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Phone Number Parking: Everything You Need to Know



everything you need to know about phone number parking

Like countless other telephony users, you might have an old phone number for years.

While your childhood friends, family numbers, or your long-term & loyal customers still get in touch with you through it, you might be thinking of completely moving on to something new and advanced.

But what if you could save that number in a safe place for a certain duration?

It’s up to you to decide for later use. Yep, it’s possible, and you do it by using a number parking service.

Well, now the question is how to park your phone number. And trust us, doing this isn’t difficult.

In this article, we will discuss what phone number parking is, how it works, why you should use this service, along with the learning process of using it, the top providers who offer this service, and lastly, how to reactivate a parked number.

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What is Phone Number Parking?

Phone number Parking is a telephony service that lets you withhold a specific telephone number for a certain time period to yourself without it being active for communication or being registered and given to a new user due to inactivity. 

what is phone number parking

It is a simple yet effective method that is particularly useful for both individuals and businesses if they want to keep a number associated with their personal or business account/identity without worrying about losing it in situations like long holidays or temporary relocations.

Once needed, the number can be easily reactivated anytime, which ensures communication continuity and convenience.

Why should I park my number?

Whether for business purposes or for individual preferences, telephone number parking has its own set of utilities and benefits.

reasons why should I park my number

Here are some notable reasons why someone or an organization would park a telephone number:

  • The biggest one of them is saving money while keeping an old number for yourself.
  • To retain an important number while traveling long-term or relocating temporarily.
  • Make sure the number is still assigned to you in case of prolonged inactivity.
  • To avoid disruptions during provider switching or canceling other services.
  • For future use while avoiding losing it or having to acquire a new connection.
  • Lastly, for circumstances like temporary closings or suspended operations of a business.


  • Lets you keep your number.
  • Helps you save money on telecommunication bills.
  • Maintaining service continuity during a move.


  • Costs a monthly fee as service charges.
  • It can be complex to set up and manage.
  • Calls and messages on the parked number cannot be received.

How to Park a Phone Number?

In layman’s terms, it is a service that works in a similar way that car parking works. That means phone number parking works by temporarily disconnecting your phone number from any active phone line or device but keeping it registered to you.

To park your phone number:

  1. Check if your number is eligible for parking.
  2. Select a phone number parking service provider.
  3. Give them the number you want to park.
  4. Pay the subscription fees.
  5. Your number is parked.

Top 3 phone number parking service Providers in 2024

Only a few companies offer phone number parking services. The prices of their services vary depending on the features offered and the length of the parking period.

We have gathered a list of the top phone number parking service providers:

1. KrispCall

KrispCall is a cloud phone number provider that offers phone number parking services as well. You can park your phone number at KrispCall’s tightly secured system for as long as you want, hassle-free. 

krispcall home page

With KrispCall, you can easily park your phone number and maintain control over it without the constraints of a traditional carrier contract.

All you need to do is port your existing number to it or get a virtual number from it>request for it to be parked> pay the subscription fee>your number is safeguarded at KrispCall, and you get the peace of mind you deserve.

In addition to cell phone number parking services, you can make use of its other services, like renting a phone number, signing up on dating sites without using the phone number from anywhere or to boost your business operations through its cloud-based business phone system over 100 countries including Egypt Virtual Phone number.

2. Number Barn

Number Barn is another notable park-your-phone-number service provider that lets you use its services effortlessly. It offers other useful services like number porting, international call forwarding, and finding unique numbers. 

Numberbarn Port park and keep your number

With over 13 million selectable local, toll-free, and vanity numbers and one of the cheapest rates for all of its services in the market, it is the go-to solution for all looking for a provider with everything they demand.

3. Park My Phone

Park My Phone is another provider that has been providing cost-saving parking services to customers for almost 10 years. It is a good option for individuals and businesses who want to keep their phone numbers without having to pay for active service. 

Park My Phone The Best Way To Keep Your Number and Stop Paying High Phone Bills

It is also a good option for people who need a vanity number or who want to manage multiple phone numbers through a single online account.

To Wrap-Up!

Therefore, to summarize, parking your number is an option that can provide you with benefits like cost-savings, number retainment, avoiding communication disruptions, and getting over unforeseen circumstances in any given situation. You can park a phone number from any provider mentioned in this article to satisfy your requirements and make the most of this service.

It is important to remember, however, that for every advantage, there is a disadvantage as well. Research, evaluate your needs, read reviews, and consider customer feedback before choosing a service provider.


How do I know my phone number is eligible for parking?

To check the parking eligibility of your phone number, you need to enter your phone number on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) website, and if it indicates your number is eligible for parking, you can now contact a phone number parking service provider to verify your eligibility and help you get started with the process.

What happens when someone calls my parked phone number?

Typically, the call automatically ends with or without any information. However, some phone number parking service providers often offer a wide variety of interactive features that you can personally configure to meet your preferences. Some of the most common ones are

  • Forwarding calls to another number.
  • Playing a custom voicemail or multimedia message.
  • Special instructions to get in touch with you.

How do I reactivate my parked number?

If you wish to reactivate a parked phone number, you must contact the provider and pay the reactivation fee. You can reactivate a parked phone number by following these steps:

  1. Get in touch with the service provider who parked your number
  2. Provide your account information and the phone number that you want to reactivate.
  3. You will need to pay the reactivation fee, which can vary according to your service provider.
  4. Patiently wait for the service provider to reactivate your phone number
  5. Once the phone number is reactivated, you can start using it to make and receive phone calls just like you did before.

How much does it cost to park my phone number?

The cost to park your phone number directly depends on the phone number parking service provider you choose. However, there is typically a monthly parking fee that ranges from $1 to $5 charged by most providers. And in some cases, providers may also charge an additional one-time fee for activating or deactivating your account.

Is there a fee to port out to another provider?

Yes, phone number parking providers like KrispCall and NumberBarn offer port-out services for free. Regardless, you will have to pay a subscription fee to activate all the other services and port your number to a different service provider.

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