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Best Keap Integrations in the Market




Wouldn’t it be easier, if your CRM seamlessly connects with all your favorite business tools? Streamline your workflows with keap integration and automate repetitive tasks, and gain a unified view of your customer data.

Look no further than Keap integrations!

With a vast array of third-party apps at your disposal, you can unlock the full potential of Keap and transform your sales and marketing efforts.  In this post, you’ll know the best Keap integrations available in the market to automate your business tasks.

What is Keap Integration?

Keap integration is the process of integrating other software programs or services with Keap, which is the marketing automation platform and customer relationship management (CRM). Through integration, Keap users can enable data sharing and automation between other systems, expanding the platform’s capability and streamlining their business processes.

Third-party apps and services like email marketing platforms, payment gateways, e-commerce solutions, lead-generating tools, VoIP calling, and many others can be integrated with Keap.

You can automate tasks, synchronize data, and create efficient workflows when you integrate Keap with these external systems.

10 Best Keap Integrations in the Market  

Selecting the top Keap connectors enables you to improve operations and automate work to increase efficiency in work processes.

We selected the top 10 Keap integrations based on features, communication quality, and task automation capabilities

We also looked at how well-liked and user-friendly they are. This assisted us in determining the optimal solutions for enhancing Keap’s integration with enterprises.

A. VoIP Integration

This integration allows sales and support teams to make and receive calls directly from Keap. 

1. KrispCall 

The integration of KrispCall with Keap can increase productivity and improve customer relations for your company. Easily automate processes like note-taking, report-generating, and call logging by integrating KrispCall’s robust call management tools with your Keap CRM.

Business phone calls also use this integration to automate follow-up procedures, monitor data, and develop highly focused and successful marketing campaigns, all of which will ultimately lead to improved outcomes.

There are several advantages to integrating Keap with KrispCall. It Includes simplified customer encounters, time savings, and increased productivity. First of all, the integration makes automation easier by enabling contact details to be automatically updated to Keap CRM each time a call is placed using KrispCall.


  • Centralize contact and call information in Keap to improve team cooperation. 
  • Make better use of your lead management resources by linking particular calls to particular leads.
  • Track each interaction to increase efficiency.
  • Increase the efficiency of each call by utilizing automation. 
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How to integrate Keap with KrispCall?

To integrate Keap with KrispCall follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your KrispCall account to get started.
  2. Select Integrations from the Settings menu. You can see the Connect → Button under Keap. Just give it a click.
  3. You will then be requested to register or log into Keap. Open your Keap account and log in.
  4. Your Krispcall account will be successfully connected with Keap if you do this.
  5. Click the Toggle button in the integration window to turn Keap on and activate.
  6. To fully benefit from CRM integration, you can set up general settings, process settings, connected numbers, and advanced settings.
  7. After utilizing it, unplug it if you no longer need it.
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2. Callhippo 

CallHippo and Keap work to improve business-to-customer communication. Together, they can make and receive phone calls directly from Keap, where they store all of their client data. All call details, including the caller and the conversation, are automatically stored in Keap. 

Additionally, CallHippo and Keap make sure that the company has all the information needed to assist a consumer when they contact. The workers benefit from being faster as well because they don’t have to switch between programs. It’s like having everything you need for your phone in one convenient location!

  • Keap allows you to make and receive calls without moving between apps. Keap is similar to having a phone built right in!
  • Every detail of your calls including who called and what was said is automatically stored in Keap. You don’t have to record them!
  • Keap displays every detail about a caller so you can assist them more effectively. It’s like to having a caller cheat sheet!
  • Without ever leaving Keap, you can schedule chores and take notes. It facilitates work and saves time!
  • It’s simple to keep track of all your calls and customer information when everything is in one location. Eliminate the need to browse through many apps

B. Connector Integration 

Keap Connector integration improves data flow and operational efficiency by facilitating effortless communication between different systems.

3. MyFusion Helper 

It is a feature-rich solution designed to work alongside KeapTM. It provides a wide range of tools, features, and integrations to increase your productivity and efficiency. There are more than 60 Helpers available, along with connections to popular applications such as Facebook, Google Sheets, and GotoWebinar. Furthermore, MyFusion bridges the gaps in KeapTM’s functionality to ensure the smooth running of the company


  • With conversion optimization tools, you can fine-tune your sales funnel to yield optimal results.
  • Pick from adaptable price structures designed for companies of all sizes. 
  • Has easy setup and installation procedures which allow you to get started quickly and without difficulty. 
  • Use the new and upgraded Helper features to meet your changing business demands. 


PlusThis facilitates marketing for businesses by integrating with the apps they currently use. It illustrates how to connect different apps. 

Through the integration of PlusThis’s capabilities with Keap’s Plan Creator, users may access an extensive range of tools and features that facilitate lead and customer segmentation, automation, and personalized communication. 

Facebook is also compatible with it for things like advertisements. Businesses may complete tasks more quickly and easily by using PlusThis.


  • It facilitates the automation of your marketing chores, which eases your workload.
  • demonstrates, step-by-step, how to link your apps to PlusThis.
  • Integrates with applications such as Calendly for scheduling, Acuity for appointment management, and ActiveCampaign for marketing.
  • You can complete jobs more quickly and effectively using PlusThis, which will save you time and effort.

C. E-Commerce Integration 

E-commerce integration simplifies managing online business easier and less costly. In the long run, it improves customer experiences and propels corporate growth.

5. Big Commerce

Big Commerce is an online store management and growth platform that gives businesses the capabilities and resources they need to establish, run, and expand their online stores.

Use Keap to automate the process of connecting your BigCommerce orders and items. This makes sure that all of your e-commerce data is easily collected in Keap which will make it easier for you to create reports, divide up your audience, and follow up efficiently.


  • It allows for the automated sharing of customer and order data between your online business and your customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Automatically sends clients personalized emails depending on what their actions such as purchasing or using your website.
  • Gives you the freedom and convenience of managing your business while on the go with mobile capabilities.

6. Unific

Unific is highly skilled in using advanced data analysis and easy integrations to improve customer service for e-commerce companies. 

Unific joins with Keap to provide better management of business solutions. It connects the orders and customer data from both systems, making it easier for you to manage everything efficiently.


  • To enhance marketing strategy and gain insight into customer behavior.
  • Provide individualized rewards to increase sales.
  • Use behavioral segments to target clients with specific marketing messages.
  • Guides and case studies can teach you about data-driven marketing, segmentation, and customer nurture.

D. Mail Integration

Mail integration improves tasks and speeds up performance in a variety of sectors. Email integrates with additional technologies, such as project management, customer management, and email marketing. As a result, email usage will improve and tasks will be completed automatically.

7. Gmail

Gmail integration is the process of integrating Gmail with other services and apps to improve its features and optimize operations. After you decide to integrate Keap with Gmail, you’ll discover that the setup procedure is simple and fast.

 After finishing, you’ll have an extensive understanding of how CRM software functions perfectly within the Gmail interface.

For example:  users may book events straight from their inbox by connecting Gmail with Google Calendar, and sharing and attaching files is made simple by integrating Gmail with Google Drive. 


  • Google Contacts integration allows you to manage contacts right within Gmail.
  •  Third-party apps can be added to provide more features.
  • It provides effective labeling, filtering, and search functions.
  • Two-factor authentication and spam filtering are examples of strong security measures.

 8. Outlook

When utlook and Keap work together, it’s as though they become your reliable partners there to help you with efficient email and contact management. Your communication workflow is simplified by this integration by making it easier for you to plan appointments, send emails, and stay on with your important contacts. It’s like having two trustworthy buddies by your side that make sure you keep on and get things done on time every day. 


  • Direct link from Outlook to Salesforce data.
  • Emails and events are readily recorded to Salesforce databases.
  • Improved productivity for sales agents by utilizing their email applications.

E. Other Integration

Other integrations may include tools like Deadline Funnel, Fix Your Funnel, and Webinar Jam which gives increased efficiency, productivity, and better customer service.

9. Deadline Funnel

By integrating Deadline Funnel and Keap (API) users can include countdown timers in their Keap campaigns. This increases conversions and creates a sense of urgency. 

Users can tweak Deadline Funnel tracking by adding a “Send HTTP Post” action to the Keap campaign sequence, and build up custom fields in Keap. To make sure the countdown timers function properly users must include links to Deadline Funnel emails in their contact.


  • Consistent messaging is ensured via platform integration with email.
  • Personalize timers to the appearance and feel of your brand.
  • Analytics aid in strategy improvement for improved outcomes.
  • Timers show up clearly on PCs and phones.
  • Monitor conversions to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign.

10. Fix Your Funnel

Businesses may communicate with their audience via text messaging by utilizing the sophisticated SMS marketing automation features that Fix Your Funnel integration offers. Also,  Businesses can improve lead management procedures and communication by implementing features like two-way messaging and automated text message sequences.


  • Interactive communication is enabled through two-way messaging.
  • Smooth interaction for improved connection with CRM systems.
  • Effective lead management via text message interaction.
  • Analytics and campaign tracking to gain insights into performance.
  • Message sequences that can be modified for customized campaigns.

Tips to choose the best Keap Integration

  • Feature Alignment: Give top priority to integrations in Keap that closely match your unique requirements and intended results.
  • User Reviews and Ratings: To determine the degree of satisfaction of current users, review user reviews and ratings on websites such as Capterra, G2, or TrustRadius.
  • API Flexibility: Give priority to integrations with strong APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) if you need to create bespoke workflows or have special requirements.
  • Security and Compliance: Make sure that integration complies with industry security guidelines and legal requirements, particularly if handling sensitive client data is involved.


Keap integration, also known as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation platform specially designed for small businesses, mostly related to the service industry. Keap provides tools that assist businesses in managing their contacts, automating marketing campaigns, and simplifying sales processes.

Choosing the best Keap integrations ensures compatibility with evolving technology. Find KrispCall as your Keap Integration, which boosts productivity and user experiences. It also enables access to new features and improvements.

Additionally, it shows a dedication to innovation and ongoing development. So, setting up the company for long-term success in a changing industry requires maintaining integrations. It helps you respond to shifting client needs and business requirements.

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