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Best White Label VoIP Providers in 2024



Best white label VoIP providers

Isn’t it a great opportunity if your company can resell VoIP features under your own brand name? 😄

Now, you may wonder 🤔 what makes it possible.

The answer is White Label VoIP.

White label VoIP is the typical type of VoIP service, but what sets it apart from other services is that you can resell the features to your customers within your company name. 

With this saying.

Let’s dive into the sea of white label VoIP and learn every detail about it, including what it is, its benefits, what to consider while choosing, and some of the best white label VoIP providers.


  • White label VoIP is a type of VoIP service where you can resell the VoIP features under your brand or company name.
  • With white label VoIP services, businesses can save costs, easily enter new markets, and bring broad industry and technical expertise.
  • The five best white label providers include White Label Communications, Omnivoice, Viirtue, Twilio, and RingLogix.
  • When choosing a white label VoIP provider, you must focus on performance, including the features they provide, scalability and safety measures.

What is white label VoIP?

White label VoIP is a type of VoIP service in which the service providers allow the company or organization to resell the service under their brand and company name.  

Businesses without VoIP infrastructure, especially, use white label VoIP services for marketing and offer VoIP services using their own brand name. This service allows companies to provide advanced communication features without investing millions in the infrastructure and technology required to build their VoIP service.

Benefits of white label VoIP phone service

White label phone providers allow businesses to expand their products and services by saving on infrastructure costs.  Here are some other benefits of White label phone service: 

1. Cost savings

White-label phone service saves costs by eliminating the need for investment in infrastructure and technical expertise. This allows the business to focus more on other operations and customer service without incurring heavy maintenance costs. Eventually, this will make white-label VoIP a good option for companies looking to upgrade their communication service on a budget. 

2. Ease market entry

White label phone service helps businesses enter the market quickly. With a private-label business PBX, companies can promptly use VoIP technology without building from scratch. Companies can resell established VoIP solutions, which gives businesses an advantage in connecting with customers.

3. Expert support

With white label VoIP service, your company can bring broad industry and technical expertise, which ensures high-quality services in a reliable infrastructure. Expertise like this enhances customer satisfaction and retention rates, eventually increasing communication quality.  

4. Scalability

Scalability is one of the critical benefits of white label phone service. This allows businesses to enhance their communication as they scale up. Companies can scale up or down their users and VoIP features without the complication of creating new infrastructure. Eventually, this ensures that communication goes smoothly with the growth of the business. 

5. Customization

A white label VoIP provider allows businesses to choose the features and tools suitable for their requirements. This helps to meet specific business needs by providing a personalized customer experience. With this, companies can enhance customer satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity. 

6. Recurring revenue

Businesses using white label phone service can receive revenue with monthly service fees. This gives the company a stable income source to invest in other growth opportunities and expand services.

Key features to look for in a white label VoIP phone system

While knowing the benefits, it is often important to know what key features to look for when choosing a white label VoIP phone system. 

Here are some of the key features to look at before choosing a white label phone service: 

  • Call center management: You need to focus on good management tools that work smoothly for the efficiency of your business. Features like call routing, call monitoring, and call analytics help analyze its performance and generate reports. 
  • Mobile and desktop softphone: Employees can use their computers or phones to make and receive calls with the mobile and desktop softphone feature. This feature is perfect for remote work or whenever employees need to connect while traveling.   
  • Business SMS: Business SMS allows you to communicate through text messages as part of your business conversations. This feature is suitable for giving quick updates to employees and organizing conversations.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): IVR is a menu system for all phone calls. It guides callers with recorded messages to make interactions more efficient and faster.
  • Call recording: Call recording allows you to record calls to check the quality. It is essential to ensure your team delivers high-quality service. This feature protects your call recordings and enables you to get back to important conversations.
  • Quoting and billing Tool: This tool is helpful for creating quotes and invoices while tracking clients’ billing details. Tools like this smooth the process of managing finances and maintaining accuracy while making transactions. 

How to choose the best white label VoIP provider?

When choosing a white-label VoIP phone system, you must consider the features, reliability, customer support, and security measures provided.

1. Dependable performance

It is crucial to evaluate the performance of a white label VoIP provider before settling for one VoIP service provider. Check their reliability and uptime. These factors help determine if the service works without interruption and minimizes downtime. 

A provider with reliable performance ensures a stable communication platform and smooth connectivity for the company and end-users. 

2. Scalability

Scalability is another critical factor to consider when selecting a white label VoIP provider. Scalability allows businesses to scale up or down communication with expansion or downfall. 

Hence, you should choose a provider that offers scalable solutions easily so that you can adjust your VoIP service according to your business needs without sacrificing performance, efficiency, or user experience. 

3. Features

Before choosing the white label VoIP service provider, you also need to be clear about the features that suit your business type. After this, you can check whether those features are available in your service provider. 

Checking features becomes critical because it includes management tools, integration options, and customization. Eventually, this will help you enhance overall operation efficiency with customer and user experience. 

4. Compliance and Security

Even if the service provider has all the features or things to consider, it will still be a bad choice if its compliance and security are weak. Hence, check if the chosen provider provides a high level of security and complies with the rules and regulations. 

Focusing on security measures secures sensitive communication data, which provides a trustworthy image for businesses and customers. 

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Top 5 white label VoIP providers

Discover the 5 best white label VoIP providers that offer great telecommunication services. We have listed these providers based on their advanced features, cost-effectiveness, call quality, integration possibility, and performance reliability. 

ProvidersPricingFeaturesBest For
WhiteLabel CommunicationsContact the support team for more information.Voice and video calls, voicemail, call recording, SMS, fax, and IVR.Businesses of all sizes, especially those wanting to offer own-brand service to customers.
Starts from $9 per user per month
Voice and video calls, virtual numbers, multi-language support, Call recording.For businesses wanting customizable and advanced features.
ViirtueStarting from $5/month per user. Billing and invoicing, Quoting, audio and video calls, and call recording. For businesses wanting VoIP services on a budget.
TwilioIt depends on how many features you unlock.Call quality monitoring, SMS, IVR, 24/7 live chat.Specially for developers, app companies, and web development firms.
RinglogixContact the customer support team.Voice and video calls, SMS, voicemail, call recordings, web conferencing.This is for those who want to be white-  partners and offer their own service to customers.

1. WhiteLabel Communications

WhiteLabel Communications is one of the top white label VoIP providers suitable all types of businesses. It provides comprehensive features to enhance communication and is flexible for delivering high-quality service. 

whitelabel communication as white label VoIP providers

WhiteLabel Communications specializes in offering branded Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) to specific industries and businesses looking to incorporate cloud communications into their services. With a wide range of features, it boosts brand visibility and efficiency. 

Key features

  • IVR and automated attendant
  • High-quality call recording
  • Screen sharing and web conferencing
  • Voice and video calls


  • Enables integrations with popular tools
  • Provides scalability to meet the customer needs
  • Flexible for delivering good quality service


  • Expensive for small business
  • Complex integrations process
  • Setting up can be challenging for new users.


WhiteLabel Communication has not specified its pricing on its website. You can visit their support team for information.

2. Omnivoice

Omnivoice is another top white label VoIP service provider that allows businesses to create branded communication platforms under their brand name. It offers all the features that all businesses from small to large scale are looking for. 


Omnivoice white label VoIP provider is best for companies that want customizable VoIP features that integrate with popular business tools. It provides a user-friendly interface, balancing versatile features and easy implementation, making it suitable for all business sizes.

Key features

  • Quick messaging
  • Multi-language support
  • Customizable voicemail and IVR
  • Virtual numbers


  • Provides multi-language support
  • Quality voice and video calls
  • Branding options are customizable


  • Technical issues might occur
  • Complex in use for non-technical users
  • Limited customer support


  • Solo: $9 per month
  • Team: $19 per month
  • Company: $99 per month

3. RingLogix

Ringlogix is a customizable white label VoIP phone system enabling partner companies to offer customers their branded advanced features. With RingLogix, businesses can get features like call forwarding, call routing, IVR, web conferencing, and screen sharing. 


This is ideal for any business that wants to partner with RingLogix and offer its own VoIP service to customers. Since it can integrate with other business tools, it becomes one of the good white label VoIP providers to choose from. 

Key features

  • Web conferencing 
  • Customizable branding options
  • Contact Center with advanced features
  • IVR system


  • Branding options are customizable
  • Integrations with well-known business tool
  • Versatile features set


  • Negligence in security measures
  • Lacks technical support
  • Complexity in integrations


RingLogix’s pricing is not mentioned on its website; you can contact the support team for more information. 

4. Viirtue

Viirtue is another best white level VoIP providers. It offers features such as video collaboration software, call recording, quoting, and billing tools. It allows businesses to compete in the market by scaling the company with excellent customer support.


Viirtue is best for businesses setting up white label VoIP within a budget—also a good option for financing companies with high-quality billing and invoicing tools. 

Key features

  • Audio and video calls
  • Call recording
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Quoting


  • Cheap
  • Enhancement in finance with billing and invoicing tools
  • Video collaborative software


  • Bad customer support
  • Complex interface
  • Limited feature set


The starting price of Viirtue starts from $5/month per user. Contact the support team for more details.

5. Twilio

Twilio is one of the leading white label VoIP providers that allows companies to offer VoIP services with their branding. With Twilio, businesses can combine customer data and communications, connecting global customers through voice, email, SMS, and Chat. 

Twilio as white label VoIP provider

Twilio is ideal for tech companies because of its integration capabilities and flexibility. It has been standing out in popularity for API-driven VoIP features. The excellent functionality and reliability in technical uses make it a preferred choice for businesses. 

Key features

  • SMS
  • 24/7 live chat
  • IVR
  • Call quality monitoring


  • Customer Support
  • Rare technical issues
  • Great functionality


  • Users stated that the prices are pretty high
  • The interface is not convenient
  • Less user friendly


Twilio pricing varies depending on which features you unlock. For more information, contact the Twillio support team. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right white label VoIP provider is crucial for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities. By considering factors like features, scalability, customer support, and pricing, businesses can select a provider that best aligns with their needs and goals. 

There are numerous white-label VoIP providers in the market. Some of the best white-label VoIP provider names include White Label Communications, Omnivoice, Viirtue, Twillio, and Ringlogix. These providers stand out for their robust features, scalability, customer support, and value for money. 

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How much does a white label VoIP cost?

The average cost range starts from $8 to $14 per month and varies depending on the service providers. 

Can I integrate white label VoIP with other services?

Yes, you can integrate white label VoIP with other services including CRM software, email platforms, and other business tools. However, the range of integrations depends on the service provider’s integration capabilities and plan.

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