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Top Honduras Virtual Phone Number Providers



Top Honduras Virtual Phone Number Providers

Are you looking to improve your business growth in Honduras and reach out to customers by reducing business communication expenses? 

If yes, then get a Honduras virtual number

Getting a  physical number from Honduras or outside Honduras can be expensive and time-consuming. And this is why you should consider having a virtual phone number.

Virtual phone numbers manage all your personal and business requirements without a SIM card or dedicated telephone line. You can use a virtual phone number immediately after you purchase it from a service provider.

Hundreds of VOIP solutions provide their services in Honduras’s market. But finding the best one that meets your needs and provides the best features at competitive prices is challenging. 

We’ve researched and narrowed down all ten best Honduras Virtual Phone Number Providers to simplify this overwhelming task. Without any further ado, let’s jump onto today’s blog.

Key Takeaways 

  • Honduras’ best virtual number providers are mainly MyCountryMobile, Fijovirtual, CallHippo.
  • You can use four Honduras virtual phone numbers: mobile, local, toll-free, and vanity.
  • You must submit your business license, passport, driving license, business documents, and national ID card as proof to get a Honduras virtual phone number. 
  • $8 to $80/month is the average price range of a Honduras virtual phone number.

What is a Honduras  Virtual Number, and How is it Different from SIM-Based Phone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are a type of telephone number not bound to cellular service. Unlike traditional phones that depend on wired physical lines, it instead relies on the internet to make forward and route calls with the help of VOIP technology.

Here we look at the example of a Hondarous virtual phone number, which acts as a convenient medium to connect with customers of Honduras and international clients.

Honduras Phone Number Format: Country Code – Area Code/Operators Prefix – Remaining Numbers

Example of Honduruas’ Phone Numbers:

  • For Toll-free or a Shared Cost Number: +504-800-123-4567
  • Local Phone Number: +504-8-34 5678,
  • Mobile Phone Number: 504-9-12334455

Where +504 is the country code of Honduras, 8 is an area code of Cortés, and 22 is an area code of Székesfehérvár, 9 is the mobile operator prefix (Tigo).

Get Affordable Virtual Phone Numbers From 100+ Countries

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*Disclaimer: Please be informed that Honduras phone numbers are currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working diligently to expand our country coverage in the future.

What Types of Honduras Virtual Numbers Can You Get?

In Honduras, Virtual phone number providers offer 4 types of phone numbers.

1. Honduras Local Number

Honduran local number is associated with a fixed geographical region. Generally, it starts with the country code followed by the prefix[2], the area code, and then the remaining six-digit phone number of the subscriber.

Honduras Local Number Format: +504 +2 + area code+ subscriber number,

where +504 is the country code for Honduras, 2 is the prefix, and [area code] is the area code.

For example, the number +504-2-5-2334455 is a telephone number in Honduras, where

504 is a country code,2 is a prefix for a landline number, 5 is an area code (San Pedro Sula region), and 2334455 is a seven-digit subscriber number.

Below are some of Honduras’ most common area codes:

Area/City  Area code 
San Pedro Sula                    5
Region Nor-Occidental 6
Central Sur Occidental                7
Centro Sur Oriental            8

2. Honduras Mobile Number

A Honduras, mobile phone number dedicated to phones is six digits long. The number typically begins with the country code followed by the area code or mobile carrier prefix and the individual phone number at the end.

Honduras Mobile Number Format:  Country Code + Area Code/Operators Prefix + Remaining Subscribers Numbers

For example, +504 – 9 – 98765432 is the mobile number in Honduras,


+504 is the country code for Honduras,  9 is the area code Hondutel, and 98765432 is the subscriber number(which is always eight digits long)

Below are the carrier codes for the popular mobile phone operators in Honduras with their prefixes:

  • Hondutel: 9
  • Digicel: 8
  • Tigo: 7
  • Claro: 3

3. Honduras Toll-free Number

A Honduras Toll-free Number is a unique code that enables the caller to make contact without incurring charges inside Honduras. However, payment may be applied when calling them from outside Honduras.

Honduras Toll-free Number Format: +504 – 800 – [subscriber number]

Example:+504 800 1234,

where +504 is the country code of Honduras, 800 is the prefix, and  1234 is a unique combination of 4-digit subscriber numbers the toll-free carrier assigns.

4. Honduras Vanity Number 

Honduras’ vanity number is a local or toll-free number that spells relevant words or phrases on a dial pad. They are generally more costly than regular phone numbers. Business uses Vanity numbers for brand advertising and marketing reason.

Here is one of the examples of the vanity number for Honduras

1-800-HON-DURAN(Honduras Duran).

Top 5 Honduras Virtual Phone Number Providers in 2024

1. GlobalCallForwarding

First on our list of virtual phone number providers for Honduras is GlobalCallForwading. They provide both local and toll-free virtual phone numbers for Honduras. Its virtual number has more than virtual calling features, such as ringback tones, caller ID, call blocking, IVR, and virtual voicemail.

With GlobalCallForwarding, you can get virtual numbers in more than 160 countries.GlobalCallForwarding provides flexible services, as you can use its communication services for businesses, call centers, offices, and more.


  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail
  • Call routing
  • Caller ID
  • Call Blocking
  • Number Masking
  • Ringback Tones


  • 99.999% uptime
  • 20+ cloud phone feature
  • 15 days free trial


  • Tough to get refunds
  • Limited integration option.


It starts at $128.95 per month.

2. MyCountryMobile 

MyCountryMobile is another trusted Albania telephone number provider. Not only Honduras, but it also provides a virtual number of other 70 countries, including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, the USA, Brazil, Germany, Finland, and so on, having the latest call management features like call forwarding, call blocking, and many more.

As a leading provider of virtual and call-forwarding numbers, MyCountryMobile is determined to provide its customers with robust international call-forwarding services. Depending on your needs, MyCountryMobile allows you to integrate Albanian phone numbers with existing business software.


  • Auto attendant
  • Call routing
  • Extensions
  • Call Blocking
  • Call screening


  • Free SIP account
  • Free voicemail connection.


  • Pricing plans are not transparent. 
  • Tough to get refunds
  • Integration could be smoother.


The price starts at $4.99/month.

3. Fijovirtual  

If you don’t find the above provider’s services compelling and promising, consider Fijovirtual. Fijovirtual is another cloud-based telecommunication company that provides virtual phone numbers in over 60 countries. 

Many small to large-scale organizations trust Fijovirtual to buy a virtual number to streamline business communication and regulate phone calls. 


  • Call forwarding
  • Virtual switchboard
  • Voice menu
  • Custom greetings


  • Easy to set up.
  • Consistent call quality.


  • Features not available in all the countries
  • Customer support is not always as responsive 
  • Expensive than some other virtual phone number providers


The price starts at €18.63/month.

4. is among the top Honduras virtual number providers. Its solutions are suitable for any type of business or individual. It gives its clients a local presence by providing international toll-free and local phone numbers that their customers recognize and are comfortable calling.

There are no hidden fees associated with their service, ensuring transparency and allowing you to acquire a local number with complete flexibility.


  • Auto attendant
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Call forwarding
  • IVR
  • Call forwarding


  • Easy to setup
  • 24/7 access to the support team
  • Anytime cancel


  • Costly as compared to others on this list
  • Strong internet needed


The price starts at $128.95 per month.

5. Call Hippo

Call Hippo is another best Honduras virtual phone number providers with advanced cloud-based telephony. The center software of Callhippo is one of the most powerful on the market. It provides service to more than 100+ countries.

Callhippo helps business with automated workflows, reduce communication costs, increase agent productivity, and track team performance. Many top companies like Amazon and Oracle have trusted CallHippo.

Features of CallHippo

  • Call whispering
  • Call Queuing Software
  • Power Dialer
  • Advanced Analytic
  • Smart Switch
  • Call Queueing
  • Interactive Voice Response 
  • Shared Inbox


  • User-friendly Dashboard 
  • Good Support 
  • Call Overview 


  • Hidden charges 
  • Suscpious mode of operating


Bronze: $20 Per user/Month

Silver: $30 Per user/Month

Platinum: $50 Per user/Month

Check out this link to purchase the Honduras virtual phone num

What is the average cost of a (+504) Honduras virtual number?

Honduras’ Virtual number price depends on the type and features of the virtual number and the service provider’s subscription fees. The average cost of a Honduras virtual number ranges from $8 – 80 per month. Subscribing to a monthly renewal or one year or three years depends on your usage.

Tips to Find the Best Bolivia Virtual Cellphone Number for Personal and Business Use 

Here are some valuable tips if you need help finding the best Honduras virtual number for personal and business.

  • Determine your business’s needs and choose the number that meets the required functionality.
  • Compare the best service provider, as there are many service providers. Some might be frauds; therefore, conduct thorough research and look for a genuine one.
  • Check the service provider’s features and find the best quality that suits your business.
  • Look for customer reviews and user feedback in depth.
  • Compare the option based on value for money, functionality, and pricing.
  • Reach out to the providers. Request a demo or free trial to get the product overview.
  • Ensure they provide you with customer service 24/7 and help with communication issues.


In conclusion, if you consider expanding your business operations internationally in Honduras, choosing one of the above-listed virtual number providers can be a game changer. They offer benefits such as flexibility and enhanced accessibility, helping to establish a strong presence in the country.

Remember to compare the offering of the different virtual number providers to make sure you make a wise decision. Currently, KrispCall doesn’t provide a virtual phone number for Honduras, but you can get a virtual number for the US, UK, Canada, Austria, and others.


How to Get a Honduras Virtual Number for WhatsApp?

We can get Honduras virtual number for Whatsapp with the following steps:

  • Choose the best Honduras virtual number provider.
  • Create an account and log in
  • Select the country Honduras and choose the number.
  • Submit all the required documents
  • Register your new Whatsapp account with Honduras virtual phone number. 

Can I Use a Honduras Virtual Number to Receive SMS and OTP Verification?

You can use a Honduras virtual number to receive SMS and OTP. Honduras number for verification helps you to maintain security. It doesn’t allow login access from unknown devices.

Is Honduras’ Virtual Numbers Legit and Secure to Make and Receive Calls?

Yes, Honduras virtual phone numbers are legit and secure if you buy them from a legitimate service provider. If you buy them from an unknown service, you can be the victim of fraud.

What documents are required to get a Honduras virtual number?

You will need documents verifying your identity, such as a passport and driving license. These documents are necessary for service providers to conduct transactions with legitimate customers, not criminals. 

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