How to Get Rid of Landline but Keep Phone Number?

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how to get rid of landline but keep phone number

Do you want to get rid of landline but keep number ?

You can find it inconvenient and disruptive to lose a familiar number used for many years for business or personal use. Also, most phone providers do not offer a straightforward solution for transferring a landline number to a mobile or internet service.

In this blog, you’ll learn different ways to get rid of your landline while keeping your phone number.

Without wasting any time, let’s get started! 

Why Do You Need to Transfer a Landline to a Cell Phone?

Transferring a landline number to a cell phone offers greater mobility, cost savings, and modern communication features. Some of the benefits are: 

  • Time and cost reduction : Save time and money with a quick and cost-effective PSTN replacement.
  • Mobility: Cell phones are portable, allowing you to make and receive calls anywhere network coverage is available so its benificial to get rid of landline but keep number
  • Cost Savings: Landlines often have monthly fees, whereas cell phone plans usually have lower monthly charges
  • Versatility: Smartphones are versatile tools for keeping in touch, allowing you to communicate via voice, text, or the internet from a single pattern.
  • Emergency Preparedness: You can always carry a cell phone in an emergency, as they are less susceptible to power outages.

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How to Get Rid of Landline But Keep Phone Number?

You can remove your landline phone service but still keep your phone number via the number porting service.

methods  to get rid of landline but keep number

Here are some reliable methods you can follow to transfer your number to new service providers: 

Method 1: Port Landline number to Cloud (VoIP) Phone

You can port your existing phone number to KrispCall’s cloud telephony in 6-7 steps, which can take up to 1-4 weeks, depending on where your number is originally from and how it was created.

Here are the steps to port your landline number to KrispCall cloud phone:

  1. Submit your porting request to KrispCall at [email protected] with the required information. 
  2. Wait until your number gets approved by KrispCall. It usually takes a business day to review all your documents. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified if you are eligible for porting.
  3. KrispCall submits the porting request for your number to your current provider. A series of communications occur between KrispCall and the current carrier.
  4. KrispCall will get a response from your service provider if the request has been accepted or rejected. 
  5. KrispCall sends you an e-mail if everything is approved, mentioning the date of the port.

Method 2: Request porting from your service provider.

You can keep your phone number while removing your landline by requesting porting from your current provider. Here are some steps to request porting from our current landline provider through which you can get rid of landline but keep number

  1. Choose and call the service provider you would like to change to. 
  2. Speak with the customer support team and explain the situation.
  3. Provide your number to the customer support agent.
  4. They will communicate with your previous provider and initiate the porting process. 

Once the process is completed, you’ll get a notification regarding the porting process on your phone. 

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Method 3: Forward calls from your landline to your cell phone.

You can follow the given steps to forward calls from your landline number to your cell phone

  1. Dial  +72 after hearing the dial tone on your landline phone. 
  2. To forward these calls, dial the 10-digit number followed by the #.
  3. After setting up call forwarding, wait for confirmation. 

For deactivation

  1. Lift the receiver from the currently forwarding calls and dial *73. 
  2. Wait for confirmation that call forwarding is off

How much time does it take to transfer a landline number to a phone?

Porting your phone number to KrispCall usually takes 3-4 weeks. The time it takes to transfer a landline number to a cellphone depends on several factors, such as the service provider involved and its complexity.  If there are problems, the process may take longer.

During this time, KrispCall provides you with a temporary phone number to continue communication without interruption.

For the porting process, you have to go through several steps, such as Submitting your port request and waiting for approval, KrispCall contacts your current provider and gets their response. After all the process is complete, KrispCall will reach out to you. 

KrispCall will email you once everything has been approved, indicating the date your phone number will be ported to KrispCall’s cloud-based telephony system. As soon as the date is reached, the number porting process begins which will enable you to get rid of landline but keep number

Things to Consider When Porting Your Landline Number

You should take care of a few things before porting your number. Here are some important points to consider: 

  • Number Eligibility and Compatibility: Check whether your landline number is eligible for porting. Some numbers, such as business lines or specific rural numbers, can have limitations. 
  • Check if the new provider supports number porting: Before choosing the VoIP service provider, you should check if that provider supports number porting. Also, research reliable providers with features and quality of service.  
  • Number Porting Fees: Ask your new provider about any associated fees before porting your number. 
  • Make sure your new phone carrier has coverage in your area. Do thorough research on the areas the provider covers so you won’t face any problems after subscription. 
  • Check your new phone plan’s terms and conditions to understand the porting process.
  • Some providers give temporary phone numbers to continue your communication. So, be prepared to be without a landline for a few days during porting. 

KrispCall: A Better Way to Get Rid of Landline Without Losing Your Phone Number

You can switch from a traditional landline to a KrispCall cloud phone, a more versatile and feature-rich communication system while keeping your existing number. Porting your landline number to KrispCall has these benefits:

  • Temporary Number To Continue Your Communication: KrispCall provides you with a temporary virtual phone number so that you don’t miss any personal or business communication until you have successfully transferred the number.

  • Seamless Number Transition: With KrispCall, you can effortlessly port your landline number to its platform with advanced cloud telephony features, allowing you to keep the existing contacts from your phone. 
  • Affordable Pricing: You can choose a subscription plan that offers scalability based on your budgets and pricing plans.  
  • Global Reach: KrispCall is available in over 100+ countries without high long-distance charges.
  • Customer Support: To assist you during the transition, KrispCall provides dedicated customer support 24/7.
  • Compliance and Security: KrispCall is committed to protecting sensitive information and data during the porting process.
  • Customization: KrispCall allows you to customize your account to suit your needs, such as setting up your business hours, routing rules, and greetings.

How can I port my landline number to cell phone?

Using KrispCall you can port your landline number to your cell phone. Simply you can follow these steps:

  • Check your number’s eligibility such that number restrictions and limitations.
  • Sign up for KrispCall’s service and initiate the porting request by providing them with necessary documents like your latest phone bill, Letter of Authorization, and few more
  • Krispcall will then confirm your landline provider and verifies the ownership to begin the process
  • After approval, you will be informed about the scheduled date of porting. In between the process, they will provide you with a temporary number to ensure uninterrupted communication.
  • lastly, on the designated date your landline number will be tarnsferred to KrispCall. Likely you can get rid of landline but keep number


You can easily get rid of your landline number without removing the number. A seamless porting process can make your communication solution more convenient and flexible.

You can transfer or port your landline number effortlessly with KrispCall. Your landline number is easily ported, and you can enjoy all the benefits of modern communication. Get rid of your landline and switch to KrispCall for more flexibility and convenience.


Can I cancel my landline and keep my number?

Yes, you can cancel and keep your number  by going through “number porting” or “number transfer.” Porting your landline number requires you to contact your new carrier. Your old carrier will then initiate porting.

Can you keep a landline phone number without service?

Yes, you can keep a landline phone number without an active service. You can retain your phone number with many landline service providers even if you no longer wish to subscribe. However, how this can be done may vary depending on your provider and location.

How can I keep my landline phone number without service?

You can keep your landline phone number without service by transferring your calls to your mobile phone. This method allows you to receive calls without using your landline phone service. 

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