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How to Send a Text from a Different Number With the Same Phone?



How to text from a different phone number

Have you ever wished🥰 you could send a text message without revealing your personal phone number?

Are you tired😩 of telemarketers invading your privacy? If so, our guide to texting from a new number can help you say goodbye to annoying calls and hello to privacy!

Did you know that technology is always evolving and will continue to evolve in the future? Therefore, protecting your personal information is critical. Whether you want to further protect privacy and your identity or make business talks more efficient, knowing how to send text from a different number is handy.

So, are you prepared to learn the secrets of anonymous texting? Let’s get started and see how various apps you may easily and confidently text using a different phone number.

🔑 Key Highlights

  • Texting from a different number offers benefits such as privacy, safety, and temporary communication.
  • Methods to send texts from different numbers include online services, messaging apps, and fake number apps.
  • KrispCall, Google Voice, TextNow, Burner, and Sideline are the top apps/services for sending texts from different numbers.
  • TextNow offers free calling and texting services at affordable rates for international calls.
  • Users are encouraged to choose reliable services like KrispCall to ensure security and legality while texting from a different number.

Let’s get started. 🚀

What are the reasons for sending a text with a different number?

Text messages can be sent from a different number for a variety of reasons, each influenced by particular circumstances.

Let’s take a look👀 at the most common reasons why individuals and businesses prefer an alternate phone number when sending a text message or SMS.

what are the reasons for sending a text with a different number
  • Privacy and Anonymity: With the rise of the internet, protecting sensitive data has become more and more important. Using different numbers for text messages helps keep your personal information protected, especially when chatting with somebody you don’t know well. Having a substitute phone number protects you from unwanted attention by keeping your identity secret.
  • Safety and Security: Using an alternate cell phone number is like having a security system for your phone. It reduces unwanted calls and makes you feel safe in the internet-based atmosphere.
  • Temporary Communication: It’s extremely important to use different telephone numbers while handling short tasks and temporary communication. This makes it possible for people to keep these conversations apart from their normal routes of communication, guaranteeing efficiency and clarity.
  • Avoiding Unwanted Contacts: A conversation with a telemarketer or scammer is never pleasant. With a different phone number, we can filter out unsolicited calls, unwanted contacts, and spam calls, giving us greater control over who can contact us.
  • Business and Marketing: Many businesses use texting numbers of different phone numbers for different business purposes, including marketing, customer service, and sales. Businesses can streamline communication processes, improve customer service, and make sure inquiries are forwarded to the appropriate department or staff member by using alternate phone numbers.

What are the ways to send a text using a different number?

There are several methods for sending texts from a different phone number, each with its own set of advantages and suitability for specific needs

We’ll go over the three ways in which you can text someone from a different number.

1. Using Online Services

Online platforms such as KrispCall offer virtual phone numbers that can be used to send and receive text messages. These platforms also offer additional features such as Bulk Messaging, Instant Messaging, and Voicemail to Email, making it ideal for organizations and people who require temporary additional phone numbers.

2. Using Messaging Apps

You can use messaging apps to create accounts with different phone numbers. This enables you to send text from multiple numbers within the same app, providing flexibility for managing various communication needs.

3. Using Fake Number App

There are several programs available on the internet that can generate disposable or temporary numbers for texting anonymously. These apps are quite handy for anyone who wants to remain anonymous, to protect their privacy or avoid unwanted contact without disclosing any personal information.

5 Apps You Can Utilize to Send a Text from a Different Number

There are numerous applications available on the internet, each with its unique set of features and functions. However, it may be challenging to select the finest apps based on your price constraints.

To reduce your mental strain, we researched and picked five apps that would improve your SMS service while meeting your financial needs. 

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a virtual cloud phone system that lets you send and receive SMS messages from a different phone number. It is one of the top SMS platforms that can be accessed through the web or mobile apps. 

Text from a different phone number with KrispCall App

KrispCall also offers virtual phone numbers in over 100 countries, as well as the option of purchasing a different phone number that allows you to send and receive text messages from anywhere.

In addition to SMS features, KrispCall also provides additional features such as Unified Callbox, Shared Number, Voicemail, Integrations, and more.

🔍 Features

💰 Pricing

EnterpriseCustom Pricing

Here is what people say about KrispCall

KrispCall allowed our business and our customer base to grow since we need a contact number. Its smooth and easy subscription and user interface were our reasons for choosing KrispCall. Most importantly, the customer service works at its best to help us with any troubleshoots we have.

Berivan Birkan, Founder, TerraMavi

❎ KrispCall Limitations

  • Noncompatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  • Limited Integrations.
  • Bulk SMS features are still in progress.

2. Google Voice

Google Voice is a service provided by Google that allows you to obtain different telephone numbers, primarily to manage calls, text messages, and voicemails across multiple devices. 

Text from a Different Number with Google Voice

To get a different phone number, first sign up for a Google account and follow their verification process to get an alternate phone number.

Google Voice has the disadvantage of not being available in all countries. It is only available in the United States, Canada, and most countries in mainland Europe and the UK.

🔍 Features

💰 Pricing

Business Starter$6/user/month
Business Standard$12/user/month
Business Plus$18/user/month
EnterpriseContact Sales

❎ Google Voice Limitations

  • No HD Audio Support and Poor Sound Quality.
  • No Live Support.
  • Limited Number Porting.
  • Limited Global Reach.
  • No External Integrations.

3. TextNow

TextNow is another popular app for getting a new phone number to make calls, send messages, and receive voicemails. It is a free phone service and mobile data provider that offers free calling and texting services to customers with eligible devices.

textnow the best sms platfrom to sending text messages with second phone number

TextNow is used to make calls and send text messages at affordable rates. TextNow can be accessed by either downloading the app or using a TextNow SIM card. The best thing is that the base plan includes free calling and texting.

🔍 Features

  • International Free Calling
  • Messaging 
  • Group chats

💰 Pricing

  • Contact the TextNow Sales Department for pricing information.

❎ TextNow Limitations

  • TextNow does not allow cellular calls when traveling outside the U.S. and Canada.
  • TextNow does not allow 9-1-1 emergency calls.
  • Requires a stable internet connection.
  • Not compatible with other devices.

4. Burner

Burner is another popular tool for obtaining a temporary phone number, designed to protect your privacy and protect your anonymity.

Burner app provide second phone number for Texting

Burner offers spam filtering and muting features, ensuring that only your chosen contacts contact you. Furthermore, Burner numbers cannot be traced back to your primary number, and you can personalize your phone numbers yourself.

🔍 Features

  • Custom Voicemail Greeting
  • Rings & Notifications
  • Passcode/Pin Lock
  • Auto-reply to Texts

💰 Pricing

Subscribe on the web & download after.$4.99/month
Download directly from the app stores.$9.99/month

❎ Burner Limitations

  • Pricing structure not suited for long-term use.
  • Difficulty receiving incoming calls.
  • Cannot contact emergency services.

5. Sideline

Sideline is the most commonly used app that provides alternate phone numbers for personal or business needs.

Send text message from different number with sideline

Sideline works with your existing carrier network (not VoIP) to provide excellent call quality wherever your phone is serviced. It allows you to remain safe and anonymous while using your primary phone number.

Sideline users can send and receive calls and text messages from the second number. It offers unlimited calling and texting and no Wi-Fi connection is required. It is also available on both Android and iOS.

🔍 Features

  • Voicemail
  • SMS Messaging 
  • Group chats
  • Avoid Spam
  • Number Porting
  • Auto-Reply

💰 Pricing

Monthly (1 month)$14.49
Half Yearly (6 months)$69.99 
Yearly (12 months)$129.99

❎ Sideline Limitations

  • Limited call forwarding.
  • Technical problems need to be improved.
  • Expensive pricing structure.


Text messages sent from a different number provide considerable privacy, safety, and temporary communication benefits. Having a second phone number, regardless of what you use it for, can improve security and streamline communication.

Even though a variety of apps are available for texting purposes from alternate numbers, you should be aware of the risks associated with using fake number apps. It is possible that fake number apps could compromise your privacy and expose you to legal concerns, including possible misuse of your personal information. 

To ensure a safe and legal texting experience, choose reputable platforms such as KrispCall. It is a trustworthy VoIP platform that provides customers with authentic virtual phone numbers while maintaining privacy and legality. KrispCall allows consumers to have a seamless chatting experience while protecting their personal information.

Why are you waiting? Let’s try a 😉 KrispCall free demo


How can I text from a different number for free?

You can use apps like Google Voice or TextNow to text from a different number for free. 

Can someone use your phone number to text someone else?

There is a possibility that someone could use your phone number to send a text to someone else. The technique of SMS spoofing is used by cybercriminals to send fraudulent text messages

How do you text a different number on your iPhone?

To text a different number on iPhone:

  • Open the Messages app
  • Tap the Compose button  (looks like a pen and paper icon) at the top of the screen
  • Enter the phone number you want to text, You can also tap the “+” icon next to the field to access your recent calls or contacts.
  • Compose your message and tap the Send button (arrow icon)

How can I send a free SMS to another number?

You can send a free SMS to another number via messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Discord, but you’ll need a stable internet connection to do so.

Can I send a text message without showing my personal number?

Yes, you can send a text message without disclosing your phone number by using a third-party service, such as a VoIP service, an app, or a website. If you choose a VoIP service, KrispCall is the best option for sending SMS because it keeps your phone number private.

What considerations should I keep in mind when using a permanent phone number for sending texts from a different number?

It is critical to select a reputed service provider such as KrispCall that provides alternate virtual phone numbers while prioritizing user privacy and security. In addition, users should be aware of any restrictions and regulations before purchasing an alternative phone number for texting or SMS.

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