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What is Current 326 Area Code Location?

Area code 326 serves the southwestern region of Ohio excluding the Cincinnati metropolitan area. It overlays the 937 area code that serves the same territory region.
It covers cities like Springfield, Kettering, Dayton, Beavercreek, Oakwood, and other same towns and communities in the region. It encapsulates 20 counties: Montgomery County, Shelby County, and Warren County, among 17 others.

The table on the side illustrates the top locations (based on the population) served by area code 326 in Ohio.

City/Town County TimeZone
Aberdeen, OH Brown Eastern
Alpha, OH Greene Eastern
Anna, OH Shelby Eastern
Ansonia, OH Darke Eastern
Arcanum, OH Darke Eastern
Bellbrook, OH Greene Eastern
Belle Center, OH Logan Eastern
Miami Valley, OH Warren Eastern
Bellefontaine, OH Logan Eastern
Bentonville, OH Adams Eastern
Blanchester, OH Clinton Eastern
Blue Creek, OH Adams Eastern
Botkins, OH Shelby Eastern
Bowersville, OH Greene Eastern
Bradford, OH Miami Eastern
Broadway, OH Union Eastern
Brookville, OH Montgomery Eastern
Buford, OH Highland Eastern
Cable, OH Champaign Eastern
Camden, OH Preble Eastern
Casstown, OH Miami Eastern
Catawba, OH Clark Eastern
Cedarville, OH Greene Eastern
Centerville, OH Montgomery Eastern
Cherry Fork, OH Adams Eastern
Chilo, OH Clermont Eastern
Christiansburg, OH Champaign Eastern
Clarksville, OH Clinton Eastern
Clifton, OH Greene Eastern
Conover, OH Miami Eastern
Covington, OH Miami Eastern
Cuba, OH Clinton Eastern
Dayton, OH Greene Eastern
De Graff, OH Logan Eastern
Decatur, OH Brown Eastern
Donnelsville, OH Clark Eastern
Eaton, OH Preble Eastern
Eldorado, OH Preble Eastern
Englewood, OH Montgomery Eastern
Enon, OH Clark Eastern
Fairborn, OH Greene Eastern
Georgetown, OH Brown Eastern
Germantown, OH Montgomery Eastern
Hamersville, OH Brown Eastern
Houston, OH Shelby Eastern
Huntsville, OH Logan Eastern
Irwin, OH Union Eastern
Jamestown, OH Greene Eastern
Kettering, OH Montgomery Eastern
Kettlersville, OH Shelby Eastern
Lakeview, OH Logan Eastern
Laura, OH Miami Eastern
Lees Creek, OH Clinton Eastern
Leesburg, OH Highland Eastern
Lewisburg, OH Preble Eastern
Lewistown, OH Logan Eastern
Magnetic Springs, OH Union Eastern
Manchester, OH Adams Eastern
Maplewood, OH Shelby Eastern
Martinsville, OH Clinton Eastern
Marysville, OH Union Eastern
Mount Victory, OH Hardin Eastern
Mowrystown, OH Highland Eastern
Neville, OH Clermont Eastern
Palestine, OH Darke Eastern
Peebles, OH Adams Eastern
Pemberton, OH Shelby Eastern
Phillipsburg, OH Montgomery Eastern
Piqua, OH Miami Eastern
Reesville, OH Clinton Eastern
Ridgeway, OH Hardin Eastern
Ripley, OH Brown Eastern
Rosewood, OH Champaign Eastern
Roundhead, OH Hardin Eastern
Seaman, OH Adams Eastern
Spring Valley, OH Greene Eastern
Springfield, OH Clark Eastern
St Paris, OH Champaign Eastern
Stout, OH Scioto Eastern
Troy, OH Miami Eastern
Urbana, OH Champaign Eastern
Vandalia, OH Montgomery Eastern
Verona, OH Preble Eastern
Versailles, OH Darke Eastern
Westville, OH Champaign Eastern
Wilberforce, OH Greene Eastern
Wilmington, OH Clinton Eastern
Winchester, OH Adams Eastern
Woodstock, OH Champaign Eastern
Xenia, OH Greene Eastern
Yellow Springs, OH Greene Eastern
Zanesfield, OH Logan Eastern
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How to buy an 326 area code phone number?

To purchase a 326 area code number, sign up with KrispCall; go to settings > My Number > Add New Number > Select USA > Advanced Filter > Enter 326 and match to the first part of the number > Click Search. Then choose your 326 area code USA number, make payment & start making & receiving calls and texts after the number activation.

326 Area Code cities

326 Area Code History – Where is 326 Area Code Coming From?

The 326 area code is coming from the southwestern part of the US state of Ohio. It was put into service on March 8, 2020. The 326 area code overlays the Area Code 937, to meet the growing demand for phone numbers in this region. It serves the same geographical areas as the 937 area code.

As the 937 area code is created from a split of 513 area code, the North American Numbering Plan Administrator expects area code 937 to be exhausted soon. On July 3, 2018, a new area code 326 was announced. In 2019, ten-digit dialing was made mandatory across the region, for local calls, and also marked the end of the seven-digit dialing pattern.

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Establish a local presence in the southwestern Ohio region:
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Improve your call acceptance rate in the local market using 326 Ohio area code local and custom vanity numbers. Ensure better performance rates and productivity for your employees, and more importantly, deliver an exceptional customer experience to boost your sales.
No special equipment is required:
326 area code phone numbers do not require additional devices to get started. You can effectively utilize what you have at the moment, like smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc., and go on with your business communications. Downloading the KrispCall app is all it takes.
Powerful standard PBX system features:
Take advantage of every PBX feature with 326 telephone numbers from the KrispCall mobile app. Get hold of enhanced calling features, like Call Analytics, Call Queuing, Shared Numbers, and many more for efficient business call management.
326 Area Code

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