How to Make a Blizzard Account Without a Phone Number?

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how to make a blizzard account without a phone number

Are you a gamer looking to create a Blizzard account without a phone number or searching for an alternative to bypass number verification or authentication on your Blizzard account?

Creating an account on Blizzard requires a legitimate phone number that must be used for two-factor authentication. Using a private phone number for account creation in the world of gaming means you are deliberately exposing yourself to game bullies.

Worry not, there are numerous cheat codes, which will make it easy for you to create a Blizzard account without a phone number. especially for this purpose and we are here to help you with that.

This article, will provide you all the convenient lessions on how to create a Blizzard account without a phone number and other alternative methods. Let’s jump right into it and overcome this obstacle.

🚀Key Highlights

  • Blizzard is commonly referred to by different names such as Blizzard Entertainment, Blizz, WoW company,, etc.
  • Due to privacy & security concerns, Unwanted contacts and spam, Region restriction people hesitate to register Blizzard with their private numbers.
  • Creating a Blizzard account without a phone number is possible through a virtual phone number,  temporary number, or phone number that belongs to a friend/family member or via Facebook/Google/Apple account.
  • You can easily bypass phone number verification by obtaining virtual phone number through KrispCall. 

What is Blizzard?

Blizzard Entertainment, or Blizzard is a renowned game-developing and publishing company that has shaped the gaming industry and landscape with some of its most iconic games and gameplay styles. World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch have been popular PC games for years.


Can I make a Blizzard account without a phone number?

You can create a Blizzard account without a phone number and easily bypass Blizzard phone number verification.  By using a virtual number, temporary number, or a phone number that belongs to a friend/family member or with a Facebook/Google/Apple account.

Why do people hesitate to register Blizzard with their private numbers?

Blizzard as a gaming community can sometimes be toxic and senseless. That makes some of the gamers hesitant to register for a Blizzard account with their private number. Some common reasons for this hesitation include:

  • Privacy concerns: Creating a account with a private number means gifting it to Knaves personally. And rising violations in the gaming world are becoming the most discussed topic across all communication platforms. Concerns related to spam & marketing, data breaches, and targeted advertising arise using the phone number for the Blizzard account.
  • To Maintain security: Some players are naturally concerned about the security of their personal numbers if they register an account on Blizzard using it. Their phone number may get hacked or an unauthorized person could gain access to their account.
  • Unwanted contacts and spam: Gamers may also be hesitant to provide their phone number to Blizzard because they fear receiving unwanted texts or calls. As Blizzard has no policy against it, anyone who can gain access to a phone number can spam the real owner.
  • Region restriction: There have been cases in the past where Blizzard has restricted some users to a certain region, which is a complete no-go for professional and avid gamers who travel frequently. Another important thing to note is, that games in Blizzard sometimes offer specially discounted battle-passes and in-game crates only in certain regions. 

How to Create a New Blizzard Account With a Virtual Number?

A legitimate method to create a Blizzard account without a phone number is to create a Battle Net account by using a virtual number. Battle Net is simply a platform that works as a gateway to access Blizzard Entertainment.

The virtual number allows you to create a Battle Net account without any huddle. It allows you to access Blizzard games, online services, and communities. The only difference is, the verification code will be received on the virtual phone number that you have decided to use.

Get yourself a cloud-based virtual phone number and follow these simple steps to create a battle net account:

  1. Go to battle net official website and click on accounts.
  2. Now click on the signup button, and this will lead to the creation dashboard, Here enter your country and your date of birth.
  3. Enter your Full name, Email for email verification, your virtual phone number, and click continue.
  4. A new panel will be displayed. Click to tick the boxes to accept the privacy policies of Blizzard and continue, as shown in the image.
  5. Setup a strong password for your account and continue to create a unique Battletag
  6. Your new account is now created. You can also use battle net account on your mobile and your PC through the app.
blizzard sign up page
enter first and last name in blizzard
enter email and virtual phone number in blizzard
Blizzard OTP Verification Code
set password for Blizzard
set public name for blizzard

Alternative Ways to Register a New Blizzard Account Without a Phone Number

Using a virtual phone number is the best option you can use to register a new Battle Net account. However, if you want a new account without a virtual number or any added layer of email verification process to sign up. We’ve researched for you and found some necessary steps & resources you can use to create a Blizzard account without using your own phone number.

1. Use a Temporary Number

Using a temporary number is a decent option to open a new account without using your number.

There are a number of trustworthy websites that offer temporary numbers. Once you get a temporary number, use it for verification during the signup process on Blizzard.


  • Your private number is secure
  • Ensure easily available
  • Keeps you away from spam.


  • Your account can get hacked.
  • Short-lived service
  • Your gaming account can get banned

2. Use Friends/Family Numbers 

Using a friend’s or family member’s phone number is another additional steps that you can follow to create an account without your phone number. Friends/family numbers can also be used to sign up, just like virtual or temporary numbers. 

To get a Blizzard account authentication code, you just need someone’s phone number. In spite of this, creating a new Blizzard account with their numbers has its own pros and cons.


  • The most straightforward way, as compared to others policy
  • No foreign support needed
  • Blizzard will not reject the verification process because it’s a relevant method


  • You will compromise someone else’s privacy
  • Your loved ones might receive unnecessary alerts and notifications. 

3. Use a Facebook account

If you are feeling slothful and don’t want to go through the struggle of using a phone number of any kind. Blizzard has an option to sign up using a Facebook account.

To create a Blizzard account using Facebook, go to Blizzard’s official website>click on the Account button>signup>click on Facebook’s icon> logging using valid account credentials.

You might have to grant some permissions to Blizzard through Facebook, carefully read them. And your account on Blizzard without a phone number is ready to rumble.


  • Can be done in minutes
  • Your personal information is auto-filled
  • No phone numbers needed


  • You will share your Facebook account details with Blizzard
  • Other gamers can discover your Facebook account using details available on Blizzard

4. Use a Google or Apple account

Similar to using Facebook is using a Google or an Apple account. There are separate options for using Google or Apple accounts, you can choose either one and go on with the signup procedure.

Creating a Blizzard account using Google or Apple is easy, you just need to go to Blizzard’s official website>click on the Account button> sign up>click on Google or Apple’s icon, and log in using valid account credentials.


  • No need for a phone number of any type
  • Your account details are automatically set
  • Your private number is secured


  • Blizzard has access to your Google/Apple account
  • Account recovery is not possible if your Google/Apple account is lost.

5. Other possible options

Lastly, if you don’t want to use any of the above-mentioned methods. Being a gamer, you should definitely have a Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, or Steam account. You can employ one of these accounts to create a Blizzard account. And you are good to go and have some fun on your favorite Blizzard game.

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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Blizzard Verification?

To Get a cloud-based virtual phone number for Blizzard account verification these are the necessary steps you need to follow:

  1. Create an account with KrispCall.
  2. Sign up for the account and log in to the Dashboard.
  3. Select your preferred country’s virtual phone number.
  4. Choose payment options and make payments.
  5. Submit documents if required.

After following the above steps and obtaining a virtual phone number, you can use your virtual number to create a Blizzard/ battle net account.

Get Virtual Phone Number for Blizzard Account Verification

Verify your Blizzard gaming account with virtual phone number and keep your info private.

Select numbers :

Benefits of using a virtual number for Blizzard Registration

Using a virtual number for a Blizzard account not only protects personal phone numbers. It has some invaluable features and benefits that can make communication easier in your daily life.

  • Enhanced security and privacy: Doxxing and Phishing are serious and common concerns that trouble everyone, especially gamers who want to be anonymous. Virtual phone numbers provide an added layer of security that keeps any personal information safe and mitigates any vulnerabilities.
  • Greater flexibility and Scalability: Virtual numbers are incredibly flexible and you can use them on various devices, making it convenient to switch between gaming on your computer, console, or mobile device.  Similarly, the scalable nature of cloud phone numbers can be useful for personal and business necessities as you can easily add or remove the features.
  • Cost-effective and innovative features: Virtual numbers are often cost-effective when compared to traditional phone numbers. Gamers can save some bucks and use it to buy in-game resources. During the purchase process, you are presented with various features like Call trees(IVR), Call filters, and Caller IDs to include in your plan. These features can prove to be incredibly handy for personal and professional use.
  • Global accessibility and easy account recovery: Blizzard has a global player base. With a virtual number, you can connect with gamers from around the world without worrying about international calling charges. A virtual phone is not bound to a location and all its services are done through the internet. In case you lose your battle net account which is linked with a cloud-based number, you can use it to recover your account from anywhere.
  • In-game communication: Just like all games, Blizzard’s games are not the best providers of in-game communication. Virtual numbers can be used for in-game voice chat and text messaging for seamless communication with gaming buddies, enhancing the multiplayer experience.
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To summarize, you have many options to create a Blizzard account without exposing your private number such as first creating battle net account, using a temporary phone number, borrowing a number from a friend or family member, connecting through your Facebook account, or using your Google/Apple ID and join the vast community of gamers and embark on your gaming journey with peace of mind.

However, you should exercise caution, ensure your privacy by yourself, and follow the guidelines of Blizzard.

A virtual phone number is one of the best methods to create a Blizzard account and protect your private number from being spammed.


Can I use Blizzard with a foreign number?

Yes, you can use Blizzard with a foreign number. However, there are some regional restrictions that can block your accounts. Some Blizzard and Activision games require that you add a phone number to your account to play them. You can use a virtual phone number to overcome those restrictions and unlock gaming potential.

How to change the phone number in Blizzard?

To update your phone number, in Blizzard and log in to your account follow these steps: First, navigate to the account settings menu. Then locate the section labeled “your information” and click on “account details.” In the phone number dashboard select the option to update your phone number. You will be prompted to confirm this action and a security code will be sent to your phone number. Enter the verification code provided. You will then be able to change your phone number.

Can I add my phone number later in Blizzard?

Blizzard has not made it imperative to use a phone number for account creation. You can add your phone number later to your Blizzard account by following these simple steps account setting > your information > account details > add a phone number.

Is my phone number safe on Blizzard?

Your phone number is generally safeguarded behind tight security measures on Blizzard. However, account information breaches have become a common thing on Blizzard these days. To protect your phone number and other personal information, it is advisable to use a virtual phone number for your account on Blizzard.

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