How to Call Chile from USA?

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how to make a call call to Chile from USA

Have you ever experienced difficulties calling Chile from the United States?  This is a frequent obstacle in the world of international communication. 

Improper dialing techniques might cause lost connections and extra tension, which can be annoying.

Knowing such a skill is necessary for maintaining relationships and managing business easily, especially considering the ongoing connections between the USA and Chile.

We’ll simplify the procedure in this quick tutorial so you will learn how to call Chile from USA with ease.


  • To call Chile from the USA dial the exit code of the US, add country code, local area code, and subscriber phone number.
  • The cost to call Chile from USA usually ranges from $0.1 to $4 per minute.

How to Call Chile from USA easily?

To call Chile from the USA, first dial the international access code, which is 011. Next, enter Chile’s country code, which is 56. Then, dial the area code (usually 2 digits) for the specific region you are calling within Chile. Finally, enter the local phone number of the person or business you wish to call in Chile.

To Call Chile from the US dial:

  • +011 – 56 – Area code – landline number ( For Chile landline number)
  • +011 – Area code – phone number (For Chile mobile number)
  • 800 – Toll-free prefix – subscriber number (For USA Toll – Free number)


  • 011 is the exit code for USA
  • 56 is the Chile country code
  • 800 is the toll-free prefix of the USA 
  • Usually, the area code has 2 digits
  • The phone number has 8 digits

How to dial a Chilean landline from USA?

 To call Chile landline number dial 011 which is the exit code for USA or just enter + both ways work. Following the exit code, dial 56 the country code of Chile. Confirm the area you are calling and enter the area code followed by the local phone number. Dial the 8-digit phone number of the person you intend to call.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step process to call the Chile landline from the USA. 

  1. Enter the exit code for USA or you can use plus (+) sign.
  2. Enter the country code for Chile, which is 56.
  3. Enter the area code (two digits) for the particular area or city in Chile.
  4. Lastly, dial the landline’s seven-digit USA number.

For Example: If you are willing to call a person living in Antofagasta City : ( area code 55) with a phone number 32-80473, the complete number before dialing would look like this: 011-55-32-80473.

How to dial a Chilean mobile number from USA?

To dial a Chilean mobile number from the USA, enter “+” or dial the USA’s exit code, i.e. 011, dial the Chile country code, i.e. 56, and dial the 8-digit mobile number of the person you are calling. 

  1. Enter the exit code (011) for the USA.
  2. Press the country code (56) for Chile.
  3. Enter the Chilean mobile number, if necessary, including the area code.

For example: To call a mobile number in Santiago with the mobile number 9123 4567, you would dial+011 56 9123 4567.

How to call the Chilean’s toll-free number from the USA?

To make a call to a Chilean number from the United States first, you have to enter a certain combination in order. To start, dial the international call from the USA prefix (011). Next, enter the “56” country code for Chile. After that, call the toll-free number directly, which typically begins with “800”.

Here is the step-by-step process to call the Chilean’s toll-free number from the USA.

  1. Enter the international dialing prefix, which in the United States is (011).
  2. Dial the country code (56) for Chile.
  3. Press the free number: Typically, Chilean toll-free numbers begin with “800”.

For example: To call a Chilean toll-free number dial +011 56 800 914-642 where 56 is the country code, 800 is the toll-free prefix and 914-642 is a local phone number. 

What are the things to consider before dialing Chile from the USA?

Before dialing Chile from the USA, there are several important factors to consider to make your call proper and smoother.

Time Zone differences – Verify time zone differences by comparing the current Chilean time to your local USA time. Make a call after figuring out any time zone differences and the possibility that the recipient would be available.

Confirm the Proper Number: Make sure you have the right number for the person or company you want to call in Chile. To prevent dialing mistakes, double-check the local number, area code, and country code.

Be conscious about Language Barriers: If you don’t speak Spanish well, think about how this could impede communication. Be ready to consult translation resources or, if required, ask multilingual people for help.

Types of Chilean phone number: There are various kinds of Chilean phone numbers which are local, landline number, toll-free number, emergency contact numbers and virtual number. You must ensure the type of number before calling.

Chile area codes:  After entering the country code, always dial the area codes for Chile. Before making a call, confirm the area codes as they vary depending on the region or city. 

Some of the well-known cities and their area codes are :

Chile Top CitiesArea Codes
La Serena51
Viña del Mar32   

Know the Format: Know the correct format to use while making a phone call to Chile from the United States. This typically begins with the international access code (011), dialing the area code (if applicable), Chile’s country code (56), and then the local phone number.

Verify International Calling Plan:  Make sure that your phone plan allows international calling. If not, you may need to buy a prepaid calling card or an international calling plan. It’s crucial to understand the rates and possible fees associated with your plan because making international calls may result in additional costs.

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How much does it cost to call Chile from USA?

The cost to call Chile from USA may change depending on the service provider, phone plans, and length of the call. Alternatives that include VoIP apps like WhatsApp or Messenger allow free calls, while other plans may have higher charges and more costs.

KrispCall has budget-friendly prices that allow you to make an affordable call to Chile, whether it is your business call or a private call from the USA. It usually ranges from $0.1 to $4 per minute.

3 Alternative ways to make International Calls to Chile

three alternatives ways on how to call Chile from USA

Making international calls to Chile may be expensive and one may need to use traditional lines. To minimize the costs and to get rid of such problems there may be some alternate methods:

1. Using Chile Virtual Numbers

Prioritizing the virtual numbers is the easiest and most convenient method if you want to make international phone calls to Chile. One of the best VoIP service providers KrispCall is a cloud telephony for modern businesses that provides virtual numbers at an affordable cost for both personal and business purposes. 

You can follow these processes for making calls to the USA from Chile

  • Register on a virtual number provider.
  • After logging in, choose the phone number types (local, toll-free, vanity, and mobile—with US area codes that you wish to buy)
  • Once you choose the virtual number then obtain the virtual number and the selected number will be linked to your account by the provider. 
  • Now you can make a call to Chile from the USA.

2. Using VoIP Apps Like WhatsApp/Messenger

With the help of these VoIP apps like WhatsApp/Messenger, people in the USA with a dependable internet connection can make crystal-clear calls to the US. You can make free international calls, despite its limited call feature.

3. International Calling Plans 

Numerous phone companies provide international calling plans with reduced costs for contacting particular nations, such as Chile. These plans might have pay-as-you-go alternatives for overseas calls or charge a monthly membership price.

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Chile: Dos and Don’ts

Business phone call etiquette in Chile Dos  and donts to make a call Chile from USA


  • Follow Formal Greetings: Start the conversation with a kind greeting like “Buenos días” (good morning), “Buenas tardes” (good afternoon), or “Buenas noches” (good evening), and then proceed to ask for the person’s name and title.
  • Be careful of the Titles: Before making a conversation instead of using their personal name respond to people by their professional titles, such as “Señor” (Mr.), “Señora” (Mrs.), or “Doctor” (Doctor).
  • Be Patient: Be patient and appropriate in your conversational participation as Chileans tend to start conversations with small talk before getting down to business.
  • Maintain your tone professional: Make sure to use a professional tone so that your image and the impact of the communication are positive and effective. 


  • Be Overly Casual: Avoid being too familiar or using informal language unless you have a close relationship with the person you’re speaking to.
  • Don’t interrupt: Do no interrupt in between at all times when participating in a call. Allow others to conclude their sentences before you even if you disagree with them entirely. Your actions indicate that you are respectful and paying attention.  
  • Neglect Punctuality: Arrive on time for scheduled phone calls. Being late is seen as unfavorable and could be taken as a sign of disregard for other people’s time.
  • Avoid speaking too softly or too loudly:  it’s important to keep your voice level appropriate when you are on a business call. Speaking too loudly can come across as domineering or forceful, which can make the other person uncomfortable. Likely, speaking too softly could result in misunderstandings or problems with understanding. 


 You need to be familiar with the basic concepts of international calling to communicate with your contacts in Chile effectively. Communication becomes easy by using Chile’s country code, the international access code, and the relevant area code.

To ensure effective communication you need to consider important things like time zone differences, language hurdles, and correct phone number verification before making a call. 

Using standard lines to make phone calls to the US can be expensive and complicated. Therefore, we advise you to try making calls utilizing more contemporary techniques like VoIP service provider KrispCall. With its price and ease of use which increases accessibility for your communication needs.  

Call Chile from the USA cheaply with the KrispCall Chile VoIP number.

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How do I call a landline in Chile?

When making a landline call from overseas dial the international access code, the Chilean country code, the area code, and finally the local phone number.

What is the international code to call chile from usa ?

The international access code to call Chile from the USA is (011), followed by the country code for Chile, which is (+56) and then proceed with the area code and the subscriber’s number.

How to call Santiago, Chile from the United States?

To call Santiago, Chile from the United States, dial 011, country code 56, Santiago area code 2 and local phone number.

How far is chile from usa?

The distance between Chile and the United States varies depending on the specific locations being compared.

👉 For example:

From the southernmost point of Chile, Cape Horn to the southernmost point of the contiguous United States (Key West, Florida), the distance is approximately 6,200 miles (9,976 kilometers).

From the northernmost point of Chile, near Arica to the closest point in the United States (San Diego, California), the distance is roughly 3,700 miles (5,954 kilometers).

These distances are measured in straight lines and may not represent the actual distance traveled by air or sea due to various factors such as flight paths or ocean currents.

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