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RCS Vs SMS: What are the differences?



RCS VS SMS-What are the differences

You’ve probably had conversations with friends, family, and clients through text messages. But have you ever considered sending them messages in advance? If so, don’t fret; 😟 we’ve got the solution for you.

Do you know what? These days, people enjoy sending engaging messages that include multimedia elements 📱 like images, audio clips, and videos. To add excitement to your communications, consider using RCS messaging.

While SMS remains the method for text-based communication, RCS messaging can help you keep up with evolving customer expectations and technological advancements.

This guide explores the distinctions between RCS Vs SMS and the benefits of utilizing both messaging platforms to elevate your business strategy and enhance customer engagement.


  • SMS can only send text messages, while RCS allows multimedia content, like images, audio, and videos.
  • RCS boosts user engagement with features like suggested replies and actions.
  • Group chats on RCS can include up to 100 members, a feature not on SMS.
  • Unlike SMS, RCS improves communication transparency by providing real-time delivery and reading receipts. 
  • Rich Communication Service (RCS) offers end-to-end encryption for user privacy, a security feature lacking in SMS.

What is SMS & How it works?

What is SMS & How it works

SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS has been a part of mobile phone users’ daily lives. It is an effortless way to send text messages between devices. Users can send and receive short texts using a phone number.  

Here’s how SMS works: 

  1. The sender enters the receiver’s mobile number and types the text message.
  2. The message the user sends first goes to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC). SMSC is a centralized server responsible for handling all SMS messages.
  3. SMSC monitors the receiver’s mobile number and establishes the right network to deliver messages via a series of signaling messages.

Below are some of the stats:

  • Every day, more than 18 billion text messages are sent worldwide.
  • Every week, 97% of adult Americans send texts, and 95% of those texts are read within three minutes of sending them. 
  • Text message response times typically take ninety seconds, demonstrating the quick speed of SMS communication.

Similarly, SMS is limited to 160 characters. With billions of messages sent daily, SMS has been a universal way of communication for decades. Despite its widespread use, SMS has limitations, one of which is that it does not support multimedia content.

SMS, also known as traditional mobile messaging, works on the signaling route of mobile networks. It adopts the configuration used by the voice calls.

SMSC is one of the most used text messaging services in the world. The receiver receives and delivers the message with a notification. Likewise, SMSC reserves the message until the recipient is available.

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What is RCS Chat & How it works?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. RCS was created 15 years ago as a replacement for SMS. RCS is a messaging protocol for Google/Android users with chat features similar to Apple’s iMessage.

What is RCS Chat & How it works

Similarly, RCS builds upon SMS’s foundation by supporting multimedia content, group messaging, read receipts, and other advanced features. With RCS, the user can send and receive high-quality photos, videos, audio messages, and more.

Here’s how RCS works:

  1. Rich Communication Service is a communication protocol that enhances traditional SMS messaging by providing a more interactive and engaging experience.
  2. The sender enters the receiver’s mobile number and types the text message.
  3. The message is transferred to the Cloud service, such as the RBM agent and Cloud Pub/Sub.
  4. And then, the same cloud service sends the message to the receiver.

Key Features of Rich Communication Services

Rich Card Support

RCS makes rich card creation within messages possible, allowing companies to incorporate interactive elements like buttons, slideshows, and quick replies.

Recommended Replies

Users can respond more quickly and effectively when RCS suggests replies based on the message’s content.

Recommended Actions

Like recommended replies, RCS can suggest actions based on a conversation’s context, such as making a reservation or an appointment.

Likewise, RCS makes the messaging experience more engaging. It also supports group chats with up to 100 participants, allowing seamless connections between friends, family, and colleagues. Moreover, Rich Communication Services’ working mechanism depends on the Wi-Fi network or the internet connection. RCS messages are sent online at zero cost.

RCS Vs SMS: What is the differences?

Compare RCS VS SMS

There is no doubt about the functional and user-experience differences between RCS and SMS messages. With its advanced group messaging capabilities, interactive features, and support for multimedia content, RCS offers a more engaging and dynamic communication platform.

Let’s examine RCS vs SMS in more detail: 

UsabilityFor now, it can only be used on Android devices.SMS is applicable to every available mobile device.
ReachOne billion active Android users.100% of mobile phone users approx. 5.61 billion.
Text CapabilitiesMax up to 250,000 charactersLimited to 160 characters.
Media CapabilitiesSupports all kinds of multimedia actions such as images, videos, and audio.Multimedia actions cannot be included.
User ExperienceInteractive buttons and quick reply buttons are the unique features.SMS only offers text chat features.
EngagementThe average RCS message open rate is 98%.The average SMS message open rate is 82%. 
Branding OpportunitiesIt includes all messages with the brand logo.It only includes text branding.

How do SMS and RCS enhance your business operations?

SMS and RCS marketing can enhance your business operations. You can customize the messages according to your needs and preferences. Likewise, several businesses and companies use both RCS and SMS to cover all their strategy bases.

How do SMS and RCS enhance you business operations

Likewise, SMS is a dependable choice for short text messages (up to 160 characters). However, RCS chat provides more features and allows you to send longer messages to your audience using Android devices.

Below are some of the example beneficial stats of SMS messages in business operations:

  • SMS messages have an average of 82% open rate, whereas emails only have an average of 21%.
  • SMS marketing is more affordable and requires less infrastructure than traditional advertising methods.

Some of the example beneficial stats of RCS messaging are:

  • RCS messaging is a very successful messaging platform because its open rate is 98%.
  • Similarly, companies that use RCS report notable increases in customer engagement; for example, Fintonic achieved 2.5 times more conversions than SMS campaigns.

Moreover, this may be why many companies that wish to adopt rich messaging begin with a simple solution: automatically convert old SMS messages to RCS when possible while maintaining SMS activity when necessary. 

Also, by implementing this business messaging strategy, you can make sure that your company is reaching as many customers as possible.

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How can I activate RCS messaging on my Google Message?

To activate RCS messaging on your Google Message on your phone, you must follow some steps:

1. Select a provider

Choose a messaging service that integrates well with your current systems and provides RCS functionality.

2. Set up your Campaign

You can create requiring RCS messages that speak to your target audience and help you achieve your goals.

3. Launch and Optimize

Once your RCS campaign has been set up, observe the outcome with analytics tools. Likewise, you can use the information to adjust your messaging strategy to improve results and convey a better message.

4. Device and Media Types Supported

RCS can handle media formats such as images, videos, audio files, and documents. Unlike SMS, which is limited to sending text messages, RCS enables businesses to craft engaging multimedia content that attracts users and boosts interaction. 

Additionally, SMS messages are supported by both Android and iOS platforms, while RCS is exclusively accessible on Android devices.

Which media types and devices are supported by RCS and SMS?

SMS messages can only contain plain text, but RCS messages can contain media files, including images, videos, documents, and audio files. Similarly, RCS enables businesses to create rich multimedia experiences that attract clients and encourage interaction.

Furthermore, mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and others can use SMS and RCS. However, applications vary across systems.

Rich Communication Service (RCS)Short Message Service (SMS)
RCS is supported in modern smartphones which run the Andriod operating system.SMS is supported on all mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.
Similarly, many devices come with a pre-installed messaging app that supports RCS.It is a universal messaging protocol that is built into the core functionality of mobile phones.

In summary, diverse gadgets can aid each SMS and RCS, but RCS is regularly available on Android smartphones with well-matched messaging apps. RCS messages want a web connection, the same time as SMS messages want a cellular network.

Final Words

RCS’s new technology capabilities tap into the evolving mobile messaging landscape. Consider integrating the KrispCall SMS feature, which offers exclusive functionality and easy integration, to get the most out of your business communications initiative.

Similarly, KrispCall SMS can help you with promotions and new contacts. KrispCall uses modern functionality to enhance user experience and improve messaging services. So, make the transition to RCS messaging carefully and take advantage of all the opportunities for active communication.

Whether you are trying to stay in touch with friends and family or a business trying to maximize customer interaction, KrispCall has the tools to improve your messaging experience. Try KrispCall SMS for efficient Messaging and take the next step toward revolutionizing your communication approach.


Is RCS Better than SMS?

Yes, RCS is better than SMS because it offers multimedia messaging service, has several advantages, and is a more advanced messaging protocol in many aspects.

Can RCS replace SMS?

RCS is meant to replace SMS in the future. It offers features such as file sharing, high-resolution photos, videos, typing indicators, and many more than what SMS does.

What is the difference between SMS vs MMS vs RCS?

SMS is the most basic and extensively used type of messaging, MMS is an extension of SMS which supports multimedia files, and RCS is the most advanced and feature-rich type of messaging.

Is RCS messaging available on iOS?

In 2024, iOS will enable rcs messaging. As a result, users will be able to utilize modern text messaging functionalities on both Android and iOS devices.

Which is Safer, RCS, OR SMS?

RCS uses virtual credentials for identity verification and authentication on end-to-end encryption, which is widely believed to be more secure and safe. This makes it impossible for hackers to intercept messages. Additionally, RCS offers a notable improvement in security over SMS’s simple encryption techniques.

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