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How to Integrate Your Keap Account with KrispCall?




Keap and KrispCall are a winning combination to enhance your communication experience during a call. By connecting these two platforms, you can seamlessly manage your contacts, automate tasks, and initiate a call. 

This integration also allows you to access the complete view of customer history during calls on the KrispCall interface which helps you to tailor your conversation. Besides that, there are major features and benefits of Keap and KrispCall integration

So, let’s discuss some key features and benefits that you can expect from Keap and KrispCall. This guide also walks you through the step-by-step process of how to integrate Keap account with KrispCall. 

Integrating KrispCall With Keap: Best Features

Integrating your Keap account with KrispCall enables you to use several features. Here are the five major features:

1. Two-way Data Synchronization

The Keap and KrispCall integration completely removes the need for manual dialing for sales representatives. The customer data such as call history, notes, tags, past purchases and other information is automatically synchronized between KrispCall and Keap. This feature ensures that all the customer information is consistent and up-to-date on both platforms. 

2. Trigger automation

This integration helps you automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks like creating notes, contact tagging, new lead capture, and appointment reminders. By leveraging Keap automation capabilities, you can increase your call center efficiency and productivity. This automation saves sales reps valuable time, which allows them to focus on building close relationships with customers. 

3. Click-to-call functionality

Integrating your Keap account with KrispCall allows you to initiate a call directly from your Keap interface in just a few clicks. This feature has completely eliminated the need to switch between apps and tabs to make a call. As a result, it helps you to enhance the efficiency of workflow and calling process. Sales reps can make hundreds of calls in a day easily.

4. Automatic call logging

Keap and KrispCall integration has simplified the process of tracking phone calls on both platforms. It automatically logs all the calls and gives you a detailed report on inbound and outbound calls, missed calls, received calls, transferred calls, and voicemails. In addition, this feature allows you to view the insight of call details such as duration and outgoing call destination. 

5. Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

The integration allows users to use advanced reporting and analytics tools. This helps you gain deeper insights into your client communication, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately strengthen your client relationship. Further, you can analyze call data or other customer interactions in Keap to understand customer behavior. 

Benefits of Integrating Keap With KrispCall

Integrating Keap with KrispCall offers you several benefits. Here are five major benefits:

1. Streamlined workflow and boosted productivity

By integrating your Keap account with KrispCall, you can streamline your workflow and boost productivity. This integration has removed the need to switch between multiple tabs or platforms to update contacts or make calls. 

For instance, a salesperson needs to log a call, update a contact, and send a follow-up email. With this integration, they can do all this within the Keap interface, saving them time and reducing administrative workload. 

2. Enhanced customer engagement with contextual information

This integration allows you to access the caller’s information directly within Keap during a call. This contextual information includes call history, past interactions, purchase history, and other relevant notes. This valuable data helps sales reps to personalize the conversation, address the customer’s specific concerns quickly, and provide a more helpful experience. 

3. Effortless lead management and improved sales performance

Integrating your Keap account and KrispCall allows you to connect calls with specific leads directly within your Keap interface. KrispCall can also automatically identify the caller if their number is in Keap or create a new lead record if it is not. This association between calls and leads helps track interactions effectively and personalize sales pitches based on the lead’s history.

4. Data-driven decision-making with powerful reporting

The Keap and KrispCall integration allows you to combine call data from KrispCall with customer data in Keap. These valuable data offer your insight into call volume, duration, success rate, and even which sales are performing best. Then, you can analyze these reports to identify trends, optimize your call center performance, and make data-driven decisions about your sales strategy. 

5. Improved collaboration and team communication

The integration offers you call data and customer information in one centralized location, which eventually helps foster better collaboration within your team. Moreover, all team members can access call recordings, notes, and past interactions directly within Keap. This ensures that all members have up-to-date information and eliminates the information silos. 

How to Integrate Keap Account with KrispCall?

Step 1: Sign in to your KrispCall account and navigate to Settings

Step 2: You can find Integrations below the App Settings in the Settings menu. Then, click on it. 

Step 3: Once you click, a new window will open, showing the list of business tools and CRM software available for integration. To integrate with Keap, click on the Connect button just below Keap.

Step 4: Then, a new window opens up, asking you to log in to the Keap account you want to integrate with KrispCall. 

Step 5: Enter your credentials and log in to your Keap account. Once properly integrated, your account will be instantly integrated and appear in the Active area of the Integration page.

Step 6: To enable the integration and use the functions it provides, click the Toggle button underneath Keap.

Step 7: Once the integration is enabled, click the Ellipsis (…) button next to Keap to access the Edit option. 

Step 8: Following that, you can modify the General Settings, Workflow Settings, Connected Numbers, and Advanced Options.


The integration of Keap and KrispCall is a great way to streamline your entire sales process and close more deals. 

With this integration, you are able to use advanced features such as automatic call logging, two-way contact syncing, and click-to-call functionality. These features help your sales rep to save valuable time and focus on building effective customer relationships. 

In addition, you can streamline your workflow, enhance customer engagement, and improve your team collaboration. 

Overall, the Keap and KrispCall integration helps you boost sales and develop your business.

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