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How to Create Account Without a Phone Number?



how to create match account without a phone number

Do you hope to meet your soulmate through but are skeptical about giving out your own phone number?

Not many people like sharing their personal phone numbers on an online dating site like Match for online privacy. In such cases, you can get a virtual number to keep your real phone number private while also being able to verify your account. 

Additionally, getting the virtual number of your preferred country helps you connect with the locals better without moving there.

In this article, we will guide you on getting a virtual number for in a few easy steps. So follow along to learn in detail!

Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number for

Virtual phone numbers are easier to set up and more cost-effective than traditional phone lines. It also provides flexibility and helps you establish a local presence in your preferred country without you having to live there. 

And you don’t require a SIM card. All you need is an active internet connection, and you are good to go. Because of all these reasons and its various amazing features, people today are diverting towards virtual phone systems. 

So now look at the additional reasons why using a virtual phone number for is beneficial.

  • Online privacy: Your security might be at risk, which could lead to identity theft and data leaks if you provide your private number on online dating sites like You should therefore get a virtual number and protect your privacy in order to stay safe.
  • Convenience: With virtual numbers, you can stay connected no matter where you are since they are easy to set up and accessible from anywhere. Platforms like KrispCall make it easy for users to register for a virtual number online. In contrast to traditional phone systems, you don’t need a SIM card.
  • Cost-effective: In comparison to traditional phone lines, virtual numbers are more cost-effective since they do not require extensive hardware setup, and the call charges are also lower.

With a virtual phone number for, users can have a cherished conversation while retaining their privacy, hence improving the experience. Along with this, virtual numbers also allow you to establish a local presence in your desired country, which increases the chance of finding a prospective partner in your desired country.

Get Virtual Phone Number for Online.

Get virtual numbers from all over the world for personal & professional use.

Select numbers :

*Disclaimer: Please note that the delivery of OTP codes to your number depends on and not KrispCall. While it has been mostly successful in our tests, some online service providers may not send OTPs to VoIP numbers. KrispCall does not block any incoming messages, ensuring smooth communication for all users.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for

By following the instructions listed below, you can obtain a virtual phone number for

  1. Pick a reputable virtual number service, like KrispCall.
  2. Enter all the required information to create an account.
  3. Pick a country, an area, and a suitable number.
  4. Complete the payment process, then submit the required documents.
  5. Finally, you can use the virtual number for once it has been activated.

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How to Create a Account Using a Virtual Phone Number?

You may get a virtual number from a reputable service provider to sign up for the app. Here’s the registration process to create a account using a virtual phone number.

  1. Go to and fill in the required information, like your preferred age range, zip code, and who you are interested in. Then click View Singles.
  2. Enter your birthdate and click on That’s it.
  3. Then enter your name > Email > Set up your password.
  4. Set up your account by providing information about yourself, your preference for your partner, and adding a display picture. Then continue either with the premium membership or the free version.
  5. Finally, to verify your account, enter the virtual phone number you purchased and tap continue to receive an SMS confirmation number.

Thus, this is how you create a account using a virtual phone number in a few easy steps.

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Verify your Account Using KrispCall

Getting virtual numbers from shady service providers might result in problems such as not receiving the verification code, getting a fake number, etc. Thus, it’s important to choose a trustworthy virtual mobile phone number provider, like KrispCall, to verify your account.

With KrispCall, you will only get authentic numbers for, where you can easily receive verification codes for the registration process. 

So to get a KrispCall virtual number for account verification, check out this video:

As soon as you get the phone number, you can use it to verify your account.


Getting a virtual number is a wise choice if you want to maintain your privacy and security while still taking advantage of all the app’s features.

With a virtual number, you can quickly verify your account and find prospective dates in your preferred region while maintaining your privacy. 

However, one should be careful while selecting a virtual number provider because getting a virtual number from a dubious service provider could put your safety at risk. 

Therefore, to achieve the highest level of security, it is crucial to get virtual numbers from trusted service providers like KrispCall, who have improved security measures for their users.


Do you need a phone number for

Yes, you need a phone number for to verify your account. The verification code is sent to the mobile number through SMS, so you should get a traditional or virtual phone number.

Why do I need a virtual phone number for

A virtual phone number for is necessary to verify your account while avoiding giving out your personal phone number to maintain privacy. Additionally, it can also be used to find local people in your preferred country by establishing a local presence.

Can I use a Virtual Phone Number for internationally?

Yes, you can use a virtual phone number for internationally.

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