Call Parking: How Does It Help To Handle Calls Like A Pro?

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call parking handle calls like a pro

It is a hassle to handle and manage tons of calls that your company gets for customer support. Addressing each of your customers at the same time is difficult. Each of your customers has different problems, and you may not have an instant solution to them.

Your customers may have problems with your phone number always being busy. This can affect your customer satisfaction and may become a hindrance to your business. You will have to transfer calls to other employees of different departments and sometimes it isn’t easy to manage.

Handling calls is one of the crucial tasks for any customer support team. But cloud telephony systems have made call management easier and efficient. The feature that helps to address all these problems and helps you handle your customer calls like a pro is call parking.

So what is the call parking feature, and why is it beneficial? Let’s talk about it.

What is Call Parking?

Call Parking is a recent feature that has been popular among cloud telephony systems as it allows you to move your calls in a certain area where specific people authorized for the calls can pick up from their end.

This feature makes it easier for customer support agents to transfer calls and manage. As the calls are all transferred to a parking lot before the actual department receives the call, you will manage the customer support’s busy schedule.

This feature is amazingly helpful to handle calls like a pro. You can handle a bunch of calls at the same time. It has been one of the most used and beneficial features of the VoIP system.

Call parking feature helps the customer support prepare themselves for a moment to tackle their customer and their problems, making it a lot easier to find a solution for your customers. This creates flexibility for busy and haphazard call and contact centers.

Call Parking Vs. Call Hold

You may think that the call parking feature is the same as the traditional way of putting a call on hold, but it isn’t. There is a slight difference between the call parking feature and the call on hold system.

In call parking, the call put on hold is now extended to the parking lot from where the authorized member picks the call up, whereas, in call hold, the customer has to wait in the same line.

Although there isn’t much difference between the two, call parking has many benefits that improve the customer experience and make your call management hassle-free.

How does Call Parking Work?

As the call parking system is a virtual waiting room for your customers, the feature helps manage call centers and customer support.

The feature is very useful as it can park the calls in a virtual space from where the authorized department can take over their customer’s calls. So there will be no confusion for the customers and the agents.

how does call parking work

So, let’s talk about how this feature works. As your customer calls you, with the help of a call parking feature, you can park their call in the lobby. The customer will be waiting in the virtual room until you communicate with the other employee who will attend the particular call.

After you’ve briefed and informed them about the customer, the other employee will pick the call from the parking lot and continue the conversation further.

As in a parking lot, you have several parking slots with each unique identifier, and the call parking system follows the same technique. Each call that has been parked has a unique identifier that will make it easy to distinguish it from other calls.

What are the types of Call Parking?

You can have different types of call parking systems for your business. There are primarily two types of call parking that can be used for your business.

Some use the simple one, and others use the advanced call parking system. Let’s look at the distinctions between these two categories.

1. Simple Call Parking

This feature is just as simple as its name. It provides a parking lot for your customer’s call. It can park the call at any uniquely identified slot. This type of parking lets you park an active call and then receive the active call from the other end.

2. Advanced Call Parking

With advanced call parking, you can assign a specific authorized person to pick the call up. You can also have private parking space for the call that specifically authorized users can only see in advanced parking.

Some Advantages of Call Parking System

Call Parking is a feature that has made cloud telephony systems and other call systems very effective and easier to provide better customer service. Here are some benefits of the call parking feature:

1. Customers get a response from humans

It is not the same for customers to have received a call by a machine as humans. Reaching to a voicemail is not a good way to address your customer’s problems as they’ll want their problem solved promptly.

Using this feature, you will receive your customer’s calls without letting them hear the voicemail or the busy ringtone.

2. Waiting time reduced

The main problem is making your customers wait for a long time on hold or telling them to dial on a different line. It would take longer to address your customer if you don’t use the call parking feature.

As the waiting time decreases and transfers the call systematically, customer experience will improve.

3. Effective Communication

The customer will get to their desired customer support department through the same call. The employee picking the call up from the parking lot will also already have an idea about the customer’s problem and will be able to communicate better with them.

It provides easy communication for customers as they will not have to dial a different number to connect to the customer service or call another line.

4. No Voicemail-Deadend

Reaching a voicemail dead end will be a big dissatisfaction for your customer. This feature will not let your customer reach the voicemail dead end. It will park the call in the lobby or the virtual space, and another agent can take off.

Drawbacks of Call Parking System

Everything has its good and bad sides. With benefits come drawbacks, and it’s the same with the call parking feature. There are some disadvantages of this system. Let’s talk about some of them.

  • Sometimes if the employees forget to pick the calls from the parking lot, the customer may be stuck in the virtual waiting space.
  • If other users pick up the call, sensitive and confidential information may be exposed and misused.
  • This feature is not useful if you have a small business and don’t have to deal with many customer calls.
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Customer satisfaction is an important part of the success of your business. You need to be careful and provide as many facilities as possible to make them feel comfortable.

The call parking system not only helps in a better customer experience but will also make your work easier. This feature helps in handling calls as well as coordinating with your employees.

It will be easier than transferring the call to a different line. This new system creates a virtual space for calls from the customers to be parked. The authorized department can then take the call from the parking space.

There are several benefits of using this system while fulfilling the primary objective of increasing customer satisfaction. However, if you have a small business and don’t have to tackle many calls at a time, this feature may be unnecessary.

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