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10 Best Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number Providers in 2024



Kazakhstan virtual phone number providers

If you are thinking of establishing a business in Kazasthan, enhancing your business calls for better customer support, or just reaching out to your relatives or colleagues. In that case, Kazakhstan virtual phone number is the best solution for all your demand.

But having said that, it’s not easy to find the best virtual Kazasthan number providers because the market is mushrooming. You might get puzzled or scammed by various phone number vendors you see online.  

But hey! Don’t you worry! Because after very serious market research, we have provided you best virtual phone number service companies in this article. 

Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • The Best Kazakhstan virtual phone number providers are ( Avoxi, Grizzly SMS, Continent Telecom, Hivoox, Hottelecom, Messaggio, Koalacalling, Zadarma, Freezvon, and Telnum.)
  • The cost of a virtual phone number in Kazakhstan starts from $4-$85.
  • The types of Kazakhstan virtual phone numbers are ( Local, mobile, toll-free, and Vanity phone numbers.)
  • You should submit documents like government-issued proof of ID, address, and business to get a Kazakhstan virtual phone number. License and other required documents.

What is Kazakhstan’s virtual phone Number?

A Kazakhstan virtual phone number is a VoIP number that is not bound to a specific location or device but is accessible from anywhere using the internet. It uses VoIP technology to route phone calls.

Virtual numbers can only be used with an active internet connection and an internet-capable device (such as cell phones, computers, etc.)

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*Disclaimer: Please be informed that Kazakhstan phone numbers are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working diligently to expand our country coverage in the future.

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Benefits of Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

There are many benefits of using a Kazakhstan online phone number. Your business can reach heights if you focus on the real problem by just getting a Kazakhstan virtual phone number. 

  1. Local Presence

Your company can have a local presence in Kazakhstan with the help of a virtual number, making it simple to communicate with clients and business associates there. Local presence helps a business to achieve local clients’ trust and gives an authentic vibe.

  1. Flexibility

You can quickly divert calls to any device, such as a laptop or smartphone, with a virtual phone number, enabling you to accept calls from anywhere at any time. It saves so much time for a business owner or any employee. 

  1. Cost-effective

Since you don’t need to invest in physical equipment or cover maintenance fees, virtual phone numbers might be more affordable than traditional phone lines. In addition, there are no international call costs.

  1. Improved business relationships with customers

Customers in Kazakhstan are more likely to answer your calls when you have a local number, which can boost client satisfaction and strengthen commercial ties. The relationship with customers plays a vital role in business success; hence, a virtual phone number can help to beat that problem.

  1. Scalability

Virtual phone numbers are readily scaled up or down when necessary, making it simple to modify your communication infrastructure as your company expands. That’s why virtual phone numbers are like magic wands for business growth.

     6.  Advanced options

Virtual phone numbers offer a variety of features and services that can be customized to match the distinct requirements of a business. Popular features include call forwarding, call recording, auto attendant, voicemail, conference calls, IVR, and other features.

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What types of Kazakhstan virtual phone numbers can you get?

The types of Kazakhstan virtual phone numbers you can get for your personal and business calls are explained below. 

  1. Kazakhstan’s local phone number

A local phone number in Kazakhstan is a landline number linked to a specific location inside the country and has a local area code. It helps to give a local presence to a business. Local numbers begin with area codes and subscriber numbers, which are seven digits long.

Format: Country code + Area code + Subscriber number.

Example:  +7 313 1234567.

  1. Kazakhstan mobile phone number

A Kazakhstani mobile phone number belongs to a mobile phone service in Kazakhstan. There are 10 digits starting with 70x or 77x in Kazakhstan mobile phone numbers.

Format:  Country code + mobile phone number.

Example:  +7 701 1234567

3. Kazakhstan toll-free number

A toll-free number in Kazakhstan is a phone number with a toll-free code that allows the caller to dial it without being charged.

Format: National long-distance access prefix + Non-geographic access code + client’s number.

Example: 8 800 005 1234.

4. Kazakhstan vanity phone number

A vanity phone number in Kazakhstan is a toll-free number that consists of letters and digits. Businesses use them as marketing tools to help customers remember their contact details. 

Format: Country code + Tollfree code + letters or numbers.

10 Best Kazakhstan virtual number providers in 2024

The significance of the booming call center sector in Kazakhstan cannot be overlooked. The industry continues to thrive with the growing demand for efficient communication solutions, such as virtual phone numbers.

In Kazakhstan, numerous virtual phone number providers offer local format numbers customized to meet their clients’ needs. 

The top virtual phone number providers in Kazakhstan will be highlighted below, along with the benefits of using virtual phone numbers for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their communication capabilities.

1. KoalaCalling

KoalaCalling offers virtual numbers for call forwarding in Kazakhstan. Koalacalling’s virtual number can also be set up to forward calls to different numbers based on the time of day or the caller’s location, providing added convenience. Many of its useful features can help business owners to manage business phone calls.

KoalaCalling Virtual Phone Number system

Koalacalling Features

  • Call forwarding
  • Global video meeting
  • Conference calls
  • Outbound calling

Koalacalling pricing:  Contact the support team.

2. Continent Telecom

ContinentTelecom is a leading provider of international VoIP services, offering local virtual numbers, IP PBX solutions, and call center organizations in 90 nations including Kazakhstan. They offer free call forwarding to SIP as well as Telegram.

Continent Telecom Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

Content Telecom Features

  • Call forwarding
  • Virtual SMS numbers
  • Virtual IP PBX
  • Multichannel DID
  • Virtual Fax number

Continent Telecom Pricing

Set up fee: $20

Monthly fee: $20

3. Hottelecom

Hottelecom provides worldwide telecom services, specializing in SMS messaging. They offer virtual SMS numbers, including those in Kazakhstan, which can receive SMS and redirect them to your desired location. The company also offers API integration for SMS services into other applications and services.

Hottelecom Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

Hottelecom Features

  • Cloud PBX
  • SMS numbers
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • DID numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Call forwarding

Hottelecom pricing: Contact the support team.

4. USACallForwarding

USACallForwarding offers one of the largest selections of toll-free and local numbers worldwide. In addition to Kazakhstan’s toll-free numbers, they offer toll-free and local numbers in more than 160 countries around the world. Their rollover option feature is quite popular among all.

USACallForwarding Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

USACallingForwarding Features

  • Rollover option
  • Local Ringtones
  • Call recording
  • Call forwarding
  • Advanced IVR
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Unlimited extensions

USACallForwarding Pricing: Contact the support team.

5. Hivoox

Hivoox offers virtual phone number services for the Kazakhstan market, providing the ability to make and receive both calls and SMS messages. 

Hivoox is a VoIP operator that offers its VoIP services to businesses, professionals, and homes. The company also offers IP phones, ata voip and other equipment that allow the use of VoIP technology.

Hivoox Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

Hivoox features

  • DID phone numbers
  • Call forwarding
  • Outbound calls
  • SMS numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • VoIP integration

Hivoox pricing:  Contact the support team.

6. Zadarma

With Zadarma, you can link a Kazakhstan phone number to your computer, SIP gateway, office PBX, mobile device or any other SIP-compatible device. Furthermore, Zadarma offers a cloud-based phone system that can be tailored for personal or business use.                

Zadarma Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

It has a simple setup process with a software assistant. With Zadarma, you can make international calls for less, with a claimed 90% cost saving compared to traditional methods. They have 30,000 virtual numbers in 90 countries, including toll-free options. The cost depends on where you are located.

Zadarma features

  • CRM
  • Calls 
  • Phone numbers
  • SMS
  • Business phone system

Zadarma pricing 

Standard: $0 team per month. (up to 5 members)

Office:      $39 team per month ( 2 to 10 members)

Corporation: $79 team per month ( 5 to 400 members)


AVOXI is a worldwide communication platform in Kazakhstan that offers voice, messaging, and call center services all in one place. They have advanced voice technology with great coverage, quality, and dependability. They serve 7,000 customers in over 170 countries and handle over 50 million interactions annually.

AVOXI kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

Avoxi Features

  • Call routing
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Auto attendants
  • SIP integration

Avoxi pricing 

Launch: Starts at $ 0 per user.

Contacts: Starts at$ 19.99 per user.

Engaged enterprise: Starts at $ 39.99 per user.

8. Freezvon

Freezvon, a leading provider of virtual numbers in Kazakhstan, offers multi-channel capability, fast connection, and a range of additional SMS and call service features

With over 10 years of experience, Freezvon offers call forwarding, SMS, fax, and more at affordable prices. Their customer service team is available for assistance. To get started, choose your desired virtual phone services and request activation with any additional features.

Freezvon Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

Freezvon features

  • Call forwarding
  • Outbound SMS
  • Call recording
  • IVR
  • Conference call
  • Multichannel 
  • Conditional call forwarding

Freezvon Pricing

$0 for 7 days (Trial period)

$30  per month (Basic)

$45 per month(Business)

9. Telnum

Telnum is a leading virtual phone number provider in Kazakhstan, offering multi-channel capability, low-cost call forwarding, and a range of additional features. 

They provide software-based PBX and virtual number service for Kazakhstani. It is trusted by more than 90 countries across the globe, thanks to its advanced business phone system.

Telnum Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

Telnum features

  • Call forwarding
  • Wholesale DID
  • Multichannel numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • IVR services
  • SMS numbers

Telnum Pricing

Set up fee: $50

Monthly fee: $45

10. Grizzly SMS

GrizzlySMS provides virtual SMS numbers for small to big businesses in various countries, including Kazakhstan. However, it only allows users to receive SMS. If you only want to receive a verification code or OTP then you can use GrizzlySMS. 

Grizzly SMS Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number

GrizzlySMS Features

  • Bulk SMS
  • SMS getaway integration

GrizzlySMS pricing: Contact the support team.

What is the cost of a Kazakhstan Virtual Phone Number?

The cost of a virtual phone number in Kazakhstan starts from $4-$85 and can vary depending on various factors, such as the provider, the type of virtual number (local or toll-free), and the features included in the plan.

To get an accurate cost estimate, it is advisable to contact a virtual phone number service provider for more information and to request a quote. This will allow you to determine the exact cost of the specific type of Kazakhstan virtual phone number you are interested in.

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What documents do you need to submit to get Kazakhstan’s virtual phone number?

To obtain a Kazakhstan virtual phone number, certain documents may be required by the virtual phone number service provider. These can include proof of identity, such as a passport or government-issued ID, and proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

A business registration document may also be necessary for businesses using the virtual phone number for commercial purposes. Credit card or bank account information may also be required for billing purposes. 

To ensure a smooth and efficient setup process, it is essential to check with the virtual phone number provider for a complete list of required documents for getting a Kazakhstan virtual phone number. 

Having all necessary documents readily available can streamline the process and help ensure the timely activation of your Kazakhstan virtual phone number.

Tips for finding a Kazakhstan Virtual phone number for personal and business use

When searching for a Kazakhstan virtual phone number for personal or business use, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and evaluate different providers to find the best fit for you. Here are some key tips to help you in your search:

  • Determine your requirements

Understanding your communication needs is the first step in finding the right virtual phone number. Consider the type of calls and SMS you’ll be making and whether you need a personal or business number.

  • Research Virtual phone number providers

With the increasing popularity of virtual phone numbers, there are numerous providers to choose from. Take the time to research service providers in Kazakhstan and compare their features, prices, and customer reviews.

  • Check call quality

Ensure that the virtual phone number provider you choose offers high-quality, reliable call connections. Read customer reviews to gauge the provider’s call quality and make an informed decision.

  • Additional features

Some virtual phone number providers offer additional features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and call recording. Determine which features are important to you and look for providers that offer them.

  • Customer support

Select a provider that offers strong customer support, with a team available 24/7 to assist with any questions or concerns. Look for providers that offer multiple contact methods, including phone, email, and live chat.

  • Affordability

Compare prices among providers and consider any additional costs such as setup fees, monthly fees, and per-minute rates. Look for providers that offer affordable, competitive pricing and flexible pricing plans. 


Hunting for the perfect virtual phone number solution for your company in Kazakhstan can be a little like finding a needle in a haystack. But considering key factors like coverage, features, cost, reliability, and scalability, you can make a smart choice that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve struck gold.

Check out Kazakhstan’s top virtual phone number providers and see how they stack up against your business communication needs and budget.

If you are still unsure. Don’t sweat it! Simply contact the customer support team on your virtual phone number provided for guidance. They’re there to help and will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

And let’s not forget about flexibility and customization options! Choosing a virtual phone number solution that can grow and change your business is crucial to ensuring that your communication stays on track and your efficiency stays top-notch.

I hope the article was informative for you! 


1. How to get a Kazakhstani phone number?

To get a Kazakhstani phone number, you need to do the following things:
● Research Kazakhstan virtual phone number providers.
● Compare the prices and features.
● Ask yourself what your needs are.
● Pick the best Kazakhstan phone number provided for you.
● Sign up for the account.
● Provide the necessary information for the Purchase

2. What documents are required to get a Kazakhstan virtual phone number?

To get a virtual phone number in Kazakhstan, you may need to provide a government-issued ID or proof of residency and a business license or authorization to conduct business in the country, depending on the provider. Contact the provider directly for specific documentation requirements.

3. Can I use the Kazakhstan virtual phone number to receive SMS and OTP verification?

You can utilize a virtual phone number from Kazakhstan to receive SMS and One-Time-Password (OTP) verifications; however, it is essential to note that not all virtual phone number providers offer this service. It is advisable to check with the provider beforehand to ensure they provide this feature.

4. How to get a Kazakhstan number for WhatsApp?

To get a Kazakhstan number for WhatsApp, follow the instructions below:
1. Choose a virtual phone number provider.
2. Sign up and purchase the virtual phone number.
3. Download WhatsApp and verify the number.

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