways to Register a Tango Account Without a Phone Number?

Searching for other ways to register a Tango Dating account without a phone number or a virtual number?

Here are some other alternatives that you can use to create an account on Tango Dating App:

1. Use a Temporary Number

Another considerable method is using a temporary phone number to create a Tango account without using your private phone number.

There are a number of reputable websites that offer virtual phone numbers. Select the one that you like and get a temporary phone number.

Download the Tango app, use the temporary phone number during the verification step, and complete the signup process to start using Tango.


  • Secures your privacy
  • Easy to get and available worldwide
  • Economical and trustworthy
  • No long-term commitment needed


  • Depending on your region, Tango may not let you use a temporary number
  • One temporary number is shared by many people, so your account details can be accessed by others
  • You may miss out on important updates that were meant to be sent to your phone number.

2. Use Friend/Family Numbers

If you don’t want to use your number or a virtual number to create a Tango Dating account, the simplest and most convenient alternative is to use a phone number belonging to one of your friends or family members.

To create a Tango account without a phone number, you only need to find a friend or a family member ready to lend you their phone number and use it for authentication.


  • A straightforward and easiest alternative method
  • There is no need to buy a virtual or temporary phone number
  • The private number is kept secure


  • May not be able to recover your account if the number is lost.
  • The person who uses the number will receive alerts and notifications.

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 3. Use a Google account

Now, if you want to create an account on the Tango Dating App without using a phone number of any type. The best option is to use your Google account to signup. Tango lets its users automatically set up an account and access all of its features without worries.

To sign up on Tango, download the app, and during the signup step use the sign-in with Google option. Input your Google account details correctly and your account should be created quickly.


  • No phone numbers are needed to sign up
  • The account is set automatically
  • Easily recover your account


  • Exposing your Google account details
  • Mails will be filled with Tango ads and spam


In conclusion, you can use alternative methods like cloud-based virtual numbers, temporary numbers, friends/family phone numbers, or a Google account to create a Tango Dating app account.

These methods surely can help you maintain your privacy and safety. Despite that, you must be aware of the risks associated with these methods and choose an option that keeps you away from scams or frauds.

To provide you with an extra layer of security, we recommend you use a virtual phone number from KrispCall. You can access to KrispCall’s services in more than 100 countries including Russia with innovative features, and top-grade security at affordable pricing.


1. How do I skip Tango phone verification?

You can skip the Tango phone verification step by using methods like using a virtual phone number, a temporary number, or use a Google account to sign up. All these methods are easy to use and can be used to create a Tango account.

2. Can I use WhatsApp to create a Tango dating app account?

No, creating a Tango Dating App account by using WhatsApp is not possible. You can only use a phone number or a Google Account to signup on Tango.

3. Can I use Tango without the app?

Yes, Tango has its official website you can visit and access all of its features if you do not want to use the app. Go to and create an account by using the Join Now button or sign in using your existing account and start Tango’s universe.

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