Auto Dialer Vs Predictive Dialer: What’s the Difference?

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auto dialer vs predictive dialer what’s the difference

Are you Struggling to make outbound calls but still hung up on the difference between auto dialer vs predictive dialer❓ Or you just don’t know that manual dialing can eat up 50% of your agents’ time? That’s precious time they could be spending connecting with potential customers instead!

Well, whatever the reason might be the goal is to optimize your business outbound calls to maximize your business output and we are here with the best solutions.

By the end of this article, you will get a clear idea 💡 of whether auto dialer or predictive dialer is the best option for your business. 

👓 Key Highlights

  • An Auto dialer is an automated call system that eliminates the need for manual dialing. That comes with the benefit of  Customized engagement, Reduced idle time, Flexibility, Simple and inexpensive, and No specialized skills necessary.
  • A predictive dialer is also an automated outbound calling system used to enhance agent communication duration and productivity. That comes with the benefit of  Improved operational efficiency, Scalability, Running Multiple Campaigns, Algorithm-based dialing, and Advanced Features.
  • We compared the difference between auto dialer vs predictive dialer based on Functionality, Control over call time, Complexity, Best For, Cost & others.
  • Choosing the dialer for your business based on objective, size of the business, size of the customer, and features.
  • Optimize Outbound Calls for Your Call Center with KrispCall along with advanced autodialer features such as call monitoring, CRM integration, call routing, IVR, call analytics, and more.

What Is an Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is an automated call system that dials phone numbers from a pre-recorded list by eliminating the need for manual dialing. By dialing numbers from a pre-recorded list and directing answered calls to available agents, the system results in elevated efficiency, productivity, and potentially reduced costs.

Agents need to input the contact information of leads and prospects before starting a campaign. The autodialer then proceeds to ☎️ dial these numbers sequentially.  In cases where calls are diverted to voicemail without an answer, agents can choose to end them.

What Is a Predictive Dialer? 

A predictive dialer is an automated outbound calling system that is used to enhance agent communication duration and productivity. It operates by dialing multiple phone numbers simultaneously and exclusively routing calls to available agents. 

Unlike manual dialing or basic auto-dialers, which may result in agents waiting or handling busy signals, predictive dialers utilize 🧪algorithms to forecast agent availability and synchronize them with answered calls instantly.

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Benefits of using Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer 

Whether you are using Auto Dialer or Predictive Dialer both are used for automated outbound calling.

By implementing dialers, call center businesses can boost 📈their calling system but the difference is that each dialers are used for different business models.

 Benefits of using Auto Dialer

  • Simple and inexpensive: Auto dialers generally come with a lower price tag for purchase and setup. It’s quick to install and handle and often priced more economically compared to predictive dialers.
  • No specialized skills necessary: In general, auto-dialers require a simpler technical setup and less expertise to install and operate, thus reducing the expenses associated with ongoing maintenance or technical knowledge. 
  • Customized engagement: It provides agents with the opportunities to evaluate information before dialing, elevating conversion rates for intricate sales or service inquiries.
  • Reduce idle time:  Eliminate the need for agents to manually input phone numbers and wait for calls to connect with the Automating dialing process.
  • Flexibility: The system delivers fundamental improvements in efficiency while not burdening agents with a high call volume. 

Benefits of using Predictive Dialer

  • Improved operational efficiency: Optimizing agent engagement time by simultaneously dialing multiple numbers and promptly connecting answered calls.
  • Scalability: Effectively manage large call volumes and adjust to evolving campaign requirements. The system has the ability to manage large datasets and produce detailed reports for analyzing campaign performance and making improvements.
  • Run Multiple Campaigns Simultaneously: Utilizing several campaigns going all at once is a good way to maximize outreach and accomplish company objectives. Employ predictive dialers to efficiently run many campaigns.
  • Algorithm-based dialing: Predictive dialing algorithms predict agent availability and seamlessly connect them to live calls, by analyzing historical data such as agent talk time, call success rates, and abandon rates.
  • Advanced Features: Predictive dialers provide unique functionalities such as managing abandoned calls, blending calls, and monitoring campaigns in real-time.

Drawbacks of using Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer 

Each dialer comes with its limitations but that doesn’t mean that one is worse than the other. The drawbacks are simply because different business models require different dialers.

Drawbacks of using Auto Dialer

  • Absence of Abandoned Call Management: Auto dialers do not possess functionalities for handling abandoned calls efficiently,  which may result in customer dissatisfaction and hinder the conversion of leads.
  • Limited Scalability: Auto dialers may encounter challenges in efficiently expanding to large call volumes and frequent calls, potentially limiting the growth opportunities of business.
  • Basic Features: Auto dialers offer a narrower scope of features when compared to predictive dialers, lacking advanced functionalities such as real-time reporting or compliance tools.
  • Requires additional agents: Auto dialers may require more than a few outbound calling representatives. During busy hours even small businesses might require additional agents or the calls might get abandoned.

Drawbacks of using a Predictive Dialer

  • Higher Cost: Predictive dialers incur higher costs because of their complex technology and advanced features. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and updates contribute to the overall increased expenditure.
  • Technical Complexity: The setup, operation, and administration of a predictive dialer requires a higher level of technical expertise. This could require employing additional IT personnel or outsourcing technical support services.
  • Agent adaptation: The fast-paced and high-volume nature of predictive dialer setups can overwhelm certain agents, resulting in stress and poor performance.
  • Unattended calls: Dialing multiple numbers at once may result in calls being abandoned if agents are not readily available, potentially causing customer frustration and harming the brand’s reputation.
  • Intense work atmosphere: The rapid pace and continuous flow of incoming calls can overwhelm agents, leading to burnout and difficulties in maintaining performance standards.

Predictive Dialer Vs Auto Dialer: What are the differences?

predictive dialer vs auto dialer

Both Auto dialers and predictive dialers are used for similar jobs yet both dialers have certain differences from one another. Some of the differences are listed below:

Based OnAuto DialerPredictive Dialer
FunctionalitySequentially contacts numbers from a given list and transfers answered calls to agents who are accessible. It relies on algorithms to predict agent availability and initiates the simultaneous dialing of multiple numbers, promptly connecting answered calls.
Control over call timeControl over call timing is limited, due to manual control over the dialing pace.Control over call timing is high, as the dialing parameter can be set to control agent call volume and minimize idle time.
Complexity Auto Dialer is simple to set up and use, as it requires minimum training when compared to Predictive dialer.Predictive dialers require greater technical expertise for both setup and management, as well as ongoing optimization and data analysis.
Best ForThe auto dialer is most suitable for small teams and low-volume campaigns, such as surveys, appointment reminders, and cost-conscious operations.Optimal for large teams and campaigns with significant volumes like sales and telemarketing, the predictive dialer excels in focused operations with high efficiency.
CostAuto dialers are generally more budget-friendly because of their simplistic technology and minimal features.While predictive dialers are more costly than auto dialers due to their advanced technology and features, the potential for increased efficiency can offset expenses.

How to choose between Auto dialer vs predictive dialer for your business?

Choosing between an Auto dialer and a predictive dialer involves careful🧐 consideration of the unique demands of your business. Although both dialers are almost similar when it comes to work, they both have certain differences that are to be considered.

Here are four different points through which you can evaluate which dialer is suitable for your business module:  

1. Based on objective

When it comes to choosing between an autodialer and a predictive dialer it’s better to understand what is the main objective of your business. Your business might be targeting either increasing sales or generating leads

If the main objective is to target a large audience and make high-volume calls that require input like maximizing agent talk time then go for a Predictive dialer. But if the business focus is based on a personalized approach and the audience is more specific then choose  Auto Dialer.

2. Based on the size of the business 

Considering the size of your business is essential when deciding between an autodialer and a predictive dialer, If the agents within the business are less than 20 then the Auto dialer is the best fit due to its small size.

A predictive dialer is more suitable for Large-scale teams aiming to generate leads or conduct surveys, enabling agents to accelerate call rates and conclude campaigns more rapidly.

3. Based on the size of the customer 

Auto dialer provides agents with the ability to view number details. The auto-dialing software pauses for the agent to conclude the call, facilitating meaningful engagement with prospects. Businesses with limited customers prioritizing quality conversations would find the auto dialer advantageous.

Whereas predictive dialer concurrently dials multiple numbers listed, allowing the software to handle a substantial volume of outbound calls efficiently. Companies with a large customer base would benefit from implementing the predictive dialer.

4. Based on features

A predictive dialer involves evaluating various call metrics, call monitoring, and analysis for both agents and campaign managers. Through this functionality, total call count, average duration, and answered versus unanswered calls can be tracked, allowing supervisors to evaluate agent performance.

On the other hand, Auto dialers typically offer a range of features designed to streamline outbound calling processes and enhance efficiencies such as Automated Dialing, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, CRM Integration, Call Scheduling, and more

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Choose KrispCall To Optimize Outbound Calls for Your Call Center

Make the switch to KrispCall’s autodialer and get rid of the inefficiencies of manual dialing.

Instantly connect agents to live calls, which saves valuable time and optimizes their talk time. No more wasted seconds waiting for busy signals or unanswered calls. KrispCall offers more than just dialing automation by optimizing outbound calls.

Features of KrispCall that help in outbound calls

KrispCall offers a wide range of advanced features that allow you to bring optimal results for your business and satisfy customers. Here are some of the selective features that are highly efficient for call centers:

  • Call monitoring: KrispCall’s call monitoring feature goes beyond just listening to calls. It provides supervisors and managers with a complete set of tools to understand outbound campaigns and how agents are performing. This includes listening to live calls, reviewing recordings, evaluating performance, and making sure quality standards are met.
  •  CRM integration: KrispCall’s CRM integrating systems do more than just provide outbound calling capabilities. It makes communication smoother and workflows more efficient. By linking outbound calls with customer data, it brings all interactions together in one place and makes managing information easier.
  •  Call routing: KrispCall’s call routing ensures that every call goes to the best-suited agent, making successful outcomes more likely. It keeps workloads balanced by spreading calls evenly among agents and uses skill-based routing to match callers with the right agents for their needs.
  • Phone Tree IVR: KrispCall’s phone tree (IVR) feature empowers greet callers, guides them to appropriate resources, and handles simple inquiries before connecting with an agent. It efficiently directs callers to the relevant department or agent based on IVR prompts, beyond business hours or during agent unavailability
  • Call Analytics: Turn your data into practical insights that help you improve your outbound strategies. Use the detailed reporting, customizable filters, and comprehensive dashboard to create a call center that consistently provides great customer experiences and achieves long-term success.

Final Verdict

Auto dialer versus predictive dialer debate, both systems facilitate the management of outbound calls. The extensive capabilities and features they offer are pivotal in improving productivity and efficiency.

Auto dialer is ideal for almost every business for making outbound calls from call centers, sales & marketing, insurance, customer support, travel, and hospitality. It’s usually budget-friendly and simpler to set up, making it a great option for almost every business.

Whereas, Predictive dialer is also ideal for every business but is more known for  large call volume, advanced algorithm, and complexity as it is highly preferred in large-scale businesses 

Access the updated auto dialer software from KrispCall, designed to make outbound calls easier for your business, with features tailored to your budget. You can try the free KrispCall demo today before implementing the dialer officially for your business.

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