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Area Code 248 Location: Where is 248 Area Code Coming From?

A 248 area code number is a telephone area code in the (NANP) North American Numbering Plan (NANP) that serves the surrounding parts of Detroit. It has one overlay. i.e., 947 area code.

Area code 248 was created from the 810 area code and put in service on 1997 May 10.

248 area code covers Oakland and Livingston counties of Michigan. Additionally, these area codes serve parts of Livonia and Northville, located in Wayne County. It serves the larger cities and communities of Farmington Hills, Troy, Pontiac, Southfield, and Rochester Hills, as well as many smaller communities within area code 248.

Below is the tabular illustration of the top locations (based on the population) served or covered by area code 248 in the state of Michigan.

City/Town Country TimeZone
Troy, MI Oakland Eastern
Farmington Hills, MI Oakland Eastern
Southfield, MI Oakland Eastern
Rochester Hills, MI Oakland Eastern
Pontiac, MI Oakland Eastern
Royal Oak, MI Oakland Eastern
Novi, MI Oakland Eastern
Madison Heights, MI Oakland Eastern
Oak Park, MI Oakland Eastern
Auburn Hills, MI Oakland Eastern
Birmingham, MI Oakland Eastern
Livonia, MI Oakland Eastern
Ferndale, MI Oakland Eastern
Hazel Park, MI Oakland Eastern
Berkley, MI Oakland Eastern
Wixom, MI Oakland Eastern
Rochester, MI Oakland Eastern
Clawson, MI Oakland Eastern
South Lyon, MI Oakland Eastern
Farmington, MI Oakland Eastern
Beverly Hills, MI Oakland Eastern
Walled Lake, MI Oakland Eastern
Huntington Woods, MI Oakland Eastern
Milford, MI Oakland Eastern
Holly, MI Oakland Eastern
Northville, MI Wayne Eastern
Wolverine Lake, MI Oakland Eastern
Lathrup Village, MI Oakland Eastern
Bloomfield Hills, MI Oakland Eastern
Oxford, MI Oakland Eastern
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How to quickly buy an area code 248 phone number?

To get a 248 area code number, sign up with KrispCall; go to settings> My Number > Add New Number > Select USA > Advanced Filter > Enter 248 and match to the first part of the number>Click Search. Then choose your 248 number, make payment & start making & receiving calls and texts after the number activation.

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248 Area Code History – Where Does a 248 Area Code Originate

Area code 248 is a unique telephone area code that results from a split of 810 area codes in 1997. It was created on 1996 November 8. But it officially went into service on May 10, 1997.

Area code 248 serves the part of Northville and Livonia. However, due to an increase in demand for 248 area codes, NANP created 947 overlay area codes. Currently, the 947 area code is an overlay to 248.

Some of the major cities that the 248 area code covers are Auburn Hills, Pleasant Ridge, Lake Orion, Birmingham, Hazel Park, Bloomfield Hills, Leonard, Brighton, Commerce Township, Clarkston, Addison Township, Clawson, Lake Orion, and other surrounding areas.

Why Choose 248 Area Code Number for Business?

From establishing a local presence in Michigan to relishing the power of enhanced communication features – get everything with 248 Michigan area code numbers for your business communications. Capitalize on the local markets while delivering exceptional customer experience.

Establish a local presence in Michigan:
Demonstrate your business’ local presence in Michigan with 248 area code business numbers. Regardless of your operational base, become a part of the locals and capitalize on local markets.
Elevate your acceptance rate and boost your sales
Establish your brand as a local entity in Michigan. Win over the locals and their trust with 248 area code local and vanity numbers. Simplify your agents' tasks and elevate their conversion rates. Ensure greater local acceptance, boosting your sales and business revenue.
No special equipment is required
Downloading the KrispCall app is all it takes. Use 248 area code phone numbers on any of your existing digital devices. Don’t worry about new hardware installations. Get going with whatever you have.
Powerful standard PBX features
Experience and utilize every PBX feature with 248 telephone numbers with KrispCall mobile app. Unleash the power of enhanced calling features, like Number Sharing, ACD, Call Monitoring, Call Barging, Call Recording, Phone Trees (IVR), etc., for efficient enterprise communication management.
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Access Powerful VoIP Features with your 248 Area Code Business Phone Number

Streamline your business communication among your team members and customers by investing in 248 business phone numbers. Take advantage of area code 248 phone numbers regardless of how big or small your business is.

Group 19297
Global Calling

Expand your customer base worldwide with Krispcall global calling features for making instant calls across borders.

Call on Hold
Calls On Hold

Allow yourself some time to get external assistance or research some details whenever necessary by keeping calls on hold. Keep your callers content by any means.

Inteligent Call Routing

Instantly route customer calls to another line or agent who can better deal with their queries. Don’t keep your clients waiting.

Shared Number

Share a single number across multiple devices and teams to facilitate synchronized communication and keep everyone on the same page. Save money while improving customer response rates.

Call Forwarding

Instantly route business calls to your cellphones and landlines whenever necessary. Make sure you are not missing out on clients when not in the office.

Call Recording icon
Call Recording

Keep a record of client calls to monitor team performance and client requests. Train employees and improve customer service using recorded calls.

Group-19312 (1)
Call Filters

Narrow down the call logs with Krispcall call filters. Efficiently screen through your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

Group-19315 (1)

Allow your callers to leave their queries or information as voicemail even when you aren’t available. You can always get back in touch with them sooner or later.

DND mode for Agents
DND mode for Agents

By switching to Do Not Disturb mode, incoming calls will be automatically shifted to voicemail, so you can focus on what needs to be done.

Call Analytics Icon
Call Analytics

Optimize your marketing campaigns, call handling and team performance with insight driven phone call analytics data.

Group-19315 (2)
Contact Tags

Utilize the contact tags feature to organize clients and teams. Your dashboard can be customized to make navigation easier by tagging contacts.

Group-19311 (1)
Call History

On one dashboard, you can view the history of all conversations, your incoming and outgoing call logs, and all messages.

Group-19315 (3)
Caller ID

Set location-based caller IDs for outbound international calls. Localize your number to improve the chances of reaching potential customers in new markets.

Call Transfer

Instantly route customer calls to another line or agent who can better deal with their queries. Don’t keep your clients waiting

Unified Callbox

With an all-in-one dashboard that manages calls, SMS messages, voicemails, and more, you can stay in touch with your team and customers instantly without switching apps.

Custom Greeting

Provide your clients with a better calling experience. Make your customers’ calls more comfortable by recording personalized greetings & messages.

Areas of Application for Area Code 248 Phone Number

Practical ways businesses use 248 area code numbers

Incorporate 248 area code numbers within your business communications and relish the latest cutting-edge communication, management, and analytical features. Area code 248 automates and streamlines your business communications for greater productivity.

personal use

Separate your professional from private life using 248 area code second phone numbers. Get multiple 248 area codes phone numbers for your business & personal communications. Take your communications a notch higher by delivering class and professionalism.

For business phone systems

Obtain multiple phone numbers with 248 area codes for your business phone systems and establish a local presence in northwestern Michigan. Save a fortune in business communications using 248 area code phone numbers.

Cloud call center 786 phone number

Use 248 area code phone numbers for your call center software to reduce expenses for communications in your company and your customers with low outbound call rates.

For proper marketing and sales

Use multiple local and vanity numbers for your brand promotion and marketing. Invest more in the best performers and eliminate the worst performers. You can analyze and manage your business with 248 area code phone numbers.

Other areas of application

The cutting-edge communication features of the 248 area code allow you to use it for several purposes, such as home security. Send and receive text messages, MMS, or phone calls anywhere you want.

How to get a 248 Area Code Phone Number Online?

Purchasing 248 Area Code Phone Numbers takes only a few minutes with KrispCall. In minutes, you can follow the steps to obtain an area code 248 number. All you need is valid payment details.

Create a KrispCall account and log in to your dashboard.
Select the USA from the country list and enter 248 in the advanced filter & search.
Pick a number from the list and purchase the number.
Make payment after you've selected the number.
Submit your documents for verification if require
248 area code phone number

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A 248 area code number is a telephone area code in the (NANP) North American Numbering Plan (NANP) that serves the surrounding parts of Detroit. It has one overlay. i.e., 947 area code.

248 area code covers Oakland and Livingston counties of Michigan. Some cities that the 248 area code serves are Auburn Hills, White Lake, Clarkston,  Royal Oak, Birmingham, South Lyon, Commerce, Southfield, Bloomfield,  Walled Lake, and so on.

Country USA
State Michigan
Major Cities Troy, Commerce, White Lake, Farmington Hills, Royal Oak, Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, Ferndale,  Southfield, Madison Heights,  Oak Park, Hazel Park, Waterford, Novi, Rochester Hills, Pontiac
Time Zone Eastern Time
Telephone Number Format +1 (248) XXX-XXXX

Area code 248 is located in the northwestern corner of the United States of Michigan. 231 area code serves 21 counties in Michigan.

Area code 248 serves Michigan state of the US. The most populous city that the 248 area code covers are Farmington Hills, Troy, Rochester Hills, Southfield, and Pontiac.

Some other cities are Berrien Springs, Atlas, Auburn Hills, Pleasant Ridge, Clawson, Commerce Township, Berkley, Birmingham, Wixom, White Lake, Clarkston, Union Lake, Southfield, etc.

No, the 248 area code is not in California. In fact, area code 248 is in the US state of Michigan. California has numerous area codes, like 209, 213, 310, 415, 530, and others. 

Area code 248 is a unique telephone area code that results from a split of 810 area codes in 1997. It was created on 1996 November 8. But it officially went into service on May 10, 1997. 

Area code 248 follows Eastern Standard Time (EST). It is also known as America/New_York time zone. It is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-5).

It depends on the features provided by the service provider. However, with KrispCall, 248 area codes support phone calls, text messages, and multimedia messages. 

It is true that the 248 area code is a legitimate telephone area code. However, recent technological advancements have enabled unique telephone numbers to be created more easily.

That’s why sometimes it can be a scam call. You can purchase a legit one from renowned area code phone number providers such as Krispcall. Usually, free virtual phone number providers provide scam 248 area codes. Always get 248 area code phone numbers from legit (phone number) providers like KrispCall. 

Anyone that has a hold of a 248 area code phone number can make an outbound call. It can be a legitimate business call or even a scam call. Always check their online presence and do some background checks on the caller using their provided information on the call.

248 telephone area code serves numerous cities/towns in 2 counties of Michigan, and they have a range of zip codes. Below are the zip codes for major cities in the 248 area code.

City  County  Zip Code
Troy Oakland 48007, 48083, 48084, 48085, 48098, 48099
Commerce Oakland 48363, 48366, 48007, 48306, 48083, 48309, 48331, 48359, 48342, 48237, 48012,

48377, 48308, 48343, 48325, 48332, 48321, 48370, 48068, 48367, 48375, 48333, 48067,

48382, 48347, 48086, 48330, 48084, 48037, 48075, 48303, 48361, 48334, 48340, 48362, 48307

White Lake Oakland 48327, 48383, 48386
Farmington Hills 48167, 48331, 48333, 48334, 48335, 48336, 48375
Royal Oak Oakland 48067, 48068, 48069, 48071, 48073
Bloomfield Oakland 48009, 48025, 48301, 48302, 48304, 48320
West Bloomfield Oakland 48302, 48320, 48322, 48323, 48324, 48325, 48328
Ferndale Oakland 48069, 48220
Southfield Oakland 48033, 48034, 48037, 48075, 48076, 48086
Madison Heights Oakland 48071