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Establish multiple touchpoints with your clients using KrispCall – a premium alternative to traditional contact centers

Extend your outreach to clients and exceed customer expectations with our latest communication technology and rich set of features.


#1 Virtual Contact Center Software for Businesses of all types & sizes


What is Contact Center Software?

Contact Center Software is a hub for handling communication with customers across multiple communication channels (phones, text, voicemail, and live chat). KrispCall’s new generation contact center software is a cost-effective solution for customer relationship management and customer service.

It is an omnichannel system that seamlessly connects the conversation of customers from one communication channel to another. Agents are able to track each customer across multiple touchpoints and view their conversation details.

How Does KrispCall Contact Center Software Work?

KrispCall’s contact center software uses multiple communication channels including phone, live chat, text, and voicemail. It connects agents and customers across multiple channels for providing customer support in the best possible way. Our Contact center software enables you to access a wide range of features that handles all business communication process.

Omnichannel support: Seamlessly connect conversations of customers across multiple communication channels without losing any details.
Workflow management: Scale customer support by handling conversations of multiple customers parallelly and reducing dependency on agents.
Self-service management: Get answers quickly for common queries from chatbot support directly without needing to interact with agents directly via calls.

Benefits of KrispCall Contact Center Software

KrispCall’s multi-channel contact center software helps you gain valuable insights by establishing multiple touchpoints with your clients and scaling your communication channels easily. Our solution goes a long way in improving customer experiences and generating revenues.

Cost-effectiveness: Reduce hardware or dedicated resources, additional set up costs with KrispCall cloud contact center software, say bye bye to ownership and maintenance costs.
High scalability & mobility: Scale your communication channels elastically without requiring hardware planning. Explore new ways to connect with your customers using SMS, MMS, voicemails, audio conferencing and a lot more with KrispCall multi-channel software.
Superior Customer Engagement: Increase customer engagement by providing your customers options to communicate with you via the channel they prefer.
Advanced Customer Analytics: Analyze your entire customer behavior history with advanced customer interaction with KrispCall unified all-in-one dashboard analytics. Discover your customers' exact requirements.

The Features that Will Make You and Your Business Successful

Access advanced call management, call routing, & analytics solutions with our top-end features.

cloud telephony
Cloud Telephony

Move your phone system to the cloud with KrispCall’s cloud telephony. Set up a unified communication system with top-line business features using KrispCall.

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Call Center Software

Minimize your call center overheads with KrispCall’s low-cost and customizable call center software. Get a premium calling experience with our feature-rich platform.

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Sales Automation

Enhance your sales metrics and sales team efficiency using KrispCall’s sales automation. Automate call routing and sales processes for higher lead conversions.

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CRM Phone System

Integrate your existing CRM systems with KrispCall to keep track of your team and customer satisfication with our advacned call analytics.

Group 1000004130
Capture Leads on Website

Convert website visitors to potential clients using KrispCall’s click-to-call widget. Drive lead conversion process with one-click calling and 30 seconds callback features.

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Sales Calls from Website

Receive sales calls from your website with our click-to-call widget. Seamlessly connects potential clients to your sales team with a personalized KrispCall widget.

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Power Dialer

Speed up sales calls with KrispCall’s power dialer tool. Automate and manage call dialing processes to connect with leads and raise your team productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact center software has a robust set of features for providing the best customer support. Some of the contact center features are Interactive Voice Response(IVR), Automatic Call Distribution(ACD), Intelligent call routing, CRM integration, Voicemail, Call Analytics, Call recording, Sales automation, Power dialer, and more.

KrispCall’s contact center software is an ideal option for mid-sized businesses. It consists of advanced features and features that enhance the quality of customer support. It provides an omnichannel solution with seamless connections across communication channels.

Cloud-based contact center software requires an internet connection and is connected to a remote server via the cloud. It is remotely accessible, scalable, and customization depending on the requirements. The price of cloud-based contact center software is way cheaper than traditional contact centers. One of its main capabilities is its omnichannel solution for seamless connection across communication channels.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing contact center software for a small business. Some of them are:
1. Necessary features included
2. Omnichannel capabilities
3. Third-party app integrations
4. Affordable pricing plans
5. Build-in automation

There are many industries that use Contact center software:
1. Healthcare
2. Education
3. Travel
4. Hospitality

The pricing of contact center software varies depending on the requirements of the business. Generally, the basic plan starts at USD 15 per month.

There are many virtual contact center software providing the best features and services for small businesses. Among them, KrispCall is one of the best with an affordable pricing plan, advanced features, flexibility, and scalability.