US Phone Number Format: A Complete Dailing Guide

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US Phone Number Format

Trying to make an international call to the US and are confused by the different US phone number formats? 🤔

Well, the thing is, making a call to the US may seem like an easy thing, but factually speaking, doing so requires some effort. It requires a thorough knowledge of the format to be used, which means navigating the intricacies of formatting phone numbers between area codes, prefixes, and user numbers.

So, let’s get going with this blog in which you learn all about the details of US phone number formats, US area codes, US phone number types, and what can be the possible reason that your call to the US didn’t connect.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • A typical US phone number consists of a total of 10 digits, which include the area code, exchange code, and line number.
  • If you are calling the US from outside, use the following format: your country’s exit code + 1 + area code + local phone number.
  • Local, toll-free, mobile, vanity, and emergency numbers are the types of US phone numbers.
  • Through KrispCall, you can easily acquire and use a USA virtual number from anywhere.

What is a Valid US Phone Number Format?

A valid US phone number format typically consists of ten digits, with the first three digits representing the area code, the next three digits being the prefix, and the final four digits making up the line number.

  • Area code: The area code is the first three digits of a US phone number and is used to identify a specific geographic region within the country. It helps route calls to the correct destination. Here are some examples of US area codes: 212 for New York City, 312 for Chicago, and 415 for San Francisco.
  • Prefix: The prefix, also known as the ‘exchange code’ or ‘central office code,’ follows the area code and is the next three digits in a US phone number. It further refines the location of the phone number within the area code.
  • Line number: The line number is the final four digits of a US phone number and uniquely identifies an individual telephone line within a specific area code and prefix combination.

📝Example: Let’s take a look at the phone number of UChicagoMedicine Hospital: 773-702-1000.

In this example, “773’’ is the area code, “456” is the prefix, and “7890” is the line number, making up a complete ten-digit US phone number. And hence the complete US phone number format example is (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

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How to call the USA using your phone?

Making a call to the US using your phone is easy. That said, there is a list you need to follow, or let’s just say steps that you need to take to do that, and here are those:

  • In the first step, you need to be familiar with your country’s exit code. This is a 2-3 digit number you need to dial to make an international call.
  • Then, dial the USA country code, which is +1.
  • Next, dial the area code of the specific city or region in the USA you want to reach.
  • Then, dial the 7-digit local phone number of the person you want to call.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to know the US phone number format: “your country’s exit code + 1 + area code + local phone number.”

How many area codes are there in the United States?

How many area codes are there in the United States

Now that you know all about the US phone number format for international calls and what steps you need to take to do so, let’s proceed to the next part and make you familiar with prevalent US area codes.

Here is a list of the top US area codes:

LocationArea Code(s)LocationArea Code(s)
New York City, NY 212, 646Fresno, CA 559, 559
Los Angeles, CA 213, 310, 323, 424, 626, 818Omaha, NE 402, 531
Chicago, IL 312, 773, 872Bridgeport, CT 203, 475
Houston, TX 281, 713, 832Syracuse, NY 315, 680
Atlanta, GA 404, 470, 678, 770 New Haven, CT 203, 475
Miami, FL 305, 786Worcester, MA 508, 774
Dallas, TX 214, 469, 972Augusta, GA 706, 762
Washington, DC 202Spokane, WA 509
San Francisco, CA 415, 628 Boise, ID 208
Philadelphia, PA 215, 267, 445Little Rock, AR 501
Boston, MA 617, 857Des Moines, IA 515
Seattle, WA 206, 253, 425Lincoln, NE 402, 531
Denver, CO 303, 720 Fort Wayne, IN 260
Phoenix, AZ 602, 480Grand Rapids, MI 616, 810
Detroit, MI 313, 586, 734, 248 Mobile, AL 251
Minneapolis, MN 612, 651Columbia, SC 803, 839
New Orleans, LA 504Asheville, NC 828
Orlando, FL 407, 321Shreveport, LA 318
Las Vegas, NV 702, 725Tallahassee, FL 850
San Diego, CA 619, 858Madison, WI 608
Baltimore, MD 410, 443Chattanooga, TN 423
Portland, OR 503, 971Charleston, SC 843
St. Louis, MO 314, 636Wichita, KS 316, 620
Tampa, FL 813, 727 Charleston, WV 304
Pittsburgh, PA 412, 878Greensboro, NC 336
Sacramento, CA 916, 279Dayton, OH 937
Kansas City, MO 816, 975Portland, ME 207
Cleveland, OH 216, 440Topeka, KS 785
Austin, TX 512, 737Reno, NV 775
Charlotte, NC 704, 980Eugene, OR 541
Indianapolis, IN 317, 463Fayetteville, NC 910
San Antonio, TX 210, 726Ann Arbor, MI 734, 810
Raleigh, NC 919, 984Spokane, WA 509
Columbus, OH 614, 380Boise, ID 208
Virginia Beach, VA 757, 948 Little Rock, AR 501
Nashville, TN 615, 629Des Moines, IA 515
Milwaukee, WI 414, 534Lincoln, NE 402, 531
Providence, RI 401Fort Wayne, IN 260
Jacksonville, FL 904, 272Grand Rapids, MI 616, 810
Memphis, TN 901, 833Mobile, AL 251 
Oklahoma City, OK 405, 572Columbia, SC 803, 839
Richmond, VA 804, 826Asheville, NC 828
Louisville, KY 502 Shreveport, LA 318
Hartford, CT 860, 959Tallahassee, FL 850
Salt Lake City, UT 801, 385 Madison, WI 608
Birmingham, AL 205, 659Chattanooga, TN 423
Rochester, NY 585, 716Charleston, SC 843
New Haven, CT 203, 475Wichita, KS 316, 620 
Baton Rouge, LA 225Charleston, WV 304
Buffalo, NY 716, 585Greensboro, NC 336
El Paso, TX 915, 572Dayton, OH 937
Birmingham, AL 205, 659Portland, ME 207
Albuquerque, NM 505, 575Topeka, KS 785
Tucson, AZ 520, 928Reno, NV 775
Ann Arbor, MI734, 810Eugene, OR 541
Fayetteville, NC 910Cheyenne, WY307

United States Phone Number Example

Having gained a basic understanding of the area codes of the US, let’s take a peek at some real examples of how to dial different types of USA numbers.

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USA Local Numbers

A US local number consists of the following components: 3-digit area code + 3-digit central office code – 4-digit user’s line number.

Here is a real example of a US local phone number for Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, LA: 504-587-0833.

USA Toll-Free Numbers

A US toll-free number also consists of only two components, which are toll-free codes (1-800, 1-888,1-877,1-866,1-855,1-844, and 1-833) and the 7-digit number, which serves as an identifying number for a company or organization that is using it.

Here is a real example of a US toll-free number: 1-800-463-3339 is the Toll-free number of FedEx.

USA Mobile Numbers

Mobile numbers in the US also have a similar format to that of local numbers, which is Area Code (3-digit) – Central Office Code (3-digit) – line number (3-digit).

Here is a real US mobile number: 240-360-0000. This is the number of the US food truck factory.

USA Vanity Number

A US vanity works the same way as a toll-free number. The only difference is that it consists of a unique set of strings that may spell out a specific word or phrase. It follows the same format as that of US toll-free numbers, i.e., 1 – toll-free code – 7-digit user number.

A real toll-free number example from the USA is 1-800-DENTIST.

USA Emergency Number

The US has 911 as a universal emergency number that you can use when experiencing a fire, health emergency, or crime. There are other non-emergency numbers like 311 that many cities support to provide citizens with municipal services.

What Are The Reasons For Your Call To The USA Not Being Connected?

What Are The Reasons For Your Call To The USA Not Being Connected

While making calls to the US is easy and only takes a few steps and considerations. However, there are times when the calls that you make just do not connect.

We’ve discussed some of the reasons for these occurrences here to give you a better understanding of why they happen and how to deal with them:

1. Incorrect Dialing

The common cause behind the said occurrence is incorrect dialing. To be correct on your part, make sure that you are familiar with the US dialing format and that you have dialed the correct 10-digit phone number, including the US country code, area code, central office code, and the subscriber’s phone number. Also, pay attention to other special prefixes if there are any.

2. Network/Phone Issue

Another major reason why your call to the US is not connecting is because you on your side have a network or phone issue. This may happen if you are in an area with poor signal strength, and to fix that, try moving to a location with a better connection. If you find out that you have a phone issue, try restarting it and make sure that call-barring is disabled. Otherwise, you will not be able to make any outgoing calls.

3. Service Provider Restrictions

There is also a possibility that the service provider that you are using has restrictions on international calling and is preventing your call from being connected to the US. This could be due to legal or regulatory reasons. If you are experiencing this issue, try contacting your service provider to check the status and see if there are any alternative options available. 

4. Plan Limitations

Plan limitations sometimes prevent calls from connecting to the US as well. This typically happens if you are traveling internationally or have some plan restrictions. To fix it, you should again try to contact your service provider to confirm if outgoing international calls are included in your plan or if any additional charges apply. Obtaining a plan that includes international calling is also a good idea.

5. Call Blocking

Make sure to check that the person you are trying to call hasn’t blocked you unintentionally. If that’s the case, your call will not be placed, so make sure to check through it. You should try contacting them via social messaging apps or some other methods. You should also make sure that the recipient is able to make international calls.

How to get the USA number from KrispCall?

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  1. Go to and click on Get Started.
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Wrapping Up!

To sum things up, when making a call to the US, it is to be noted that to make calls to the US without any difficulty, you must have a thorough understanding of the format to be followed. You should be aware of the specific area codes that you want to reach, understand the central office codes, and dial the digits in the correct order.

To make things even easier when you are making calls to the United States, you can use KrispCall’s virtual number. Through KrispCall, you can easily acquire a virtual number of all types from anywhere, whether it be for personal or professional use.

That means you don’t have to worry about US dialing formats and make calls via the Internet. You can use those to develop a local presence for your business in the US or just use them to get in touch with your loved ones. Additionally, you also get the benefits of KrispCall’s near-perfect cloud system to optimize your business and call center telephony.


1. What is the standard format for the US phone number?

The standard format for a US phone number is Area Code – 3-digit exchange code – 4-digit phone number. For instance, if you were calling the White House in Washington, D.C., the phone number format would look like this: (202)-456-1111.

2. How much does it cost to call an American number?

Making an international call to an American number can cost anywhere from $0.05 to $5.00 per minute. It is to be noted that the exact cost of a call to an American number depends on the type of call that you are making, the service provider you use, and your current geographical location.

3. How can I call the United States for free?

You can use VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, or Messenger to make free calls to the United States. You can use Google Voice services to do so if they are available in your region.

4. Does the USA use +1 for a phone number?

Yes, +1 is the country code that the USA currently uses. When making a call to the US from outside of it, you have to use it (+1) along with the area code and then the actual phone number.

5. How do I write the USA phone number in an international format?

Here’s how you can write a USA phone number in an international format:

  1. Write your country’s international exit code.
  2. Next, add the US country code +1.
  3. Following, type in the area code of the specific region in the USA you want to call.
  4. Finally, input the 7-digit phone number of the user.
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