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How to Cancel a Voicemail Before It’s Too Late?



how to cancel a voicemail

Imagine leaving a voicemail packed with important details, only to spot a glaring error seconds later. Perhaps it’s an incorrect address, a missed detail, or an unintended statement. Do not worry if you do not have any idea about how to change voicemail on iPhone.

If you are using your landline or smartphone for setting voicemail📤 then we’ve all been there with the urge to cancel it later. 

In an ideal scenario, you’d be able to retract your message before it’s heard. Sadly, deleting a sent voicemail is akin to reversing the sound of a bell – a daunting task, especially on most smartphones.

Nevertheless, there’s a bright side☀️ to the situation! There are several alternative solutions available to cancel voicemail based on the unique capabilities of your phone or service provider. Let’s explore the possibilities.

👓 Key Highlights

  • Learn steps on how to cancel a voicemail message based on different telephone carriers,  system prompts, ‘delete’ or ‘record’ options, and by leaving another voicemail. 
  • Easily cancel a voicemail on your landline by pressing # and listening to the menu.
  • Get step by step process on how to delete voicemail in your smartphone carrier for both Android and iPhone.
  • For making efficient calls and setting up voicemail KrispCall offers advanced features such as voicemail, voicemail greeting, voicemail transcription, call forwarding, phone tree(IVR), and more.

How to Cancel a Voicemail Message?

Note: It is not possible to cancel your sent voicemail if you disconnect from the ongoing call. It’s only possible to delete/cancel the voicemail if you are on the same call without hanging up the call.

Step 1: Cancel the message by carrier

One of the ways you can easily cancel or re-record your voicemail message is through your carrier. You need to note that not every carrier provides this option and every carrier has a different process for making cancelation. 

  • Verizon: According to Verizon users you can cancel voicemail by dialing *P
  • AT&T:  Similar to Verizon you can dial *P for cancelation.
  • T-Mobile: T-Mobile offers a feature called “Visual Voicemail” that allows you to preview your voicemail.
  • Sprint: Sprint is similar to T-Mobile as you need to dial * or #, then select 3P

Step 2: Cancel the mail by the menu or system prompt

Another step you can follow to get rid of voicemail is through a system prompt that pops up while you are still on the phone and haven’t hung up. In most cases, there’s a function to either re-record a voicemail or double-check before sending, highlighting the necessity of listening attentively.

Step 3: Look for the ‘Delete’ or ‘Record’ option

Most of the time there are delete or record options if you look closely at the voicemail menu. Make sure to take necessary precautions ahead of sending the voice mail.

Step 4: Leave another voicemail

If you have already sent your voicemail then it’s not possible to re-record or erase the mail instead you can leave another voicemail justifying the actual information or why the previous voicemail was an error.

How to Cancel a Voicemail on Landline?

To cancel a voicemail on your landline set you can follow the steps listed below:

Step 1: Press #

Press the # symbol once you realize you need to delete your voicemail but you need to remember you must be on the line, it won’t work if hang up your phone.

Step 2: Listen to the menu

You will automatically access the menu once you press # on your phone. This option mostly works both on landlines and cell phones where you will be given the option to re-record your voicemail or delete it

How to Delete Sent Voicemail on Your Smartphone  (Android or iPhone)?

Your ability to delete a voicemail before it’s sent to the recipient could be restricted❌, depending on the specifics of your phone model, operating system, and carrier. Not every cell phone model offers voicemail or an option for deleting voicemail.

With that being said here are some common steps that are used for both Android and iPhone users:

How to Delete a Voicemail on Android?

These steps will guide you to delete voicemail messages from your Android.

  1. Look for the voicemail app on your Android phone.
  2. Click on the Voicemail icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. After selecting the voicemail, click on the three vertical dots in the top right; then tap on Settings.  
  4. Press Delete
  5. In order to delete more than one voicemail, press and hold the first voicemail message then select, more items. 
  6. Finally, press “Delete” then check the “I understand” box > “Delete”.

How to Delete a Voicemail on iPhone?

These steps will guide you to delete voicemail messages from your Apple iPhone.

1. Navigate to the Phone app from your Home screen; if it’s not there, swipe left to access the App Library.

2. Click on the Voicemail icon.

3. Select the message of your choice, then click on the Trashcan icon.

If your device operates on iOS 12.4 or an earlier version, touch Delete.

1. Click on Deleted Messages.

2. Press Clear All, positioned in the (upper-right section).

3. Select Clear All within the prompt to confirm your action.

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KrispCall Virtual phone system for efficient calls and voicemail messaging.

When it comes to making efficient calls and voicemail messaging, the KrispCall virtual phone system offers tailor-made solutions for every business due to its advanced telephony features that offer a variety of calls and voicemail-based solutions.  

Key KrispCall Features

1. Voicemail 

KrispCall enhances your business communication, making it look more professional by setting up KrispCall’s voicemail services. Voicemail ensures communication even during off-hours by letting callers leave recorded messages when the phone goes unanswered.

Voicemail features have remained enduringly popular across landline, mobile, and cloud-based phone platforms. This feature facilitates leaving messages for others, even if they’re unable to answer calls immediately.

2. Voicemail greeting

You can automate voice messages as a greeting when callers make the call. Simply record professional & creative voicemail greetings that help you establish a professional business image and create good customer relationships.

A quality voicemail message provides like KrispCall reassurance to callers that their inquiry or message has been received and will be promptly dealt with, even if immediate assistance isn’t available.

3. Voicemail transcription

Voicemail transcription is a technology solution for your business that interprets voicemail messages into text format. Users can simply read the translated voicemail making it easier to respond to messages quickly and efficiently.

The software employs various techniques, like automatic speech recognition (ASR) and advanced algorithms, to accurately convert spoken language into written text. This transcription approach saves your time and enhances accessibility, making it easier to search, organize, and archive voicemail messages.

4. Voicemail to email

By using KrispCall, you can directly forward your voicemail to email, enhancing your team’s ability to respond promptly, adapt, and remain accessible to both potential leads and existing customers.

Moreover, with this feature in place, there’s no longer the necessity to manually check your phone for voicemails, as they’ll be conveniently stored in your email inbox. Additionally, you’ll have the flexibility to access your voicemails from any location with an internet-enabled device.

5. Call forwarding 

VoIP call forwarding is an essential tool for businesses of all types, empowering them to streamline business process & call management processes, enhance brand perception, and maintain seamless business communication. With this feature, businesses can avoid the risk of missing important client calls.

VoIP call forwarding operates by transmitting calls via the internet and directing incoming calls to a different phone number, which can be a mobile, landline, or another VoIP number.

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6. Phone tree(IVR)

An IVR phone tree is a system that uses voice prompts and keypad inputs to guide callers through a menu, giving them direct access to specific information or routing them to the right departments in a company or service provider.

KrispCall’s IVR can help your business improve the caller experience and ensure that calls are directed to the right destination. It is one of the efficient call features to engage customers within phone calls and guide them to the right department. 

Cancelling a voicemail can be a problem but choosing a reliable voicemail service provider can be a solution. You can sign up for KrispCall today or simply book a free demo to access dynamic voicemail services for your business.


Can I temporarily disable voicemail instead of canceling it permanently?

Yes, many service providers offer the option to disable voicemail temporarily. Contact your provider’s customer support to inquire about this option.

Can I re-enable the voicemail after canceling it?

Yes, in most cases, you can contact your service provider to re-enable voicemail services if needed.

Can you cancel a voicemail?

No, you’re unable to cancel a sent voicemail; once the voicemail is left and the call is ended, it’s irreversible.

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