How to Call Kuwait from USA?

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How to Call Kuwait from USA

Have you ever tried calling someone in Kuwait from the USA just to experience static or dropped calls? 😔

These disruptions can be incredibly frustrating😖, especially when you are on an important 📞 business call or connection with loved ones. If you are battling with poor call quality or constant disruptions, there’s a solution. 

In this guide, we’ll describe step-by-step processes about “how to call Kuwait from USA” without any communication woes.

🔑 Key Highlights:

  • An international call to Kuwait refers to a call made from another country through international calling.
  • Making an international call to Kuwait from the US can cost you between $0.34 to $2.
  • Kuwaiti follows Arabian Standard Time, which is 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST).
  • You can use alternative ways virtual numbers, VoIP calling apps, calling cards, and international phone cards to make phone calls to Kuwait.
  • KrispCall can be one of the best choices to make a call to Kuwait from the United States with affordable calling rates.

What is an International Call to Kuwait?

An international call to Kuwait is a call made from any other country via global calling. The call can either be to a Kuwaiti landline number, mobile number, or toll-free number.

What Is An International Call To Kuwait

If you are looking to make an international call from your country to Kuwait, you need to make sure that you have international calling enabled on your phone and follow the international dialing format, which means entering the Kuwait country code, the area code, and the phone number (local, mobile, and landline) precisely and in the correct order.

How to call Kuwait from the US?

To make a phone call from the US to Kuwait, you have to first dial the US exit code “011”, next dial Kuwait country code “965”, then dial the area code, and following that, dial the user number whose number you want to contact.

How To Call Kuwait From The US

Here’s how to call Kuwait from the US in a step-by-step format:

  1. Dial “011,” which is the US exit code, also known as the US international access number.
  2. Next, dial “965,” which is the Kuwait country code.
  3. Following that, dial the area code of Kuwait City where you want to reach.
  4. Finally, dial the phone number you want to make the call to (subscriber’s number).

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How to call Kuwait Cell Phone from the US?

To make a phone call to a Kuwaiti cell phone from the US, you must first dial “011,” which is the US exit code, then dial “965”, which is the country code of Kuwait, next the area code of the city where the landline is located, and finally dial the cell phone number (landline number).

Here’s a step-wise procedure to call Kuwait cell phone from the US:

  1. Dial 011, the United States exit code
  2. Dial 965, the Kuwait country code: 
  3. Dial the Kuwaiti area code for the city or region in Kuwait you’re calling. 
  4. Dial the landline number, which is typically 8-digit long in Kuwait.

👉 In total, your dial string will look like this: 011 – 965 – Area Code – XXXX XXXX (where XXXX XXXX is the eight-digit landline number).

💡 Example: Making a call to Kuwait landline number from the US will look like this: 011-965-2- 2220 7777 (Kuwait Hospital).

How to call Kuwait Mobile Number from the US? 

To call a mobile number in Kuwait from the US, you have to dial the USA’s exit code, “011,” then Kuwait’s country code, “965”, followed by the mobile number you want to make the call.

Here are the steps to call a Kuwait mobile number from the US:

  1. Dial the USA exit code “011”.
  2. Type in the Kuwait country code “965”.
  3. Dial in the 8-digit Kuwait mobile phone number.

👉 Putting it all together, the complete format will look like this: 011 – 965 – XXXX XXXX (where XXXX XXXX is the eight-digit mobile number you are calling).

💡 Example: Making a call to a Kuwait mobile number from the US will look like this: 011-965-6500 2612 (Migrant Workers Office in Kuwait).

How much does it cost to call Kuwait from the US?

Making a call to Kuwait from the US can cost you anywhere from $0.34 to $2 per minute. However, it is to be noted that the real cost of a call to Kuwait from the US directly depends on your phone service provider, calling plan, and the length of it.

What are the things that you need to know before dialing Kuwait from the USA?

Knowing about international calls to Kuwait is one thing, and actually doing it is different. Reflectively, before dialing Kuwait from the US, you need to be aware of a lot of things. So here are some factors that you need to look into for that:

Exit Code

If you want to make an international call from the US to Kuwait, you need to first dial the exit code. This code is used to notify providers that an international call is being made.

For a call to Kuwait from the US, you must first enter the exit code of the US, “011,” before entering the dialing code and country code.

Dialing Codes

A dialing code is a number unique to a specific country that makes it easier to regulate international calls.

This is a set of numbers that you need to enter after you dial the US exit code and before you type the city area code (if needed) and the actual phone number. The country code for Kuwait is +965.

Types of numbers

There are three types of phone numbers in Kuwait: landline, mobile, and emergency numbers, all of which are 8 digits long.

  • Kuwait landline numbers typically start with a 2 followed by 6 more digits (e.g., 22xxxxxx).
  • Kuwait mobile numbers usually start with a 6 followed by 7 more digits (e.g., 66xxxxxxx).
  • There is one main emergency number in Kuwait, which is 112.

Kuwait Area Codes

Once you’ve dialed the Kuwati country code, now you have to dial the area code of the Kuwat city you want to make the phone call through. Kuwait has different area codes for different cities many of which have more than 1 area code.

Take a look at popular area codes of Kuwait 👇

CityArea Code
Safat240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 247, 248, 249
Salmiyah562, 563, 564, 565, 577
Hawalli261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266
Jahra477, 478
Farwaniah471, 472, 473, 474, 476
Jaber Al-Ali383, 384
Jabriyah531, 532, 533, 534, 560, 561, 569
Nuzha224, 251, 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, 257, 258, 259
Manqaf & Shuiba371, 372, 376
Mushrif537, 538, 539
Fahaheel391, 392
Ardhiyah480, 488, 489
South Subahiyah361
Kuwait City2

⚡ Note: You don’t have to enter an area code if you are making a call to a mobile number.

Time Zone Difference 

In terms of timing,  Kuwait is 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST) and 11 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) during standard time. That means when the USA observes Daylight Saving Time (DST), the difference becomes 7 hours for PST and 10 hours for EST. And when making a call from the US to Kuwait, you need to be mindful of that. 

What is the best time to call Kuwait from the US?

The best time to call Kuwait from the US depends on which part of the US you’re calling from since the US has multiple time zones, and Kuwait has only one. However, here’s a general guideline that you can follow:

East Coast (EST): Aim for morning to afternoon in Kuwait, between 8:00 AM EST and 2:00 PM EST (2:00 PM to 8:00 PM Kuwait time).

Central Time (CT): Target late morning to early evening in Kuwait, between 10:00 AM CT and 6:00 PM CT (4:00 PM to midnight Kuwait time).

International Calling cost

The last thing you need to consider when making an international call to Kuwait from the US is the cost of calling. You’ll have to check your phone provider’s specific plans to see what the cost of calling internationally is. Also, it’s worth exploring international calling packages or discounts before making a call, as many providers do.

You can make international calls to Kuwait from other countries for these estimated prices.

CountryEstimated Cost per Minute
United States$0.10 – $0.30
United Kingdom$0.08 – $0.20
India$0.04 – $0.15
Australia$0.02 – $0.10
Canada$0.05 – $0.12

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What are the Alternative Ways to Make an International Call to Kuwait from the US?

Making a typical international cellular phone call to Kuwait surely requires looking into a few technicalities and can sometimes be costly. 

What Are The Alternative Ways To Make An International Call To Kuwait From The US

To avoid that hassle, there are alternative ways that you can use to make an international call to Kuwait. And as for details, let’s look at their actual use.

1.  Using Virtual Kuwait Numbers 

A virtual number in itself is extremely useful, and if you were to use a Kuwait virtual number, making a call to someone in Kuwait would be very simple. And when it comes to virtual numbers, top providers like KrispCall offer virtual numbers from 100+ countries.

You can quickly acquire it by creating an account and choosing a subscription plan, and then you can start using it to make international calls.

2. Using Calling Apps

Aside from virtual numbers, you can also opt to use VoIP calling apps like Viber, WhatsApp, or Skype which you can use on your smartphone or computer. These applications are easy to use and often provide free voice and video calls.

However, to use these you have to ensure that the person you are trying to contact also has the same app installed and has created an account. Also, both parties must be connected to the internet and initiate a call through the app.

3. Using Calling Cards

Though international calling cards might seem outdated, they are still in use and are a viable alternative to making international calls to Kuwait. Their use is simple; you just need to purchase a prepaid calling card from a convenience store, gas station, or online. Then, dial the specific access number and PIN provided on the card, followed by the Kuwaiti phone number, and start the call.

4. Using International Phone Plan

If possible, you can subscribe to an international phone plan in advance and use it to make international calls. The benefit of using this method is that you can set up a plan that is tailored to Kuwait. You can contact your existing provider to opt into this. Or some other long-distance calling provider that allows users to enjoy discounted rates for regular calls to Kuwait.

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How to make Business calls to Kuwait from the US using KrispCall?

Looking to make business calls to Kuwait. KrispCall has got you covered! KrispCall is a cloud phone system through which you can easily acquire virtual numbers from 100+ countries.

With its cloud telephony solution, you also get a bunch of VoIP features like global calling, call transfer, call listening, call notes, and call analytics all of which can make your business calls better and professional.

To get a Kuwait virtual number from KrispCall, just follow these guidelines:

Step 1: Sign up with KrispCall or log in if you already have an account.

Step 2: Go to the “Get a Virtual Number

Step 3: Choose a Kuwait virtual phone number

Step 4: Choose a plan and make payment.

Step 5: Start making business calls to Kuwait through KrispCall.

Business phone call etiquette in Kuwait: Dos and Don’ts

There are some challenges associated with making a phone call to Kuwait. In order to do so correctly, you should follow the following etiquette:

✔️ Do’s

  • Greet Warmly And Use Titles: Start with a friendly tone & tone and address the person by their title, like Mr., Ms., or Dr. You can also use the phrase “Assalamu alaikum” (Peace be upon you), which is equivalent to ‘hello’ in Arabic.
  • Be Patient And Respectful: Always allow the other person to finish speaking before responding. Show respect by using phrases like “Inshallah” (God willing) when appropriate. And avoid showing impatience or anger on calls.
  • Speak Clearly And Professionally: Take the time to know about your Kuwaiti associates for trust. Also, enunciate clearly, keep your message concise, and avoid using slang, informal language, and speaking too loudly

❌ Don’ts

  • Rush The Call Or Interrupt: Kuwaiti business culture values personal connections at all times. So always listen attentively and avoid interrupting.
  • Multitask During The Call: Just avoid multitasking and always focus on the conversation ahead of you and what the person is talking about. Never forget to give them your full attention.
  • Disregard Greetings Or Formalities: In a business call to Kuwait, a courteous greeting and closing are important. If you are proficient enough, you can end the call with “Jazakallah khairan” (May God reward you with good) or a similar polite phrase.

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What are the Challenges while calling Kuwait from the US?

Making a call to Kuwait from the US can be a great way to stay connected with friends and family. However, there are a few challenges to consider before you pick up the phone. 

  • Cost: If you don’t have a calling plan that includes international minutes, it can be an expensive call from the US to Kuwait. 
  • Limited VoIP Options: While VoIP apps such as WhatsApp offer free calling capabilities, placing a call through might be restricted in Kuwait. This can limit your options for free or low-cost calling.
  • Time Difference: Kuwait is 7 hours ahead of US time. This time difference might need some planning to ensure you’re calling at a convenient time for the recipient in Kuwait. 
  • Wi-Fi Dependence: If you heavily depend on Wi-Fi calling apps for cost-effectiveness, you need a stable Wi-Fi connection. Spotty or unreliable connections can disrupt the call quality.

Final Words

Making an international to Kuwait is a breeze and only requires a few steps to be done. If you thoroughly take note of the actual steps and consider a few other things like your country’s exit code, dialing codes, area code, and time zone difference, and keep note of the calling cost, it becomes even more straightforward.

Also, you’ve got alternative ways like using a virtual number, VoIP calling apps, calling cards, and international phone plans at your disposal. And when choosing a reliable and trusted virtual number provider, we recommend you go with KrispCall, as it offers all the features and functionalities of a provider that can make your calling experience better.


How can I text Kuwait from the United States?

You have two main options for texting Kuwait from the United States:

  1. Using your mobile carrier’s texting plan: Many US mobile carriers offer you international texting plans or pay-per-text options for Kuwait. Check out your carrier to see what their rates are. 
  2. Using a texting app: There are several texting apps that allow you to send texts internationally for free or at a lower cost than mobile carriers. 

Additional information: You can text a Kuwait from the USA using the following format: Country code + area code + phone number. The country code for Kuwait is 965. 

How do I call Kuwait from USA on my iPhone?

Here is how to call Kuwait from the USA on your iPhone:

  1. Exit Code: Initiate by dialing the US exit code 011. 
  2. Country Code: Then, enter the Kuwait country code, 965. 
  3. Area Code: Include the  Kuwait area code for the specific city you are calling. 
  4. Phone Number: Finally, dial the 8-digit specific phone number. 

For example: you can call Kuwait from the USA using the following format: 011+965 +66 + specific phone number. 

Why are WhatsApp calls not allowed in Kuwait?

Kuwait has blocked access to WhatsApp calls as part of preventive measures. As a result, WhatsApp calls are not allowed in Kuwait. 

What is the best app to call Kuwait?

There is no single best app to call Kuwait, as it entirely depends on your priorities. However, if you want to make a call to Kuwait, KrispCall is the most suitable choice. 

With KrispCall, you get to enjoy cheap international calling rates and a comprehensive set of VoIP features, and on top of that, you can also acquire Kuwait virtual numbers that you can use to call a Kuwait number from anywhere via the internet.

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