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How To Use Google Voice in Canada? Limitations and Best Alternative




Using Google Voice in Canada for business communication with customers and team members is a good choice. While Google Voice seems like a perfect fit, there’s a catch 😣: it’s not available for free use in Canada. 

Further complicating matters, Canadian phone plans are expensive, leaving businesses with hefty phone call bills. In fact, Canadian mobile wireless plans are among the most expensive than any other country. 

So, in this guide, we will break down the cost of Google Voice in Canada and its limitations. We also include a step-by-step process of how to get and use it. Lastly, we have provided the best alternative to Google Voice in Canada. 


  • Google Voice’s free version isn’t available in Canada. 
  • Only Google Workspace/ G Suite customers can access Google Voice by purchasing an additional Google Voice license. 
  • Google Voice doesn’t provide toll-free numbers and is available only in fourteen countries.
  • Google Voice doesn’t offer text features in Canada. 
  • KrispCall is the best alternative to Google Voice due to its functionality and affordability, especially for Canadian businesses.

Is Google Voice available in Canada?

Yes, Google Voice is indeed available in Canada, but you are not able to use its free version. To use it, you must be a Google Workspace/G Suite customer and invest in an additional Google Voice license. 

This means individual users can’t get free Google Voice numbers with a Canadian area code. However, if you have a Google Workspace account, you can sign up for Google Voice and assign Canadian numbers to your employees.

How to get Google Voice in Canada?

Getting a Canadian phone number is easy and seamless when you follow the proper process and resources. To get Google Voice in Canada follow the below steps:

1. Configure the base 

The initial step is that you must have a US phone number to access Google Voice Services. For that, you need to get a US phone number which just takes a few minutes. Once you get the number, you can activate it through the Express Talk Softphone app.  

2. Go to the Google Voice website

Once you get the US phone number, navigate to using your web browser and log in to your account. This is where you will manage your Google Voice settings, including voicemail and call routing. However, you might face geo-restriction in the process. Try to clean up your cache, browse, and access the website again. 

3. Open your voicemail

After you successfully log in with your Gmail account, it’s time to click on the Get a Voice Number option. Then, select your new voice number, enter a US area code, and select your desired number. Now, a list of available numbers will be shown on your screen, which you can choose from

4. Enter the PIN

Once you choose your new number, enter the 4-digit PIN code and accept all the terms and conditions. Then, a new window will display, asking you to enter your US mobile phone number. Enter your US mobile number, and your phone will ring when someone calls your GV number.

5. Initiate call routing

When your new US number is sorted, click on the “Call Me Now” option. Then, your call is automatically sent to your Canadian phone numbers by Google Voice, which uses the Express Talk program to ring them. Using the dial pad on the ET program, enter the confirmation code to validate your Voice number.

After your number has been validated, you can use Google Voice number to make free calls. Still, free calling is only available in the USA and Canada. 

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How Much Does Google Voice Cost?

Using a Google Voice service needs a Google Workspace subscription in Canada. Here are four pricing plans available for you to choose from. 

Remember that all the prices are in USD, and the pricing may vary from month to month due to exchange rates

Can I use Google Voice in Canada for free?

No, it is not possible in Canada to use Google Voice for free. However, you can still get a free Google Voice Number in Canada by going through a challenging process. But you can’t sign up using Canada’s IP address as Google Voice will immediately detect your location and block you. 

Therefore, you have to use a Valid Canada VPN that has a server in the United States on the device you’re signing up from. It allows you to change your IP location to the USA, enabling you to sign up.

In addition, you have to verify your account once you complete the sign-up process. For this, you need a US phone number. After that, you can get a free Google Voice number. Nonetheless, you still can’t get a Canadian number with your free account. 

Even though you get a free US Google Voice number, it’s not great to use for business. These numbers are specifically designed to cater to personal use and not for business. To use advanced features such as call recording, you must purchase a paid version. 

How To Use Google Voice in Canada?

First and foremost, to use Google Voice in Canada, you must have a paid version of Google Voice account to access its services. So, undoubtedly a Workspace membership is required before purchasing Google Voice’s premium subscription and receiving a Voice number.

When you have a (paid) Google Workspace account, you can use features such as customer email, security, and management controls in just a business starter plan, which only costs $6 USD/user/month. If you are seeking advanced features, you need to purchase a Business Standard plan or Business Plus plan to get advanced features. 

Pricing PlansCostNumber Assignment Limit
Business Starter$6/user/month100 participant
Business Standard$12/user/month150 participant
Business Plus$18/user/month500 participant
EnterpriseContact Sales1000 participant

The Business Standard plan costs $12 USD/user/month and you can purchase the Business Plus plan at $18 USD/user/month. These two premium subscription features maximize the limitation of participants, as well as storage and standard support. Further, you can use better management and security features.

Limitations Of Google Voice in Canada

There are several limitations of Google Voice in Canada that you need to consider before diving headfirst. Here are the few main limitations that you need to understand:

1. Does not provide toll-free numbers

If your business is expanding into new territories and aims to attract customers from other countries, it’s essential to have a toll-free number. This helps them to reach out to your customer service team in case of any issues, regardless of long-distance calling prices. Sadly, Google Voice doesn’t provide a toll-free number which can prevent these benefits. 

2. Available in a limited number of countries

Google Voice might not be the best option when your team members are scattered in different countries in the world. As of now, Google Voice is only available in 14 countries. So, you won’t be able to give them access to a business line. In this case, you have to find a new alternative for them.

3. No texting feature

Text messages are important to stay connected with team members and clients. But Google Voice messaging features are only available in the US Google Voice app. This might prevent sharing crucial information instantly with team members which eventually hinders workflow. 

Go For KrispCall: Top Google Voice Alternative in Canada

You now have learned that utilizing Google Voice in Canada is difficult and has its own set of limitations. 

Thus, it’s possible that you’re asking yourself the same question as everyone else: Which telephony service provider could be a good substitute for Google Voice? Go for KrispCall without any hesitation. KrispCall is a cloud telephony that surpasses Google Voice in functionality and affordability, especially for Canadian businesses. 

KrispCall offers three subscription plans to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small to large. The pricing plan starts from $15/user/month, which is a more profitable package than Google Voice with Google Workspace. It will also lower to $12/user/month if you billed annually.

You can get the following advanced features with the KrispCall essential plan:

  • Send and receive text messages using the Text Messages features at an affordable cost.
  • For every user, one local/mobile from the UK or one local number from either the USA or Canada is free.  You can further assign numbers to your members to make and receive calls.
  • Seamlessly transfer active calls to expert agents.
  • Get your calls on different numbers when you are unavailable.
  • Create insightful call logs with call notes. 
  • Easily port your number to KrispCall from any carrier.
  • Share your phone numbers to multiply your availability.
  • Never miss the details of old calls with call log history features.
  • By using KrispCall’s global calling function to make quick calls across borders, you may increase your consumer base globally.

In addition to these features, you can purchase numbers from worldwide, which helps you to scale your team in any foreign country efficiently. You can also get features, including real-time call monitoring, which is not available on Google Voice. Undoubtedly, KrispCall stands out as the best alternative to Google Voice in Canada that meets your communication needs and enhances conversations. 


Can I get Google Voice in Canada?

Yes, you can get a Google Voice in Canada, but with some limitations. The free version of Google Voice isn’t available. However, you can purchase a Google Voice business plan if you are a Google Workspace customer. 

Can I use Google Voice without a phone number in Canada?

No, you cannot use Google Voice without a phone number in Canada. You need to have a valid US phone number to sign up, as the Google Voice free version isn’t available in Canada. 

Can I use Google Voice for business in Canada?

Yes, you can use Google Voice for business in Canada. But it might not be suitable for your business due to some restrictions and limitations. For instance, Google Voice doesn’t offer a texting feature in Canada, is available only in 14 countries, and does not provide toll-free numbers. These limitations can prevent you from growing your business, eventually making you look for an alternative. 

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