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call center campaigns survey

While handling numerous calls and continuously improving customer service sounds like a good call center campaign strategy, it lacks a comprehensive goal.

That’s why you need call center campaigns survey to help you carry out targeted activities based on predefined milestones.

In this context, a campaign is defined as a series of focused activities with defined milestones to improve customer service.

By following up with leads in a sales-driven campaign, these strategies assist your team in generating significant results. Use campaigns to meet customer satisfaction, revenue, or retention goals for service-focused campaigns.

What is a Call Center?

A call center is a consolidated department that handles incoming and outgoing calls from current and prospective customers. Call centers are either housed within an organization or outsourced to another company specializing in call handling.

The contact center is the hub from which all customer interactions are managed. Contact centers allow valuable company information to be routed to the appropriate people, track contacts and gather data.

 It is commonly used as part of its customer relationship management infrastructure. The majority of large corporations use contact centers to manage their customer interactions.

What is a call center

What is a Call Center Campaign?

The call center campaign run by your team is an effort to enhance business success by proactively calling contacts and conducting an advertising blitz to drive calls. You can then segment the calls based on region, prospect, customer type, or goal.

Businesses use call center best practices to achieve key objectives such as qualifying prospects, closing more sales, and providing customer service.

Call center campaign example:

Assume you own and operate a food delivery service.

A good call center campaign might involve agents gathering data based on cuisine preferences. You can then call potential customers and inform them about your services, delivery times, discount offers, etc.

Similarly, you can contact a previous client to solicit positive feedback and referrals. This can assist you in increasing the number of incoming calls from potential customers.

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Why do you need call center campaigns Survey?

Call center campaigns are essential because they assist in the proactive organization of inbound and outbound calls.

Every day, support agents deal with a large number of calls. Outbound calling quotas, on the other hand, are difficult to meet. Call center campaigns are designed to organize calling activities to increase success rates creatively.

Customers and agents are involved in calling activities driven by specific goals or criteria. This eventually leads to improved customer service and sales.

Why are call center campaigns important?

A call center is important because it aids in the growth of a business. Agents interact with new and existing customers to increase sales and revenue while improving customer satisfaction.

The importance of call center campaigns are as follows: 

Updates the Sales Database

Your database must contain the correct names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information.

A call center campaign assists in gathering the most recent customer information and ensuring the accuracy of the sales database.

Increases sales

Calls are a crucial tool for generating leads. It enables the conversation to flow naturally and directly address the prospects’ needs. Furthermore, it creates an emotional connection with the customer service agent, which can significantly aid in generating a lead.

When a prospect turns into a lead, the goal of an outbound calling campaign shifts from prospecting to selling the product.

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Supports in Understanding Audience Preferences

The more you know about your targeted and potential customers, the more effectively you will be able to market to them.

Call center campaigns enable you to learn about your target audience’s behaviors and needs through customer interactions. As a result, it enables you to gain deeper insights into individual customers that would otherwise miss in large-scale surveys or market research.

What are the types of Call Center Campaigns?

Let’s look at the various types of call center campaigns:

1. Outbound campaigns

A sales-driven outbound calling campaign focuses on selling a product or service to prospects and leads. The list of prospects is generally segmented to provide personalized service. 

Create outbound calling campaigns by segmenting lead lists based on ideal customer profiles (ICPs), demographics, or other criteria.

Outbound call centers typically use a predictive dialer to call as many contacts as possible, eliminating manual dialing.

Outbound Call Center Campaign Best Practices

Here are some best practices to remember:

  • Determine your goals and ensure that everyone on your team understands them.
  • It audits leads and phone numbers to avoid wasting time, money, and effort.
  • Help Track your call dispositions to ensure you’re meeting your critical metric targets.
  • Maintain a regular reporting schedule for campaign performance for clients and stakeholders.

Types of outbound calling campaigns:

The following are some popular outbound calling campaigns.

Customer support

It is sometimes necessary to contact customers to provide proactive support. These situations include warnings about temporary service outages, payment reminders, support, etc. Outbound campaigns for debt collection have proven to be effective.


Direct marketing uses communication channels like the phone and the internet. The phone is the most profitable of all well-known modes of communication.

The agents contact the prospect or customer and make a sales pitch to persuade them to place an order.

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It is a type of telemarketing that includes calling both qualified and unqualified prospects. Call centers are the most important players in telesales marketing. Call centers perform admirably in both the private and public sectors.

The target audience for call centers is usually qualified for the product through advertising, news, radio, commercials, etc.


Outbound call centers conduct quick and efficient surveys. The surveys are useful in areas such as:

Customer satisfaction survey

Customers are contacted by phone and interviewed about the company’s products, services, quality, and satisfaction. Businesses use this critical information to change or maintain their strategy to increase customer satisfaction.

Market research

Many companies specialize in gathering data about consumers and how they purchase a product or service. As a result, companies that request this information obtain detailed information about consumer activity, desires, needs, trends, solvency, etc.

Political polls

Outbound calls are used by political parties to define their stance on political activity. This data defines what most people expect from the government and how political parties change their policies to meet those expectations.

Debt Collection

One of the most common activities of outbound call centers is Cash flow. Banks use their personnel or outsource this work to collection agencies and call centers.

If the collectibles are too large, the company may struggle to meet its obligations.

One of the most common activities of outbound calling campaigns is debt collection. Agents call people to inform them of their payment obligations, provide timely payment information, and assist them with debt payments.

They usually use a predictive dialer to avoid manual dialing and contact as many clients as possible.

2. Inbound Campaigns

Inbound call center campaigns are designed to improve the experience of inbound customers. Outbound calling significantly impacts your business, but providing an excellent customer experience is equally important.

An inbound campaign is focused on providing a service. Its primary goal is to increase customer satisfaction, revenue, or retention rates.

Inbound call center agents answer customers’ calls, who assist them with their issues.

Inbound Call Center Campaign Best Practices

Inbound call centers work differently than outbound call centers. Because there is no dialing and you are primarily dealing with existing customers, the following are some best practices to remember:

  • Utilize automatic call distribution to ensure that each agent handles the right calls.
  • Communicate the strategy to your team to set them up for success.
  • Utilize call center software to track call volume in real-time for workforce management.
  • To motivate your call center employees, show off campaign progress.

Types of inbound calling campaigns:

The following are some popular inbound calling campaigns.

Customer Service

It focuses on resolving inbound customer questions and concerns. The primary goal is to provide the best possible customer experience.

To accomplish this, you can concentrate on optimizing call center Key performance indicators targets such as:

All factors to consider are wait time, first-call resolution, abandoned call rate, and customer satisfaction.

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Tech Support

Unlike general customer support, technical support deals with more complex issues. A technical support agent should investigate the issue thoroughly before resolving it.

They also ensure that they stick to the script even if the customer is angry. For a new agent, this can be overwhelming because it requires a delicate balance of patience and technical knowledge.

As a result, this inbound call center campaign focuses on improving underlying business operations such as call routing, and happy customers translate to positive feedback, resulting in increased sales opportunities.

Order-taking Service

Customers can place orders directly through calls with the help of an order-taking service. A live agent can answer any customer’s questions about the product and process the order if the customer decides to purchase it during the call.

Call center agents can use these inbound calls to persuade customers who have second thoughts about purchasing the product. 

They can also interact naturally to make the customer feel valued and heard; this opens up business opportunities to increase product sales and customer satisfaction.

Difference Between Inbound and Outbound call center campaigns

The following are some major differences between inbound call center campaigns and outbound call center campaigns.

Inbound call center campaignOutbound call center campaign
Prospects make inbound phone calls.Call-center agents make outbound phone calls.
For customer care, call on support, and complaints. For telemarketing, discount showcase offers and sales promotions call, etc. 
To gain customer satisfaction.To understand customer perception.
It uses push marketing.It uses pull marketing.

Top Features for Effective Call Center Campaigns

Every booming business strives to achieve its objectives, whether generating leads or providing excellent customer service. Unlike standard internet phone service, call center features are designed specifically for high-volume calling. 

You’ll need the right call center features to supplement your efforts. We’ve made a list of essential features that can help you take your campaign to the next level.

  • Call Recording– allows you to keep a digital record of all phone conversations. It’s an excellent tool for new employee training and quality control.
  • Call Forwarding– enables agents to transfer calls with the click of a button. Seamless forwarding is critical if your call center relies on senior agents to close deals.
  • Call Monitoring- With call monitoring, experienced agents can monitor trainee calls. During the call, the caller is unable to hear the monitor.
  • Interactive Voice ResponseIVR allows callers to interact with your phone system via recordings and the dial pad. Configure your IVR menu to ensure that incoming calls are routed to the appropriate department.
  • Call Queue- Call queues to allow customers to wait their turn even when all agents are on the phone. Though all lines are busy, you don’t want to flood customers with the busy signal, forcing them to dial again.

Start your call center campaigns Survey with KrispCall

Don’t these call center campaigns motivate you to succeed? You can improve your business performance regardless of your layout. All you need are strong inbound capabilities. You require improved outbound calling capabilities. 

Krispcall’s call center solution includes all of the features that your contact center requires. We can use it to take it to the next level.

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