KrispCall Vs VirtualPBX

KrispCall Vs VirtualPBX: Which Is The Best VoIP Business Phone System?

KrispCall provides comprehensive VoIP features, integration capabilities with other software, and wider coverage at an affordable price, making it the best business phone system. Get KrispCall – a feature-rich, flexible, and customizable business phone that offers better value than VirtualPBX.

Why Is KrispCall The Best VirtualPBX Alternative?

You can simplify your telephone conversation with KrispCall through features like Unified Callbox, DND Modes, advanced filters, etc., that VirtualPBX lacks. With these features, you can increase accessibility, have proper flexibility and scalability, and improve efficiency.

Moreover, You can boost employee productivity with an exceptional customer experience to ensure higher business productivity, which makes KrispCall the best VirtualPBX alternative for a cloud telephony system.

About VirtualPBX

VirtualPBX is a company that provides a Virtual PBX System, a software tool that allows team members to manage incoming calls and switch them between different departments properly. The company has been in operation for over 10 years and is known for offering industry-leading customer service and support for business communication needs.

VirtualPBX’s main services include providing telephony solutions to businesses and freelancers. It provides international numbers from 7 countries and is known for its reliable cloud service and affordably deploying VoIP systems.

about virtualpbx

KrispCall: A Reliable Business Telephony & Call Center Solution!

KrispCall is a modern virtual phone system that has made its mark in the telephony arena with its cloud-based business phone, affordable virtual phone numbers, and feature-rich call center software. It has become increasingly popular among startup companies, remote teams, and companies seeking to expand their reach abroad. KrispCall provides you with access to local, mobile, toll-free, and vanity phone numbers from more than 100 countries.

Further, KrispCall offers a number of features essential for efficient call management, such as call recording, voicemail transcription, call forwarding, and integration with CRM tools.

KrispCall Prices & Plans

KrispCall offers three pricing options – Essential, Standard, and Enterprise – to suit businesses of any size or type. Simply choose a price plan based on your budget and requirements, and you’ll get great value for your money.

$ 15

Per user per month

Calling & SMS charges applicable

Recommended for Small Businesses, Startups & Freelancers

$ 40

Per user per month

Calling & SMS charges applicable

Recommended for Mid-size Businesses & Call Centers



Calling SMS charges applicable

Custom solution for teams with varying needs. Upgrading to Enterprise plan