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How to Call Greece from the US?



call greece from us

Dialing an international call to Greece from the USA can be a pretty hectic task. Whether you are a business owner dialing your clients or a general US citizen calling your friends in Greece, you might face several problems while dialing. 

If so, don’t worry; this blog here is an easy mantra to all the problems regarding placing a call in Greece from the US. 

We’ve covered everything, from a step-by-step guide to how to call Greece from the USA, the things you need to consider before dialing, calling rates, and tips for saving money.

🔑Key Highlights

  • The country-specific dialing code of Greece is 30.  
  • International calling costs to Greece from the US range from $0.03 to $3.00 per minute.
  • Using alternative ways like VoIP service, virtual numbers, and calling cards, you can reduce your international calling charges. 

So, let’s start. 

What is an International Call to Greece? 

An international call to Greece means calling someone in Greece from other foreign countries. Here, the term “international” means the call is crossing national geographical borders. 

what is an international call to greece

In order to make international calls to Greece, you need the correct international dialing code, the Greek country code, the Area code, and the local, mobile, and landline numbers you wish to stay in touch with. All these things should be in proper international phone number format

How to call Greece from the US? 

To call Greece from the US, Dial:

  • 011-30-Area code -landline number (For Greece’s landline number)
  • +30-mobile phone prefix (69) -8 digit mobile number (For Greece mobile phone number)
  • 011-30- toll-free prefix (00800) – toll-free-number (For Greece’s toll-free number)

How to call Greece landline number from the US?

To call a landline number in Greece from US, dial: US Exit Code (011)- Greece Country Code (30) – Area Code – Landline Number.

  • Dial in 011, the US Exit Code for International calling
  • Enter Greece country code, i.e., 30
  • Add the area code of Greece city that you are trying to call
  • Finally, key in the Landline number 

For example, if you call a Greece landline, your number should look like this, 

011 30 261 1234567


  • 011 is the US exit code
  • 30 is the Greece country code
  • 261 is the Area code for Patrias, a city in Greece
  • The rest is the actual Greece landline number

How to call Greece mobile number from the US? 

To call Greece mobile from the US, dial: US Exit code (011) – Greece’s country code (30) – Mobile phone prefix (69) – Mobile number

For a more detailed method for calling your Greece mobile number from your US cell phone, follow these steps. 

  • Enter the US exit code 011, or you can also use “+” instead. 
  • Dial Greece’s country code, i.e., 30
  • Key in the Greece’s mobile prefix code, generally it is 69
  • Finally, dial the mobile number, which is typically 8 digits. 

As an example, if you are from the US and want to call someone in Greece with the number 1235678, you should dial:

+30 69 12345678

How to call Greece toll-free number from the US?

You can reach a Greece toll-free number from the US by dialing US Exit Code (011) – Greece Country Code (30) – Toll-free code (00800) – Subscriber number

  • Dial the US exit code, i.e., 011
  • Key in the Greece Country Code 30
  • Enter the Toll-free code, i.e., 00800
  • Lastly, dial the toll-free number

For example, to make a toll-free call from the USA to Greece, you would dial 011-30-00800-XXXXXX, where “011” is the US exit code, “00800” is the toll-free code, and “XXXXXX” is the subscriber’s toll-free number.  

🚨Note: Not all Greece’s toll-free numbers are reachable from the US. Some of them may only be accessible within Greece due to the restrictions set by the service providers. 

How to call Athens Greece from US?

In order to call Athens Greece, from the US, you can dial in the following format. 

For the Athens landline,

  • 011-30-21-Landline Number

For the Athens mobile number

  • +30-69-Mobile Number (8 digits)

Note: The Area code of  Athens is 21; however, while dialing the mobile number, no area code is needed. 

How to call Sitia Greece from US?

Similarly, to call Sitia Greece from US, dial:

  • 011 – US exit code
  • 30 – Greek country code 
  • 2843 – Sitia city code
  • Local Number you are trying to dial

011-30-2843-Local Greek Number

For calling a mobile number in Sitia, Greece, dial:

  • +30-69-8 digits mobile number

Note: Dialing a mobile number is the same for every city in Greece as the area code isn’t essential for this purpose. 

How to call Naxos Greece from US?

In order to place a call to Naxos, Greece, from the US, the complete dial string should look like this: 011-30-2285-Landline Number

  • 011 is the US exit code
  • 30 is the Greece country code
  • 2285 is the area code of Naxos, Greece. 
  • The remaining is the local landline number you would like to dial
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What are the things that need to know before dialing Greece from the US?

These are the things that you should keep in consideration before dialing Greece from the US

Dialing Codes 

The dialing codes are also known as country dial codes since they are standardized codes for specific countries. Every country has its own dialing codes; for example, the country dial code for Greece is 30. 

An international call’s destination country is identified by telecom companies using these codes. Therefore, the country dial code is the first thing you need to know before making an international call

Exit Code

While placing an international call, the exit code of your country from where you are placing the call should be specified first in the dialing format. In order to make an international call from the USA, enter 011 since that is the exit code of the country.

In modern calling services like cell phones and mobile phones, the universal plus symbol “+” is used instead of a country’s exact exit code.

Types of numbers (include emergency number)

The type of phone number is also one of the important things to consider before dialing. There are generally three types of user-based phone numbers that you can expect to find in Greece. These include:

  • Landline Numbers: All the landline telephone numbers in Greece have 10 digits, including the area code. 
  • Mobile Numbers: Greek mobile numbers are formed of 10 digits beginning with the number “69”. 
  • Toll-free Numbers: Toll-free numbers in Greece usually start with 00800

Additionally, emergency numbers are also operated in Greece.

  • 112 – European Emergency Service Line
  • 100 – Greek Police 
  • 199 – Fire Service
  • 1056 – National Child Protection

Greece Area Codes and Cities

CityArea CodeCityArea Code
Corfu Town266Mykonos Town2289
Santorini2286Rhodes Town2241

Time zone Difference 

Greece uses a single time zone, i.e., the Eastern European Time (EET): UTC+2, and the USA uses six different ones. The table below will give you a more precise idea about the time-zone difference between the US and Greece. 

US Time ZoneUTC offsetTime Difference from Greece
Hawaii-Aleutian Standard TimeUTC-1012 hours
Alaska Standard TimeUTC-911 hours
Pacific Standard TimeUTC-810 hours
Mountain Standard TimeUTC-79 hours
Central Standard TimeUTC-68 hours
Eastern Standard TimeUTC-57 hours 

With all these time zone differences, what is the best time to call Greece from the US? In Greece, the general working hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, so call according to your time zone and the difference from Greek time. As a result, you will have a greater chance of reaching someone and having your call answered.

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International Calling cost

The international calling cost to Greece from the US depends on several factors, such as your service provider, phone carrier, type of number you are calling, and your calling plan. 

Usually, the rate of calling Greece from the USA ranges from $0.03 to $3.00 per minute.

However, the average international calling cost to Greece for most of the service providers is around $0.2 per minute. 

Additionally, it’s best to contact your specific phone service provider for accurate information regarding the cost of calling Greece from the US. If you would like more information, you can visit their website or call their customer service line.

What are the Alternative Ways to Make an International Call to Greece from the US?

Some of the alternative ways to make an international call to Greece from the US are as follows. 

alternative ways to make international call to greece from us

1. Using Virtual Greece Numbers 

Virtual numbers are one of the best alternatives for making an international call. These are phone numbers that are not associated with a physical location, which means you can buy a Greek Virtual number while staying in the USA. 

To the icing on the cake, virtual numbers are inexpensive and cost much less to call internationally. As you buy a Greece virtual number, the cost per call would be low if you place your call within Greece, although you are making the call from the USA

2. Using VoIP Apps

Using VoIP apps is a great alternative for making international calls from the US to Greece. These apps utilize the Internet for voice communication. Some of the popular VoIP apps used in both Greece and the US include WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, and Google Voice. 

Most of the time, using a VoIP app can keep the cost of a call free. Both parties need contact details, such as their phone number or username, to initiate international calls using VoIP apps. 

3. Using Calling Cards

Calling cards allow phone communication without a landline or mobile plan. Preloaded with dollars or minutes, they’re convenient for international calls, offering competitive rates and easy purchase options.

To call Greece from the US with a calling card, dial the access number, enter the unique PIN, follow the prompt to dial the destination number (including the country code for Greece), input the Greek phone number, and the card deducts the corresponding minutes or value. That’s it. 

4. Using International Phone Plan

Using an international phone plan offered by a mobile carrier it allows users to make calls, send text messages, and use data while traveling abroad. These plans typically include specific allowances for international usage, such as a certain number of minutes, messages, and data. 

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How to make business calls to Greece from US using KrispCall?

As a business owner, you might have a hard time managing large volumes of calls to Greece. If you want to address that, KrispCall can be a profound choice for your business telephone system.

Whether you are a small-scale enterprise owner or a large one, KrispCall gives you a handy and effective call management. With its extensive set of features that includes a unified callbox, call forwarding, call analytics, call monitoring, and CRM integrations, KrispCall makes your business calls to Greece a piece of cake at an affordable price. 

To start calling Greece from the US with KrispCall, follow these simple steps. 

Step 1: Sign Up and create your account on KrispCall

Step 2: Use the correct email address and password to log in

Step 3: Purchase a Greece virtual number

Step 4: Start dialing your Greek clients. 

Business Phone Call Etiquette in Greece: Dos and Don’ts 

business phone call etiquette in greece


  • Learn Greek Culture: Give a little bit of time to researching and learning some Greek cultures, like their greetings, heritages, and languages. This helps to avoid touching sensitive topics and build a short-term bond. 
  • Build personal connection: Greeks value personal connection. Therefore, expressing interest in their life outside of work can build trust and credibility. 
  • Offer to follow up in writing: Generally, Greeks appreciate detailed documentation. Prepare to send a follow-up email summarizing key points and the next steps.


  • Assume directness is preferred: While Greeks can be direct and assertive, avoid being overly blunt or confrontational. Prioritize tact and diplomacy in your communication.
  • Rush the conversation: Take the time to build rapport and establish trust before diving into business matters. Greeks value personal connection, so taking a few minutes to ask about their day or make small talk can be helpful.
  • Interrupt or talk over someone: Allow the other person to finish speaking before offering your own thoughts or input. Interrupting is considered rude and disrespectful in Greek culture.

What are the tips to save money while calling from the US to Greece?

These are the tips to save some bucks while calling from the US to Greece. 

  1. Utilize the internet by using VoIP apps like WhatsApp and Messenger to make calls free of cost. 
  2. Purchase a Greece virtual number to lower your international charges.
  3. Go for a subscription-based rather than paying for per-minute calls. 
  4. You can also purchase wholesale VoIP minutes if you make an extensive amount of calls to Greece.

Challenges while calling Greece from the US 

A number of challenges can arise when making an international call from the United States to Greece. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  • Time Zone Difference: Greece is about 9.5 hours ahead of the US, making it difficult for you to connect during work hours. 
  • Quality of Connection: Sometimes, the quality of the call can be poor due to factors such as the distance between the countries. And being thousands of miles apart, call quality while calling Greece from the US can be problematic. 
  • Language Barrier: The official language of Greece is Greek. So, if you’re calling a Greek-speaking individual or business, there might be language barriers. 

Final Words 

Calling Greece from the US can be a pretty tricky task, if you are not aware of the correct information, including the dialing formats, country codes, and area codes. Make sure you are using proper dialing formats and country codes when you are calling Greece from the US.

Additionally, using several alternative ways like VoIP services, subscription-based pricing models, and calling cards, you can make your calls to Greece cheap and affordable. You can also check out cloud-based telephony, like KrispCall, to buy Greece virtual number and manage your business calls smoothly and efficiently. 


How to call Greece from US cell phone without calling card?

To call Greece from US cell phone without using any calling card, follow these simple steps.

  1. Dial the exit code for the United States (usually “011“).
  2. Dial the country code for Greece (“30“).
  3. Dial the Greek phone number, including the area code, if necessary.
  4. Press the call button.

How much does it cost to call Greece from the US?

Calling Greece from the US might be a little bit costly and depends on various factors such as service provider, network carrier, and the type of number you are dialing. However, the average cost of calling can range between $0.03 to $3.00 per minute

What are the ways to call Greece from the USA for free?

While making direct international calls may not be entirely free, there are alternative methods to communicate without incurring charges:

  • Internet-based calling apps: Use apps like Skype, WhatsApp, or Google Voice that allow you to make voice or video calls over the internet for free.
  • Wi-Fi calling: If your cell phone and carrier support it, you can make calls over a Wi-Fi network without using your cellular plan.

What are the common problems that you may face while calling Greece from the US?

Common issues may include:

  • Connection problems: Poor network connectivity or signal strength can lead to call drops or disruptions.
  • Time zone differences: Make sure you’re calling at an appropriate time, considering the time zone difference between the US and Greece.
  • International calling restrictions: Some phone plans may not include international calling, so it’s essential to check with your provider.

What is the international operator number for Greece?

The international operator number for Greece is not standardized and may vary by telecommunications provider. You can contact your service provider’s customer support and inquire about the specific international operator number for making assisted international calls to Greece.

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